Meanwhile, In Greece...

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With all eyes focused on the atrocities in Iraq, unarmed civilians are rioting across the world at their status quo leadership. The World Cup is tamping down hysteria modestly in Brazil (especially as they won) but the situation in Greece - emboldened by the recent euro-skeptic, anti-austerity wins in the European elections - is getting worse. As Keep Talking Greece reports, the striking cleaners have have 2 protesters (and a photo reporter) sent to hospital after riot police rushed the unarmed crowd.


Via Keep Talking Greece,

Two protesting cleaners and photo-reporter Tatiania Boliari were taken to the hospital after they were injured during clashes with riot police outside the Finance Ministry in downtown Athens. It was three riot police squads in full uniform and equipment against 50 unarmed protesting cleaners. Pushes from both sides had the effect that many women, mostly over 45 years old, fell on the ground.

Bolari was covering the cleaners’ protest when tension rose between riot police and protesters, the crowd started to run and Bolari fell down. According to eye-witnesses, a group of riot policemen took advantage of her situation and started to kick her. She was taken to the hospital, when she is undergoing medical tests.

Also photo-reporter Marios Lolos was injured but he refused to visit the hospital.

Both Bolari and Lolos were beaten by riot police during anti-austerity protests in 2011 and 2012.

PS I’m not sure whether riot police is following orders of the old Minister for public Order Dendias or the new Minister Kikilias is still trying to find out how the public order towards unarmed protesters works.

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Remember this is the offices that the cleaners are expected to clean... (where all the austerity decisions are being made too) 

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Well I've seen about as much human suffering as I can stomach in one day. It's a beautiful day outside, and it's father's day weekend. I'm going to enjoy it. Have a nice day fellow Hedgers.

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Happy Father's Day, enjoy your weekend. Lost for words on this particular thread.

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Damn, I was hoping that was new. :(

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It has to become so bad before the muppets reveal that yes, in fact they have a head, although it was tiny and very very far up their own assholes. It really is kinda sad. 

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This shit happens everyday at the tax collection office... LOL... Athens is ticking time bomb... they can only blame the african refugees for so long....

Food is great though.

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Another summer of increased small people discontent and asset collection by the elite.

Not covered by the libtard media. 

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Enjoy it while you can, #endfathersday is trending on Twitter.  It must be a joke, as some of the tweets are just ridiculous, like-

"The reward for being a dad is the orgasm he has when he busts inside the mother. We don;t need to celebrate patriarchy #endFathersDay" 

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Joke? Poe's Law says you'll never know.

Though it is tempting to join in with the trolling in an effort to disrupt yet another Rockefeller divide and conquer program known as "Feminism."

Well, here's at least one true believer.

Twitter feed is hilarious and sad all at the same time.

Yet another reason why I wear the label "NotApplicable," as any label is bound to be corrupted eventually.

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I had connectivity problems for 2-3 days. I don't have a TV so I have no idea what is going on in the world. I now just reconnected only to see that the ME is on fire and there is conflict everywhere. I think I will sign off again.

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Cops are mere instruments of the state. Betcha these ones are good guys and were just doing their jobs, right?


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Put spiteful queers in uniform and this is what you get, bead counting shit shovers, if they are not buggering women they are hitting them.......macho men from the dawn of history

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You can clearly see that these are happy consumers. 


Consumer confidence is flourishing around the world.  The recovery has landed.



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the cameras aren't showing the 5 Lambos parked around the block from the WINNERS of the Greek heist.

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If you watch the video carefully, you can see the green shoots!

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Where's Riot Dog?

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The woman protestor at the end of the 2nd video just loose's it.

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Full blown RAGE! Make her the Minister of "War on Austerity Terror"

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Gerald Celente's qoute comes to mind:

"When people lose everything, they have nothing left to lose, they lose it. "

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If sanity ever returns to Greece, they'll go back to burning Banks & Government Buildings...and German Businesses, which should be at the top of the list.

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The MoFin "archive room" photo is a classic - a seemingly random room full of crap that's readily recognized worldwide.


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Proof that hoarders are created by governments and set free into the world to destabilize it

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WTF riot police vs. unarmed fat broads. I just don't get it.

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Get used to it, coming to your town USA soon enough...

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"WTF riot police vs. unarmed fat broads. I just don't get it."

If something doesn't make sense, ask yourself "is government involved?"  If the answer is "yes", then everything becomes clear.

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A lot less risky than going against angry Molotov-cocktail-toting young masked males.

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At the end of the second video, when the one lady is cursing at the officer, I didn't even understand a word, nor did it even occur to me that I needed to.  You can feel the anger, the complete anger.


We are in for a brutal "Summer of Surfacing Anger" all over the world. That being said, I'm going to try and enjoy this weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend as well.

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I'm on the side of the striking cleaners and anyone else that is willing to protest working.

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A group of riot cops just beat up a bunch of Mum's that work for peanuts for one of the most thankless professions.  In Greece... 

I'm also willing to bet those Mum's all have boys that have cousins and nephews and uncles and brothers that know exactly where those guys live.  There isn't a political position on the planet that can run from a Greek family blood vendetta.  A call to Jihad is a birthday party invitation by comparsion.

Because that's just what they did, made a vendetta position.  They just made it personal to the people of Greece by beating up women that make next to no money, and I doubt there's a person anywhere that doesn't respect what those women go through everyday in their job.

So watch the Greek regional news over the next week, I bet a gyro that bodies start popping up of ex-civil servants.

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CPL: It's times like this that disgust me. If the sons and brothers don't defend their mothers there is no hope left.

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That right there fd up my weekend.

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Greece: Mass layoffs have just started

The government determined to continue destructive neoliberal IMF agenda

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Was the situation actually supposed to get better in Greece?  How was that to actually happen? 

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Yet more news of the disintegration of Greek society that's not being reported by UK MSM.

And what news from MSM about the weekly demos and riots going on across Spain? Nothing.