The Bilderberg Agenda - Nukes, Nationalism, & Barack Obama

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The officially released agenda of the prestigious Bilderberg club meeting (attendees listed here) is not true, claims Russia Today show host Daniel Estulin, a longtime watcher of the ‘secret world govt’ group. He says he obtained the real agenda for this year’s gathering in Copenhagen. An insider leaked the list of talking points for the ongoing Bilderberg conference to the investigative journalist last week, he said. The list has nine items, seven of which he shared... from Nuclear diplomacy and the disturbing rise of Nationalism; it was a focus on Barack Obama's foreign policy that drew our attention most closely...


The Bilderberg Group is a six-decades-old club for some of the world’s most influential individuals, politicians, officials, businessmen, academics and European royalty, regularly gathering to discuss global policy issues. Critics accuse them of acting as a shadow unelected government, would-be rulers of the world, which take decisions affecting billions of people behind closed doors, with little regard for the needs or wishes of the general population.

In an apparent bid to dissipate these accusations, this time Bilderberg made its official agenda public. Among the 12 topics for this year’s conference were “the new architecture of the Middle East,” “Ukraine” and “The future of democracy and the middle class trap.”

However, the leaked 'real' agenda is as follows...

The Bilderberg Agenda... (7 of 9 topics)

1. Nuclear diplomacy and the deal with Iran currently in the making.

The club has long been cautious of a possible alliance between Russia, China and Iran. The deal that would lift Western pressure from the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program would affect this possibility.

2. Gas deal between Russia and China.

It came amid a serious political crisis in Ukraine, which threatens Russia’s supply of natural gas to European nations. Moscow has diversified its gas trade by sealing a long-term contract with Beijing. Potentially, China may replace the EU as the prime energy trade partner for Russia, a situation which strengthens Moscow’s position in Ukraine by undermining Washington’s effort to isolate Russia and Kiev’s leverage through its control of transit gas pipelines.

3. Rise of nationalist moods in Europe.

The agenda was formed before the latest European Parliament elections, which cast a spotlight on the trend. Populist eurosceptic parties are winning the hearts of Europeans from the UK to Greece to Hungary, dealing a blow to the union’s unity. A nationally driven and divided Europe would be reluctant to take globalization for granted.

4. EU internet privacy regulations.

Edward Snowden’s exposure of the scale of electronic surveillance on the part of the US National Security Agency and its allies worldwide sparked a major protest from privacy-seeking people. European politicians can’t ignore the calls to protect people’s communication from snooping, which potentially makes data collection more difficult. At least not immediately, as indicated by the apparent scaling down of Germany’s investigation into the NSA’s alleged surveillance.

5. Cyberwarfare and its potential effect on internet freedoms.

The destructive potential of cyber attacks is growing rapidly as reliance on the internet in all aspects of life rises. But the threat of state-sponsored hacker attacks is what some governments may use as a pretext for clamping down on the internet, undermining its role as a medium for the sake of security.

6. From Ukraine to Syria, Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

Critics of the US president blame him for betraying America’s leadership overseas, citing failures to defend American interests in Syria and lately in Ukraine. Obama’s newly announced doctrine calls on scaling down reliance on military force and using diplomacy and collective action instead. Bilderberg members will discuss whether this policy is doomed.

7. Climate change.

This is a regular topic for many high-ranking discussions, not only the Bilderberg conference in Denmark. People suspicious of the elites call climate change a euphemism for the artificial deindustrialization of some nations, with the goal of keeping the global economy under the control of transnational corporations and the expense of potential hubs of economic growth.

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thamnosma's picture

What oligarchy?

Anusocracy's picture

A misspelling of oilgarchy?

Amish Hacker's picture

A nationally driven and divided Europe would be reluctant to take globalization for granted.

So let's keep Europe unified so that the muppets WILL take globalization for granted. Nice agenda.

Winston Churchill's picture

Once the nationalism genie is out of the bottle it doesn't generally go back in without

a war.

Jack Burton's picture

"Never let a good crisis go to waste."  In reference to Climate Change, I don't dispute that the global elites are using and will use the rapidly changing climate as an excuse to futher the power grab by the tiny fraction of 1% who rule the world through various governments, corporations and universities. While having major differences, the world's elite do agree that they should rule, should hold all power and should use every crisis to destroy democracy and freedom. Bilderbergs are just one public face, and not by any means the private face of world power.

Climate Change, Global Warming, CO2 accumulation and Methane accumulation in the atmosphere. These issues tend to blow up instantly into a free for all on ZH. But Bilderbergs do consider Global Climate change due to fossil fuel burning as one of their top issues. They have access to all the science and all the tracking measurements, they have access to the math probabilities of how and how fast the global warming begins to have major world effects. Those equations produce the answer, "Today". That is, weather patterns are driven in part by global warming as of today. This is accelerating at a much faster rate than the IPCC report states. The facts have outpaced science and the conservative nature of the IPCC forces them to undervalue the changes.

Since most of you believe the hoax theory of global warming, and I believe the science version, I am not going to debate it, or read the attacks on my personal right to my opinions based on facts.

Lets agree though, the global warming crisis is going to be used by the elites as a weapon to trash the last bit of human freedom and rights. These elites know the truth of climate change, and they are going to use the crisis to service their power grabs. So, as average people, we are screwed in two ways. Climate Change is going to trash our lives, it has already started in many places. AND, more importantly to the average ZH reader, the world elites are going to use climate change as a crisis that requires them to assume all power to control populations and nations. The evil elites see the crisis, and are planning to use it to the full for their ends. More wealth transfer, more war, more spying, less freedom and the destruction of more nations and peoples.

Winston Churchill's picture

The global warming debate has been discredited by proven number fudging.

Much of it even passed peer review.Not sure even Bilders have real figures.

The two predominant themes of the last three centuries have been nationalism and

collectivism.Nothing has changed except the labels.Collectivism has now been called globalism.

Nationalism has always prevailed before, but the collectivists keep trying.

As a history buff is fascinating to watch in real time, as a a human its scary as hell.

macholatte's picture


The whole climate change/global warming thing is bullshit. There are ony 2 things about the science that is settled: the climate scientists are liars and nobody has done anything about that.


Winston Churchill's picture

I think they were promoted,and given a stern warning before transfer to the BLS.

tony wilson's picture

you folks are insane

we need to use the military to section trouble makers and non beliefers.

we needs to protect the children from lunatics and deniers.

next you will be saying spielbergs schindlers list never happened.

you will find many articles that state deniers are ill



the very notion that human beings have weather weapons is crazy and a sectionable offence

if we could change the weather then we would not have global warming.

haarps are not tesla machines but for making relaxing tavistock musac.

we have always had zig zag trails in the sky

i bet you do not like the beatles yeah yeah yeah

Aaaarghh's picture

fuck man, lay off the weed...

tony wilson's picture

no weed in me you zionist fuckwit.

weather weapons and edwyne rothschild

what ya think brokeback cowboy

Aaaarghh's picture

lol, race and geographical location way to weather weapons ...meh,  and to the rothschilds and their ilk...lets hope someone immolates those fuckers. Don't get too upset about that tho pogue.

chrissjg's picture

Aaaarghh, you don't want to believe?

How about now?

chrissjg's picture

Aaaarghh, you don't want to believe?

How about now?

logicalman's picture

To say that GW isn't happening really, because it's being used politically and financially against most of humanity misses the point.

Humans have NOT fucked up how many parts of the planet?

Why would climate be exempt.

Climate change has been happening since the earth formed.

Not preparing for it is just whistling past the graveyard (or maybe just dumb)

TPTB will use any opportunity to further their agenda(s) whether true or false.



Tjeff1's picture

I would like to know what has convinced you to believe the computer models and predictions.  I have spent years reviewing the data and predictions and it appears far from "settled".

ZerOhead's picture

Actually the predictions of thermageddon are all settled... it's just getting the climate to follow the predictions that is currently experiencing a little setback.

Nothing 20 more years of waitng and tens of billions in research grants and data adjustments can't solve however...

“THE UN’s climate change chief, Rajendra Pachauri, has acknowledged a 17-year pause in global temperature rises, confirmed recently by Britain’s Met Office, but said it would need to last “30 to 40 years at least” to break the long-term global warming trend.”

nmewn's picture

When they can make accurate one week forecasts consistently for Florida I might listen to them on global forecasts going out hundreds of years.

Clearly this calls for billions moar to be wasted for better models! ;-)


samsara's picture

I think it has been resolved for a while. It strongly correlates to Sun Spot Cycles. Amount of energy we get from the sun.

PrintemDano's picture

The Bilderbergs do indeed have access to all the facts regarding AGW.  They use the known fraudulent made up facts to figure out how to maximize their illicit profit.  Leaving us plebes to pay the bill.  Don't be a plebe.

angel_of_joy's picture

The problem of the world nowaday is that, China & Russia notwithstanding, the elites in charge almost everywhere are a bunch of inbred morons. This is the result of a switch in values caused by a generational change (the b-boomers have totally disfunctional values system, their heirs even less) doubled by a catastrophic educational system.

There is no better proof than the last 3 American presidents (quality got progresivelly worse from Clinton to Bush and finally Obozo) and the so called "major themes" of our times: gay righth & global warming. 

This situation will end in chaos and maybe war (which the Westerners will lose in a rather humiliating fashion) as incompetence will trump everything else. From this, a new order will be established, but not before the full glass of misery & sorrow will be fully digested... 

Tjeff1's picture

Angel of Joy, you talk of chaos, war, misery, & sorrow.  You need to change your name 

angel_of_joy's picture

There is joy in seeing natural selection at work...

new game's picture

ha, think is all fucking bs, and there aint a god damn thing you can do about it(CLIMATE)...

wish/think/realize(if you can).

samsara's picture

Great post as usual Jack.
This a point most people consider more;

"They have access to all the science and all the tracking measurements, they have access to the math probabilities of how and how fast the global warming begins to have major world effects."

All the foundations, and all the think tanks exist first and foremost, Do Research, conduct studies, conduct test, etc.

Here's a list in US

Let's say 20 years ago one of them projected that the western half would go into a long drought. That this cycle has been going on for thousands of years. Among other planetary changes.

How would you use this info if you were a BBerger?

You could call it "global warming" if you wanted to market what you know...

If you have the raw input info(Output of think tanks), All all cross referenced, you can come up with all kinds of findings. And use that info to mold directions when possible.

joego1's picture

Regardless if climate change fact or fiction humans are too greedy to change course right now anyway so I guess it's plan for the worst and hope for the best. It's been my way of life for the last several years. All I know as a humble human on this planet is that mother nature seems to be pitching some nasty curve balls lately.

turicum's picture

This list is so plausible that it must be made up by this Daniel guy.

StychoKiller's picture

Ya gotta wonder:  What are the two MISSING talking points?

kchrisc's picture

Only two kinds of people in the world: Builders and Bilders

Builders build what the Bilders steal and destroy.


"I'm a Builder of guillotines."


tony wilson's picture

talkin of guillotines

globalism is so bad dat even ares head removers are made in taiwan now.

godamit these new fema camp guilteens will last 6 weeks tops befores the navy seals have to replace the tin blades.

the old english and usa made ones had channels for der blood and mucoid distemper.

der chink ones you have to slop up by hand yuck

kchrisc's picture

Not my guillotine. It is built and operated by an American.

It likes to eat pol, crat and bankster.

q99x2's picture

Sounds like they are listeners of the Alex Jones show.

Skateboarder's picture

Well, the producers do gotta listen to the show to know that it's playing right.

goldhedge's picture

A lot of his conspiracies are probably hog wash but...

Alex Jones was going on about the US Gov/SS mass spying years and years ago.  He has been proved right.

He was exposing Bilderberg when the main stream media claimed it didn't exist.



tony wilson's picture

sounds like you is a jewish

Joe Tierney's picture

Bilge-er-Berg (slime, with most of the swil hidden below the surface, like an iceberg)


I tend to give a lot of credence to the Russian disclosure of the real agenda. It would establish that the Western elites are very worried about developments along the lines of the accelerating rise of Russia-China-Iran in the East (and though not specifically mentioned, India is important to that axis as well), and the simultaneous accelerating collapse of the influence of the West on the global stage.


I think the tectonic plate shifts are already past the tipping point toward a new global order in which the West is being displaced by the East as far as the driver's seat is concerned. And though this shift has been underway since at least 9/11, B' Crack O' Bag Balma is probably the perfect 'Gorbachev' to preside over it.


It's 1989-1991 for the West.

Atticus Finch's picture

I've wondered that after the NWO boys destroy the US, just which military is then going to protect those assholes.

Grimnir's picture

The same one that is stupid enough to protect them now.

BIHM's picture

What are the other two issues?  Christ even the whistler blowers are fucking info whores.  Give it up Danny boy.

Winston Churchill's picture

8) who has the best coke here.

9) Vote for the best hooker at the hotel.

PrintemDano's picture

10] Who gets first licks at Becky Quick.

NYPoke's picture

These dorks got Obama elected in the first place.  They should stop bitching.

fiddy pence haff pound's picture

at Number 8- the bearded chick on Eurovision

at Number 9- Zerohedge and its leaks

discopimp's picture

I just intrested in what on the lunch and dinner menu, I guess my sheepeople tendiences are just to strong to ignor...bhhaaaa, bhhhaaa

Atomizer's picture

It really doesn’t get any better than this. Winks


Wine Country Conference II Videos: Stephanie Pomboy "Confessions of Ben Bernanke", Mebane Faber "Global Stock Valuations"

Racer's picture

Notice it is called 'climate change' not 'global warming' any more.

That way any 'change' can be caused by whatever they want to allude to, whether it is too hot or too cold!

And yet another tax imposed as a result

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

Actually the latest is 'climate chaos'.   Seriously.

Sounds like something Maxwell Smart would be fighting.   And about as real as Maxwell Smart....


Notice that 25 years ago when James Burke hosted 'After The WARMING' , 90 seconds into the documentary he refers to "climate change".

If you watch the whole thing you'll also see that there was a lack of consensus on the computer modeling, endless reports and conferences, and much grumbling about the 6% carbon tax. That tax has not been levied internationally so there goes 6% X 25years X total CO2e. One wonders how the omnipotent ones let that kinda coin slip through their fingers. Why didn't 'they' put Gore into the WH and get that tax thing going?

You should pick up the pace Racer if you're going to comment on AR5 WG4 due 31OCT14 and get ready for COP21 Paris. Tick Tick Tick.