Small Caps Surge To Best Week In 2014

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The US Dollar, gold, and oil closed the week unchanged... Treasury yields rose 6-8bps on the week... and the Russell 2000 had its best week in 2014... Sure, why not? VIX was crushed back to a 10-handle as managers lifted hedges and the Tepper-induced short-squeeze from yesterday followed through (+2.5% against a 1% rise in the S&P). The Dow and S&P 500 both closed at record highs (notably rich to the Fed balance sheet). Volume was 20% below average (and that was a payrolls day!). Copper tumbled over 2% - its worst week in 3 months as China's warehouse probe continues.  VIX closed at its lowest close since Feb 2007 (and once again the strange shadowy figure of massive after-0hours volume spikes in VXX appeared).


The Russell had its best week in 2014...


Which lifted it into the green for 2014...


The Short squeeze followed through this morning to lift the S&P to within a fraction of 1950...


VIX surged lower to close at its lowest print sincxe Feb 2007...


And once again a strnge massive volume hit in the after hours... (as we suspect dark pools flushed their visible hand of the Fed pressure into the markets at VWAP)


Treasury yield caught UP to stocks but are decoupling once again in thelast 2 days...


The bond market was quite volatile this week as the headlines smacked it around but ended higher by 6-8bps...


Copper was smacked lower on the back of China shadow banking probes, silver outperformed and oil and gold ended close to unch...


After all the headlines, all the vol, all the machinations... the USD closes unch on the week...



Charts: Bloomberg

Bonus Chart: We have seen the mysterious massive finger of god in VXX tradig before... the week of The Fed minutes... Someone desperately wants the world to see vol dropping and thus stocking popping on these important to maintain the status quo weeks...

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fuck this shit. I need drugs and booze RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'll tell you...It's all Bullshit!!!

flacon's picture

Like as in "bull-market shit".

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Yes, but there's no manipulation, right?


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And don't pardon my Fucking American English! Pice of shit bastard S&P. Where is the WALSTREETPRO when you need him?

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See ZH article below.It seems it's time for the Russell and Nas to catch up. Personally, I'm thinking the Nasdaq wants to go test the bubble high in the 5100s

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Nasdaq would have gone 5200 by now had it not been for those pesky "whistle blower" traitors who are trying to destroy the tech sector.

Snowden is a fraud who is enablng the emerging markets to start their own independent internet and tech sector.

Why else would the Chinese sell Alibaba? Because they know the west's internet is dead and they are positioing for the emergence of a new net.  

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Why? The West is giving them the internet that's already been built. The US agreed to give up control a few months ago

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The Indian and Chinese are creating their own processors and CPU platforms. The don't want spy ware installed, trust me they know a little biut about industrial espionage.

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Re:  Snowden is a fraud who is enablng the emerging markets

Well,  that clears things up.  I was wondering why he did it. 

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He discredits the viability of the internet. The PTB want it destroyed. He works for them. Look behnd the curtain. 

Putin and Obama are collarboratively destroying the EU, they are working together because they are managed by the same entities. It's all posturing and theatrics that give Gasprom the right to raise gas prices. It serves the 4 horsemen gas companies.

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this insanity will never end, its sickening.


everything is considered fucking good in this day and fucking age, 100,000,000 people could be out of jobs and that would be turned into a positive.


this shit is driving me insane

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Jeez alot of angry haters in here don't like the resilient market. I guess you'd rather crawl on you rbelly across the scortched earth of gold, gun ownership and anti-social behavior. Best of luck with that.

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there once was a troll named Zirpedge

some crazy shit he did allege

he spewed and he sputtered

and everything he uttered

stunk up the basement of zhedge.

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U.S. sending advisers, gear to Ukraine


Here we go again...good for S&P 2000 by Tuesday

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So, someday we'll wake-up to the daily score again:

1 American
5 Western Ukranian
67 Russian
5876 Eastern Ukrainian gorillas

were killed today in the 23rd year of fighing in the Ukraine 

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soon time to start roasting some ashkenazis on the grill...? then feed to dogs

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30-day Range424.2487 — 685

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Party like it's 1927...bitchez.