Friday Humor: Keynesian Utopia In Texas

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What could be greater for GDP then burning to the ground a luxury house on the brink of collapse... just think of all the broken windows and holes to be redug...


Officials in Texas will burn a vacant luxury house teetering atop a crumbling 75-foot cliff over a Central Texas lake


Bales of hay saturated with diesel fuel were scattered around the inside of the garage of the 4,000-square-foot home and lit on fire Friday morning.

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GDP just exploded.  Up next, hookers and blow legalized in a city near you.

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Note to self: Dont build house on edge of cliff.

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They should have turned that empty house on the cliff into a high end luxurious brothel and then it will collapse on its own weight due to the overcapacity of hookers, drugs and horny young guys. And yes, GDP will explode like the previous poster said.

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watching days of our lives or a burning luxury house?...tough choice

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"The houses that slide burn so big and bright
Deep in the heart of Texas"

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Add some aliens and Krugman will have a field day.

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NY Times

War is Good

Neo_Krugmanian Goodness from the Mouthpiece of the Libtard Progressive Party

Get ready to rummmmmmmmmmble!

PS  And so what article immediately shows up at the topothepage?
USS G W H Bush en-route to Iraqi waters.
Booyah mpotherfuckers

Don't fucking tell me this ain't all planned

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Maybe the Govt should borrow money to build new bridges.

I just saw that a major bridge on 95 north in Delaware is failing.


Wouldn't it be nice, if we had spent a trillion fixing all that up instead of fighting in Iraq?

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and instead of sending unemployment checks to the unemployed we have them build the bridges and then send them an employment check.  There is no fucking way we should have failing infrastructure and at the same time paying people to stay home for 99 weeks.  And the lawmakers want to extend the 99 weeks and whine about infrastructure.

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The NYT, or rather the CIA embedded handlers are laying it on really thick and sloppy with the leading language, selective coverage, association games, and such.

Krugman, I think, actually believes what he says. He's smart, but not top 1% smart, and not even a decent philosophical thinker. He doesn't question the monetary paradigm itself... he also has a kind of Messiah complex, railing against the unwashed, hateful "right wing."

and somewhere, he knows that it is his ethnocentric kindred that have very disproportionately benefited from the monetary system and the Fed system.

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You could also replace the young horny guys' jobs with immigrants to boost corporate profits and the market!

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At this rate, we may not be very popular with immigrants you know !!

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Gonna need a bigger fire

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The house was originally 65, 70, 80 feet or thereabouts from the edge of the cliff when built.

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We should build it ten times bigger after we burn it down!

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Would the broken windows theory work better if they used human labor to take down the house?  Would it be safer also?  This is half-assed broken windows theory.  They didn't go full-retard with the Keynesianism yet.

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This has possibilities...

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Maybe we could fix our crumbling infrastructure while we are at it?


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Nope, that might generate Domestic Product. The USA cost/debt structure in unmanageable. Time to move the rest of the game to "growth" areas of the world. 

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Apparently the house would not listen to the HOA's mandate and they had to burn it to the ground to make an example.

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This wasn't well thought out . . . kind of reminds me of US foreign policy.

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Reminiscent of the fucking monstrosity some asshole built in Beverly Canyon that the neighbors had a shit fit over as it kept getting bigger and bigger as the guy hired and fired architects.

Everyone of the neighbors cheered when it slid down the hillside after an earthquake.

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Why not hit it with a JDAM or crash a couple blackhawks into it?

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From a Texan:

They were debating if it were safer to dismantle it, thought it is condemned and hanging over a ledge, or burn it to the ground.

Burning seemed more fun.

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oh the huge manatee.

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Not having a background in economics other than a single course in college... I can't prove that Krugman's economic worldview is absurd and counterproductive, and even if I could, I'd lack the jargon and academic/economics pedigree for anyone to take it seriously.

But - haven't bank bailouts and vast sums of money printing {hundreds of trillions in secret, it seems, and monetizing of the US debt in secret} been tried for 6 years?

what puzzles me, and very open to criticism/correction/instruction... is it seems like there's no good evidence to suggest these actions have helped the real economy {leaving the dow and gdp figures aside - they are bad stats to me, anyway} in the short run, let alone the long...

in sum, it seems like a moving the goalposts type approach [something the Israelis are expert at in dealing with the Palestinians or in their whining about Iran's non-existent nukes program] in which the lack of evidence is off set by the claim that things would be even worse...but for the deficit spending/monetizing of the debt...

Krugman may ultimately be right - FOR ALL *I* KNOW - but he is not right based on the evidence he pimps, or based on the names he calls those who disagree with him.

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You don't need a degree : just read Bastiat's reputation of the broken window theory.  Takes a few minutes.

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Burning this house is the equivalent of 8,925 cows farting at the same time, and the release of these green house gases will certainly hasten global warming.

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The fire just added to the GDP.

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This house is staying up longer than the twin towers

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i wonder if the cliff fell because the lake level is down because of the drought.

Texas is in year 6 of an extreme drought, if the lake level is down 50 feet and the 

cliff bluffs dried out and began cracking, it may serve as a warning.

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It sure does look that way. 

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As I mentioned above, house was originally some distance from the edge when built.  Cliff eroded away.

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You can bet your bottom dollar that that former homeowner paid a premium for that lot. 

Now, the next door neighbor has waterfront property.  Cooool. 

...especially after that big hunk of cliff land formerly belonging to the former homeowner finishes cracking off into the water below. 

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Today he has waterfront property, next month he'll have water's edge property.  Then it's time for another BBQ.

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Buy today, they are moving fast.

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wheres the Realtor with her sign in the front screaming,  BUY BUY BUY,  Bricks and Mortar...

"You better buy honey, before you get priced out, and my crooked mortgage broker husband can get you and negative arm No doc with no close costs,   

No Income Verification, thru Cuntwide."