"We Have Nothing To Fear But The Lack Of Fear Itself"

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"It's a record!" No not the S&P 500 - the total and utter lack of fear in the marketplace... Adding up Bearish AAII professionals, those who believe a Correction is coming, and the VIX; we have never (ever) been more complacent about stocks. Seems like the Fed's communications policy (about complacency being a concern) is not working...



"We have nothing to fear but the lack of fear itself"


h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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Meh, who cares about complacency, I am happy with the market.  /sarc

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No sarc needed...  fuck it....what could go wrong?

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The VIX is a calculation of volatility.  If the stock market moves 15 points each day, then that move means a lot more if the market is trading at a lower price than if it is trading at a higher one.  The same price move of 15 points when the index is valued at 1500 is a higher volatility than if the market is trading 1940.  The market is moving in the same intervals, but because the price of the index is higher the volatility is lower. 

This fact seems to be omitted everytime ZeroHedge talks about the VIX. 

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What about the survey ?

We can feel it that there is no voletility. No vix needed

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Depends if they've "seasonally adjusted" the survey results or not I suppose.

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Really? Take a second look, please.


VIX and SP500 are correlated 80% historically. This means that if stocks go down, VIX goes up. Simple.


Why is that? VIX is calculated with options' implied volatility. According to the formula, if the stock goes down, it counts as more risky, and therefore the option is more volatile. That's why you have almost 80% correlation, and that's why it's called the fear index.



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That's also true.  But like most equations that use stocastic calculus (as the one for pricing options does) there are a multitude of inputs that can change the output of the equation.  You are stating the obvious one that most people understand, and is mentioned in the brochure the CBOE circulates.  I actually traded in the SPX CBOE pit and priced options for a living, and am telling you there is more to the VIX than just the stock market going up or down. 


As far as the survey, yeah, that scares me as an investor because the masses are generally not correct. 

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I feel an Ito's Lemma coming on.... LOL.

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ah, but has the market ever been this manipulated. i suggest a manipulation index(mix), which would be very high right now, hockey stick to the moon trajectory...

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Please nobody else say "blow off top" for today and then jinx it.

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I just did in another thread.  Sorry.  Was that bad?

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freedom isnt free..

it costs folks like you and me...

and if you dont chip in your buck-o-five, who will?

freedom costs a buck-o-five

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In Philadelphia, it's worth fifty bucks.

Fine, I'll take it.  Say.... how much for the gun?

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Nice 'Trading Places' plug.

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If the Central Banks would just deposit $100,000/month in all our banks accounts then do a NIRP of 5% this market can go to the moon, employment will recover, along with car, home, and retail sales.  Endless liquidity and prosperity.

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sounds about right considering there is what, 300 million peeps in usa?  17 trillion plus in bailouts?  yeah close to 100K per person

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Please stop giving them more stupid ideas.  They have plenty of their own already.

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It's a great idea.  They should have started with this.  Then they wouldn't have had to bailout any corporations/banks/insurers and...oh wait...

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The VIX is not at this point a valid indicator, it is being managed by the Fed.

I keep looking at individual stock charts and cannot imagine how they are *not* managed, it is apparently being done to that level, not just the Dow 30 or the S&P 500, either.

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the worlds fastest computers can do trillions of calculations/ sec.  how many idiots are their like us staring at the screen thinking we are actually trading/buying/selling.  We are in the matrix.  It is designed to take all our money and in due time it will, no matter if your long short or sideways.

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It remains to be seen.  So far, Bernanke's public exhortations in 2008 to Buy All Stocks worked for anyone who followed it.  In case of hyperinflation it may work again.

Or it could crash to negative at midnight tonight.  If you discount for that risk, well, that's nasty.

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so this is reverse capitulation, but with no reason to sell due to Fed


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The poor have nothing te fear and nothing to loooose , only the rich period !

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i don't usually vote...but i had to downvote both of your posts.  A double post that doesnt make a lot of sense and has a typo...its ONE fucking line!!


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The poor have nothing te fear and nothing to loooose , only the rich period !

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The S&P can never go down. It might slow down a little, maybe a little correction but it will never go down. You know, just like housing prices could never go down. 

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"we have reached a permanently high plateau" - some old dead dude

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I'll only care when the VIX goes negative!

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I'm going to enjoy the screaming on ZH when this Turkey realizes it's Thanksgiving Day.

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Those who do not fear history are doomed to repeat it.