More Signs Of Bullish Excess

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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But the writer of this is "still in the markets".  He thinks it's a "bullish trend"...!

You know what REALLY would terrify these "investors"?

Not a market plunge...because then they could BTFD and recover. 

It's a market that grinds slowly and continually a little lower, day after day, week after week, for months and then years...and nothing they do can change that...

Bring it on.

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There's got to be a transition from pathological optimism to panic first. 

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Just laying the foundation for another Short Squeeze to bust the ES 2000 level.

Got get'em Short before you can screw'em.

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In other words, Japan 2.0

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Bullish.... BTFD. We do not have a market we have a policy tool. How many ime do I have to say this? Any 'pull back' or 'sell off' will be staged and moderate in order to pull in more shorts and squeeze this pig higher. TPTB will keep this up until the time when they are ready to pull the rug out from under us  and this time there won't be any escaping it.

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Sold three ES contracts. basis, June; today @1951. Sold 2 CL contracts basis July @104.27.  Both new shorts.

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Usually one hedges ones market investments, now the market is the hedge and true wealth is the investment. Eventually gold and other wealth assets will see their true worth. Until then a bit in the market hedges the insane proposition that they really can keep this going forever. If I'm wrong and the S&P goes to a trillion at least my hedge will be worth something....ain't that how it is supposed to work?

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excellent read. than you

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I'm just excited that I made money trading today. The market is sooooooo perverse that I actually feel hopeful since the futures actually have a 10 point range today. I'm sure my hopefulness will be short lived

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That's not money you made. You are the proud 'owner' of some of the fed's digital debt. If you should trade your profits in for gold, then you will have made money.

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Why would anybody want to "hold" money, regardless of what it was.    Money is just an exchange "device".     Seems like you'd want to minimize the amount of money you had (regardless of type).

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Money is also a store of value. Currency is not.

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In a survival-of-the-fittest world, the smart-n-savvy people purposely change the definition of money.    That's how the smart-n-savvy people prove they are the most fit, by creating a system which maximizes the screwing of the dumbasses.

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No problem. Just double down when the dealer is printing money. Works every time.


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With the Taliban 5 under 'supervision' in Qatar and latest attack in Pakistan, a black swan is in the making.

Perfect thing for the FED to blame a crash on.

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The sky is so full of those swans I can't see any blue or white..

Just wait until they all take a dump.

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the "train has been coming" for five I'm convinced they can keep this ball of fiat shit in the air for longer than any bear has imagined... but when it breaks it's going to be mind blowing

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the market will continue to go up for another 882 days, 19 hours, 43 minutes and 2 seconds. the time left in the big eared, green hat wearing, fatah in chief's term.


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Such a grand bubble, prior to a Great Depression.

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Lance you old market timer you.  Gonna save your clients like every other "adviser" who is going to get his/her folks out before the SHTF.  You ARE good.