Is A Second American Revolution Now Inevitable?

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

"Stand your ground.  Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here." - Militia Captain John Parker at the Battle Of Lexington

Just a couple days ago, two armed assailants, a married couple purported by the mainstream media to be “white supremacists” and “conspiracy theorists,” ambushed two police officers at a CiCi’s Pizza in Las Vegas, killing the officers after screaming, “This is a revolution!” The suspects then reportedly covered one officer’s body with a Gadsden Don’t Tread On Me flag and then fled to a Walmart, where they killed another man with a CCW who attempted to reason with them, then committed suicide. Yes, it reads like a Southern Poverty Law Center fantasy story; and in many ways, it is.

As we all predicted the MSM has followed the pattern they have always followed, which is to equate the actions of one or two psychotics with the beliefs and principles of the liberty movement in general.

I remember when Jared Loughner fired into a crowd of people near Tucson, Ariz., killing numerous Federal and State employees; the immediate response by the media was to attempt to tie him to the liberty movement. In the end, he turned out to be a raving leftist. I remember the Boston Marathon bombing and the automatic reflex by the media to accuse “right-wing extremists” of the crime. So far, we have seen NO hard evidence to implicate anyone specific in that atrocity, including the Tsarnaev brothers. Of all the violent crimes dumped in the lap of the liberty movement over the years, how many have actually been committed or endorsed by the liberty movement? I can’t think of any.

This has not prevented the establishment media from doing everything in their power to associate criminal action with political ideals.  Efforts to sully the success of the Bundy Ranch stand-off were swift, with Jared and Amanda Miller's visit to Bunkerville splashed across the headlines.  Luckily, the sound judgement of organizations like Oath Keepers led founder Stewart Rhodes to personally ask the two future shooters to leave the property.  I can only imagine the weight of the slander if they had been allowed to stay.

When an activist movement holds the moral high ground against a repressive establishment power structure, the establishment’s primary recourse is to target the character of its principles. The secondary recourse is direct confrontation. If a dissenting organization is not mindlessly vicious in its methods, then simply make it APPEAR vicious. If it is not hateful in its rhetoric, then artificially tie it to people who are. And if a government really needs to kick-start a crackdown, it can engineer its own man-made calamities and blame the groups that most threaten its authority.

This was achieved to great effect in Europe from the 1950s until the 1990s by the CIA working in tandem with multiple European governments under a covert project called Operation Gladio.



Gladio was essentially a secret army of operatives and stooges, handlers and puppets, used to create false-flag terrorist shootings and bombings across Europe that were blamed on “left-wing extremists.” In reality, NATO alphabet agencies were behind the entire facade. The goal was to terrorize the citizenry through a nonstop campaign of indiscriminate death, blamed on a convenient scapegoat, so that individuals would hand over more freedom and more power to the central governments. The point is, whether real or staged, I believe such events are going to escalate within the U.S. today on an incredible scale and that, regardless of evidence, they will be blamed on “right-wing extremists.” In case you were wondering, that label will be foisted on most if not all of us.

That said, I think an important truth needs to be stated here: Whether the beliefs of the attackers in Las Vegas were actually liberty movement-oriented or not is ultimately irrelevant. To shoot random police and civilians and then commit suicide is an act of pure insanity, a product of mental instability that has nothing to do with political philosophy, and mental instability trumps belief and association anytime.  Mentally unstable people exist within ALL belief systems and political groups.

At bottom, I do not care what their beliefs were. Their actions do not represent the values I hold dear, nor do I think they represent the values most of us hold dear. The shooting is a tragedy, but in the grand scheme of things, it means nothing, and I have little doubt it will be forgotten within weeks.

I relate the story because I do, in fact, agree with one thing: that a “revolution,” a second American Revolution, is inevitable. But I think I speak for the vast majority of the movement when I say that this revolution will not begin with the deaths of innocents or random government employees on our hands, and it certainly won’t begin at the doorstep of a CiCi’s Pizza.

The Bundy ranch incident, which occurred only a short drive from Las Vegas, has been a revelation for many people. Mistakes were made, provocateurs reared their ugly heads, and lessons were learned. But overall, America has been fundamentally changed, even if the average person does not realize it yet. The information war came within a razor’s edge of evolving into a shooting war, with the establishment in retreat, licking its wounds while planning how it can gain back its composure and carefully crafted image of "invincibility".

What frightens the establishment most, I think, is that the American people have become active participants in their own national environment once again. At Bundy ranch, they stopped asking for mercy, they stopped begging the system to police itself, they stopped waiting for the rigged elections, and they stopped relying on useless legal avenues to effect change. Rather, they took matters into their own hands and changed the situation on the ground on their own. For oligarchy, this development is unacceptable, because one success could lead to many.

Already, we are beginning to hear whispers of possible Federal retribution against those who participated in the confrontation.

This has been cemented within the efforts of a new task force against “domestic terrorism” organized by none other than Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder.

After the recent exposure of Barack Obama’s Department of Defense Directive 3025.18, we now know that since at least 2010, the White House has been setting the stage for the use of military force against “domestic threats.” That is to say, for at least the past four years our government has been quietly maneuvering toward martial law. It’s been happening for much longer if you count George W. Bush’s Presidential Decision Directive 51, which has yet to be fully declassified.

The exposure of Directive 3025.18 also came with information that the Obama Administration considered using it as a way to activate military forces and drones against the Bundy ranch. The burning question is, of course, why didn’t it? The Federal government is not known for its diplomacy in the face of a defiant citizenry. Waco and Ruby Ridge made that clear. I believe that it was not necessarily the people on the ground at Bunkerville, Nev., that they were most worried about. The terrain is admittedly a terrible place to mount a defense against a mechanized horde of jackboots.

No, what the White House feared was a larger response to such an attack. It feared the millions of patriots who would swarm down from all sides if it committed to a Ruby Ridge-style siege. It feared the reality that this time, Americans were not going to sit back and watch another family be slaughtered on national television.  It feared the fact that it didn’t have the moral high ground in the public eye and that a kinetic failure on its part would be met with cheers, rather than tears, from much of the populace.

So where does this leave us? With the Bundy success besmirching the Feds, the next strategic program will likely include an unprecedented effort to demonize the liberty movement perhaps to the point of a Gladio-type false-flag campaign, leading to the eventual detention of activists as domestic security threats. It’s not going to end with shootings in pizzerias and slobbering hit pieces from the SPLC.  Expect a landslide of violent acts.  Expect another engineered large-scale calamity like the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Expect dozens of Timothy McVeighs to be trotted out in the media. Expect the Liberty Movement's name to be buried in an avalanche of bullshit. Mark my words; it’s going to get much worse from here on.

And this is where I will add my warning.

Before the Bundy ranch became a possible battleground, I stated in my article “Real Americans Are Ready To Snap” that the liberty movement was going to draw a line in the sand over Bureau of Land Management abuses in Bunkerville, and I was right.

It seems to me that time is growing short. As tyrants become more bold, so too must the citizenry; otherwise, we shrivel up and die.  We cannot allow the movement's momentum to be shattered and driven underground as the militia movement was after Oklahoma City.  We know what is coming, and we must drive forward.  We know we will be labeled as terrorists and villains, and ultimately, we must realize that such eventualities do not matter.  The Liberty Movement is not going away.  In fact, future clashes with our criminal government are only going to become more frequent.

The next family threatened, the next activist individual or group arrested or black-bagged without legitimate cause, the next major false flag, the next use of military forces as civil law enforcement, the next unConstitutional misstep, and I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that a revolt will erupt. It’s not about making grand predictions; it’s about examining the logical odds, and the odds are high. The knowledge that the establishment is considering using the full force of its military apparatus against the people has not dissuaded anyone. Bundy ranch was a very near miss. I do not expect a peaceful resolution the next time around. I also do not expect the government as it exists now to stop clamoring for more control or less corruption. If recent events have proven anything, they have proven that a second American Revolution is inevitable; and all we can do is ready ourselves.

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McMolotov's picture

I think it's completely evitable.

Bro of the Sorrowful Figure's picture

agreed. and the people on this site should know that bloodshed and violent revolution never come without extremely high costs.

DaddyO's picture

Always enjoy Brandon!

It is definitely a matter of when in my opinion.

As long as Harry Reid and his ilk demonize everyday Americans, the slide will get steeper until whoosh, everyone slips.

Then lookout below, just like Lexington Green.


Four chan's picture

the tree of liberty

the blood of patriots 

CH1's picture

Tough guy talk.... for the future.

All we have to do is to stop obeying. Then they fall without violence. 

But, no... disobedience is far too scary. Better to promise bloody bravery in the future.

NidStyles's picture

While I agree with you, I don't think the wider variety of communists will let it slide peacefully. I think right when the economy is the most painful the communists will make their move. This is what I have gathered from friends in SoCal that are involved in business with some of those communists. They want California for sure, but would be willing to take more territory. After that it's anyone's guess as to what happens. 


I honestly see Balkanization occurring. 

TheReplacement's picture

You make good points.

Communists are well known for creating crises in order to take advantage of them.  Isn't that right Rahm?  Anyway, they will not create the big crisis until they are ready. 

So... if the liberty movement sits on its hands and doesn't participate all they accomplish is giving the communists more time to prepare and launch the crisis at the time of their choosing.  This is an absolute, 100%, recipe for failure for the liberty movement.  Imagine what the military will look like in a year or two or three when all the illegals are taken in and given uniforms.  They don't give a shit about Americans.  They don't understand the (real) American way.  They will follow orders, they come from that kind of top down power culture.  They bow to the Pope and whatever strongman is in power.  Give them guns and a strongman to follow and they will use those guns following him.

The liberty movement is aging and being demographed out of existence.  Time is not on the side of the liberty movement.  Lexington/Bundy must happen all the time until either the dictators back down and run away or open fire.  Ground must be stood NOW.

Edit:  For clarity, I am saying CH1 is completely wrong and if you follow his advice you will end up on the losing side. 

chumbawamba's picture

Hmm, sounds like incitement to me.

I am Chumbawamba.

CH1's picture

Seems like a lot of incitement follows Brandon Smith around.

robobbob's picture

don't pigeon hole yourself with pointing at the front men. yank on a communist thread hard enough, and usually it leads to a banker somehow. not to mention more then a few vultures jockeying in the wings to jump on the carcass if the "revolution" doesn't go as planned.

chumbawamba's picture

But you don't have to obey the communists either.

I am Chumbawamba.

NidStyles's picture

Sure, but they are likely to be well armed, real commies usually are. :-)

PrintemDano's picture

Once Communists have total control you certainly do have to obey them, or end up kneeling in front of a mass grave with a pistol aimed at the back of your head.  Your choice.

SF beatnik's picture

I can more readily imagine a military coup, as the currrent administration perpetrates one major fuckup after another, and the "Deep State" see the great ship going down. 

Calmyourself's picture

CH1 am I missing the news stories regarding your non-compliance activities?  I must be because on the innertubes your so brave, so demanding of others sacrifice for your ideals.  I await with great joy the posting of your exploits..

CH1's picture

Another creative excuse for doing nothing. Either that or wishing to see someone like me go to jail.

In either case, grow a pair and do something beside tough-guy talk.

runningman18's picture

What are your accomplishements?  Where are the stories of your dissenting activities?  Or, are you just a hypocrite...?

Calmyourself's picture

"someone like me go to jail"  Don't worry normally for a most likely obese tough talking punk like you they leave you in moms basement if the tracking bracelet fits around your ankle.  I'll stay with my 60# pack and six mile hikes just in case, something comes up..

beaglebog's picture

Here is a link to an enjoyable short story about non-violent resistance.   It's set in India, following a fictional German conquest.  It's a parable, really.


The story amply demonstrates the limits of non-violence. IMO.


If you think that you can simply say, "No",  and then escape personal violation ... well, I do admire your innocence of thought and your touching belief in the benevolence of State' institutions.


"The important questions are always settled at sword-point."   It's a truism.


Calmyourself's picture

Beagle bog, thank you for that, should be mandatory reading.  Saw it several weeks back on a liberty blog then lost the addy, I am sending that out!!

Omegaman2211's picture

Good one about the power of disobedience and non-compliance:


"Anarchy in action – an excellent model of an anarchist or free society"

sfisher's picture

I understand your position, and agree that if the people "stop obeying" that they will fall.  However, given the State's monopoly on violence, the State will be busy stuffing the jails with those that disobey.

wee-weed up's picture



"Is A Second American Revolution Now Inevitable?"

According to all the guns & bullets ALL the Gov't agencies are massively stocking up on...

They obviously think so.

Bad Attitude's picture

American citizens have also been massively stocking up. That is why ammunition has been so difficult to get the past couple of years and firearms manufacturers are selling all the guns they can make. The Obama regime is actively trying to start a civil war, and the regime must think they will win.

Forward (over the cliff)!

RevRex's picture

Them's Fighting Words! I love it....

OceanX's picture

More freedom and liberty were won with documents than guns z.b. Magna Carta...  Freedom of Speech, Fair Elections and a Free Press are the essential elements of a free society,  Not ownership of weapons.  --just sayin,


Give the courts a chance, indictements and capital punishment for financial crimes.  An informed populace can precipitate change.

TPTB now how to deal with violence, being lurred into it is a sucker's game.


putaipan's picture

sovereignity movement = domestic terrorist. that was in response to "give the courts a chance".

i realize that you were refering to financial crimes, but somehow i think the courts with them gold fringed flags interpret the law of the land a little differently than you were taught in school.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Flip side to documents is Treaties like NAFTA, DR-CAFTA, Caribbean Basin Treaty, WTO, TPP, TAP.

Lou Dobbs book War on the Middle Class from 2005 states that the CAFTA Treaty had 1000 pages of International Law within it. He claims that these Treaties surrender US Sovereignty to an International Body like the WTO.

- Not just Property Rights or Copy Rights
- Immigrants can sue and bring an entire work force to the USA
- Town or City Zoning Laws can be overturned to allow building that is unwanted
- Sounds like Walmart took this on to Sue to put in a Store on US Soil in a Small Town

- After a war the Treaty says "all debts will be honored"
- Notice how Bankruptcy for main street got harder before the bubble and Bank Failures
- But the Bailout proves that harsh bankruptcy terms is just for people not for corporations

Laws have been used against the people of the USA ever since the Creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.
James Madison


OceanX's picture

You are absolutely right!  In fact, everything you cite is an argument for my case.  We have lost more freedom and liberty through documrents than we have through violence.   So what is more powerful in the end?


A surprisingly excellent cover of Warpigs...

TeethVillage88s's picture

Yeah, good song, refreshing. Thanks for the comment.

Like all things with humans it is probably mixed and often appears complicated.

- I notice the men & women here in the mid-west are strong, often confident, and tough. Lots of discipline.
- I'd say parenting in the Mid-West is a mix of Strength with rules & intelligence.
- Maybe communities, Schools, and Parenting is not so different from other kinds things that are important.
- Just we don't know what is going on in Government, Money Speaks louder to Politicians, Media is not educational enough, Media needs to transform & Grow, We the people want to know our own history

- Activism is missing
- I think many people don't respect Activism or see it as only useful for community fund raising
- It Took the USA 100 Years to Get Worker Rights, this was done not through fighting or documents, but through Protesting & Activism & Education

OceanX's picture


Activism is missing  -Yes, need a lot more participation.  Wolfpac delivered 2 milliion signed petitions to congress, to limit campaing financing.  first step is to get the money out of the game (I know, good luck with that...)  Anyone remember the telecommunications act of 1984?


"It Took the USA 100 Years to Get Worker Rights, this was done not through fighting or documents"   -The laws that went into effect, are in fact, the documents, that I am talking about.


IMO violent revolution will only lead to more problems.  Ask Iranians or Cubans, how it is working for them...


Meanwhile, Iceland has had some sucess with banking reform. 

"We the People" are the government.

TheReplacement's picture

Do you pay your taxes because of words on a piece of paper or because you know you will lose your belongings and possibly end up in prison, all at the point of a gun?

Words mean nothing without action.  You need to stop misleading people into believing useless words will stop bullets.  Bodies stop bullets.  People must take action.  People must stand up to oppression.  People must make the oppressors use bullets or quit the game because their words are meaningless. 


Omegaman2211's picture

Government is words on paper and men sitting in buildings.

Omegaman2211's picture

Oh and guns. Lots and lots and lots of guns.

beaglebog's picture

King John signed the Magna Carta, because he was threatened with the alternative ... that alternative being the revolt of his Feudal Lords. (they being the ones with the private armies, which collectively constituted the military might of the land).


You might consider it akin to a military coup, I suppose.

Omegaman2211's picture

Fuck government. Fuck giving government a chance.

PrintemDano's picture

The cost of fighting must be weighed against the cost of NOT fighting........


If in fact this fight does occur, it would be a Counter Revolution.....NOT a Revolution.


Molon Labe

NidStyles's picture

It's nice to see that I am not the only one that sees this. 

spacecadet's picture

And whose fault is it, that brings a nation to the point of revolution? 
The blood is on the Governments hands


XitSam's picture

Whose fault? It depends on who wins.

TheReplacement's picture

Compared to the costs of being slaves (100% loss)?  How do you calculate value?

beaglebog's picture

True ... fighting a war is a shitty option.


Now, what is the alternative?

H. Perowne's picture

Slavery and serfdom, on the other hand, are on for fire-sale prices, no? 

gh0atrider's picture

With Satoshi by our sides!

CH1's picture

ZHers can't abide Satoshi. Nor will they ever use their precious "stacks."

Better to use FRNs... but complain about them, of course! (One must keep up appearances.)

Always talk, never action.