Mapping 100 Years Of US Immigration By State

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Several days ago, we looked at the big picture of US immigration, presenting the place of origin of America's 40 million foreign-born residents. However, as is always the case with the US, focusing on the big picture at the national level ignores the nuances at the state level.

The following two charts using Pew Research data, compiled by the WaPo, show the dramatic changes in the land of origin of US immigrants, beginning with 1910 when Germany was the primary driver of US-born residents, accounting for 18% of US immigrants, and proceeding through 2010, when Mexico has become the the biggest source of foreign-born residents: the birthplace of 29% of all immigrants in the US.



and 2010:

Some observations from WaPo:

With more than 40 million immigrants, the United States is the top destination in the world for those moving from one country to another. Mexico, which shares a nearly 2,000-mile border with the U.S., is the source of the largest wave of immigration in history from a single country to the United States.


But today’s volume of immigrants, in some ways, is a return to America’s past. A century ago, the U.S. experienced another large wave of immigrants. Although smaller at 18.2 million, they hailed largely from Europe. Many Americans can trace their roots to that wave of migrants from 1890-1919, when Germany dominated as the country sending the most immigrants to many of the U.S. states, although the United Kingdom, Canada and Italy were also strongly represented.


In 1910, Germany was the top country of birth among U.S. immigrants, accounting for 18% of all immigrants (or 2.5 million) in the United States. Germans made up the biggest immigrant group in 17 states and the District of Columbia, while Mexico accounted for the most immigrants in just three states (Arizona, New Mexico and Texas). Behind Germany, the second-most number of immigrants in the U.S. were from Russia and the countries that would become the USSR (11%, or 1.6 million).


Since 1965, when Congress passed legislation to open the nation’s borders, immigrants have largely hailed from Latin America and Asia. In states that have attracted many immigrants, the current share of immigrants is below peaks reached more than a century ago. Today there are four states (California, New York, New Jersey and Florida) in which about one-in-five or more people are foreign born. California peaked in 1860 at 39.7%, when China was the top country of birth among immigrants there. Meanwhile, New York and New Jersey peaked in 1910 at 30.1% (Russia and the USSR) and 26.2% (Italy), respectively.


Today, five times as many immigrants in the U.S. are from Mexico than China, the country with the second-highest number of immigrants (5% of all immigrants in the U.S., or 2.2 million). Mexico is the birthplace of 29% (or 11.7 million) of all immigrants in the United States. Immigrants born in Mexico account for more than half of all of the foreign born in four states: New Mexico (72.4%), Arizona (60.2%), Texas (59.7%) and Idaho (53.5%).

Of note: while until 1970, the percentage of US population that was foreign born steadily declined, reaching just 5%, over the past 40 years, as the organic growth rate of US-born population has declined below the rate of immigration, the percentage of immigrants as a % of total has been rising steadily and is now back to a level not seen in the past century.


Finally, here is why the Germans are losing to Mexicans, at least when it comes to US immigration by state: an animated map of German vs Mexican immigration from 1850 until modern days.

u.s. immigration from germany and mexico

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But I thought immigrants were the source of all our problems.

Fox News told me so!

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you should post your whiny comment on Fox's site then

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Trust not those in whom the desire to punish is strong.

-- Goethe

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The only good thing I can say about Goethe is at least he kept his depressed ass in Germany.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." — Goethe

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Viva la Mexico. Ai! Ai! Ai!


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Whether this map represents immigration or infestation depends on whether you see immigrants as assets or as liabilities.

P.S. Isn't it amazing how many Russians had sense enough to head for New York just ahead of the Bolshevik Revolution?

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Go to any social services office on Monday morning and that will clearly tell you what mexicans are to this country. 

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with the advent of slavery and the mexican infiltration,

america has taken on two groups with averages in iq, two standard

deviations below european whites (70 ave iq) leading to the

downfall of america and the realization of mike judges idiocracy.

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We already knew Mexicans were the only people more obese than the average American.

Know we know Mexicans are the only the people even dumber than the average American.

It's one thing to run into a burning building to save someone else, to do so to save oneself takes a special kind of stupid.

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one of the more astute observations.... and if they are that stupid to run into the burning building, who gains the most from them doing so?  pretty soon we will be forced to have bath tub mary's in our front yards

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The burning building is burning so slow,

it appears to be comfortable indoor fireplace heating,

better than whatever they are escaping.

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I would change somali, arab, middle-east or african immigrants 1 for 10 mexicans. Atleast our cultures share some common moral ground and the people have real skills & can read etc. These somalis make open fires inside government paid apartments, dispose all waste in WC and all crazy shit. Damn sometimes I wonder where are their damn brain.

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sounds like you are familiar with "MiniAfrica"  AKA Minneapolis.


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The only good thing I can say about Goethe is at least he kept his depressed ass in Germany.

And so the error defends itself... by slandering one of the world's best minds.

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Try reciting Goethe to Mexicans.

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Monkey, Spain is not Mexico. Most of Mexicans coming to the US can't read.  Most of them don't even speak Mexican Spanish pigeon since they are from stone-age indian tribes. You are the only hope to enlighten them with your Goethe love.

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Wow, lots of hate in you!

Can't help wondering if you call yourself a Christian. I'm giving it 50-50 odds.

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So Christians are haters, huh?  Wow, Space Ape, you are really jumping the shark here.

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Hit a nerve, did I?

The point was that hate is the opposite of Christianity. (At least what it's suppsed to be.)


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More hate decisions...

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The NSA hates Snowden more. Al-Zawahiri works for the CIA.

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are you certain "Snowed" is not?

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Of course not. How could I be certain?

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plenty of christians professing hate here in the ZH threads, I'm sure you've noticed it?

plenty of hate, particularly for specific groups targeted.

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Plenty of hate in general. Enough to keep families busily warring amongst themselves and their peers while the socio/psycho-paths loot us all.

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  It's the cornerstone of politics, etc.  Basic human perception dictates "My tribe is better than your tribe.  Sure, some members of my tribe have their shortcomings, but overall they are superior to your tribe's members".  How many people do you know that don't think that way?  The framework of understanding that allows for building a bridge, is the same as the one that seems to inevitably lead to it's destruction. 

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Plenty of hate from people from ancestors who were Christian,

but not Christian now in this generation perhaps.

Christian is a religion, not an Ethnic group, unlike Jews.

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Anyone spewing hate is, obviously, not a Christian.  You'll have to give some examples of Christians "professing hate" here.  But if they are, it is probably because they, like white American males, have had enough of being attacked verbally here, and physically in other parts of the world.  Did you know that Christians in the Middle East are being crucified (literally), raped, and murdered in ever increasing numbers?  And not a peep about it on MSM.  Nowhere, however, in the teachings of Christ does it say you should simply surrender and allow yourself to be slaughtered.  As the Roman army was approaching Jesus said, and we are paraphrasing:  Sell a coat, buy a sword.

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give me a fuckin' break.

white American males, have had enough of being attacked verbally here, and physically in other parts of the world.

the majority of posters here, overwhelmingly, are White Males, and most of those are also "American" - ZH is about as cosy an echo chamber one can find on the internet for that demographic.

plenty of scriptures quoted, and plenty of finger pointing resentment for not getting all that the gods have promised 'em.  plenty of hate for "the obese," "women," all non-whites, except certain sexually desire-ables.

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gods are history's favourite excuse to destroy.


Lost Word's picture

Once again, Christian is a religion, Not an Ethnic description of Americans.

Those comments quoting scripture

presumably Not the same people

as those comments quoting hate.

Don't lump everyone together blindly.

Discriminate between the good and the evil,

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a "Christian" for me is anyone who labels Self as such, end of.

and the bible-quoters here ARE part of the hate-full demographic, overwhelmingly.  usually after a nice alcoholic bevvie to get 'em jump-started.

Don't lump everyone together blindly.

tell it to the Believers, I take each individual on their presentation of Self, nothing more.

and your "discriminate between" story? that's where this shit gets started, in the belief of superiority vs. "others" - all because people create gods in their own images, then enForce worship of these fictive extensions of themselves, and punish ALL who will not bow to.  hence "cultures".

and then the ruling class step right in and stir that dirty pot, lets off some war-steam - rinse, repeat, history.

who benefits??



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Boo hoo, Tyler we need Affirmative Action and qoutas, too many white males speaking out!  Just because you make fun of someone doesn't mean you hate them.  We insult attorneys on the other thread.  Guess what, most lawyers in the US are white males.  There might even be some in our house!  It sounds like you believe it is acceptable that Christians are being slaughtered today to make up for events in the past.  That is sick.  You are right though when you say wars were fought over competing "gods".  That is perhaps their greatest trick, convincing people there is more than one God. 

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Anyone spewing hate is, obviously, not a Christian. You'll have to give some examples of Christians "professing hate" here. But if they are, it is probably because they, like white American males, have had enough of being attacked verbally here, and physically in other parts of the world. Did you know that Christians in the Middle East are being crucified (literally), raped, and murdered in ever increasing numbers? And not a peep about it on MSM.

Too bad 'americans' can back up their debt with comments like that one. Because it is gold, pure gold. And with 'american' ease to produce this kind of crap...

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"Mexican Spanish pigeon"


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And what about the order of the words?

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As a foster parent we have had kids from the various indian tribed of Mexico....they dont speak spanish, their technological knowledge is zero, they use their anchor babies for benefits and dont want to assimilate and those in power ctiticize those of us who advocate for them to assimilate.....way to go 'merica

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tesla claimed his reading of goethe's faust inspired his ideas on electricity

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Immigrants who have no desire to assimilate, who have no desire to learn our language, who view our laws with contempt, and whose loyalties remain with their "home" country are a problem. The US is not supposed to be a northern province of Mexico.

Forward (over the cliff)!

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You want them to assimilate into a dying culture?  Why?  They've come to the land of bankers to earn paper to support their families back home.   What a shitty choice to have to make.  That's loyalty.  


How many statists can dance on the head of a pin?  

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How many statists can dance on the head of a pin? 

Trick question!

Statists don't dance on the heads of pins, they prefer the heads of people who don't worship the state.

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Look at them dance right now!  Whoooooha!

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Soon we'll dance on their graves.

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I'm pretty sure what you said has been said about every single earlier immigrant wave except the name of the country. 

I've seen 5 generations of Mexican immigrant. The later ones take on the countenance, language, and posture of the typical american. It is most notable in the returning vet. In fact they embrace attitudes and traditions, like July 4 and football with more gusto (spanish word). I for one appreciate their food and strong connection to their families and work ethic.

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Keep working on your anecdotes. The simple fact of the matter is you can't have both generous social services AND open borders in an advanced first world republic and also keep the latter thing. We have laws, a language, and borders that our treasonous president and atty general prevent enforcement of, very actively.

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We have laws, a language, and borders

All bow to our sacred State! Worship or die!