217K Jobs Added In May, In Line With 215K Expected; Unemployment Rate 6.3%

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In a report that was a complete snoozer, largely as many had expected, in May the US Economy is said to have added 217K seasonally adjusted jobs, virtually in line with the 215K expected, while the unemployment rate remained at 6.3%. According to the household survey the number of jobs added was 145K, not a huge deviation from the Establishment survey.

The number of people not in the labor force declined by a tiny 9K to 92.009 million, also virtually unchanged.

The labor participation rate was unchanged at a 30+ year low of 62.8%

Perhaps the "best" news is that at 138,463 people employed, we have now surpassed the January 2008 prior cycle highs. It only took 6 years.

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No comment necessary

Layoff / Business Closing List:


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Liesman is a bernanke cum swallowing commie.

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it only took 6 years and the printing of 3.4 Trillion to recover 9 million jobs.  for a cost of 380K for each job with an average wage of 30K/yr.

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I shudder to imagine how high the stock market would have gone should he numbers have MISSED! 

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Perhaps somebody can clear this up for me according to http://www.dlt.ri.gov/lmi/laus/us/usadj.htm

(this is the first link that comes up if one searches for us labor force in google) the total amount of employed people in May is 145,814 million. Where is the zerohedge statistic of 138 million coming from? Is this another one of those include drugs and prositution into the job statistics ploys by the BLS?

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there has not been any articles here on


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i hope this video will be posted as a separate article by modertors. it eserves it. I live in Moscow, my wife's relatives from Lugansk right now are trying to flee to us and I hope they will be safe. And now it is my personal responsibility to stop fascists

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stay safe ...and stock up on Vodka

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both sides are retards that are weakening the country and no matter who between the EU and RU wins the Ukrainians will lose



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Well, if you like it, you may call western Ukrainian not fascists but just war criminals who do not deserve being a state. Ukrainians are too stupid to mske their state survive - they are too corrupt (but blame Russians) and too barbaric and intolerant to minorities to manage to keep the country united. Ukrainians are now destroying their country, every such war crime creates thousands of volunteers to fight fascists in Kiev.

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Dear kashey, I'm very sorry for my murdering EU government supporting the fascists in Ukraine. I hope your family can flee safely. May you and the people of Russia and the Ukraine be free from the banking tyranny profiting from these resource wars.

All the best from London, the centre of all the world's sin :(

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Conspiracy theorists of the world unite!....no sarcasm intended.

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tapper of ?

tapper on?

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heheheheh ..all eyes on Belgium

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The numbers are laughable and all part of the greatest lie ever told by a goverment!

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They will all be snoozers or beats between now and Election Day.

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hey, lets put expectations at rock bottom and then lets all celebrate when we get 217,000 jobs added 6 fucking years after a depression.


this economy fucking sucks, and so does that asshole terrorists obama.


fuck him and the fed

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How many of those jobs estimated into existence via the "birth/death model" this time?

Never mind...I don't even care enough to look it up myself.


Thanks to George Ure @ Urban Survival I didn't have to look it up, just read his daily column:


And last but not least, the CES Birth Death model created (by estimating into existence) 205,000 jobs in the latest reporting month. 

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Who allowed gold to go green?  K-Hen is getting sloppy.  Bonds up, stocks up (of course).  


Gold now red *golf clap*

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Thank god for the monthly TEMP contracts...








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Watch for the 8:46AM algo that pushes long-term treasury yields higher...wonder who owns that one.  

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Fairy tales can come true... they can happen to you...

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TAPER BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Those 'jobs gained back' don't account for population growth nor do they tell the whole story due to the fact that more people are working part-time. If the job market is so robust then why are there 50 million people on snap and record numbers on disability?

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If we fire everyone with a 40 hour a week job so that they have to take two 29-hour a week Obamacare jobs just to survive; the number of jobs will double.

The 50 Million on SNAP plus the Disability Careerists are just the ones who have figured out more quickly that Going Galt is the more intelligent route than we Dagny Taggarts out here...


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Probably because there are 50+ million people smarter than me doc.  It gets tiring working yourself to death while slowly slipping backwards.

If I wasn't so stubborn, I would use my noggin to work smarter (less) not harder.  With the amount of subsidy floating around and how stealthy they do it you can probably pretend you have a good job and still get by but have the free time of the elite of old.

I always wanted to be a sculptor.


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I hear you. I know more than a few people who said fuck it and are grabbing what they can. They've grown tired of all the B.S. I look at them with disdain, but then there are times when I think to myself, "who is the stupid one here?"

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+217,000 - the hundres of thousands of new illegals = Bend Over And Grab Your Ankles. 

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Called it at neutral!  Now where is my ZH t shirt!  :-) 

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Time to return to Jan 2008 employment high: 6 years

Time to return to Jan 2008 Fed balance sheet: 1000 years

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Time to return to Jan 2008 employment high:  LOTS of years (or see #2)

Time to return to Jan 2008 Fed balance sheet: NEVER


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so that settles it then, everything is fixed.  Is this a good time to get back in the stock market?

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Gold oscillating. The DAX telling you the true story again.

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I just got one of those 'seasonally-adjusted' jobs.  Good news is I get to spend all my time with the family.


Bad news is - no income - we are getting really hungry  Seems like the salary was seasonally-adjusted too.



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Just eat your iPads. I hear they will satisfy those hunger pangs.

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With the government buying so many Apple products to help drive their profits your iPad should qualify under the SNAP program!

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That last chart is pure BS.

Oh, wait, all the other charts are pure BS.

Fixed it myself.

Somebody told me that Mark Zandi blows dead rats. I had to correct him. Told him I saw one twitching a little.

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 Creating jobs in a mature market should be required to pass a certain "taste" test. It should be pointed out that while America is creating jobs it is costing a huge amount. I'm referring to the massive government deficit which I feel is the fuel driving our still rather weak growth. Is it sustainable, and just as important are these the right kind of jobs and will they last?

When a job that falls outside the description of government worker fails to make economic sense it becomes a form of working welfare with the taxpayer picking up the tab. We as a country and as a society have paid dearly for each unsustainable job created through government incentives and partnerships, because of the nature of many of these jobs we might even call them temporary. More on this subject in the article below.


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My newspaper subscription bill just arrived.  They think thier getting a 30% raise this period.   I'll have to tell them I'm going green.

Thanks Bernank!





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My subscription bill just tripled for the year.  Cancelled my subscription.  Will use coupon for half of what it was last year.




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You still read regular news? 

Do you still watch TV too?

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The jobs number was 179k two days ago.  Where did the extra 38k come from?

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Hypothetical re-hypothication , get with the program what are you daft? ;p

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Your memory is what you remember it to be.

The Healthy rate of unemployment is 3.0%

The Healthy rate of unemployment is 3.0%

The Healthy rate of unemployment is 3.0%

"Aaaand, we're back. Animal Farm is dead; long live Manor Farm! We're left wondering: is it time for another rebellion? Or are the animals too beaten down or two manipulated to realize that there's anything to rebel against?"

The Healthy rate of unemployment is 3.0%

The Healthy rate of unemployment is 3.0%

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The only way to rebel on Animal Farm is to stop producing milk for the farmers to sell at market.

Or, in the case of America, stop consuming so much crap.

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Greece was fine only last month. US is fine now and I wonder how it will end up by the end of the month. BLS is exactly that BS!

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Why people take this serious? The real data will be published next month in the revised number.     This is just like movie preview,just try to hype people up.   The real number is just shitty and sad.  Move along