JPY & Nikkei Pop On Abe's Call For More Stocks In Pension Fund

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As if this morning's Draghi moves were not enough to show that there are no markets - just manipulated prices from central planners - Japan's Shinzo Abe just dropped another 'random US session' tape bomb:


USDJPY and the Nikkei 225 futures are popping in this news - which is not so much news as he has been pushing for this risk-seeking behavior from the nation's pension fund for months. His efforts this time are for health and welfare minister Tamura to announce the move in September (before the original year-end deadline).

Of course, with Abe's ratings in lockstep with the stock market, it's no surprise...



We are sure this will end well - following Abe's demands that the GPIF invest in the world's junk bonds (because there's additional yield with no risk)...

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Foreshadowing? Abe Aids Bernanke as Japan Seen Buying Foreign Debt -Bloomberg

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Risk-on for Japanese pensioners.


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If the market is open, it's bullish. that should be painfully obvious by now.

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Why doesn't Abe run the pension funds himself. ...oh wait

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Hmmm... think I could interest them in some stock for their MyLA?

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Pension funds should not be limited to stock purchases but also a diversified portfolio in commodities. Commodities have been great performers and anyone who has missed wheat futures in the El Nino season is a damn fool. 

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5 years from now Vegas will be booming as Pension fund managers flock there for the high returns.


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Hey, double-or-nothing looks pretty damn good compared to the risk one has to take to hit those farcical assumed return levels.

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what the fuck?...seriously. this is fucking madness.

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at this point, stocks, bonds, mortgages, gold, watermelon futures.....its all risk free.  so, why not?

i'm writing calls on the gold i may be able to mine from my back yard in 1000 years.  i bet someone will buy and never ask for actual delivery.  

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Let's throw some junk mortgages in those pension funds too, simply can't beat that great yield

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if you are a japanese pensioner ... you are fucked.

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Aren't you more fucked if you are Japanese, and don't have a pension?

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not necessarily ... it just means you don't work for the government.

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Infuckingcredile. Can they just mail out each of us our checks for 100k and get this fucking thing over and done with.
I'll but whatever fucking stocks they want with it.

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Ah yes, as if there is any money to be mailed out. It is all in "lockbox" bonds if you may remember.

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Help me!   How does this end?  What is the logical series of events that play out?  What pops the financial asset/real estate/fine art/NBA team bubble?  No banker will end this.  There appears to be no limit.  Someone else/something else will stop it.  But what?  When?  

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When they lose the word FAITH,,,that is when it all falls apart

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that's the best I've seen. Next we will see people arguing that Gold will be going to zero. Central Banks giving it away in order to make space for basement offices. 

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He doesnt want them to buy his they have to raise the rate of return ..voila..they have instant inflation

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That's right folks, if you don't like rigged markets you will now have no choice.

It is your patriotic duty to float corporations, $10/million+/year C.E.O. salaries, politicians retirements, fund fee skimming, and bank profits!

Get back to work.

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You gotta hand it them smart-n-savvy people, they sure know how to run a scam.

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That's it. I'm going to buy NFLX and AAPL. I'll let everyone know the moment that I do, since you can then short the markets as they will definitely crash the moment I click my mouse to execute the buy trade.

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The ultimate bagholder, the taxpayers. Why didn't he do this a year or so ago before the run-up? Don't answer that. We all know.

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Yes, because we haven't pushed up markets enough yet.

It needs more bubble!

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 how long until the US SS 'trust fund'  is ok'd/ordered to buy SPX ( you know only the safe stocks) to help offset its shortfall.   remeber during the early Bush I years they were screaming to get SS into the stock mkt--people should have govt accts that invest in stocks...until the 2000 bubble popped.


if you look athe nikkie over the last 30 years the pension plan would go from 'funded' to 'unfunded'  like 12 times....and if you retired during an 'unfunded' period you probably got fked.  

this is another indicator where people think there is no risk and "shucks, we shoulda all just been buying the stock mkt this whole time, lets start now".   all topping areas are rife with this type of 'new ideas'....we just dont know how long or far the mkt will run--the only certainty is it wont go forever and there will be at least a 25% correction sometime in the next couple years. 

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Because politicians make awesome money managers...

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So the individual investor is all in, whether they want to be or not... that should end well...more kool-aid please...