US Finally Recovers All Jobs Lost Since 2007 While People Not In Labor Force Increase By 12.8 Million

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There was good news in today's NFP report: at 138,463K jobs reported by the establishment survey, the US economy has finally not only recovered the prior cyclical high of 138,365K, but surpassed it by 98K. Congratulations.

And now the bad news. As the next chart shows, that virtually every job gaines since the trough of the depression has been matched by at least one person dropping out of the labor force. In fact, since December 2007, the total number of jobs is virtually unchanged, while the number of people not in the labor force has increased by an unprecedented 12.8 million from 79.2 million to a record 92 million. Recovery?

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This should shore up all the government ponzi schemes.


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Record not in workforce... Thats the main number to look at

Job Situation:


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Since the payroll number were so impressive, we have another rally under way in the major indexes.  At this pace, we should see 1950 and beyond on the SP500 by the end of the day.

Everyone is in a BUY, BUY, BUY mode for Friday...

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It will go up until it doesn't. The smart traders will keep on buying while is lasts and stop/hedge when it starts going down. Since they are not using their personal money in the casino, they don't care if the system collapses and they can't get their clients money out. They'd have a great excuse.

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Job report is irrelevant, just watch the budget deficit.


When the fiscal deficit reduces rates start inching up.


Corellation between the budget deficit/surplus and interest rate delta is about 0.81


The taper is tightening and when it's finished they will inch the rates up.



It's an expansionary cycle, they've been rinsing and repeating for 100 years.

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These are great numbers.

" increased by an unprecedented 12.8 million from 79.2 million to a record 92 million."

We have GROWTH, 12.8 million.

These 12.8 million need more than coffins.

Sales have got to increase for these consumers.

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Get to work Ms.'ve got to "recover" all the jobs that should have been added since 2007.  You're just back to zero.

The Fixx -"Saved by Zero"


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No we haven't gained those jobs back. Sure the job count is higher, but nobody is factoring in population growth, nor are they factoring in the fact that most jobs 'created' are part time shit jobs. There used to be a time when the talking heads would say we needed 200k just to factor in for population growth, but that was a different administration too.

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Shhh. The NSA is reading this.

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The NSA can Suck Obama and Hillary Clinton's balls at Dealy Plaza. 



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Do you think Mossad and CIA agents have a good laugh as they walk around that brainwashing propaganda "museum" at ground zero in New York???


I do. I think all the 100-200 guys involved on that day are fucking laughing all the way to the bank everyday. THEY ARE LAUGHING AT YOU. And no-one in America is willing to stand up and take them to task?? Despite all your guns, gold and ammo the American's have to be the most cowardly, deluded, dumbed down and paranoid fascist losers on planet earth.


But to be fair, us Brits are just as bad :( So sad that 99% of the population are too heavily programmed to see the problem let alone find a solution.

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This is beating a deadhorse but as long as americans are continously fed the steady diet of Psychotropic drugs, NFL, Honey Boo Boo, Dancing with the Stars, and American Idol, they will continue to be subdued until this ponzi is no longer sustainable. I might as well go back on Heroin j/k...

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I don't think so.  I think if you took all those things away people would certainly become irritated.  But they definitely wouldn't all the sudden realise they have been getting screwed for their entire lives and look for a way to fix it.  The Americans have been "domesticated" or house broken as it were.  We are docile creature who may scratch the furniture once in a while but we know better than to crap inside.  Doesn't matter how hard master kicks us, we still love him.

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The number of people not in the labor force has grown almost exactly 1:1 with the increase in population over that time period.  That's why 200K a month of job gains hasn't put a dent in the growth of those not in the labor force.

When we were sliding into depression the losses mounted (because the population didn't stop growing).  When we started to climb back out, we haven't been able to outrun population growth- just sort of hold even with it. In other words, PERMANENT losses.  One might even call them "structural", but we know the PC term is "transitory".

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or full time shit jobs paying 8 an hour

the talking heads have all been coopted into the media-government-corporatefascist state and you can't believe a single statement or report that is generated

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 Population growth is canceled out with the number of people denouncing their nationality,Probably.

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With just this month's QE alone you could hire 1.5 million people at $50k for the year:

$75,000,000,000 / $50,000 = 1,500,000


Forget population, we need to hire 1.5M a month just to keep up with the Fed's balance sheet. 

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How can anyone even consider using govt. numbers to determine anything?  It's all bullshit.

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Can we use them to figure out who to hang next?

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" there will never be clarity"

--attributed to........your next president

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What the fuck is going on this planet - this is fuckin gay.

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just in time for Q2 to bite the dust

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The two charts contradict each other don't they?


The 0bamao regime can only get away with this propaganda because those who in deperation have given up looking for work are not counted as "unemployed."


What a bunch of bullshit.

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"The 0bamao regime can only get away with this propaganda"

Other countries have had tyrants where the numbers always look great. By his orders they have to. 

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Ya can't eat numbers! (but you can toke on'em)  iPads are delicious though.

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the numbers used to make that chart are bullshit anyway

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there has not been any articles here on


Ukrainian fascist government which bombs civilians in Lugansk (eastern Ukraine) with support of usa and eu , so I decided to post this video here. it's results of Ukrainian air strike on Lugansk city administration. be aware - very graphic, a lot of blood

i hope this video will be posted as a separate article by modertors. it eserves it. I live in Moscow, my wife's relatives from Lugansk right now are trying to flee to us and I hope they will be safe. And now it is my personal responsibility to stop fascists

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but off-topic of this thread.

Most ZH readers are sadly aware of on-going miseries of Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Egyptians, Palestinians, Ukranians etc., all with varying degrees of US involvement and culpability.

 Not a regular reader here at ZH, are you?

ZH Articles since 6-02-2014 (particularly note last two listed):

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who knew such comedy could ever be derived from math?

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Welcome to the new Banana Republic of America, were reality and truth are always ignored in favor of propaganda.. 

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Why  have unemployment insurance for 6 months? Reduce it to 1 month and the unemployment numbers would look outrageously great.

The US would have the lowest unemployment rate in the world. The BLS is probably already thinking of it. It would boost Obama's political numbers. 

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It's all fake like the reasons for the Iraq war

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As "W" might say, "Mission Accomplished".

<They say the second plunge on the roller coaster often feels worse than the first.>

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"US Finally Recovers All Jobs Lost Since 2007...."


How about using the correct term....ELIMINATED...VANISHED....POOF!

The KEY "key word": is recover....

The Password is....."recover"

Ludden: "Bert Convey - you have the clue...."

Convey to dolt contestant: "Jobs...."

Contestant: "Steve?"

Ludden: "JoAnne Whirley..."

Whirley, to another dolt contestant: "Employment..."

Contestant: "Lay'Off"....?

Ludden: "To You..."

Convey: "Lies..."

Contestant: "uh....recovery?"


The MSM will use this BULLSHIT headline to keep the sheeple well sedated....



Element's picture

It's the yawning projectile vomit into the reducing radius sharp right turn that makes such a mess of things.

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Pure US Grade A Bullshit.

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These are the people we don't need anymore. Pleas get rid of them.

Gaius Frakkin&#039; Baltar's picture

Yes...! They are the ones intelligent enough to realize the game is rigged against them, so they choose to withdraw. They must be exterminated at all costs.

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did really expect the attack on the phony paper price of Silver but its ok i'll just have to pay a smudge more debt coupon dollars for my 500 oz's...

hey, ya'll have a fine morning...


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Who wants to send their kids into harms way for these people? They laugh at the masses, create war and profit from it.

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Stay tuned for another exciting episode of About those job numbers in 3..2..1.............

Update.. I was close.

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Dis mean at least 92 million mouths are sucking on one or more gubmint teats. Sustainable and bullish !

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Just so you all know, the birth/death adjustment for April was 234,000 and for May was 205,000, so, almost all of those outlandish job "gains" were due to fudging, at which the BLS is most expert.

Lookie see for yerself:

Scroll down to near the bottom for the numbers.


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Kick out the 11 million illegal immigrants in the US and their will be MORE jobs available.

Kick out the illegals and hire high school kids like they used to for those low skill jobs. With a $10.10 minimum wage, they will take it.

Anybody's picture

These guys are taking our jobs? What about the outsourcing of manufacturing and IT?

Peak Finance's picture

Your logic dosen't make sense. 

Just becuase the low-end immigrants are taking the working class jobs, Dosent mean that the Hb-1's are ok, they both suck.

Except that maybe a white guy displaced by an H1-b is not going to rob my house and shoot me in the night. 

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These numbers are so fantastic. I love reading government footnotes and such stuff which is never noted on CNBC, Bloomturd or the nightly "news."

According to the BLS, there were - in just April and May - 154,000 net new leisure and hospitality establishments opened in the wonderful US of A. Must be that with food inflation raging, more and more people are opening restaurants, spas and hotels, in order to cash in on the inflation bonanza.

We are lower than a banana republic. I'd say we're now a taco-stand idiocracy, and even that may be overstating the case.

Forward Fraud Forever!

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Leisure & Hopitality is really Porn, Hookers and Choom Parlors.

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all the better to wreck the country .... obama's real goal

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Obama is just another in a long line of presidential puppets working for those who really set the goals.