Is The Draghi Dream Dead? Stocks And Bonds Unch Since ECB

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Well that didn't take long... US equity and bond markets have round tripped in the last week and are now unchanged from when Mario Draghi unleashed more promises and nothing of use to the real economy...


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Oh, I'm sorry.  I didn't know there was supposed to be a "dream" in there somewhere.  I'll pay closer attention next time.

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These are still all time record highs actually.

Both for equities AND debt.

Your "twin towers" might be vulnerable here.

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Mario could try sending a couple trillion euros on pallets to afghanistan ... I'm sure good ole Kharzai will spend it liberally when he goes into exile in Paris.

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Mkt is going to force that prikk into QE, for the final leg of the mania...

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believe me, I'll do what ever it takes to see this equity market crash ......

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He did whatever it took to get a higher value for the Euro and now he doesn't want it.  Abe created cost of living inflation and wonders why the Japanese people aren't happy.  Bernanke wanted higher stock and home prices and now that they have them, stocks are frothy and pose downside risk and home sales slowed as affordability declined.  They all wanted to push rates to zero, while regulating and fining the banks for past loan issues, then wonder why no one wants to make any loans.

Welcome to the new world of central banking run by economists who ignore the basic supply/demand/price chart and how, over time, millions of these keep the economy in balance  and reasonably efficient.  They just want to set the price and see if they can get a better result.

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Druk Fraghi....and the whores he rode in on.

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Belgium will buy everything don't worry! 

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You mean the US Federal Reserve.

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draghi: would you like a suckle from my nirple?

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Miners have been on an absolute run since. 

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Draghi is just another printing bankster. 

thismarketisrigged's picture

i deff wouldnt say dead.


we see this bullshit all the time, u know in 1 week from today the dow will be past 17,000 and the s&p will be closer to 2000 than 1900.


i sure hope i am wrong, bc i would love nothing more than for the markets to crash and burn, but we all know they will not let that happen.


the number 130 seems like a lot, but when they pump the indexes up so high, a 130 loss day is nothing