Where Metal Spikes Meet The Homeless: In London "The Destitute Are Now Considered Vermin"

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First, the world's oligarchs slowly but surely took over London real estate, where as we reported last week, home prices in May soared by the most in 12 years, and now, according to the Telegraph, in order to make London into an even more exclusive enclave where only the uber-wealthy can rub shoulders, assorted luxury buildings are installing metal spikes on the ground outside to fully deter homeless people from sleeping (and hence living) there. In other words, in London homeless people have been relegated to pigeon status, as the same technique has been long used to prevent rats with wings from landing, and defecating, at select locations.

From the Telegraph:

Andrew Horton, 33, of Woking, Surrey, took the picture of the inch long studs outside the flats on Southwark Bridge Road as he walked to work on Wednesday.

Mr Horton said: "I can't say for certain but it certainly looked like they were placed there to deter homeless people. "It's dreadful."

David Wells said on Twitter: "These Anti homeless studs are like the spikes they use to keep pigeons off buildings. The destitute now considered vermin [sic].

Not everyone is a stud humanist: others defended the metal protrusions.

Gavin Logan said on Twitter: "There will be a context behind those anti-homeless spikes. Possibly a last resort against someone who was aggressive and refused housing." People living in the flats, which sell for upwards of £800,000, said the metal studs were installed two weeks ago after a number of homeless people were seen sleeping there.


One woman resident, who asked not to be named, said: “There was a homeless man asleep there about six weeks ago. "Then about two weeks ago all of a sudden studs were put up outside. "I presume it is to deter homeless people from sleeping there."


A couple, who also asked to remain anonymous, added: "It's because of the homeless. "The spikes have only been there very recently, less than a month."

One guy asked the pragmatic question:

A man looking around the flats, a ten-minute walk from Southwark Underground Station, said the spikes would not put him off. The man, who only gave his name as Peter, a lawyer, said: "But would you want homeless people outside your door?"

Still, yet others prefer to simply ask philosophical questions:

Kathrine Stokes, 39, of Hull, East Yorkshire, photographed studs outside Tesco in Regent Street, London and uploaded the picture on Twitter. She said: "It's sad. It demonstrates a meaness and a lack of humanity for people."


Katharine Sacks-Jones, head of policy and campaigns at homelessness charity Crisis, said: "It is a scandal that anyone should sleep on the streets in 21st century Britain. Yet over the last three years rough sleeping has risen steeply across the country and by a massive 75 per cent in London. "Behind these numbers are real people struggling with a lack of housing, cuts to benefits and cuts to homelessness services to help them rebuild their lives.


"They might have suffered a relationship breakdown, a bereavement or domestic abuse. They deserve better than to be moved on to the next doorway along the street. We will never tackle rough sleeping with studs in the pavement. Instead we must deal with the causes."

Thank the Bank of England.

As for Tesco, it decided to simply lie:

Tesco said the spikes outside its store in Regent Street were not intended to target those in need of shelter. A Tesco spokesman said: “The studs were put in place to try and stop people engaging in anti-social behaviour like smoking or drinking outside our store, which can be intimidating for our customers.”

Anti-social studs?

That said, since the world's central banks have managed to make the world's top metropolises sufficiently gentrified to where only the uber wealthy can afford to live there, the poor should thank their lucky stars that they only have to deal with sharp spikes instead of, say, moats and land mines near luxury buildings (that said it is only a matter of time before that thought experiment becomes reality).

After all, in a world in which justice has a standard for the 1% and everyone else, a few blown up homeless would surely be classified, in the passive voice of course, as "accident that have happened due to glitch."

And now, back to economists writing profound books discussing the record divergence between the world's rich and poor.

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Newsboy's picture

"Become the change you would see in the world."


Mahatma Gandhi

Skateboarder's picture

Two sheets of plywood oughta do the trick...

COSMOS's picture

Reminds me of the Bundy ranch situation, I think they call them Constitutional Free Areas to Demonstrate IN or stage a SLEEP IN ;)

Son of Loki's picture

The Landlords obviously ran out of the "Homelss Glue Traps":




Plus, homeless have been known to chew their arm or lag off to get out of those traps. Sneaky little Buggers.

Ignatius's picture

I remember hearing a punk song on university radio back in the 80s and the lyric was something like:


"Where are all the benches?

What benches?

The benches that aren't there

Where old people rest with their groceries"



People sitting on a bench are bad for business.

Anusocracy's picture

Use a fat homeless person as a mattress.

silverserfer's picture

and if its cold cut it open and warm yourself in its innards.

svayambhu108's picture

A fat homeless person wouldn't stay fat for long.

monkeyshine's picture

LOL, it truly is spikeful. They could have installed a planter and roses or something, but no, they want to make sure you get the point! 

cowdiddly's picture

Ive seen some dudes from India that could sleep on that no problem.

TBT or not TBT's picture

This deters a different sort of sword swallower.

ebworthen's picture

The plywood wouldn't slide around either, keep the sleeper dry as well.

What's sad is the money they spent on the spikes and installation could have gone into a job training or substance abuse program; but that would be so...human.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Or it could go into enforcing immigration laws better, and locking up psychiatric cases, but the left hates that, since the 1960's.

Miles Ahead's picture

Huh???  The homeless are immigrants? Really?  Here in the US too?  The Vets?  And then because they're homeless they are crazy and they and the homeless kids need to be locked up? 

"The left hates that...", oh, I see... never mind...

nickt1y's picture

Nobody wrote anything about homless kids ... here I don't see any sleeping rough ... the rough sleepers are older gents or a woman occasionaly. Runaway teens are usually being exploited off the streets by pimps or predatory queers.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Maybe buy the Homeless some bootstraps with which they could pull themselves up, or maybe some snow shoes with which they could walk 5 miles, uphill each way to their new jobs.  Heck minimum wage is going up to 15$ in some places....

U4 eee aaa's picture

That's the same thing I thought. So some contractor got some good money installing these things for nothing.

I can just imagine the D'oh moment when the smug walk out of their building to see some guy floating on their spikes with a plywood raft.

The next step will be to make the transporting of plywood a crime. That'll show 'em!

Seahorse's picture

Most homeless are skinny enough to fit between the spikes

homiegot's picture

Will 75 cents suffice?

lordbyroniv's picture

Looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Shitty lawyer quoted in the article doesnt see the forseeability of injury?



yogibear's picture

Mis-step and fall on one of those and it's an automatic lawsuit.

tabasco71's picture

Sorry but I have to say 'move em on'... I worked in an office across from a stoop where some homeless started to 'live' and within a week the stench of defacation and urine was drifting across the street, the homeless people were abusing/intimidating passers-by and within a month it looked like a landfill with all sorts of disgarded materials piling up. Some evenings the owner of the stoop would bleach it and wash all the mess away but within a couple of days of them returning, the place was just as bad.

I wouldn't expect you to tolerate that kind of thing, so don't try to tell me that I should.

If I ever end up on the street (God help me) I'd like to hope I'd still have enough marbles to at least keep my stoop clean.

yrbmegr's picture

There is a distinction to be made between actions that should be controlled/prevented and those that should not be controlled/prevented.  Abusing and intimidating passers-by, litter, etc. should not be tolerated.  People sleeping on a sidewalk, however, should be tolerated, and should receive a reasonable response from those aware of the people sleeping on the sidewalk.  Make sure they know about the nearest homeless shelter, if there is one.  Give them a job or convince someone to give them a job.  There are things we can do for a homeless person that will actually help them and are not particularly inconvenient.

XitSam's picture

It appears to be private property, therefore I would let them do what they want with it.

I've been homeless, it is important to stay clean as possible, avoids disease and pests. I usually washed up daily, mostly in gas station rest rooms where I could lock the door.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

Is that why Gandhi would beat his wife?

TeamDepends's picture

And Proper Rats are considered "homeful"....

Billy Shears's picture

PROGRESS! (Just not the way your thinkin'!)

lasvegaspersona's picture

if contractions were outlawed we would only have 'their and there' to ID the challenged...

TBT or not TBT's picture

And owners of older tablet computers.

seek's picture

The destitute are always considered vermin. In the UK it's spikes, in the US it's local laws being passed to make feeding the homeless a crime.

It's pretty fucked up when preventing homeless, untreated mentally ill veterans from starving lands you in jail.

Flakmeister's picture


Did anyone think that things would turn out any differently?

Anusocracy's picture

No, because people are obedient to authority like their fellow primates. So many years of evolution, all for naught.


"Alpha males, who rule the 50 or so macaques in the troop, use threats and violence to hold on to the safest sleeping places, the best food, and access to the females in the group with whom they want to have sex. Like human dictators intent on holding power, dominant monkeys use frequent and unpredictable aggression as an effective form of intimidation. Less powerful members of the rhesus macaque group are marginalized and forced to live on the edges of the group’s area, where they are vulnerable to predator attacks. They must wait for the others to eat first and then have the leftovers; they have sex only when the dominant monkeys are not looking."

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

In the US, some cities send the homeless to other cities:  put them on a greyhound bus and off they go.

TBT or not TBT's picture

I will suggest that at our next town council meeting. . San Francisco would love to slough their psychiatric street folk off on Bay Area suburban towns. But we have families. And children.

stacking12321's picture

whether someone considers homeless to be vermin or not is irrelevant, that's just an opinion and people can have whatever opinions they wish.

passing laws making it illegal to feed homeless people is immoral, it's always wrong to interfere by means of force (government laws) in a voluntary interaction between other people.

however, a building owner placing spikes outside the door because he doesn't want homeless people sleeping on his property, is doing something perfectly valid, he's protecting his property from intrusion.

those 2 situations are not at all analogous.


yrbmegr's picture

"it's always wrong to interfere by means of force (government laws) in a voluntary interaction between other people"


stacking12321's picture

no, it's not naive, it's a basic, straightforward understanding of right and wrong.

your lazy, 1-word reply, doesn't deserve more of a rebuttal than that.

nickt1y's picture

Have you lived around them? Street people pissing and shitting in the alley and doorway. Mumbling and cursing as if they were on a cell phone to Mars? Petty theft fom cars and stoops. Ever worked at a shellter for street people aka urban campers? The ones that are straight talkers will tell you they do not want off the street ... the others will work a fast con on you for a few $. For most it is a lifestyle choice, for a few a sentence for not taking their meds and for a very few a temporary situation.

maskone909's picture

Wow spikes on the ground? Thats some sick shit mang

Pickleton's picture

Do let homeless sit outside your place of business harassing your customers, stinking the place up or trashing it with their hypodermics, booze bottles and puke or do you prefer to let them camp on your front porch harassing your wife and kids? 

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Why not offer the homeless free bum wine and a ride down to the nearest bankster office?

stacking12321's picture

i'll be happy to do that.

can i borrow your car for this task?

logicalman's picture

Just wait until one of those 'wishes to remain anonymous' trips and lands on those fuckers.

You'll be able to hear the howling for miles.

Unintended consequences and all that.

KickIce's picture

Wasn't it Vlad the Impaler that invited the poor to a dinner and then proceeded to burn down the building/tent?  How far are we away from something like this?

DogOfSinope's picture

Nope. He did that to invading Turks, not the poor.
He was actually quite nice to his subjects.

Dublinmick's picture

What merry olde England needs now more than ever ............................................................................................... Robin Hood and his merry men