The Good And The Not- So-Good News About US Jobs In One Chart

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Is the US worker's cup half full, or half empty?

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there has not been any articles here on


 Ukrainian fascist government which bombs civilians in Lugansk (eastern Ukraine) with support of usa and eu , so I decided to post this video here. it's results of Ukrainian air strike on Lugansk city administration. be aware - very graphic, a lot of blood


i hope this video will be posted as a separate article by modertors. it eserves it. I live in Moscow, my wife's relatives from Lugansk right now are trying to flee to us and I hope they will be safe. And now it is my personal responsibility to stop obamafascists from ruling the world.

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gtfo ukraine then

speaking as the son of a polish ukrainian from the west but fought for the soviets 

the generalizations about facists in the west and commies in the east are both retarded

and you're all idiots

and no matter if the EU or RU win, ukraine will lose. you're all puppets. congrats. 

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Hmmm, was this chart intended to look like a French flag, or was that just accidental? Alors..

Perhaps when Obamacare folds into a Single payer State system and the US economy is then around 70% under State control, compared to France at around 63%, the reasons might be more obvious.........

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Your New Normal:  Spanish 10Yr yield is only 7bpts higher then USA 10 yr.


All fixed!

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A thought about the EUs NIRP occured to me. Would EU banks buy US treasuries in order to park money instead of investing it in loans? I think NIRP may just lead to rising rates in the EU soon and plummeting US 10Yr.





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re post:today most generic drugs are produced in India for the ameerican market, co's free of oversight and paying lip service to GMP and FDA regs, with no tariff costs - in low wage India some how some way put Ameerican co's out of business (walmart owns it's own generic co in India)..thousands of good paying jobs gone..and I am sure this is repeated over and over in other industry..treason and terrorism by our own .gov and elite multi nationals, but none say treason.

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Well, if you like it, you may call


western Ukrainian not fascists but just war criminals who do not deserve being a state. Ukrainians are too stupid to make their state survive - they are too corrupt (but blame Russians) and too barbaric and intolerant to minorities to manage to keep the country united. Ukrainians are now destroying their country, every such war crime creates thousands of vokunteers to fight fascists in Kiev.

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Ever lived there?  I have and your a idiot you know nothing about what you say!

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thisisjustarand...     you're all idiots

and no matter if the EU or RU win, ukraine will lose. you're all puppets. congrats.


Down arrow. You call us idiots when you are also a puppet?

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I had a full time job as of Monday. It's now 32 hours. Me and two others.

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Blame obamacare,Obama and democrats.

By the way, you are freer now to pursue your dreams.....or find the best soup kitchen.


Seriously, sorry for your loss. 

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Sorry to hear that.

Next week it will be 29 unfortunatly.

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Our elected representatives think now is the time to give illegal aliens amnesty and to loosen border controls.

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today marks the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy by Allied forces during WW2... June 6, 1944

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kashey - while I'm sympathetic to what you're saying, you're an idiot.  There have been multiple articles on ZH about the Ukraine situation, including articles specific to the bombing in Lugansk...

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I'd be curious to know that of those employed either full or part time how many are government workers. And by that I mean every government worker - federal, state, local. Also, how many are government contractors? Because those people aren't producers but rather consumers. Consumers of largesse stolen from the others. In my opinion government workers - including the military - should be considered non producers. They aren't really employed in the real sense of the word but rather recipients of stolen money. 

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118 paying for 127.......they are going to have to row much harder !!

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It's even less than 118 million paying for 127 million since government workers and government contractors are part of the 118.

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It's even less than that since the 118 million are paying for retirees, students, and all the other 220 million who aren't working.


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Where are all the military, military contractors and defense industry supply chain counted on the charts? if it's part of the 118, there are very, but very few really producing for the ~200, aren't they?

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How  many people are engaged in false work that nobody would actually voluntarily pay for if it were not forced upon them by the government / regulation? 

Consider Tax Code complexity, and the $ billions wasted in the "private sector" paying for tax attorneys, CPA, Qualified Plan compliance companies, etc., producing compliance work that contributes absolutely nothing to improving the standard of living of citizens, but rather exists parasitically on the real productive / producing class.

Add up all the arbitrary compliance costs around the neck of the real economy, and you realize that that 118 million is far lower, on top of all the aforementioned other items contained therein - government workers, contractors, military, etc.

This economy is doomed by parasitism.

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aye, Terry Gilliam's a see-er. . .

Harry Tuttle: Listen, this old system of yours could be on fire and I couldn't even turn on the kitchen tap without filling out a 27b/6... Bloody paperwork.

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"... This Is Your Receipt for Your Husband and This Is My Receipt for Your Receipt:."

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I believe military personnel are excluded from the workforce when calculating employment.

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It should be understood far and wide that the fastest growing demographic of 1%'ers is in the Greater Washington D.C. Metro Area.

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I believe that there are now 129 million people working for intelligence and spying on the 118 million to make sure they are working hard.


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Why can't they just print rower's out of thin air?

Problem solved.


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I like Max Keiser's idea:  A banking licence only costs 500 bucks!  All the unemployed people should borrow 500 bucks and become bankers.  It's a licence to legally steal money!

Actually, today I thought of something similar:  All unemployed people should become politicians.  Then they can get paid directly by the corporations and banks that put them out of work.  Let's see the banks and corps buy, I mean "donate campaign contributions to"  130 million congress votes! err, something like that.

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I like to think of "Not In The Labour Force" as "Less Competition For Those Who Want To Work" =/ bullish?

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I agree.  Plenty of people want to work but can't.  Let the bums go surfing.  It's less damage for everyone.  Just make sure that work pays more than the dole.

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Half full or half empty? Well, I guess it depends of whether you are pouring or drinking doesn't it?

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The glass only looks half full. Actually the glass is largely full of rocks, displacing the liquid's volume to simulate a half full glass. If we keep sipping from this glass we will soon find our mouth full of rocks.

Modern employment calculations are based on a recipe for stone soup.

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Optimist sees glass half full, pessimist sees glass half empty, realist sees glass twice as big as it needs to be. Deport worthless, tit-sucking, Govt workers to Liberia.

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A revolutionary wonders who the hell stole 1/2 of the drink out of their glass and then goes and takes it back.

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Actually, technically speaking, a glass is always full. Might be half full of liquid and half full of air, or even entirely full of air, etc.

Even in space, on could make the argument that the glass is full of vacuum, but that's probably just me trying to be clever.

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but, but, i heard there's no slack in the eCONoME

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The good news is that I no longer care. The bad news is... I no
longer care. It is what it isn't and I'll just keep BTFD.

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Maybe that has been the goal all along

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All of it. They need apathetic buyers of everything.

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Sounds like welfare pays better...

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What pays is elegent parasitism.  Those making the real dough do so without the consent of those who they fleece.  Wall Street makes its $billions by the Fed Cartel leeching wealth out of thin air via the monetary expansion / legalized counterfeiting apparatus.   Government loots.  Contractors are at the trough.  Compliance experts with fancy Esq, CPA, etc. designations help plant the minefield via lobbing and then sell the maps to guide you through.  It's a looters paradise.  All very sophisticated compared to highway bandits, but in spirit really no different,.

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RabbitOne    Sounds like welfare pays better...


You got to fatten the goose before you slaughter it.

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Kick out the 11 million illegal immigrants in the US and their will be MORE jobs available.

Kick out the illegals and hire high school kids like they used to for those low skill jobs. With a $10.10 minimum wage, they will take it

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If it were only that simple. Unfortunately people have been indoctrinated to believe they are too good for such work. It really wasn't a hard sell.

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Spot on Mr. Wood..., I don't know too many young kids who CAN work, let alone want to.

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The next executive signing order will be extending child labor laws to the age of 26. Isn't that the official age of financial responsibility now? Seriously...

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Maybe it's time to review the sentencing guidelines for juveniles as well, no sense ruining a 25 year old's future with a plead down assault charge when all they were doing was exploring their universe like all children do..

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do what?

maybe if the "25-yr old" wasn't coddled into adulthood with

excuses for their behaviour, and the subsequent impact,

  exploring their universe like all children do..

and actually expected to ACT like an "adult" - then the systems that parasite off them like for-profit prisons

might just wither away.