Two Ukraine Helicopters Shot Down: Watch As Gunship Engages Eastern Militia In Intense Fighting

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Earlier today, we read reports out of Russian Itar-Tass stating that east Ukraine militia had shot down a Ukraine gunship and a Su-25 fighter jet, as well as four APC. We were waiting for an official confirmation from Ukraine as the level of propaganda on both sides is somewhat tricky to filter. We got at least partial proof moments ago from Ukraine's military spokesman Seleznyov, who said via Bloomberg:


Here is what else Itar-Tass reported from a conflict which suddenly all Western media has forgotten:

People’s militia in the city of Sloviansk, east Ukraine’s Donetsk Region, have downed a fighter plane Su-25 and a Ukrainian helicopter gunship as well as four armored personnel carriers (APC), Sloviansk People’s Mayor Vyacheslav Ponomarev told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.


Ukraine's military has amassed armored vehicles and self-propelled mortars and howitzers near the town of Sloviansk, Stella Khorosheva, spokeswoman for the Sloviansk people's mayor, told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.


The military equipment numbering 100 units includes Grad salvo systems, Khorosheva said.


An An-30 plane has been sighted over Sloviansk, making periodic flyovers. According to Khorosheva, clashes began at around 6.00 am local time on Tuesday.


"A report said that Ukrainian troops had broken through in the area of the village of Semyonovka," she said, adding that Ukraine's National Guard was using tanks.


"It looks like they've brought here all their army and (military) equipment," she said.


Earlier, a people's militia representative told ITAR-TASS that Ukrainian military aircraft had delivered several missile strikes at Semyonovka and that the village of Cherevkovka had come under missile and machine-gun fire as well.


"There have been no casualty reports yet, because everybody is holding the line or is in shelter," the militia representative said.

It is unclear if the downed Ukrainian Su-25 is the same one as the one caught on tape launching bombs at Ukraine civilians in the town of Lugansk.

And while we don't have a clip which captures the latest downing of the two Ukraine helicopters (or the fighter jet) here is a YouTube video from earlier today showing two Ukraine helicopters engaged in heavy fighting with forces on the ground near the city of Slavyansk. 1:58 into the clip it becomes visible when the helicopter pilot engages his gun at ground targets.

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SpanishGoop's picture

They are going to run out of helicopters soon if they don't look out.

Perhaps a chocolade mold of a helicopter will help.


john39's picture

don't worry, U.S. taxpayer serfs will pay for fleets of new gunships and droves of blackwater (or whatever satan's minions call themselves today) to rape muder and pillage until the job is done. 

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Just as long as it creates more jurbs in the defense industry for the sheeple.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

If I were Ukranian* -- I would be stocking up on weapons and ammo and keeping them in the closet, for when it really gets crazy over there. 

* Americans too

Harbanger's picture

Too bad they don't have a 2nd amendment right to bear arms.  If you knew that you wouldn't make such a stupid statement.

general ambivalent's picture

Haha, people without the 2nd Amendment are fighting back while people with it are sitting at home making their own private Wal-Marts. Get over yourself, the 2nd Amendment is just another control trick.

Harbanger's picture

Defend yourself by giving BJ's then. 

strannick's picture

The same ones warring on the Constitution here are the same ones trying to kill Ukranians from helicopters. Their evil asshole corporate media tries to obscure this fact, banality being its weapon of choice.

markmotive's picture

Like a scene out of Top Gun...

US and Russian jets having close encounters in the air

Harlequin001's picture

That is one irritating dumb shit holding the camera...

Aussie V's picture

That is what is pissing me off. Why can't ANY Ukrainian learn how to hold a video camera???

Every video I watch makes me sea sick!

Maybe instructions don't come in Ukrainian??

TheReplacement's picture

The 2nd only codifies the natural right of man to bear arms.  The Ukrainians have that right as well.  Whether the government recognizes it or not is an entirely different matter that can be solved by excercising the right.

pods's picture

Exactly.  Everyone has the right to self defense, amendment or not.


Harbanger's picture

Most of the World doesnt even understand the concept "inalienable rights" and most don't have the right to buy or own arms.  They believe rights come from Gov.  So they can go protest for a 2nd amendment but that's very low on their priority list.  They will protest for fairness from their leaders.

7.62x54r's picture

How well does that protest thing work?


I'd rather carry a rifle.

disabledvet's picture

Hmmm. "Turned out they had an Abrahms Tank so I went home." :-0

7.62x54r's picture

Tanks do poorly in cities or bad terrain. They are also kind of useless against guerillas.

That Abrams tanks thingy worked out poorly in Afghanistan.

tvdog's picture

The Thais protested for 7 months, getting killed in the streets. No solution till the army stepped in.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Yes, but this was another "win" for the American empire.  It doesn't like democracy anywhere, not even at home.

shovelhead's picture


Drugs are illegal in the US. Hows's that working out?

Terminus C's picture

Drugs aren't illegal.  They are just illegal for you.

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

Presumably drugs are kept illegal to ensure a maximum price can be gleaned from the market by some very bad people. The first politician to have a significant following whose proposes legalizing drugs will be assasinated by the CIA.

Quus Ant's picture

it's working out great.  invest in the prison industrial complex.  makea mint.  give to charity.  sleep through the night.

Rootin' for Putin's picture

If you could operate google you would have found this.

Citizens are permitted to own non-fully automatic rifles and shotguns as long as they are stored properly when not in use. Handguns are illegal except for target shooting and those who hold concealed carry permits

mrpxsytin's picture

So you wouldn't be making plans to get the women and children in your family to a safer destination? Singelhandedly, you will fend off the brutes who come for your family? 

If you're going to fight to defend your home that's your choice. But it isn't your kids choice. Get them the hell out of there!

mrpxsytin's picture

To the moron who downvoted that.

See the photos of those two dead women? 

Monty Burns's picture

Yet another bankers' war.

Jack Burton's picture

Indeed Monty! If ever a banker's war was being fought, this one is it. The IMF and Western Banks have demanded that Kiev Coup Government conquer the East Ukraine before they are given the 17 billion dollar loan. Then the IMF bankers, CIA director and US vice president visited Kiev to plan the military attacks. Now we see the results, Kiev is on the march, a coup government is trying to repeat the Euro Maidan miracle in the East. So far, these two small towns have held out against the might of Kiev for many weeks. The Air Attacks are a sign that Kiev's ground troops can not break the resistance of the local people.

Frankly, I read on Russian sources last night that two Helicopters were shot down, but the source I use tends to over claim. But perhaps this time they were right.

Since the missile strike on a city center in broad daylight killing citizens in their own city, I suspected that Russia would begin to allow more modern shoulder fired anti aircarft missiles to leak into the East. Should the most modern of these slip into the hands of the Eastern Resistance fighters, then Kiev's coup airmen are in for some bad days. The capabilites of the most modern of these short range missiles mean Kiev will have to resort to precision guided bombs and missiles. These can be fired outside missile range. BUT, are very costly, and require the latest systems to use them. Kiev will need NATO to step in and supply much of this. If that happens, Russia will not sit back. A NATO step in this direction would clear Russia to use S-400 long range missiles to knock down any and all Kiev Coup Aircraft.

In short, the ball is in NATO court. Will they move to equip Kiev with these wepaons? A very dangerous move that wouls be.

For now, I am happy the people have gotten revenge for Kiev muderous attack. Murder in broad daylight deserves justice. Some Kiev Coup Airmen were given that justice. Who can not say that that is not just and right?

disabledvet's picture

it's all about Hollywood dude. This is all about keeping people glued to their devices! STAY TUNED! ANARCHY! BLOODSHED! PUTIN THE VIDEO GAME!

caconhma's picture

Looks like Putin is too busy hiding his money and palaces. As for Russian people, Putin does not give a shit about them.

James Dandy's picture

Another retard worrying about "evil Putin" instead of his own slavemasters.  

Tall Tom's picture

I agree that Putin does not give a damn about the Russian citizen anymore than Obama cares about the American citizen.


Many believe that one psychopath is somehow better than another psychopath but they are just choosing what they believe to be the lesser of two evils.


Psychopaths wage war. Death with destruction is the fruit of that insanity. Both Putin and Obama are the authors of war.


You shall know them by thier fruits. I seem to have read that somewhere. Someone very special spoke those words two thousand years ago. Of course He is the author of the truth which sets men free.

caconhma's picture

ZH website is no different from the overwhelming majority of other websites where feebleminded people express their incompetence and stupidity thinking it is of any value.

alexcojones's picture

Obummer promised $18 Million to Kiev.

That might buy one-half of a helicopter, I imagine, at today's prices.

Four chan's picture

muslim terrorists are on blue light special, buy one get four free at obamamart.

how much did it cost us to get those five fuck faces?

swmnguy's picture

Almost nothing.  3 of them surrendered.  1 we caught in a false-truce sting.  And the 5th was caught by the Pakistanis and turned over to us.  They weren't terrorists either, except under the broadest possible definition of the term.  They were officials in what was at the time the recognized national army of Afghanistan.  They were never charged with anything nor were they ever tried at Guantanamo, because their defense would have been that they were doing their jobs, and it would have been extremely difficult to convict them of anything.  Plus they were clearly entitled to be treated as Prisoners of War under every rule known to civilization, and they weren't.

But I get your point.

Jack Burton's picture

Obama told Poland's military that America will stand with Poland in their fight for freedom against the Russian attack. 1 billion in free money for Poland, more planes, missiles and US troops for Poland. Now, if only we can find that Russian attack, we will be able to use them. Anyone know where that attack is? Maybe Nuland, that blood soaked Whore can cook up a fake attack to justify World War III.


StychoKiller's picture

Hmm, what if you threw a war and NOBODY showed up?

GlobalCtzn's picture

Paradigm shift? I am READY!

prains's picture

Who's gonna be the June, 2014 Franz Ferdinand......these sick fuckers are making a joke of history and Woar. The dates are way too close to be a coincidink.

Freddie's picture

F the European bankster families, the elites, NWO, EU-SSR, Soros, the NeoCons, Nuland, State Dept, Silicon Valley billionaires, oligarchs and other scum who profit over innocent poeple being killed and enslaved.

COSMOS's picture

In all these videos of Ukraine one is struck how pretty the country is.  Huge country that is relatively flat and very green.  I can see why its an agricultural paradise and why Monsanto wants to dig its claws into its soil.  Also the young ladies are very pretty.  And the cities are also very clean and look nice.  It is an ideal country to be infected with viral dollars and to serve as organism to take in that extra dollar liquidity sloshing around the world.  Its all about PENETRATION. From its land to its women.

disabledvet's picture

"The soil must be fed with the blood of patriots"...and that piece of real estate has more than probably any place on earth.

booboo's picture

Odumbfuck just requested 1 billion for "Eastern Europe DEFENSE"