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Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow - Funkadelic

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Man, wish I could post MAD Mag...

Trading Private Bergdahl: Starring Barack Obama

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You notice thart Bergdahl story is something I have not spent too much time on, because it stinks all around. The latest anfle being the fact that Bergdahl recieved better medical treatment than all the vets screwed by the VA.

I thought of that movie instantly, but decided I would stick with this version...

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Yes, there are a lot of elements to it.

First and foremost (for me) again I see the cynical, narcissistic nature of Obama in violating a LAW HE SIGNED for purely political purposes.

The "negotiations" had been going on for years, it was only when the VA scandal forest fire started licking the columns of the WH did he decide to violate yet another law to put it out. Only a sick & twisted mind could "hope" to balance the scale of allegiance & camaraderie with troops wounded while looking for a deserter for terrorists wanted for mass murder (Shia) and would still kill them (Shia or American of any denomination) if they found them wounded in the field or a VA hospital.

This action alone shows he has no sense of propriety or conscience or loyalty to anyone but himself and ranks right up there with missing his own Aunt Zeituni's go golfing.

He is a very cold calculating man, wholly unqualified to be anywhere near a position of power. 

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"He is a very cold calculating man, wholly unqualified to be anywhere near a position of power. "


"Cold" and "unqualified", yes. "Calculating", perhaps, but he sure sucks at it.

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to new btdt... I have a wider monitor screen now and find that if I click/pull the window wider horizontally, then I can see the whole pictures.

So I guess WB7 has to make the photos _fit_ the available area  (instead of a fixed size). Hope that works.

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I just click on the photos and go directly to flickr

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While it is fun to agree and join in that the Obambam is an idiot we should take stock of reality here.  

What he really is is a sell-out.  He's going for the gold ring and we are, in fact, the actual idiots...errr ...muppets?... at the very least.

And more, it is not just Obummer, it is the system of insiders and the rules of the game that allows money to trump the will of the people in political decision making.

So we can call Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton stupid and dumb all we like.  At the end of the day, they are the folks taking the bribes and we are the fools letting them get away with it.

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The only reason they 'get away with it' is because we can DO nothing to stop them.  It's not as if we have a Vigilante force to right what is wrong with the governance of the people.

Voting won't work, letters and blogs won't work, standing on soap boxes in Central park bemoaning the state of the union won't work.  Nothing works but assassination and I don't know anyone willing to sacrifice their life to get at some of these corrupt, black-eyed, avaricious psychopaths. 

We are not fooled, so we cannot be fools.  Ruled by tyrants with silver tongues, yes. But they do not fool us. 



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Thanks WB7 as always, quite fitting.

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in real life one of them loved to golf, laurel i think. and hardy was the hardest worker. but how much of this is obama and how much is the studio? the bush people turned state department over to the military, first powell, then zinni. the military had no mission, which is why the USMC performed poorly and was replaced as the lead in operations by the Army.

then there was the daily list of casualties by IED, our high tech army could not figure out how to block cell phone signals (they just arrested a Georgia man for doing that on the freeway) last week we lost some GIs in Afghanistan after they called in an air strike on their own position (that was classic Vietnam strategy, after they stopped seach and destroy, they set up base camps in hostile territory, inviting the enemy to attack so they could counterattack)

the war in Iraq featured money (delivered from the basement of Mariner Eccles) thrown from the back of pu trucks. the embassy construction Over at SHTF they document the amount of construction that has gone on during these two wars most of the work done at overcharged rates, and many jobs never finished. it was a big shot in the arm for the economy, look at the chart of the DOW and the date of the Iraq invasion.

now both places are going back to whence they came, slightly less better off i would say. the taliban more in charge than ever in Afghanistan. waiting for the US to leave while we give them money to keep fighting hence the charade might continue. every post war economy collapses, which is why no one in government wants these wars to end but end they must. Obama has to swallow the bitter pill, and another neocon lover waits to accuse him of cowardice and ineptitude, and create a new money making war.

time to call in an air strike on our own position.

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President sea gull, flies in eats your lunch, screams and craps on everything, then flies home thinking he's done a good job.

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Right hand side of your first one or two pieces of art are alwasy lost under the right side of banner "Audio Commentary..."

Happens in both current versions of Firefox and IE (running Windows 7 Pro)

someday, can you get this fixed with tyler?

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4 years in already.

One can only hope.

In the meantime, suggest you go to your browser view control and zoom out or look at the printer friendly version or click the image or use a wide monitor.

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Or you can right click and select open image in new tab.

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WB7, maybe you could put "dummy" images at the top two positions.  The images further down don't suffer so much from the zoom problem.  Better yet, get the webmaster to redesign the right-hand banner (that was a joke).

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I have mentioned it a few times but I am not going to be a impolite guest.

You will notice that we are talking about sacred space, i.e., space where ad banners appear.

In the past I tired to make the images smaller to fit in, but that is also counter productive because everyone then has to click through to another space which is a different kind of inconveninece.

As it stands for me, I see the images are OK on a big monitor, it is hopeless on my iPad, but looks ok on a mobile, albeit the size of a postage stamp. 

You will notice that my site ( is cross platform and is designed to maximize viewer experience accross all three platforms.

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i will dig thru my frrecycle inventory of monitors... and indeed i have a wide screen and will try

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Can't remember how many times the right-hand text has rescued my eyes from yet another view of Merkel's ass.

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I have never seen or imagined how anyone could frigg EVERYTHING up so bad. The ensuing widespread shitstorms are coming to a head a bit faster than I thought. On that note the seperatists in Ukraine just shot down an IL-76 killing 45+.

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well i suppose the stolen presidency of Ukraine, the neonazis, and their new EU ties represents the separatists, while the ethnic russian population represents the establishment, but that's just me

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Who would have thought that in one weekend we would have

* battleships deployed to Iraq while the country sinks into civil war

* ISIS closing in on Baghdad and US/UK embassies still not evacuated

* Ukraine plane shot down killing 46

* bomb found meant for Poroshenko

BUT even MORE unbelievable, I bet the markets end Monday in the GREEN.


The only thing that is going to bring this market crashing down is a terrorist attack on US soil.

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The only thing that is going to bring this market crashing down is a terrorist attack on US soil.

After reading that NYT times piece about GDP growth and woar and I'd have to say the opposite considering who is running things.

It will ramp even higher since woar (including police state internal terrorist witch hunts) are bullish for GDP growth....


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All according to plan...

brace for impact, soon.