Challenger Job Cuts Soar 45%; Most Layoffs Since Feb 2013

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Did it snow again in May? It seems the hopes for a pent-up demand-based bounce post the weather doldrums has once again been dashed by the hard data. Challenger, Gray, & Christmas just announced that job cuts soared by 45.5% year-over-year in May, the biggest annual rise in 9 months. However, what is perhaps even more worrisome is the actual number of layoffs, around 53,000, was the highest since February 2013. The layoffs in the South are a disaster, aside from the BP oil spill in Sept 2011, this is the most job cuts since Jan 2010. What no seasonal adjustments?



That is a 45.5% rise YoY...


Charts: Bloomberg

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We've never had it so good?

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I'll take Obamacare for a thousand Alex.


Don't care what needs to be done.....when you hit 29.5 have to stop.

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I thought it was against the law to cut jobs or report bad numbers



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Didn't the Challenger go KA-BOOOM?

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Definitely cause for a new record close today!  Exceptional economic performance everywhere say the economist.

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MASSIVE ECONOMIC RECOVERY.  So massive, in fact, that politicians running in the next round of US elections have been warned not to mention anything about it.

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At least we can blame it on the WEATHER?  Fuck you Draghi.  Fuck you Yellen.

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Says all you need to know about the job market. Stagnant.

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wait for the seasonal adjustment.......

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we don't need no steenking jobs

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Free trade and globalization have worked out so well for the American middle class.. NOT !

Until we re-shore jobs and tax foreign made goods we will NEVER see a real economic recovery here in the US.

The FED and the US Government can only lie and do financial accounting tricks for so long..

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"Scotty, I need more adjustments!"

"Dammmit, Jim, I'm a doctor not an adjuster!"

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You're confusing Scotty with Bones.

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"In four hours the ship blows up" - Scotty

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we dont need data; we got surveys

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That Challenger jobs report would be even more troubling if the layoff figures could include the median age, average salary rates and the average prior length of employment of the newly unemployed.  Unlike Zero Hedge, newspapers and the television talking heads concentrate on the activities of the super rich, on Carl Icahn and insider tading, on the latest most expensive house in the USA. 

40 years ago, GE's Jack Welch made a crooked deal with then New York Governor Carey that effectively relieved GE of the cost of cleaning up its illegally dumped PCB wastes in the Hudson River.  Those thousands of tons of carcinogenic PCBs forced the closing of the striped bass fishery, a fishery active for 300 years.  Thanks to that deal, done over the objection of Peter Berle, NY's then commissioner of environmental conservation, Welch got the top job at GE.  Carey fired Berle for following the law. 

Even now, the captive press sings the praises of Jack Welch.  The same press that still ignores covering the massive corruption in American government that has led to the massive job losses over the past 13 years, starting with the RDX caused implosion of the World Trade Center.            

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Chillax peeps! It is only the first week of June! 
The Summer of Recovery doesn't start for another two weeks! 

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I'm looking forward to the 6th annual Summer of Recovery!

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and the masses are broke


but no one who can afford it are buying cars like never before

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Friends of mine who left Canada to gain wealth in the USA are either returning back or heading out to Northern Europe.

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I blame Bush's weather machine because racism.

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It's the mosquitoes.  They are so bad people won't go outside.