China Sends 4 More Fighter Jets To Oil Rig Area As Vietnam Threatens Legal Action

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A number of Vietnamese officials have now threatened to bring legal action against China over their territorial dispute in the South China Sea; but it does not seem to be having any impact on China's efforts to defend and sustain their presence. As Bloomberg reports, a total of five Chinese fighter jets have now been deployed to the area of exploration in disputed waters off the coast of Vietnam today (compared to 1 previous day) citing Fishing Control Department under Vietnam’s agriculture ministry. China has refused to answer the case the Philippines filed with an international tribunal at The Hague. It is likely to pursue a similar strategy if Vietnam appeals to international law in its own disputes with China.


Vietnam appears set to use international law to settle its territorial disputes with China in the South China Sea... (via The Diplomat)

A number of Vietnamese officials have now threatened to bring legal action against China over their territorial dispute in the South China Sea.

And China is responding in kind (as Bloomberg reports)...

Total of five Chinese fighter jets deployed to area of exploration rig in disputed waters off coast of Vietnam today, compared to 1 previous day, newspaper reports, citing Fishing Control Department under Vietnam’s agriculture ministry.


China still maintains 120 vessels of all kinds, including 4 military ships in disputed Paracel Islands area: newspaper


Some 50 Vietnamese ships are fishing in Paracel Islands area 20-30 nautical miles from the rig: newspaper

And as The Diplomat notes, it is unlikely China will care...

Speaking to Bloomberg News on Friday, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said that Vietnam is preparing to bring its territorial row with China to an international arbitrator. “We are prepared and ready for legal action,” Dung said, according to Bloomberg. “We are considering the most appropriate timing to take this measure.”


Deputy Defense Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh reiterated the prime minister’s statement on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore over the weekend. He also stated that China has asked Vietnam not to pursue legal action. “They [China] have asked us several times not to bring the case to international court,” Vinh told reporters on the sidelines of the annual security forum. “Our response was that it’s up to China’s activities and behavior; if they continue to push us, we have no choice. This [legal] option is also in accordance with international law.”


Earlier in the summit, Vinh held a bilateral meeting with Wang Guanzhong, deputy chief of general staff of the People’s Liberation Party, the highest ranking military official Beijing sent to the Shangri-La Dialogue.


Vietnam was one of many countries who used the Shangri-La Dialogue to criticize China’s actions in Asia’s maritime disputes in the South and East China Seas. As The Diplomat has previously reported, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made implicit criticisms of China’s recent actions in his keynote speech on Friday, while U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made more explicit criticisms of China.


Australia also criticized China’s recent actions. “They’ve been certainly unhelpful, and if they’re unhelpful they must be destabilizing,” Australian Defense Minister David Johnston said at the Singapore conference. “The unilateral action of the declaration of boundaries is completely unhelpful and takes us in the wrong direction.”


General Wang lashed out at both Japan and the United States during his own speech to the annual forum on Sunday. He accused Tokyo and Washington of colluding together in criticizing China, though he said he preferred Hagel’s remarks because they were more direct than Abe’s, which didn’t mention China directly.


Vietnam’s threats to take up its case for sovereignty with an international arbitrator has obvious parallels with the Philippines, who is also appealing to international courts to deal with its territorial disputes with China over parts of the South China Sea. Last month, Prime Minister Dung traveled to the Philippines to meet with President Benigno Aquino III as well as attend the World Economic Forum on East Asia. Dung said during the trip that the two leaders “shared deep concern over the current extremely dangerous situation caused by China’s many actions that violate international law.”


Around the same time, Dung told the Associated Press that, “like all countries, Vietnam is considering various defense options, including legal actions in accordance with the international law.” According to the Associated Press, it was the first time Vietnam had seriously considered using international law to help resolve its dispute with China. Two unnamed Vietnamese diplomats told the Associated Press at the time that Vietnam might join the Philippines ongoing case or else begin its own complaint against China.

China has refused to answer the case the Philippines filed with an international tribunal at The Hague. It is likely to pursue a similar strategy if Vietnam appeals to international law in its own disputes with China. Interestingly, in his remarks at the Shangri-La Dialogue, General Wang rejected U.S. criticisms that China isn’t following international law by noting that the U.S. has not signed onto the UN Convention on the Law of the Seas.

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NoDebt's picture

Yeah, that ought to do it.

The law is dead.  If you're strong enough to take it and hold it, it's yours.

disabledvet's picture

Wake me up when the word is "destroyed" not "deployed."

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The shitting eating Chincoms should start the fight already. What a bunch of 1.5 billion pussies. Do you think they would even exist if they're the same size as Vietnam.
I once fought these Chins, when I was a kid in San Francisco. They bring the whole clan to the fight, their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers. It was mayhem. It's in their DNA, going in with numbers, but one to one, they're just pussies.

Manthong's picture

I think the US is out of line with the TPP, its Asia Pivot and China Containment Policy.

But then I also think that China is way, way, way out of line with its territorial water claims

Look at the map.

It may be a bargaining ploy.

But they had better watch out.. we may attack the canopy of one of their supersonic fighter jets with the propeller of one of our lumbering surveillance planes.


zerozulu's picture

law of the land, Might is right.

General Decline's picture

Never bring a lawyer to a jet fight.

SeventhCereal's picture

sounds like you got your ass beat!  Chin scarred you permanently.  Chin raped you.

NoDecaf's picture

BREAKING NEWS - China deploying lawyer jet fighter pilots.

0b1knob's picture

Legal action?  This is getting SERIOUS.

Release the lawyers!  And if that doesn't work, Japan will write an angry letter to the editor of the London Times.

Crawdaddy's picture

lol and if it gets really serial, a committee will be formed!

newbie vampire's picture


lol and if it gets really serial, a committee will be formed!"

Comprising of the US, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, all totally unbiased parties.

Then the US offers to start sending cannon fodder to defend our allies' interests in the rocks.  And the Pentagon gets an increase in the emergency budget for body bags. Whats not to like ?/sarc

Let these monkeys shoot one another.  I betcha they are all scum eating surrender monkeys.

Omen IV's picture

this is the US talking not Phillipines or Vietnam - the new order is to reduce this war game to lawyers in courts / venues the US controls with phony arbitrators picked for the task - there are no facts, logic, prescident  - only control of the venue

Chinese or Russia or X will never win in those arenas - its all a set up - key is new currency and new settlement system so the debt / judgment can never be realized

the US is promoting a new curency ex the dollar every time people around the world see this bullshit

we are witnessing a major sea change - no one believes anything  anywhere in the world the US says

Today  will be deemed the Obama Age of Lies and damn lies - he will go down as the Liar President!

newbie vampire's picture

"And if that doesn't work, Japan will write an angry letter to the editor of the London Times."

Not the Diplomat ?  Their analysts and op-ed contributors could lecture China to death.

MeMongo's picture

"Fighter jets" vs "Legal action" Fucking hardy Fucking har!

SeventhCereal's picture

"the pen is mighter than..." *boom*

MeMongo's picture

China gooks too fukin boo koo! Fuk yoo GI:-)

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Law isn't dead. Law has always been created to mostly benefit those with power. Hence the saying "Might Makes Right".

Millivanilli's picture

It is fascinating to watch the MSM skate from one agenda to another. For example, Syria Syria Syria.  When that plan fails, they segue into inane celebutard cases, sports and other diversions. Before you know it is all about Ukraine. When that debacle fails it is back to more blah blah.  We live in frighteningly Orwellian times...


The truth is that the economy is a lie ,US foreign policy is a disaster- in the wake lies civil war , death and human misery, the  debt is continuing to explode, and yet it still has the appearence of continuity.  These are fucking strange days.  




Crawdaddy's picture

complicit == bought and paid fo media

napper's picture

Complicit? Hmmm. More like Obedient.


Check out the owners of all major "news" networks. You'll see why the puppet MSM doesn't really have any independence whatsoever. 

foxmuldar's picture

Not strange days, End of days. 

Bunga Bunga's picture

Boko Haram is next on program.

newbie vampire's picture

"The truth is that the economy is a lie ,US foreign policy is a disaster-"

Yeah, but stupid policies contribute to dead Americans, thats the problem.

Uncle Remus's picture

Stupid Americans contribute to dead Americans, that's the problem. Even fake elections have consequences.

Dr. Engali's picture

How are we supposed to take the Chinese people seriously when they give their offspring names like Wang? Greetings General Wang..... snicker snicker... It's been far too LONG since we last met. How is your son Lon Dong? Is he still Lei Ying Lo with Sum Dum Gai? What? What did I say? Is Sum Ting Wong?

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Damn. This site's comment section has really gone down the gutter. It use to be really good with intelligent posts. 

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the floor is yours jannewmx. we are all tapped out. feel free to enlighten us. 

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yes......shower us with a gift of life

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Well jan with the stupidity that seems to be inherent in the system, for fuks sake what do you expect? Mongo enjoys an enlightening, intellectual conversation as much as the next drunk guy....but this whole bukake sham has jaded even the aarmchair wannabe Nietzsches! So if you would please contribute some sensible diatribe it just might be refreshing:-)

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"It use to be really good with intelligent posts."

Ok, well how about this many more Vietnamese fishing boats have to go to the bottom before China dominates the waters with its "lawful will" on smaller nations?

Better? ;-)

Dr. Engali's picture

I'm honored that your first post in your 2 years 19 weeks of being a member was to reply to mine. I'll take that as a compliment because I know an intelligence person like yourself understands that we live in an insane world and sometimes a person has to have a little fun in order to keep themselves out of the nut house. I guess another option for a person would be to walk around with a stick up their ass using their one and only comment to criticize rather than to say something constructive, but what kind of asshole would want to be a person like that?

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the kind of asshole that does not appreciate wambulance humor.

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You never know when they're going to snap, Doc.  You just never know.

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Isn't that the truth? I always marvel at the members who seem to be fairly stable when they post then they suddenly snap and get kicked off the front porch.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Damn. This site's comment section has really gone down the gutter.

Wooooo, that is a remarkable achievement. Hollow phrasing that can cover everything and anything.

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wow zero hedge bunch of racist and broke scumbags.  China is on top.  Nothing you can do to change that!

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A number of Vietnamese officials have now threatened to bring legal action against China over their territorial dispute in the South China sea. The next logical step should that fail, would be to call a wambulance.

Zirpedge's picture

Fishing control? China needs a better PR firm, have their social engineers been asleep for the last century? 

Justification for evil brainstorm:

How about declaring war on sharks?

Planned military excercises?

Nigerian diplomats being treated to a joy ride?

Bluz's picture

In the world of land grabs, posession is nine tenths of the law. Always has been. Ron Paul would say it's none of our damm business. I would have to agree. If we do want to get involved, we will just have to borrow more money from China to finance the war?

kchrisc's picture

I 100% agree with Ron Paul, however, the funny thing is that this is a test by the Chinese on how bankrupt the DC US is--both morally and financially.

If one listens carefully, one can hear a song emanating from the Ukraine and the South China Sea. That is the first aria of the “fat lady.”

newbie vampire's picture

Naw, we'll just borrow money for body bags. We don't want to deprive our brave allies from defending their turf.

Let them slug it out with the Chicoms since they are so keen on it.  American taxpayers are happy to pay for the body bags.

I recall the arrogance of the Filipinos who wanted the Yankees to go home and now they want the Yankees back ?

SORRY !   Ain't gonna be a repeat performance. 

CrashisOptimistic's picture

The thing is, drilling ended last month.  The Chinese probably have a dry hole there or there would be production facilities en route.

But you generally drill 5 or 6 before you declare a region empty.  FYI, the seismic imagery can only show structures that might hold oil. They can't see if oil is there.  This is why so many wells are drilled and fail to find anything significant.  

If you knew it was empty, you would not drill.  But when all you know is that the geology looks promising, then you have to spend millions drilling to say . . . empty.  No one is ever happy about that and jobs are lost when it happens, which is more often than not.

slavador's picture

If the Chinese spent millions to drill 5 dry holes then the Vietnamese should be very thankfull. When the Vietnamese drill for oil they know not to look at this location!

BeansMcGreens's picture

Drilling Dry Holes.  This could be a Paul Krugman wet dream. Massive drilling operation causing huge economic stimulus in machinery and jobs, yet coming up empty with no oil to pollute. This game could go on forever. And for an extra benifit, maybe a war to boot. What is not to like.