Massive Explosion Rocks Shell Oil Production Plant In The Netherlands

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Moments ago a massive explosion, accompanied by a raging fire seen from miles away, occurred at a Shell Oil production plant in Moerdijk, Netherlands, reports the Omroep Brabant. Two “enormously loud bangs” were reported by bystanders. Bystanders reported a pink flash of light followed by flames that were meters high.  According to a Dutch reporter, the explosion shook the neighborhood houses as if an earthquake occurred. Marieke van Wijk of the Safety Mid and West Brabant reports that the fire occurred during an exchange of services.

"The blaze is pretty intense and the smoke goes straight up. Hazardous substances are igniting high in the air. "Stay at least always the smoke,'' adds the municipality of Moerdijk.

No evacuation of local residents has been ordered so hopefully the damage is contained.

This is what the facility looked like before the accident:


And this is what it looks like right now:


The Dutch Brabant, which has a live blog covering the disaster, will webcast a live pressconference at 1am local time at the following link.

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A few more of these and it's very bullish for oil and gasoline futures.

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The Dutch LOVE those Islamic cocksuckers.

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Nederland: nexus van alle wereld kwaad.

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WTF? Wat bedoel je daar mee? Doesn't make any sense to me.

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For those that do not know what "BLEVE" means ... do watch ...



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NATO is going to be all over this. The $1 billion security allotment from the Head Golfer was clearly not enough.

Damn Putin and his little green men. They are as bad for markets as the weather.


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I lived in Torrance, California during the 1970's, about 3 miles south of Chevron's refinery there. I recall two different times that parts of the plant exploded. Both times, they had to make restitution because a shitload of crude aerosolized when the events occurred, and they had to pay to repaint several thousand cars that got douched. The yuppie dinks with the Beemers and the Jags REALLY pitched a hissy fit!

Once you people understand how crude oil is refined, and the inherent dangers, and the fact that technology like this is dependant upon both perfect people and perfect metallurgy, and is extremely dangerous to do, you might understand that 'shit happens'.

An explosion at an oil refinery isn't actually unexpected. What's unexpected is NO explosions.

NO BULLSHIT here, just the FACTS.

if you want to get a nut and try to make this out to be something it isn't, go ahead.

The Ruskies/Al-CIA-Duh/Zionist/Pope/Towlies MUST be behind this...

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Don't give the Russians any ideas after they turn off the gas and want to put a bigger squeeze on energy supplies.

Four chan's picture

blown crackers are good for profits, thats why it happens so often. texas has the timing down to a sience.

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Shoot rockets at your local Oil Refinery today...ALL OF THEM AT ONCE.

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I grew up in SW Louisiana in the 60's and 70's ( ie. cancer alley). Something blew up every 2 to 3 years. It's part of the job.

In fact, we'd get an ice cream maker or something every year that something didn't blow up!

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Infrastracture is more and more rusty, crude is more and more full of corrosive and odd inflamable additives. Good luck with that.

There will be still some countries in which stuff wont explode because they are mostly empty. In US car tanks can have 30 gallons, in Europe tanks have arouf 10 gallons capacity and at most 3 gallons at a time.

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if you want to get a nut and try to make this out to be something it isn't, go ahead.

The Ruskies/Al-CIA-Duh/Zionist/Pope/Towlies MUST be behind this...

So was this the work of the good freedom fighter Al Qaeda or the evil terrist Al Qaeda?

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We still get deposits on our Cars from the Carson/Torrance/PV/LB Refineries...

No explosions lately...

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Are Islamists out in the streets celebrating and taking credit?

object_orient's picture

There's a bunch of swarthy looking guys celebrating by a moving van. It says Urban Moving Systems on the side.

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"There's a bunch of swarthy looking guys celebrating by a moving van."

Yeah, kinda reminds me of 911 when a whole bunch of Israelis disguised as Arabs were dancing in the streets./sarc

MontgomeryScott's picture

Hard to find clips that aren't compilations any more.

"Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11":

Sarc? No.

I wouldn't exactly call these guys 'swarthy', though. They look like Seinfeld, if you ask me (especially the one that says that they were simply there on top of the Urban Moving Systems van all set up for the shot when the first plane hit the first tower, in order to 'simply document the event').

Israelis ARE Semites, you know (just like Arabs are, by and large). /sarc off (again)

Here might be a better clip/compilation:

Any questions?

tony wilson's picture

what about the dancing jews.

they blow up and klll themselves so they can blame everyone else.

heck look at larry silverstein and his insurance claims

MontgomeryScott's picture

The commander of NYFD answers to Larry Silverstein, you know. He's the one in charge (NOT Mayor Giuliani).


Didn't the Towers have an issue with ASBESTOS REMEDIATION?

The only building that Silverstein actually 'owned' was called the 'Solomon Brothers' Building (WTC7). He had a 99-year LEASE on WTC 1-6. Isn't that CURIOUS...

PPPPPPHHHHHHH! (stifiling open laughter with the irony of the situation, and wondering why people forget so easily, and don't actually understand how shit works)

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According to D. Kholezov AMIA and the Israel Embassy in Buenos Aires were thermonuclear blasts from devices inside the buildings. There were no traces of car bombs on the street.

We'll never know.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Are you saying they like to plant two-lips?

Addibrux's picture

Like they say in prison ( presumably ) " Lips is Lips "..

MontgomeryScott's picture

The skinny white guy is thrown in the cell with the big buck nigger.

The black guy eyes him, and the white guy gets a little nervous.

The black asks him, "Yo, is you the momma or the daddy?"

The white guy, thinking he'll be smart, says, "I'm the DADDY!"

The black dude, looking at him and flexing his muscles, says, "GOOD! Now, get down here and suck yo' momma's dick!"

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The central bankstas will view this event as a drain on their economies, and therefore will feel the need to increase their QE activities.

Therefore, this will lead to another rally on Wednesday.

See how easy this is.

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Bullish for future LNG developments !

Like those planned here in US to "save" EU from Russia's energy blackmail...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

$4.50/gal?  LOL, the Cloggies already pay ~ $7+ per gallon.

Queen Beatrix of Holland (an official member and participant at this year's Bilderberg meeting in CH), is also a big shareholder in Shell.

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Should've prefaced my statement with "Hey Y'all!"
I'm 'Merica-centric.

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That's all right.

I'm still working on finding a couple of dykes that need fingers stuffed in their holes. I'd settle for sticking fingers in all those dyke holes, but I think I'd rather help. If they need something bigger, I'm sure that I can help. Refined plastic (or little fingers) is no substitute for the real thing, you know.

The oil prices will probably start to rise, though, in the CONUS, because Soetoro is instituting the ban on coal-fired generators, as of NOW. That fucking bastard illegal satan-worshipping PLANT... WHAT a FUCK HE is, and HOW the CONUS is about to get FUCKED, are still in the future, but not for long!

Short history:


The MSM on ALL streams is pushing REALLY HARD RIGHT NOW. Have you listened to the CONUS MSM in the past few days?


Yes_Questions's picture




Ha! Cloggies!


and yes, that's a PTB right there.

MontgomeryScott's picture


A Wop, a Sheeny, a Queer, a Commie, and a Dago all walked in to a bar one day.

The Limey bartender (and his helper, the Chink) looked up, surprised at the sudden rush of clients.

'What'll it be?', they both asked in unison.

From a darkened corner, the Raghead suddenly exclaimed, "DON'T ask for a Cloggie! That thing EXPLODED when I picked it up!"


Are you THAT much of a DICK? REALLY?

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She participates every year. Even though she isn't queen anymore. Her father Prince Bernhard (a former SS member) founded the Bilderberg conference. 

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$4.75 for premium in Chicago.

MontgomeryScott's picture

Wait until AUGUST. The price will be 'moderating', I suppose (as the rest of the nation is sued to raise the prices to 'get in line' because it 'JUST, ISN'T, FAIR!').

If things hold together, expect to see $6.00 or perhaps a little more. If they DON'T, you will look back on this, like the Geman U-boat crews during the Second Bankster War (AKA WWII) did; as 'the happy time'.


TRENDS are interesting, to say the least. WHY in the FUCK do you still live there? Are you crazy, or simply in need of pain? Self-flagellation is an actual mental issue, you know.

disabledvet's picture

Any Russian aircraft in the vicinity?

JuliaS's picture

Putin was indeed seen spitting in the West's general direction moments prior to the explosion.

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Spetznaz can flap their arms really fast.

disabledvet's picture

New stealth bomber called "we don't work after 5:00 PM anymore"?

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Proxy war doesn't have to stay in Ukraine...

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what was that bang? [/planet shmanet janet]

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Just in time for the summer driving season...

disabledvet's picture

"Accidents always happen when we need to run these things flat out."

Gasoline? Hmm. Thought the Continent was diesel country?
Where does all that gasoline to again?

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And so it Begins... WW3 and it's hitting the Fucking Fan!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!