B-1 Stealth Bomber "Friendly Fire" Strike Kills 5 US Soldiers In Afghanistan

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It seems President Obama's "pullback" is not going as planned in Afghanistan. NBC News reports 5 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan may have been the victims of a friendly-fire incident. American and Afghan troops were conducting security sweeps on polling sites ahead of this weekend's run-off for the Afghan presidential election when they came under attack from Taliban forces. The Americans called in an airstrike amid fierce fighting and, according to U.S. officials, the B-1 Stealth Bomber strike somehow went terribly awry.



Via NBC News,

Five U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan may have been the victims of a friendly-fire incident, officials said Tuesday.


The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said five of its servicemen had died Monday during a security operation in southern Afghanistan when their unit came in contact with enemy forces.


"Tragically, there is the possibility that fratricide may have been involved," ISAF said in a statement. "The incident is under investigation."


It did not provide further details on the incident or soldiers' nationalities, adding only that the coalition's "thoughts are with the families of those killed."


Defense and military officials told NBC News that the soldiers were members of U.S. special forces working with the Afghan military.


The American and Afghan troops were conducting security sweeps on polling sites ahead of this weekend's run-off for the Afghan presidential election when they came under attack from Taliban forces, the officials explained.


The Americans called in an airstrike amid fierce fighting and, according to U.S. officials, the B-1 Stealth Bomber strike somehow went terribly awry.


The police chief of Zabul province, Gen. Gulam Sakhi Rogh Lewanai, also told NBC News that the joint ISAF-Afghan army patrol came under attack Monday evening. He said one Afghan national army soldier died in the botched airstrike.

Mission Accomplished...?

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When the only tool you have is a hammer....

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practice for Syria/Iran?

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The conspiritorist within me wonders if perhaps those 5 SOF personel knew too much.


Because you know, wouldn't be the first time...............


Like when the Bin Laden SOF unit gets taken out almost in it's entirety and then the rest die in a training crash.  

Things that make you go Hmmmm......



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Infastructure rebuilding plan....like the F-16's sold to I rack for infastructure building.....

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F16's soon to be in the hands of Al Qaeda.  Of course, they'll have to hire mercenary pilots, but likely no shortage of those.

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B-1 ground support?
When asked, the president tapped and stomped his feet repeatedly and stated that he was outraged that some how, such nefarious ah.... terribly consequences could uh... hmmmm... I ah, promised and have delivered thereupon.... and uh.... we ah... the divide is mostly in part likely the Bundy ranch people who ah... are um... Bush supporters surfacing the hideous divide... bunch a fucking racists.... and ah....

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Yep we don't need the A10 Groundhog cut the funding for it.... sarcasm

Seriously we have all seen the infrared imaging from drones etc, you can even see the turbans on the mofos, how can you not see what you are going to hit.

Anyways, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, the death of more Americans for God knows what, the Taliban will have that ground in a few months, and we have accomplished destroying our economy in the ME and Afghanistan, we didnt learn from the Soviets or the Brits

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Im sure black/grey/water/stone has an aviation division.
Pay your money and they will blow it up.

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(pssst... that was Hitlery that downvoted you.  Don't worry...)

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It just sickens my heart to see the pics of those fine American boys cut down in a BS country, and their deaths are just photops  for a bunch of F***IN politicians (they fold in their lips in and try to look serious)  in DC who go out and eat at fine restaurants on our tab later that night.

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Wonders? That was my first thought and the most probable explanation of events. Remember Extortion-17.

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If they try to bomb them by air it will rain planes and if they try to bomb them by sea the seabed will have more iron to turn into reefs. They know this which is why they backed off last year after they blamed Dr. Assad for the chemical attack they helped the rebels prosecute.


Make no mistake, war will start when we get the economic meltdown they have been engineering. As for this, they are cutting out the middleman. Between bad foreign policy and drone bombing wedding receptions and petting zoos the west makes more terrorists than it kills but this way they can just straight up kill some troops instead of radicalizing some farmers who then go kill some troops.


viva opium.

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This also explains why Obamba fired numerous Air Force Generals who probably were against such stupid shit like that!

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Hope and change. The "change" is two nickles and three cents, keep it.

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You keep the hope, they'll keep the change.

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The B1 is an old bomber that has been delivering smart bombs over Afghanistan since before Obama took office. It is used for close air support of troops on the ground every day. They are not stealthy. They hang out over 20k feet, wih the weapons officer in charge of the plane in close contact with ground troops who generally order the strikes. Lately the weapons officer can see a lot of what is happening, sometimes better than ground troops, thanks to the addition of the "sniper pod" mounted a few years ago. When they land after delivering ordinance, they get interviewed by about their performance, which is observed real time back at base. JAG is there to prosecute bad bombings.

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Exactly! The Bone is not a stealth bomber. It has very minimal stealth capability.

The STEALTH BOMBER is the Northrup Grumman B-2. 

I worked on both when they were built. The B-1's engiine intakes are right out in the open, as are it's exhaust. That completely negates any stealth capability at all. The B-2's engines are buried in the wing, with the intakes dropping steeply to the engines. And the exhaust outlets, especially inside are very unique to say the least. Seen them first hand, removed and installed them. 

Don't use Bone and stealth in the same sentence.

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"When the only tool you have is a hammer...."

its time to save up for a nail gun

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Pols in DC have a fear of flight crew being dragged through the streets.  B-1s fly really high & "to make an omlette, you have to break a few eggs."

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You might be closer to the truth than anybody else here.

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Dont matter how high up they are, their eyes can be a small drone a few hundred feet up offering solid imaging, NO Excuse for the mishap.

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The BONE was intended to be a low level, ground hugging bomber. The first four built in the late 70's were for high altitude supersonic flight. The 100 B-1b's built were designed and built for low level, below sonic missions. Maybe something has changed, but the original intention was not high altitude, although the capability is certainly there. 

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Can't help but think of this


Edit: When I was over there they usually had a B-1 on standby somewhere over the country. They flew out of Diego Garcia. Pretty handy in a tight spot. Mostly because they can carry enough munitions for multiple fire support missions. It is mentioned in the thread but the chances of the FOO/FAC getting the coordinates wrong is the most probable. These guys usually get it right. They just essentially have to plug number into their comp.

Edit: Edit: This not a B-2 Spirit Stealth bomber. This is a B1 Lancer. 

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Exactly right. They moved to a closer base later, and got delivered "sniper pods" so the weapons officer sees what is going on on the ground. Before that they just devivered to coordinates and timing given by ground support. With the pod, they can see things the ground forces can't see, and sometimes make their own fire mission if the situation warrants it (to save ground troops).

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more like this: "you dumb motherfucker, sir, even the most boot fucked marine knows danger close"


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thermonuclear ground support?!

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You have expensive toys, you play with expensive toys. As for the soldiers killed, do you really think the psychopathic freaks running the war in Afghanistan give a shit?

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“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Henry Kissinger

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Thank God we have leaders like that.

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Leader?  He wasn't your leader.  He was your public servant. Hope that makes it better.

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Dr Strangelove couldn't have said it any better.

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when you have a state department everything is a chess match.

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THe B-1 is great for close air support. The troops love. Love. Having those overhead. Lots of ordinance. Extreme precision. Very long dwell time over country. The air force has upgraded the B-1 for this mission there, close air support. From 20k feet.

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So the Taliban's SAM's and radar do not pick them up.....


The question that we will never have answered, is whether the troops provied or the bomber dropped on, the incorrect coordinates

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Just Barry's way of nipping those future VA complaints in the bud

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mr pink wins the most true statement of the day award...

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They have been using B-1s in ground support there for years. Lots of payload and it gets to the fight quickly. Besides they spent all that money on the progam, they have to show some kind of return on investment.

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Decommisioning of the A-10 CAS .

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Uhhh.....the B1-B is not exactly stealth.




It was back in the day.  But compared to a B-2......not exactly.

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For the same reason neurosurgeons use a chainsaw when doing brain surgery. 

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Total idiocy.  The B-1 like the C-5 and old B-58 are maint nightmares.  They are insanely expensive to operate.  Ground support.  Evil morons.  These endless meaningless wars and Americans don;t say a word.  "Support the Military!"  No.  Don't send your kid to be killed by these criminals.

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Yeah....but back in the day the B-58 Hustler was a bad-ass mo-fo.  Before intercontinental ballistic missiles we were going to use these to hit Russia quick and hard from Alaska.





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The B-1 is Very routinely used for close air support in Afgahnistan. It can stay on patrol for long periods and carries a lot of ordinance . Once over country the weapons officer takes control (pilot and others do what he says) and the weapons officer communicates directly with forces on the ground, coordi sting GPS coordinates and timing of strikes. From around 20k ft altitude.

By the way it is NOT a "stealth" bomber. It hails from the 1970's from memory. Cold war thing meant to arrive at ground hugging altitudes then fire cruise missiles that do the same.

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The B-1 Bomber is not a STEALTH bomber.  The B-2 bomber is a stealth bomber.  Fucking news agencies are so full of retards.  

And yeah, WTF are they using a B-1 for in such close quarters.

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pretty soon b-1's will be used to collect revenues for unpaid parking tickets.  whats that?  late on your monthly student loan payment?  here is a cluster bomb.