The Gold Conspiracy

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As increasingly more conspiracy 'theories' become conspiracy 'facts', The History Channel discusses "The Gold Conspiracy" in this brief documentary.



As The History Channel introduces:

Gold. It is one of the most precious metals in the world. A glittering commodity so rare that people will go to great lengths to obtain it. But who sets the price? And what are the secret methods to control its value? Uncover the clandestine world surrounding the highly prized precious metal. How much gold does the United States really have–and where is it locked away? Is the American government overstating the amount of gold in its reserves to create the mystique of financial superiority?


Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discusses the gold standard and the possible manipulation of the commodities markets. Chairman of Euro Pacific Precious Metals Peter Schiff describes how gold could replace credit cards. And author Matthew Hart details how the U.S. is storing gold that belongs to other countries–but may now be missing from the Federal Reserve's vaults.

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hidden in plain sight

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Robert Reich is a socialist serial liar......what a poor source for info

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Yeah, why anybody would seek him out is beyond me.  Turns me off from watching that.

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Any American owning more than, say, one ounce of gold is already in a "1%".

Even better is owning 5% - 20% of net wealth in gold (depending on your personal circumstances).

If you do not own any (physical), then you should buy some of the best diversification in town.

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Ah, next thing you know some crackpot will be claiming that the government is monitoring all your communications, all your finances and all of your medical and health conditions.

That’s not just illegal and unconstitutional, it’s not possible.

Um.. what's a zettabyte?

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I need some insight into something unusual relating to my blog site, I'm no expert.

Of the 49 blog posts which I have written so far, there is one which is receiving considerable volume of traffic. No big deal in itself, BUT, it is receiving at least 10 times the traffic volume of any other page and yet when I look at where the traffic has come from, nothing is listed. All my other pages at least give me some information and percentage of traffic as to where the viewer has come from.

But the real interesting thing is this; I haven’t posted the link to this page anywhere since the day I wrote it. After that day, it died-off in views considerably (normal and expected), but, unlike all my other pages, it is as though this page is being viewed (circulated?) 100 times more than any number of similar pages which I have not circulated their links either.

I have been watching the stats on this page for over two months now, and the viewing rate has been varied, but solid. The viewing number changes each day, but it’s always on the top of the list without any promotion by me whatsoever.

I’ve Googled the page title on several search engines and nothing comes up other than where I originally posted it, so I have to rule-out most forums etc.

If I completely went dark (online) for a month or two, I can assure you, this page would be viewed hundreds of times more than any other page……why???

How is a viewer hidden (where they came from)?

Reasons for such viewer volume?


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At my blog, the Blogger stats show (each day for example) higher stats that the little ClustrMaps widget I have at my blog.

A guy who knows a lot more than I do told me that in many cases "hits" that show up in Blogger´s stats are "spider" (bots) from Russia and Ukraine.  Take a look at the Blogger stats map to see where hits are coming from.  Few of my "Russian" or "Ukrainian" hits register as such on the ClustrMaps widget.

Another possibility is that a "consolidator" ( for example) may have linked to the article.  Or even FOFOA!

I like your blog, keep up the good work.


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Thanks DCRB!

Hope you're keeping well mate.

You've got my email (I think you do), so send me an email and I'll give you the'll be shocked as to what's being hit so hard. It's telling me something.


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Click your heels three times and repeat after me....


We did NOT steal Germany's gold.

We did NOT steal Germany's gold.

We did NOT steal Germany's gold.

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You say Reich is a liar? Please give an example of his lying.

Kawaii Empress Natalia Poklonskaya's picture

Why gold when you can have fiat /sarc

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HOLY FIAT! who needs all of the gold in solomons temple when its backed by the full faith and imagination of the vatican? please clicky-

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well 3 people didn't like seeing a 15 quadrillion gold bond.

I MISS KUDLOW's picture

i went on a major retailer to buy a hat for my pop for fathers day it was $55.00(so of course i didnt buy it),,,,,,,bass says my fiat will buy wampum in the years ahead unfortunately for me it doesn't even buy wumpum now

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Robert Reich, huh?

fencejumper's picture

IMO a good guy. Cares about The People. Not a corporate/bankster stooge. What is your complaint?

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I hope they spend time on why Nixon fucked the whole thing up.

Keyser's picture

To pay for the Vietnam war, or so the story goes...


Flakmeister's picture

More like to pay for the imported oil....

Much easier to mislead the people if you give them a plausible "lie"...

Nam was expensive, but not that expensive...

Study these two figures closely:

and a little insight....

US oil production was very closely monitored, after all, it was economic might....

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But remember 'why' Nixon did what he did... There was a huge flow of gold OUT of the country because gold was worth more than the US peg at $35. So if you had any US dollars you could swap 35 of them and get an ounce of gold, which you could sell for $38. This is an easy 8 percent swap, and at the time the US was beginning to flood the world with dollars.

And here is the scary part - you only had to do this 256 million times (or less than 9 billion dollars) to drain the 8000 tons of gold that the US had.

Joebloinvestor's picture

Nixon was not concerned about an outflow of gold.

Kennedy's massive deficit spending and the war required the creation of a fiat currency.

Look at the money supply from 1971 on.


What is really disgusting is Nixon's "word" that the fed would not print money.

Flakmeister's picture

Would you like to provide a chart showing US gov deficits to back up your claim?

Didn't think so...

Flakmeister's picture

Here are some nice charts:

that suggest Kennedy had little to do with things...

Care to explain this:

And while Kennedy did cut rates, that is quite a stretch to blame the deficits since Reagan on him...


Get over your gold hangup, it failed miserably as the monetary basis for the world economy at least twice and the only time it sort of worked was when gold supplies were rising at far clip at the end of the 19 century...

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bukake junk all over your face -  so good

Flakmeister's picture

Still having those fantasies I see...

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  Of course fractional reserve banking and credit based money are far more superior than gold....especially if you and your k*** friends want to run the world. It would cost them too much if they had to pay for it in gold.

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Did it ever occur to you that the cherished American standard of living is closely tied to per capita oil consumption?

You would tell the American people that you are going to deliberately reduce their standard of living?

Or would you force that issue at gun point if they disagreed with you?

Do you understand anything about reality? Or is your grasp of the political economy limited to sloganeering and platitudes?

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Coming from one of the biggest shite spewers around here, that was actually not bad. You are correct, Reagan's deficits cannot be blamed on Kennedy. Who was Tip O' Neill's butt-boy again? Oh that's right... Matthews. Is that you, spittle boy? 

Flakmeister's picture

The adults were trying to have a conversation....

You clearly have nothing of value to add, so why don't you simply STFU and mind your business...

Parabox's picture

People say that gold cannot be used to back a currency because there is not enough of it.  Gold is valuable precisely because it is scarce.  Having a limited supply - that's the point!

Flakmeister's picture

No it is valuable because the marginal cost of new supply is large, primarily reflecting the cost of energy to extract it...

Bismuth is just as rare, but we don't hear about that do we?

Gold does not work because the global imbalance of oil exports makes it so... Too little gold chasing too much oil...

Unless of course you would like to tell oil exporters what price in gold they should accept. Lets see how that goes...

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

If bismuth had all the uses of gold & same safety in being handled it would be equally valuable to gold.
Bottom line is gold is safer, more durable (chemically inert) compared to bismuth.

flyingcaveman's picture

Are you saying one thing had nothing to do with the other?

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Nixon (more so Connally) was concerned about the outflow of gold, because there was no good delivery gold left in the US Treasury vaults at Fort Knox, Denver, and New York...just coin bars made from melted coins , which are no where near 260 million fine troy ounces or whatever figure they claim > 8000 tonnes)

That is the dirty little US Treasury secret..

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Always makes me laugh that most Americans won't watch a factual television programme without it being mascaraded as some blockbuster action-packed spy-thriller. (With constant recaps after every 5 minutes in case people were too busy concentrating on their food). UK is just as bad, in a different way, here everything has to be about fucking baking or ballroom dancing.

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There's a conspiracy all right, that gold is somehow precious because it's rare. For one, gold is not rare, there is hundreds of thousands of tonnes of the stuff stashed away in vaults & safes around the world. Almost every ounce ever mined in human history in fact.

TN Jed's picture

So gold is not precious because every ounce in human history is stashed away? Perception is reality.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Last I saw there were about 170,000 (metric) tonnes, or a bit less than one oz per person on our planet.

But, it`s the FLOW that counts..., most gold is held by very strong hands.  I am not letting mine go, and I doubt that many central banks are now as well.

AUD's picture

And what has that got to do with whether gold is rare or not?

it aint easy's picture

Yea, thousands and thousands of tonnes. And you don't own it.

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The last thing the world needs is 55k dollar an ounce gold.

SilverIsMoney's picture

Prices that high would probably speed up asteroid mining and get us all the hell off this rock a whole lot quicker...