US Naval Map Update: Iraq vs Al-Qaeda Edition

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Now that the middle east is once again about to become a hot bed of "kinetic action", the recurring question from 2011/2012 when Israel was seemingly knocking on Iran's door on a daily basis, returns: how are US naval assets positioned particularly those surrounding the Fifth fleet located in the Persian Gulf. The answer, as updated just earlier today, is shown below, and it shows that America, which historically has had a far greater naval presence in the middle east, is quite unprepared for the recent dramatic resurgence of Al Qaeda splinter groups. Expect at least one more aircraft carrier to depart in direction Iraq shortly.

Source: Stratfor

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Tyler, heads up:


MOSCOW (AP) — Russia on Wednesday offered to restore the discounted gas price it granted Ukraine under the ousted pro-Russian president, but Ukraine demanded an even better deal and called for arbitration to settle the dispute.

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Ukraine is apparently like the homeless guy who turns down a burger because he'd prefer filet mignon.

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“and called for arbitration to settle the dispute”

Like Putin would accept any arbitration from the west with a belligerent western puppet.

He does not need to be a part of that game.

He owns the ball and he is choosing to stay home since he has plenty of other friends to play with.

If I was a European on the west end of those Ukraine pipelines I would be long logs and wool right about now.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Well, there is a timing issue.  The other markets for GAZPROM take some months to open.

Which is why Ukraine wants an ultra long term deal.

There are few things in the universe more apparent than that Russia has an overwhelming hand of cards.

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Unprepared? Hell, they are sitting in port parked like battleships on December 6, 1941.

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Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!

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Obama could have a few loaded B-2’s and a swarm of drones over the ISIL convoys in a heartbeat but his finger is off the trigger like it was in Benghazi.


Manthong's picture

I am confused.. so someone thinks Obama could NOT have a few B-2’s and a bunch of drones over Iraq within a few hours?

.. and he has not done so in an expeditious manner like he did nothing in Benghazi while people were being killed?

Someone please explain what I have wrong here.

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Why doesn't Iran like alqeada?

max2205's picture

Barry was counting on Iran buds to take care of this!

johngaltfla's picture

Wait a minute. I thought we sent our fleet of B-2's to England and Guam. Sheesh, I wish Obama would decide who are enemies are and just put the Risk pieces on the right map locations.

Manthong's picture

We were round tripping those things to Iraq from Missouri for bombing missions.

I know for sure that we can load’em up in Guam and I am pretty sure they have the same goodies in the UK.

And of course,  we have drones all over the freaking planet.

But to your main point, I don’t think we can expect any degree of ordered thinking from the messiah except that which preserves Cloward-Piven chaos.

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CIA-Obama will not be ordered to bomb CIA-"terrorists."

They will continue to fund and arm both sides and then the CIA will divide Iraq into the three states that have always been planned.

The CIA's ISIS, or whatever they are called, will then fund themselves further in the CIA and Israeli battle for Syria.

No need for the CIA to up drug sales when they can just have their "buds" fund themselves from captured loot and oil.

Manthong's picture

It is depressing to see the logic (not wisdom or goodness) of those points.

kchrisc's picture

My father and friends are not happy about it as well. They blew off my opinion as "nuts,' but his mysterious background and SSN just screamed CIA. I also had the knowledge of Clinton’s CIA and Bush Sr. connections to back me up.

With that knowledge, most gleamed from other's research, I was able to make predictions about his administration's future behavior and "decisions." Every one of which has been born out.

The Obamacare "passage" duplicated that used by Clinton for "NAFTA" including the "Contract with America" bamboozle by the Repubs after their victories in the 2010 mid-term. I.e. Clinton forced NAFTA thru both to benefit his masters and strengthen what the Repubs could do and get away with. Also it is now quite clear that Obamacare is more about shoveling money to the big corps that wrote it than providing “socialized” healthcare.

Look at his supposed anti-Israel stance. Look closer and one will see that he actually serves them as much as any other. I.e. the supposed anti-Israel stance is a ruse.

Now in 2014, what pol, surrounded by experienced pols, crats and handlers, would practically obliterate his party's chances at the polls this year with a VA scandal, followed by a "shoot yourself in the foot" prisoner swap, a deluge of 'illegals” being bused and dropped around the country and now a gas fire foreign policy debacle in Iraq.

The man is a CIA manchurian candidate placed to destroy the Dem. party in the minds of the sheeple and prep the American people for the coming one party rule by the neo-cons.

Since the fundamentalist Christians form the ideology base of the neo-cons, look for more positions and actions by the administration that further fire them up. Things like "law and order," morality, strong foreign policy, support of Israel, etc. One will also see Karl Rove become more prominent going forward as well, as he is the architect of the neo-con and fundamentalist Christian connection.

Everything will culminate in a scandal involving Obama's homosexuality in the last year or so of his presidency.

Note: My opinion on fundamentalist Christianity is not an attack on Christians or their beliefs. Fundamentalist Christianity is a radical and politicized branch of Christianity and is no different than radical and fundamentalist Islamists.

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Can we use this as an excuse to remove President Obama from office?  Hell, he can use school shootings as a reason to repeal the 2nd amendment, we should be able to use this as an excuse to kick his ass to the curb.

August's picture

An intermediate-term boost for shifting residence to one of the PIGS, in Club Med.

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some reports of Iranian troops in Iraq, fighting together with the government against the "militants", are circulating:

so, the U.S. will be allied with Iran, bombing ISIL militants, that the U.S. is backing just across the border in Syria?  wtf.

McMolotov's picture

Starting to think maybe the US has gone berserk and lost the plot. I expect we'll invade Finland as a response.

john39's picture

>>lost the plot

perhaps because another player, with a bit more experience with war by deception, is blowing things up in the ME without regard for the consequences to the U.S. maybe?  what are "allies" for afterall...

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, john39, I have no doubt that is the "explanation" ... although my view is that the ruling classes generally are manifesting runaway criminal insanities, while the entire civilization that they dominate does similar things.

Thousands of years of successful warfare based on deceits, in order to rob natural resources, has NO way to adapt the full potential of the industrial revolution. Rather, the military madness is merely the leading edge of the ways that the apes with atomic bombs have become suicidally insane regarding everything that they are doing, from atomic energy, on through, because the successful warfare based on deceits, being able to dominate and organize civilization, never before had to adapt to technologies becoming trillions of times more powerful.

Human beings are acting out their nature as primates, despite progress in science and technology amplifying their powers and capabilities by many orders of magnitude. Since human ecology was previously controlled by murder systems which were based on deceits, in which those who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, were able to dominate the human ecology in those ways, and therefore, then dominate the political economy with enforced frauds, the human species has become totally stark raving MAD!

Since our civilization is already MADly lost in Money As Debt backed by Mutual Assured Destruction, it continues to deliberately ignore the nature of its problems. In my opinion we are only able to continue because we are already too crazy to be able to change. Therefore, I regard the future as being as unpredictable as psychotic breakdowns. Our civilization is almost totally based upon systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which are solely able to continue on that basis. Those systems require attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards almost all rational evidence and logical arguments, other than the faked versions of those, which operate as limited WITHIN those systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. Everyone is necessarily living their lives within the dominate systems of MADness.

What eventually happens to those runaway systems of enforced frauds, which are amplified by technologies which are trillions of times more powerful? Clearly, nobody knows, and probably nobody is able to even comprehend that fully enough to make any educated guesses. The "plot" was to control civilization through lies, backed by violence, which methods have become almost infinite tunnels of deceits, which have become too convoluted and entangled, and therefore, everyone has "lost the plot!" The ability to make a living killing has become the ability to commit collective suicide through overkill. Since the actual killing got done through the maximum possible deceits in the past, and those maximally deceitful death controls were then the foundation for the maximum enforced frauds to control the whole world's political economy, everything being done within the established economic systems, which almost everyone must attempt to live inside, are runaway stark raving forms of MADness!

The military misadventures are merely the most obvious social symbols of how the entire economic system was built on the past triumphs of controlling civilization through the methods of organized crime, which have resulted in everything being controlled in ways which are collectively more completely crazy than can be comprehended, but which are nevertheless automatically set to continue to runaway at exponential rates of total social insanities towards severe social storms and psychotic breakdowns.

Superficially, the political problems are which particular best organized gangs of criminals are actually controlling governments, which are the biggest form of organized crime. However, the DEEPER problems are way worse than merely that superficial level of the manifestations of those problems that civilization is almost totally dominated by the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories, and that includes almost everyone else, not merely those bullies, but also all of the controlled opposition groups too!

The superficial levels of the problems that the American military faces have automatically become even worse, ever faster, since 9/11/2001, which was an inside job, false flag attack, that caused the American people to go tens of trillions of dollars deeper into debt slavery, in order to pay for wars based on deceits. One of the best earlier examples of the history of the predicament that the military forces of the USA have become trapped within is the story about what happened to the USS Liberty:

American "military intelligence" is controlled in ways which make it appear to be incredibly contradictory. (I wonder how many of the people inside that oxymoronic system are embarrassed by how incompetent they appear to be, because they are controlled by politicians who are puppets, that are NOT serving the interests of the vast majority of the American people?) Thousands of years of the history of successful warfare based on deceits, in which spies were the most important soldiers, has resulted in civilization as a whole become almost totally insane! The superficial problems are that the best organized groups who specialize in being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, actually control the government of the USA, to direct it to continue to go deeper and deeper into the condition of debt slavery, backed by wars based on deceits.


r0mulus's picture

somehow posted twice. sorry y'all.

r0mulus's picture

i just want to write that i enjoy your line of thinking here. the psychological and motivational aspect to all of it has always really intrigued me, especially at the individual level. i don't see the situation as hopeless though.

there is a great opportunity for bitcoin to form the basis of a fully transparent, accountable, and decentralized system of exchange, one that can serve as a balanced counterweight to central economic control. it's really only necessary for people to design the mechanisms and put them into existence.

i have a lot of hope for the future. i think that the generations of people raised with access to free information will radically transform the general composition of society for the better. its still a very immature process though. slightly less than 4 out of 10 people in the world are even internet users at the moment. there are very few truly free minds out there, but, they are getting much free-er all the time. just gotta help it along as you can for now.


Radical Marijuana's picture

I hope you are right, r0mulus.

There is always some racing,

between creations,

versus destruction

Both are appear to be on exponential growth paths. The destructive ones are more obvious, and relatively easy to understand, while the creative ones are more hidden, and much harder to imagine!

I agree that the Internet Revolution is potentially bigger, indeed, way, way bigger, than anything like the printing press, which itself drove lots of reformations. I like to day dream that it may be the emergence of a different consciousness ... However, it will have to fight to survive against those who are attempting to shut its potential down.

Of course, I do not know ... Meanwhile, the bad stuff continues to become more obvious, like in Iraq, etc., while the potentially creative good stuff is still over the horizon of history. Surely, a couple hundred years ago nobody could imagine the "problems" of globalized electronic communications, and atomic energy, etc.! So far, those have mostly been making things worse, because they mostly just amplified the same old social pyramid systems' insanities. However, clearly, such science and technology has even greater potential, and MAYBE could enable a greater use of information, manifesting through higher consciousness ???

r0mulus's picture

i like how you put it: "a greater use of information, manifesting through higher consciousness". it's definitely what needs to happen if we are to have broad based systemic change.

as you also say though, "it will have to fight to survive". nothing will come easy.

people are born with primate minds but relatively few graduate to free-willed, universally magnanimous, humanism. this situation unfortunately tells us that this is a never-ending game that will need to be continually fought by the forces of well-intentioned creation. we simply must persist. the game must be played. "All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Similarly, "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."


NYPoke's picture

Amsterdam would be a lot more fun to occupy.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

There's only one plot, and you know it.

The spice must flow.

Squid Viscous's picture

who's side are we on? Al-Cia-duh , or the other Al-Kayeeda (bad guys)? ... jeez this is getting really confusing... better check our orders again with Bibi and AIPAC...

viahj's picture

mind fuck indeed.  this is a complete surprise to the US foreign policy fuckers.  I expected Iran to tak action quickly to support the Iraq gov't in Bagdad and south against the Sunni ISSA(ISIL)/KSA.  we may be seeing the fracture o the UA/KSA marriage because the US reccent policy has positioned iself on both sides of this one.  KSA better be careful, they are enemies with Iran and Russia and causing the US to support the Shia gov't...

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Odds are pretty good that some people have seen through the KSA infinite oil shroud and found there to be not a lot left.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Motherfucking Planet of the Motherfucking Apes

That's TF...

PartysOver's picture

Only going to get more stupid.   Get your popcorn and watch the USSA's leaders make complete idiots of themselves.   When you think it can't get any worse.... it does.

ZerOhead's picture

Rouhani says Iran will provide assistance to Iraq if requested...


"Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani commented on June 12 on the latest crisis in Iraq, making it clear that Iran will intervene at the appropriate time to combat terror. According to a transcript of the speech released by the Islamic Republic News Agency, he said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran will not tolerate this violence and we will not tolerate this terror and as we stated at the UN, we will fight and combat violence, extremism, and terrorism in the region and the world."


Here's to hoping that the NeoCons, Saudis, Israel and the Iranians can all agree on just who the terrorists that they all want killed are...

Relentless101's picture

That's what happens when you place trust in terrorists. LOL. A unpredictable group to say the least. 

Radical Marijuana's picture

Well, Relentless101, do you mean like almost half of the American People, who voted for the various members of the governments, who are almost all complicit in various degrees of treasons?

Everything regarding the history of the wars in Iraq was based on one level of lie after another, after another. Any politicians who support the official stories regarding those wars based on deceits are engaged in some level of treason, if only due to willful blindness.

The government of the USA has become almost totally subjected to the application of the methods of organized crime, such as bribery, intimidation, as well as assassinations of those who could not be otherwise bribed or intimidated. Therefore, the government of the USA is almost totally dominated by those who dominate the best organized gang of criminals, that therefore can direct what the government of the USA does. Through those means, one false flag attack after another, after another, have been the main directing forces to determine what the American military did.

The degree to which "military intelligence" has become entangled in almost infinite tunnels of deceits is practically impossible to figure out. However, there are no reasonable doubts that basically the worst terrorists actually control the government of the USA. In my view, that is why things are being deliberately driven to get worse, faster, with the intended end game being the creation of conditions which become bad enough to "justify" using weapons of mass destruction. The path we are on is towards debt insanities and death insanities, whereby the majority of the world's population will be wiped out during more genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law.

Tragically, the pyramidion people controlling the world ARE a "predictable group," in the sense that they are criminally insane, while nobody else can stop them from continuing to control civilization in ways which will become ever more criminally insane.


Squid Viscous's picture

LOL at Washington Times, does Sun Myung Moon still have a majority piece?...then again, LOL at every MSM whorehouse, but the washington times... please John39, don't link that ziocon rag unless purely for comedic value

Sudden Debt's picture

America can't protect it's colonies anymore.

just like...

the british empire... at the end...


Headbanger's picture

Nahhh.  Moar like Rome.

Cause we have our very own Emperor Nero!

AlaricBalth's picture

Let us gather our armies at Thrace.

disabledvet's picture

Empires? These clowns can't protect their own soldiers and instead pursue an actuall policy of "killing them on the home front."

If these soldiers weren't so disciplined they might get it in their head to shoot back actually.

"All it takes is a General and an Order."

No ground troops? REALLY?

What's over their right now?

It ain't the Navy that's fer sure.

You either got the the Marines or you don't bitch.

Thanks for the ride though! Now "fly away" flyboy. They're in the real war!

Sudden Debt's picture

Actually, I think it's going to be the biggest dronewar so far.
And once the drones have proven their effectiveness to take back the country, plan B kicks into action.

kurt's picture

If we start using the drones and cruise missles in the numbers we're going to need, as we incite the world against us, we will run out, toot suite, of components, one little part at a time. Do you really think this defense establishment is geared to re-supply. Have they vertically integraged the parts chain. Is it redundant? What if the entire poplulation is wandering around avoiding radiation and biologicals and looking for food? Our "modern" distributed supply chain will flat break down. Sitting there like dead ducks you'll remember this. A nuke, mini or not is not a defensive weapon. Are you going to use them in country to defend it? I don't think so. So you pissed off the world, the ships are sunk by hypersonic missles, your fuel supplies are burning, you don't know who's shooting at you, and even your friends don't trust you. Oops now the power grid is down. Communications are jangled, fog of war dorks! Good thing you didn't alienate your entire native population by police forces and spying. Good thing that the citizens aren't in the best mood as you ride shotgun on the stagecoach to hell crying, "Wagons Ho! This way people!" 

HeavydutyMexicanOfTheNorthernKingdom's picture

That would (will) send the price of silver much higher.  Silver is used in cruise missles and there aren't any substitutes for Ag. The MIC is going to have to stand for delivery son! And no, they won't accept paper for settlement.  "We got bombs to build...we need the physical bitchez!!!!"

Sudden Debt's picture


LEVEL 1: GO!!!




Is it a PC or a iPad game?

Abitdodgie's picture

But he nore troops killed abroard then the less Domestic Terrorists we have so its a win win.

buzzsaw99's picture

usa security interests = OUR OIL BITCHEZ

cro_maat's picture

Last I looked Haliburton turned over the best oil concessions to China.

We are now China's proxy bitch. "Hello Obumkin?" "Please to protect China's oil interests in Iraq or Treasuries we sell"

TeethVillage88s's picture

Naw, European Wells & China wells pretty sure. If there are pipelines not sure who owns them.

dontgoforit's picture

Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

August's picture

Nah.  We got a couple of weeks, I think.