Initial Claims Rise, Miss Expectations For 2nd Week In A Row

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At 317k, initial claims remain close to cycle lows but it is noteworthy that this is the 2nd week in a row of rising claims (missing expectations) when all we hear about is how great things are and how Q2 will be the big swing back. Continuing claims rose for the first time in 7 weeks but remains just off cycle lows (the biggest rise in 2 months). Perhaps the celebration of escape velocity job creation was - once again - premature.



Charts: Bloomberg

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and they are selling 5yrs.  what a fukkin fraud's becomg so ridiculous it's hard to watch...i was awed by the AUD last night, now I'm just blown away by this nonsense

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@plustic..... I have been in your camp for a year now.  Can't believe this shit... and I watch the american sheople walk around happy as hell that their 401Ks are doing so well.  Unbeknownst to them, it's all on paper and will once again get wiped out.  This time, bigger than last!!  Unreal!!

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Wonder what the real number was

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It all makes perfect sense. But maybe algos need a slight adjustment of parameters? ;-)

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I was watching the RUT Mutt drop so I went to CNBS and listened to some dope telling me :it's no doubt the econ is growing".

That all I could take 30 seconds. The only reason we have anything resembling growth is because inflation. It will cost me $5.00 more to fill my truck this week then two weeks ago.

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They had someone on yesterday saying that there was no reason the bull market wouldn't go another 5 years.  It is Financial Comedy Central.

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Nobody wants to work. I don't blame them.

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FED creates inflation and calls it growth...that's been there scam the whole one ever calls them on it...what a fukkin farce

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The line is flat, flat, flat for the past 5 years.  The only reason it is slightly down is that it is mirroring the workforce participation rate.  When the rate goes to 50%, initial claims will be 250k but it means absolutely freaking nuthin!

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So, I heard some people saying earlier this week that the inventory numbers were good because businesses were building up for increased sales later this year.  But, I guess they are going to sell the shit with less and less people???