Economic "Hope" Vs. Indicators Of Economic Reality

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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Quick,  to the printing presses, Monitary Man!   

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It's the only thing the Fed can do. Back-door purchases of US treasuries and support more and more of the economy with printing.

One huge paper printing fest, backed by nukes.

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After all the shit in the past 6 years that didn't materialize fear, I can't imagine what will.



Aliens attack



The plague

Finding Barry's birth certificate

Seeing Hillary' cock

Every Mexican moves into LA

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Monetary Man! He hands out money so yours is no longer worth anything! Thanks Monetary Man!

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You're obviously predicting QE4ever

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After 'Trading Places' with theBenbernak Janet Yellen is hoping for 'Easy Money' with 'Return Of The Fedi'

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The hope is in the dope.

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I was just thinking..if you were an exporting manufacturing plant in the USA...and with the new Obama regulations coming along like Obamacare and the Epa coal reduction regs that will raise your energy costs 30%....what are you thinking about.....hiring or moving...or just quitting....

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immigration to Singapore or something similar is a good choice

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I have permanent sinus damage due to hopecaine. 

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Jesus H. Christ! What is so hard to understand here?

The economy CAN'T grow until people start SPENDING MONEY!!!

WHERE are they going to GET the money to spend?

Fix THAT, and your fucking economy will GROW!!!

That's it...that's IT...that's ALL IT FUCKING IS!!! Fuck ALL of your charts, and graphs, and Venn diagrams, polls and statistics...fuck them. FUCK THEM!

Get money into the consumers hands, and they will spend it. It really doesn't matter HOW you do that...employ them and pay them adequate wages, keep them all on welfare and give them money to spend, drop cash from low-flying planes, or send drones into everyone's homes at night and deposit cash under people's doesn't matter. Pick one, come up with another, but GET MONEY INTO PEOPLE'S HANDS!!!


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Glass Ceilings & Other Such Nonsense

Money at work is an illusion, which the majority wants to believe, perpetuating crimes against itself. Legacy simply organizes the syndicates, in cities grown for the purpose, to feed itself.

From a historical perspective, slavery is wealth, which is why the politician’s move is to cut you down first, employing another, and ask questions at the autopsy later, moving up in the ponzi in the misdirection. Labor market data is collected to normalize the process.

From the perspective of labor, it doesn’t matter whether the magician controls the crowd or the crowd controls the magician. They short out their own mobility every time, if uninterrupted.

How many $15/hr jobs does it take to support a million dollar vacant condo? 95ct/hr?

The answer depends upon labor productivity surplus, which can only exist if labor accepts the debt as income mythology, which will only happen if it turns off its brain, which eliminates productive labor, which is why the propaganda of dependency begins at birth, in a hospital built for the purpose.

A woman giving up childbirth to be President, as an example to others, is the dumbest possible move, because the future rests upon childbirth, and the past on the politics of materialism. History is littered with empires that have played the divide and conquer game.

Ignoring the mythology of History for a moment, what political leader in your lifetime have you seen do anything that has withstood even that test of time? RE occupation built upon a demographic ponzi has never been sustained, and replacing the slaves with fixed cost robots is the dumbest move in this cycle so far.

The morons can take your children, but they can’t do anything with them. The ‘homeowners’ are taxing themselves onto the street with public housing, price inflation and welfare proliferation. Public education can only teach the politics of money misdirection, more of the same. And law enforcement is only tasked with finding a scapegoat.

The net result is critters on the street looking at empty buildings. China is by no means the only nation building lost cities. Is Phoenix any better off? Have you been inside those shiny buildings in San Francisco? Ever measure foot traffic?

You don’t have to leave your community to see landlords inflating rents on vacant unit comparables, subsidized by the bank with debt on a relative credit gradient, and dropping like flies as they are taxed to death. How many times have you heard some peer pressure moron lamenting a neighbor’s potential negative effect on property values? Those D kids.

Careful what you wish for. Legacy isn’t flooding the credit network layers with debt reserves and pulling up all the vertical ladders by accident. This is the slaughter phase, when the middle class starves itself out. Natural resources per capita are going up, while the critters wait, and wait, playing last to lose, assuming peak resources on demographic expansion, based upon statistical projection of government data.

The majority busies itself with economic activity, building dead inventory financed with paper, substituting increasingly arbitrary activity for productivity, to go nowhere, faster and faster. What you might want to do instead is track your own productivity at intervals to see what you gain net, that the State cannot take.

A new car is much less productive than a reliable used car, because its return on risk is much lower. That’s why the bank has to pay people with more debt credit to buy diminishing return, and why the ponzi participants are so desperate to prove that debt works, even as their communities crumble around their latest toys.

The only difference between Detroit and Seattle, GM and Boeing, is the debt feed. GM has many global competitors. Boeing has one, and is subsidized by the airlines globally. Why do you suppose Boeing can stay put with all that stupidity going on there?

Boeing’s business was built on the fly in about 6 months, by people who left shortly thereafter. Same with Microsoft. Ask an old-timer on Whidbey about human obsolescence, or save yourself the trouble and chart gain variability against demographics. Are waves of young people moving to Detroit?

Why is that you see demographic collapse and so many ignoring it? Why are the totalitarian states reversing demographic policy with no effect? What is the momentum of entitlement funding? Why are hedge fund managers paid so well as an example to others? Why are governments so eager to feed their stock markets with pensions?

What has Hillary, or any of the ‘leaders’ actually accomplished, but short term delusions of grandeur? Napoleon, Alexander and Cleopatra accomplished nothing that has withstood the test of time. How do the former compare to the latter?

If you want to be a hero, help someone who needs you now. That is the critical path to the future. The rest is bullsh-. The world is what you make of it, while the politicians take credit for what you did yesterday, blaming you for their stupid derivatives, but if you move forward, relentlessly, their cities will crumble behind you.

That’s empire. That’s life, that’s History, and that’s quantum statistics. Labor is there until it isn’t and isn’t until it’s there. Sit in the back of class by the door and leave when you see the distribution, keeping tabs on those chosen to succeed, gravity. That’s public education.

How do you suppose Alexander swept across the planet, and where is his new world order now?

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Tell the politicians that debt is off the charts and they'll say, nuh uh, we'll just provide bigger charts!

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I don't know if you saw this or not, but so long Jeopardy and Healthcare, chief scientists from IBM Watson left and is now working for a hedge fund...follow the money right?  I put a good video in the post too with a PBS interview with former DE Shaw Quant Cathy O'Neill who tells you exactly what life is like as a Quant at a hedge fund and how they think...really good insight...after you listen to her interview you'll know exactly what the former IBM Chief Scientist will be doing over there.

That video too is one of the Killer Algorithm flicks too.  I have never written a book before but in my stats, I see people are searching for a book by that name:)

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I thought the FED did away with business cycles.....

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They're going to keep working on it until they get it right.