Caught On Tape: Obama And Putin Are Talking Again

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Rejoice: the second cold war appears to be over (after Russia skillfully annexed Crimea). How do we know? The following clip of Obama and Putin chatting has been released, by the official account of the French president no less. No blows were exchanged. Surely this in itself is enough to push the VIX to the upper (or middle, or lower) single digits and send the S&P to just about 20x 2014 GAAP P/E...

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Flakmeister's picture

Skillfully annexed???

Mark Carney's picture

Putin's self restraint from clocking Oblama is such a demonstration of patience.

Spitzer's picture

Community organizer vs KGB agent. My money is on Putin.

Save_America1st's picture

Can anyone tell what Putin is saying?

Was it something like, "You're a fucking Muslim pussy, and I'll break you like a little twig."???

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Putin looks like the rotty that Cesar Milan tells us to show calm assertive energy or else he will latch on immediately and rip your fuckin' jaw off you mom jeans wearing panty ass.  Do it Vlad, do it!!  Kick his ass!!!

Sofa King Confused's picture

Putin tells Oblala that he saw his workout video and is now quite intimidated by him.

Headbanger's picture

Putin is saying "No you can't have it back you fucking low life. Now get out of my face boy!"

Manthong's picture

Boy, how can he stomach talking to that commie thug?

(the predicate here of course, is Putin).

thatthingcanfly's picture

No, the predicate is, "can stomach talking to that commie thug."

"Putin" might be the SUBJECT, however. Or the object of the preposition "to."

0b1knob's picture

Choomboy chews gun and sits with his arms crossed during D-Day ceremony. Both are low class signs of disrespect.

Even the French are offended.

Le chewing-gum Obama merde

TeamDepends's picture

Yeah, Reggie's love gun.

Manthong's picture

I stand corrected, teach.

But I still don't understand how he can stomach talking to the murdering commie.

MeMadMax's picture

You can tell by the body language almost exactly what putin is saying: 

"Now look, motherfucker...."

lasvegaspersona's picture

Park Ave

I take it that your poor attitude is due to being lied to by our government ...always?

Try Prozac if this persisits.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Try autospell if you can't manage "persists".

Harbanger's picture

They look like buddies or comrades.

Harbanger's picture

They look like archrivals.

DYS's picture

Do you really believe that they are NOT on the same team?

pkea's picture

It sounds that putin is telling him something " regarding your last offer...."?

aardwolf's picture

It is common knowledge that Obama worked for a CIA front company called Business International Corporation:


In the late summer of 1983, future United States President Barack Obama interviewed for a job at Business International Corporation. He worked there for "little more than year."






FSB>CIA        (FSB haven't lost all their secrets to a bloody journalist...unless Snowden is a hilarious CIA psyop)

Kayman's picture

I thought Cameron was working for the Pope.

JRobby's picture

The Pope is CIA, he launders money for them.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Close, they only use the Bank for that purpose. You think the Comex has a lot of gold in it's vaults.... It going to be some real interesting times when the time comes that they have to make the decision to put some of their ill gotten re-re-re-stolen gold into circulation to keep the paper gold system from collapsing including countries or go for the full global power grab at that point.

There is a reason why they are so active in the Philippines and even more so right after 9/11 happened......


TahoeBilly2012's picture

Aardwolf has it correct. Everyone's "plucked off the street" bullshit story about Obama is laughable. Yea, the powers behind Cheney and Bush were going to let the NPR crowd "end the wars" with some unknown black kid. It's amazing how many people still follow the official version, also why doesn't ZH roll up their sleeves and get some posts out on what Aard just said.

SmittyinLA's picture

Dont under estimate the Kenyan and his backers, he is President, they put a Kenyan Communist Muslim in the Presidency 8 years after 9/11.

I would have taken that bet a billion to 1 odds  

JJdog's picture

I think Putin just congratz Obama for the 5 to 1 Terrorist to a weasel trade! lol

Harbanger's picture

Not just any five.  Five Taliban leaders for one plant.

trader1's picture

why would putin clock obama?

they're playing an orchestrated game for your sick, silly entertainment.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

No shit... skillfully annexed? Again on zerohedge this canard is launched. Get your shit straight. Propagating a lie, especially THAT lie is not good. And make no mistake it is a lie. A Transparent lie.


Crimea has always been more russian than ukrainian anyways, which is exemplified by the fact that they overwhelmingly and democratically seceded from russia and aceded to the Russian federation.


The Western media likes throwing words like "annexed" and "regime" around when they talk about people who don't bow to them so that low IQ masses associate such people with automatically being evil, and illegitimate.


You guys are better than this.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

The more accurate phrasing would be, "gracefully accepted Crimea's bloodless accession and reunification."

0b1knob's picture

"I'll have more flexibility in my third term." 

813kml's picture

Barry is going to get bent over by Vlad so many times during the next two years that he'll become a contortionist.

Pure Evil's picture

Obama definitely has more flexibility in his second term.

He got bent over by Vlad and took it in the rear over Crimea.

And from the looks of it, Obama is hoping for sloppy seconds.

Bindar Dundat's picture

Putin is playing CHESS -- Barry is still wondering why the red and the black don't taste different!

BlindMonkey's picture

He likes getting bent over. Hence the mom jeans.

msmith9962's picture

you shutup, no you shutup

esum's picture

" No blows were exchanged"  ..... but obama did have knee rash... 

Shed Boy's picture

Good game too comrade!

813kml's picture

Barry:  "Hey, let's hit the showers."

Vlad:  "Ummm, nyet."

Yen Cross's picture

   Putin looks like he wants to jack Zero with an uppercut to the chin...

LetsGetPhysical's picture

"all those suckers believe we're enemies"

Dr. Engali's picture

Exactly. They are all on the same page. They're just jockeying for position at the seat of power. Make no mistake though..... The rest of humanity is fodder to them.

wakablahh's picture

Id avoid eye contact too if i had to look up lol

Harbanger's picture

Looks like some people here are sensitive about Putin being a shorty.  I took it to mean Obama was on his knees looking up.

Winston Churchill's picture

Body language is interesting.

Obozo's palms open facing forward and down.

Signifies surrender usually.

lakecity55's picture

"Hi, I'm Barry."

"Oh, yes. The luggage is over there."

Dr. Engali's picture

If ever you needed proof that they are merely actors in a global political theater for the masses, there it is.

Winston Churchill's picture

You can see who is the lead though.