McDonalds Has Longest Stretch Without Rising US Sales In History

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Back in April when McDonalds reported its fifth consecutive decline in US comp store sales, the longest in decades, maybe ever, the excuses came fast and furious: 'The U.S. has been difficult for them,” Jack Russo, an analyst at Edward Jones & Co. in St. Louis, said in an interview. "The weather has played a role, and I think the competition is a little bit sharper. We’ve seen better results out of Burger King and Wendy’s." "Harsh winter weather and “challenging industry dynamics” weighed on U.S. results, McDonald’s added. So only MCD was impacted by weather, not the comps? Mmmk. But more importantly, there was hope so one could just ignore the present and past:“The month of April is going to be slightly improved so there are some positives out there" according to Russo.

Then April came and went, and the much awaited rebounds failed to materialize as McDonalds US sales posted an unchanged month. Perhaps it was the weather's fault too?

However, what McDonalds will have a tough time explaining is why after almost hitting 'escape velocity' and nearly posting positive annual comps in the US, McDonalds just reported that May US comps once again dipped, declining by 1.0%, on expectations of a tiny 0.1% increase, thus cementing the longest period in our records database, a total of 7 months, in which McDonalds has gone without posting a single month of increasing US sales! We can't wait for the company to blame the blamy balmy, spring weather as the reason why nobody could afford a 99 cent meal.

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That's good news for the health of Americans!

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Finally, some good news!

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Tylers:   Another glowing example of  the recovery in full bloom:


Yep.  And that's me too driving a 2002 car and a 2004 truck.

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Easy, all we need is a campaign to lower the minimum wage.

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Sheeit, my DD is a 1985. I'll rebuild something from the '60s or '70s before I buy a car new enough to have cabin recording, satellite linkup, or an EDR.

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Don't worry, government will find ways to ban old cars as they already do in Europe: Have a 15 year old car? Sorry, you can't drive it into most cities because of emission standards.

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I have a 1992 Plymouth Acclaim. Far from the best car being made, but a beast nontheless. By now the paint has holes the size of dimes, but no rust anywhere. Good quality steel. Every door slams like a tank hatch. Heavy engine with a front wheel drive makes the car cut through snow like hot knife through butter. Absolutely love it. Sure, like anything American made it breaks constantly, but it's simple enough that most problems I can fix on my own. Radiator bew not long ago (real smart idea making pressure tanks out of plastic). But I'm reviving it as soon as I find the right part at the junk yard. Not giving up on that car.

Japanese and Korean cars are reliable and fuel efficient, but the metal. I can't stand the metal. Feels like a candy wrapper - like I could punch a hole through any of the doors with my bare fist. I'm a sucker for good quality shells and drive trains and my old Plymouth's got it... provided one knows how to mod it properly. What comes off assembly line is barely acceptable, but the good bits are there.

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Those Acclaims had a sweet V6 Mitsubishi engine in them, top quality piece of engineering that engine. I think it had DOHC not sure.  But yep a great car with that engine.

JuliaS's picture

The engine is indeed the best part. Mine came with a 2.5L K type Chrysler junk. It disintegrated on me, and I had it swapped for the 3.0 Mitsubishi in 2000. It's SOHC, not the DOHC version they manufactured for Dodge, but still a much better alternative to the stock. The power kick ripped my transmission from its mount once. I had to weld it back into place with reinforcements. The vehicle looks humble but it's a muscle car on the inside. I'll hold onto it for as long as I can keep finding replacement components.

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Ahhh so HB is Phil LeBeau hahahahahah....That explains everything, like why you hate yourself so much you are banging your head into the computer ;)

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I warned them not to raise the price of the McDouble.

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I think it had more to with people finally realizing that the switch to red and gold as their colors wasn't just a marketing move. 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Should have made it into a McHalf.

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That's it exactly, from 1 to 1.50 so I quit eating there. Bean counters always kill a good thing.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Until Pink Slime becomes the main ingredient instead of the sneaked in filler.


pods's picture

Well for starters they could drop the ghetto fab ad campaign (I'm Luvin' it) and bring back the clown?


kito's picture

ghetto is where they make their money. ghetto folks dont want no stinkin cracker clown..............


and speaking of ghetto, is it a coincidence that their sales are falling along with the monthly SNAP stipend amount being distributed amongst mickey dees best customers??????

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I think they are missing the obvious reason sales are down.  The eCONomy is roaring.  When most everyone can afford to eat a nice steak, why would they choose pink slime?     /S

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“The television commercial has mounted the most serious assault on capitalist ideology since the publication of Das Kapital. To understand why, we must remind ourselves that capitalism, like science and liberal democracy, was an outgrowth of the Enlightenment. Its principal theorists, even its most prosperous practitioners, believed capitalism to be based on the idea that both buyer and seller are sufficiently mature, well informed and reasonable to engage in transactions of mutual self-interest. If greed was taken to be the fuel of the capitalist engine, the surely rationality was the driver. The theory states, in part, that competition in the marketplace requires that the buyer not only knows what is good for him but also what is good. If the seller produces nothing of value, as determined by a rational marketplace, then he loses out. It is the assumption of rationality among buyers that spurs competitors to become winners, and winners to keep on winning. Where it is assumed that a buyer is unable to make rational decisions, laws are passed to invalidate transactions, as, for example, those which prohibit children from making contracts...Of course, the practice of capitalism has its contradictions...But television commercials make hash of it...By substituting images for claims, the pictorial commercial made emotional appeal, not tests of truth, the basis of consumer decisions. The distance between rationality and advertising is now so wide that it is difficult to remember that there once existed a connection between them. Today, on television commercials, propositions are as scarce as unattractive people. The truth or falsity of an advertiser's claim is simply not an issue. A McDonald's commercial, for example, is not a series of testable, logically ordered assertions. It is a drama--a mythology, if you will--of handsome people selling, buying and eating hamburgers, and being driven to near ecstasy by their good fortune. No claim are made, except those the viewer projects onto or infers from the drama. One can like or dislike a television commercial, of course. But one cannot refute it.”  Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death

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Marketing is deception, and it works best with credulous consumers. Public education helps with the second part.

Freddie's picture

TV and Hollywood is for retards.  You watch it then you support it - ALL of it.

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Be eaiser to read if you made a paragraph or 3

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Definitely need to bring back the clown. With the Joker's makeup. 

DaveyJones's picture

or they could combine the two and have Ronald do drive bys

They could hire Cheech and Chong and remix Baskeball Jones - basketball clown, I gotta basketball clown

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@pods: once you go "24-7 Black", you never come back. Ask Haiti. Ask Detroit.

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We can't wait for the company to blame the blamy balmy, spring weather as the reason why nobody could afford a 99 cent meal.


That's because the 99 cent menu now starts at 1.29 and goes from there.

doctor10's picture

In another few months the bright lights at MickeyD's will figure out "their" money, along with 90% of all other consumer "discretionary" income, has been flowing into health insureres coffers.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"We the Obese" can only take so much unsaturated fat.

<"Let's create a happy meal for adults" - Marketing head to McDonald's CEO>

Georgia_Boy's picture

Zoloft would have to be the prize.

JRobby's picture

Lost the ability to walk or get behind the wheel to travel on down to McD's a long time ago. That friendly nieghbor that used to drive em down has lost the job, car repo'd.


etc. etc.

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The market for McD is fully saturated with saturated fats. All those poor folks that got the O Care $100 a month insurance they

found unusable until they pass the $5000 deductible can't afford McD any more. Unintended consequences.

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Bring back the McRib!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Only this time instead of 540 calories and 29 grams of fat they should up the ante and go to 1,000 and 50.

<"I see your 1000 and 50 and raise you to 1,500 and 75." - Bugger Boy CEO>

The fat wars are here.

GetZeeGold's picture



Mmmmm....prefabbed pork slime!

General Decline's picture

Mmmmm. Fake bone bumps and painted on grill marks. Mmmmm

Colonel Klink's picture

But according to a University of Nebraska study, you're really eating restructured pig innards coated in salt, specifically tripe, heart, and scalded stomachs. Offal has become trendy thanks to the nose-to-tail movement and, to be sure, folks in countries like Mexico and Italy have no problem devouring things like tripe without a second thought.


CloseToTheEdge's picture

speaking of seconds..."8:58 We go to McDonald's. The woman in front of me in line spends more than five seconds contemplating her order. This infuriates me, "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?? MC-SEABASS?? IT'S THE GODDAMN MCDONALDS'S MENU, IT'S BEEN THE SAME FOR 100 YEARS! IT'S ALL MCSHIT!JUST ORDER!”

Tucker Max, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

JRobby's picture

MMMmmmmm McD breakfast! Cup of scalding coffee to delaminate your esophagus with that ball of fat SIR?!?!

smlbizman's picture

can i take ur order..yes, i would like 6 mcribs a large fry a chocolate mcflurry and i diet coke....

Colonel Klink's picture

<rides away on their hoveround dressed in sweatpants>

Spastica Rex's picture

I'd much rather have a bowl of good menudo than a Big Mac.

NidStyles's picture

I second this, but I prefer the Filipino version. 

Spastica Rex's picture

You responded to me in an agreeable way. Are you OK?

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Raymond? Let me tell you something, McDonalds sucks.

Tortuga's picture

Let me inform you of something, Sheepdog.

When we hit the beach after a deployment overseas, we didn't rush home for argula and geek salad, with a dash of balsic, or a fine sit down resturant and order broccoli chicken with a side of snowpeas and cabbage, or hit the kfc baked chicken.

No sir, 400 enlisted men and a few non hoity toity officers qued up at Micky dees and chowed down.

I skoff at your "McConalds sucks"!