Forget ".Com"; Welcome To ".Luxury" With Violin-Shaped Pools & Vitamin-C-Infused Showers

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With Thomas Piketty's book on inequality topping the charts among the book-reading common-folk, ambitious ex-bankers are enjoying the high-life in ways not even Gordon Gecko could have dreamed up. If greed is good, then this is better as former Lehman execs sell the first ".luxury" website domain names and ex-Goldmanites pitch "curated environments that optimize health" for home living with 'Vitamin-C-infused showers'. Of course, as one banker opines philosophically, "it's all about's important that people who have the capital are making it as useful as possible."



As Bloomberg reports, two former Goldman bankers (Jay Dweck and Paul Scialla) are launching Live Better Systems LLC...

“We’re launching this brand and launching this movement,” Paul Scialla said before a tour of the $50 million penthouse his company, Delos Living LLC, is selling with posture-boosting cork floors, purified air and antimicrobial coatings in New York’s East Village. “There’s so much attention focused on the environmental impact of buildings, and we didn’t think there was enough focus on the human.”




Scialla, 40, was co-head of U.S. interest-rate products cash trading at Goldman Sachs last year when he and his twin brother Peter left the firm’s partnership pool to expand Delos. It’s bringing “curated environments that optimize health” to Las Vegas hotel suites, Philadelphia dorms and Los Angeles offices, according to a website that describes lighting built around circadian rhythms and Vitamin C-infused showers.




“If we can scale this and get this to as many people as we can through real estate, that’s a real big win,” he said, citing hospitals and affordable apartments as options, along with housing for Haitian orphans the company has pledged to build. “Anything with four walls and a roof can be infused with this thought.”

Other former bankers working on what they call boutique projects are more explicit about selling to their own kind.

Last month, former Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. vice president Monica Kirchner also cited mass appeal, or a version of it, after she began selling the first websites that end in .luxury instead of .com.


Kirchner, whose Beverly Hills, California-based Dot Luxury won an auction for rights to the domain, said her target audience spans “ultra-high net worth all the way into just your middle income.”




Serge Marquie, who ran corporate equity derivatives at Goldman Sachs and left last year, said the firm he started with his wife, Sally Wilkinson, is selling rights to Napa Valley wines before they’re bottled to “bankers, hedge-fund guys.”


The company, E-Cep, offers contracts similar to Bordeaux futures that allow buyers to get U.S. wine at a preset price, like an $1,800 magnum of 2011 Scarecrow cabernet.

Piketty would be proud...

“There’s incredible inequality, but there’s also incredible demand at the high end of the market,” Wilkinson said. “That’s just a reality of the world we live in.”


She and Marquie described the business as a way for them to make an impact.


“Capital can be useless, or it can be very beneficial,” Marquie said. “And it is important that people who have the capital are making it as useful as possible.”

But it's all about balance... right?

The renovation of his stone-and-shingle house -- whose reverse-osmosis filtration makes his shower water “like bottled water” even if it lacks the Delos vitamins -- will cost $3 million, he said. He estimates he’ll spend an additional $3 million fixing up grounds that include the pool, a baseball field, an outdoor kitchen and a movie screen.


“Lots of people have that money,” he said. “They’re willing to spend it on, to me, much more frivolous things.”




“Well,” Scialla said, “it’s all about balance.”

We suspect none of these masters of the universe turned luxury brand creators ever thought to thank the one who is really responsible for their 'success'... Ben Bernanke (and Tim Geithner).

Read more on the opulence here...

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Big Corked Boots's picture

Rope. Tree. Copper/lead. Steel bars. 

Problem solved.

Flakmeister's picture

That will be what it takes...

Problem is that these fuckers can pay for very loyal protection....

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Magnitude 5.2 temblor 50 km S of Lima (on a trip here), not much .luxury here...



Ai yai yai!

No damage or casualty reports yet.

Soul Glow's picture

What else are people going to spend their worthless fiat dollars on other than babes and toys?

pods's picture

Living with an RO system for house water?

Guess he never saw how much waste water is produced to produce RO water?

These people really think they are on Elysium?

I like the bit about the Hatian orphans.  Sorry Paul, that won't keep your neck from being stretched.


gh0atrider's picture

Buy your Bitcoins today and you can be the future elite!  Have rubber-toy infused pools too!


J S Bach's picture

“Capital can be useless, or it can be very beneficial,” Marquie said.


Not a mention of whether or not said "capital" is stolen or not.  One must ask (if one has a conscience)... is it moral to erect mansions for mafiosi, whose fortunes are gained from the blood and suffering of others?  Those who willingly serve the criminals and profit thereby are almost as despicable as the banksters themselves.

Matt's picture

"Magnitude 5.2 temblor 50 km S of Lima"

if that causes property damage, its probably due to unscrupulous people skimping on rebar.

hangemhigh77's picture

Until fiat crashes. If they don't have gold they don't have shit and POOF goes their "protection".

lordbyroniv's picture

.COM is and will always be King



Australian Economist's picture

.AU begs to differ, it's the Gold Standard of TLDs

FieldingMellish's picture

Meat hook, lamppost, piano wire. I'm willing to make use of the "capital" that I have at my disposal.

intric8's picture

Im designing a guillotine with a short alley to set up bowling pins on the end. Please dont take away my fun. Ive already claimed first dibs.

tempo's picture

w/o frac, Obamacare, EBT we would be in a depression.

Racer's picture

A 'let them eat cake' moment

aVileRat's picture

You have no idea how out of control it is on the fringe

Kanye & Kim's wedding ? US$58 million. Better details in gossip blinds about just how they treated the "hired help"

Next up?

If you are a buyside, call your local contact into Apple and ask Apple why they only did a voice clip of Dr Dre calling in. Or better yet dial in the commentary overheard by the entourage pre-deal and how they celebrated pre & post that video which was leaked.

Corporate governance revolts & raiders are going to have a wicked time "soon".


LetThemEatRand's picture

The live in a bubble, literally and figuratively.  They have no idea that they are taunting the geese that laid their golden eggs, or if they do they sure don't give a shit.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Correct.  It's just that one team that's to blame for all of this.  

Harbanger's picture

I didn't know it was about a team as right now both teams are the same.

CrazyCooter's picture

I think that was LTER's rebuttal.

So ... correct!

Making a broad generalization, I don't think most of humanity realizes the bubble it lives in ... this observation does not only apply to the "rich".

Ask yourself what will "civilization" look like in ... say ... 1,000 years? Electricity? ICE transportation? Public water works? Diverse, resilient, year round agriculture?



Harbanger's picture

Don't fall for the 1/2 truths.  LTER is an apologist for Obama and Progressives.  He supported and voted for Obama, regularly rips into libertarians when she gets drunk and believes in big gov., Lola is team player extraordinaire.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I rip libertarians when I'm drunk and on the occasions when I'm sober.  It's a black and white non-solution to a complex problem.  

Harbanger's picture

Let me just kick you in the nuts a little bit.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Yes, because I disagree with your ideology I should be kicked in the nuts.

Harbanger's picture

Yes, Welcome to life outside the protective bubble.

nmewn's picture

And just what is your ideology Rand? If you disagree with anothers, one would suspect you have a different one.

Or are you an ideological chameleon? ;-) 

LetThemEatRand's picture

I voted for Ross Perot because I saw that both Bush I and Clinton were douchebags, and I got the thing about the giant sucking sound.  I voted for Obama because I had a small hope he was different from Bush II and McCain was not a viable option.  I was wrong about Obama and freely admit it.   I voted for Ron Paul the next election even though I do not count myself a true libertarian (at least he would end the Fed).  I don't believe in big government.  I don't believe in no government.  I believe in a social safey net.  I don't believe in endless welfare for takers.  I believe in the need for a national defense.  I don't believe in military bases all over the world.  I believe in capitalism, but I don't believe in pure free markets because of oligarchs and sociopaths.  I believe in public roads and airports.   I believe that the Fed should be ended.  I believe that private charity is not sufficient to overcome poverty.  Mostly, I believe that the problems facing us are extremely complex and there are no simple solutions.   Oligarchs have taken over our political system and our media.  Competing oligarchs exist all over the world.   I don't begin to have an answer, but I'm sure as fuck that most ideologies don't have one either.

prains's picture

Investing in an idea that incorporates more than yourself is beyond the typical libtard like Harbanger

Harbanger's picture

I agree with LTER's list of beliefs, but so does everyone.  In fact, except for not believing in free markets, LTER almost sounds like a right winger.  Change of heart?  I saved LTER's post of "beliefs" so we can compare it to future comments.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Add:  "I think Harbanger needs to stop viewing the world in the matrix of left and right wing."  90+ percent of Americans were against the bank bailouts.  That includes all flavors of the political spectrum.   They did it anyway, and then they sold it back to the people like a used tampon, using your right wing/left wing paradigm as a base of attack on the reason of the people.  The people got it for a brief period of time, but then they were propagandized right back into the matrix.

Harbanger's picture

You just said you there is no difference in ideology but don't believe in libertarianism, typical double speak. Lets discuss Statism vs individual liberty then.

prains's picture

When you 're losing an arguement you always revert to typical failed CEO logic, muddy the question and deflect the criticism elsewhere. 


You are a libtard who's only interested in propogating yourself and your own beliefs about yourself, whenever somebody interrupts you with an idea about working together as a group toward some end, you brand them a"liberal". In typical non-speak.....of a failed CEO

Harbanger's picture

My argument is true and you've made no rebuttal fool.

prains's picture

my arguement is you have a self righteous, sanctimonious agenda that has no basis in fact but more in the fantasy of a failed CEO who is only interested in listening to his own ideas even if it means the "company" fails. You've been surrounded by sychophants your entire life and come to ZH only to find out you are the one the sucks balls.....

LetThemEatRand's picture

"I agree with LTER's list of beliefs, but so does everyone."

Yet here we are, me covering my nuts (or my delicious pussy, if I am female as you imagine at night), and you kicking the nuts/pussy.  And America is divided to the point of near civil war when apparently everyone agrees on a lot of basic shit.   Ask yourself why.  If you need a hint, check out the guitar pool and consider how this is a thing.

nmewn's picture

I'm still trying to figure out how you could vote (with everything you just said) for THE MOST socialist senator (outside of Bernie Sanders) we've ever had.

Was it because of the slick marketing (Hope-N-Change) campaign, he was just younger and less experienced, had never met a payroll in his life, because he picked Biden as Veep (lol)?...I just have to know...

And Perot was a nut before his time...look up Perot/warrantless searches/drugs/guns.


LetThemEatRand's picture

I was still in the matrix when I voted for Obama.  I thought a black guy from humble beginnings who made it to the big show would fuck some things up.  I was totally and completely wrong and will never vote Red or Blue again.  As for Perot, he had issues but I totally agreed with his message about free trade.  He was right about that, by the way.  I had no idea about his stance on warrantless searches because what I knew I learned from MSM.  As for Paul, I would have been happy if he'd won because I agree with him on a lot of things and I'd rather worry about the things he and I disagree about, then the oligarch rule we have now.   It took me 47 odd years, but I now get the whole election thing is a sham.

Slave's picture

You voted for Obama because you agreed with everything he said in 2008. After he backtracked on half of it you woke up. You're just a recovering Democrat, who trolls around on an Austrian economics website, and is still as lost as ever.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I agreed with a lot of what he said.  Like justice for bankers, and ending the police state.  He hasn't backtracked any of it in words, just in deeds.   Meanwhile, we have corporatist shills like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz rallying the troops on the other end of the politicial spectrum.  You really don't see what's going on?

Slave's picture

I sure do. Even if the Tea Party gets one of it's champions as President nothing will change.

My beliefs are out in the open; You have to hide behind generalities when explaining yours, at least on this website, so that your crediblity is not damaged more than it already has been. You align with the Democratic platform on nearly every issue, you just claim to hate bankers and oligarchs the most. As somebody else on this site recently said, you are approaching troll status here. This website is not a good fit for you, please quit deceiving newcomers.

BeetleBailey's picture

Jesus H. Christ Rand!

I saw through fuckin Soetero right off!

Yes...McCain WAS a huge brain fart by the GOP - (and so was one note Palin, who I STILL feel should do porn - the only thing she'd be good at - maybe)...

But Fuckabama? LOL....please.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

+42!  One of the best things you've written, LTER.

Kirk salutes you.

BeetleBailey's picture

Boys Boys Boys!


fonzannoon's picture

They don't give a shit because they have not had to. They have the system completely rigged and as Flak said above they pay the mafia (police) well to maintain things. It's good livin. Every once in a while one of them falls off a roof but thank god that seems to have abated.

Harbanger's picture

They pay the thugs protection money until the money runs out or the thugs get the idea of just taking it all.

fonzannoon's picture

Sounds about right. The irony of it is tremendous. Expecting a cop making 200k with a 150k pension and free healthcare for life at 53 to stand in front of a bullet for some helpless rich dude when it matters.

Harbanger's picture

The standard fare cop doesn't make 200k a year, not even in NYC.  They are just as much a victim of the social collapse.   The ruling thugs have their own private security forces.  If anyone is gonna pop a cap in their head when they don't see it it's gonna be private.