NBC Paid Chelsea Clinton $600,000 Annual Salary For Occasional Work

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Hillary Clinton may have left the White House "dead broke" in her own words over a decade ago, but the same can hardly be said about her daughter, Chelsea, who as Politico revealed today, was being paid an annual salary of $600,000 at NBC News before switching to a month-to-month contract earlier this year.

As a reminder, the younger Clinton, who previously worked as an analyst at $12 billion hedge fund Avenue Capital in a quid-pro-quo which its owner Marc Lasry, a close friend of Bill Clinton, had hoped would bring him a fast track appointment to the French ambassador position (and which was scuttled last year after several of his poker-playing acquaintances were charged in a mob gambling ring), joined NBC News as a “special correspondent” in November 2011. "She was up for renewal or non-renewal this year. Instead, the sources said, the network decided to keep her on the payroll on a month-to-month basis so that the two parties could sever ties if Clinton’s mother, Hillary, runs for president."

So what exactly did Chelsea do to command such a hefty salary?

As special correspondent, Clinton worked on service-related feature assignments for NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams” until the show’s cancellation in June 2013. Clinton has since worked on packages for NBC Nightly News.


In that time, Clinton’s principal occupation has been the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, where she has been a major force in steering her parents’ charitable work in the final years of her mother’s tenure at the State Department, and since then. This April, she announced that she was pregnant. Clinton is due to deliver her first child in the fall, and it’s unclear if she would resume work with NBC after that.

In other words, "occasional work"

Ironically, even as the US rages at cases of domestic investment banks abusing nepotism and hiring Chinese princelings in exchange for lucrative banking contracts, nobody finds the Clinton arrangement with what is supposed to be an objective, impartial media outlet even remotely disturbing.

Well, maybe some do:

When Clinton joined NBC, many media critics chafed at the network’s decision to employ a former first daughter with no experience in journalism. The New York Post referred to Clinton as “just another spoiled, aimless child of rich, successful parents chauffeured through adulthood by Mommy and Daddy’s connections.”

But before NBC is accused of pandering solely to democrats, recall that in 2009 NBC Universal, it hired George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush Hager to serve as a correspondent on the “Today” show. In 2011, it hired Sen. John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain as a contributor on MSNBC.

In other words, nepotism from one extreme to the other.

But the good news is that for all complaints about lack of wage inflation, it clearly does exist... for a very lucky few.

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You can't make this shit up...

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it ain't for her looks...

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should this give me hope?


how can i find a job like this too?

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you'll need a time machine and somebody to swap you into a different crib.

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Media as the "Fourth Estate"

Access to information is essential to the health of democracy for at least two reasons. First, it ensures that citizens make responsible, informed choices rather than acting out of ignorance or misinformation. Second, information serves a "checking function" by ensuring that elected representatives uphold their oaths of office and carry out the wishes of those who elected them.

In the United States, the media is often called the fourth branch of government (or "fourth estate"). That's because it monitors the political process in order to ensure that political players don't abuse the democratic process.

Others call the media the fourth branch of government because it plays such an important role in the fortunes of political candidates and issues. This is where the role of the media can become controversial. News reporting is supposed to be objective, but journalists are people, with feelings, opinions and preconceived ideas.

How Media Helps Shape Public Opinion

A clever choice of words can make things seem different than they are. For instance, during the Vietnam War, the Defense Department of the United States used many misleading phrases in news reports. Instead of "forced transfer of civilians" they said "relocation", and instead of "lies" they said "elements in the credibility gap." By using carefully chosen phrases, the Defense Department made their war efforts seem less harmful to the people in the United States. They aren't "vouchers", they are "opportunity scholarships"; it's not "tax cuts", it's "tax relief."

If we didn't know better, we'd think that the dogs have gone crazy and started attacking humans in unprecendented numbers (ala Hitchcock's "The Birds"), but in fact dog attacks on people are down . It's simply that the Diane Wipple story has drawn public attention (and media focus) to the dog-bites-man story.

Media's Influence on Politics

The influence of the mass media affects politics in the United States greatly. The public's point of view is changed by the way the news is reported. When the public's views are affected, the voting polls are too. In turn, when votes are changed, different public officials are elected. The government officials are the men and women who make the laws and generally run the country. The mass media is at the beginning of a long chain, but nonetheless, the media has a powerful effect on politics in the United States.



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She was given 600K/yr to work at NBC, but her principle occupation has been to head up the "Clinton charity".  lmfao.  She sure has her persepctives on life clear.


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she's got webb's cheeks. i pray to god she has his ankles too

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spawn of satins pulls tricks of parents. why am i completely not surprised?

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No conflict of interest...

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I just hurled everywhere considering the notion of a Clinton Global Initiative University.

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I recall that Goebbels had a Global Initiative, too.

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Back then: Aryan Super-race

And now: Gun-fearing-God-hating-LGBTQ-sex-educated-from-birth-Drugged-to-the-dome-Debt-servants-for-life Slave-race

Motto still remains: comply or die.

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Seasonally adjusted for inflation, 600,000 is roughly  same amount what Monica got for occasional work?

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Her folks made 100 million dollars in net worth, and they killed TONS of people around the world with Allbright

But Chelsea just reports on the people killed so she make a LOT LESS.

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Greasing the palms!


It's been going on in the US since the beginning. So waht changed in 1980?

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Exponential growth rate of corruption.

This is disgusting. 

Think the decline of Ancient Rome, but at a faster rate. 

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I am more disgusted by the fact she took the money for very little work and saw no problem with that than I am NBC paid it.  It is further proof that the conscience chromosone is completely missing in her DNA and that entire Clinton/Rodham gene pool.

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This ain't even the most important part. She married a Jewish bankster. 

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Dude, you got the WRONG flag & symbology.  Try the 6-sided star, with blu & white flag.

There, fixed it you ya.

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"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

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No you've got it wrong,  the swastica  is correct.   It's a Satanic symbol, which is a bent cross.  That's exactly what the Oligarchs are Luciferan.  Not Jewish.   Real important pitchforks get pointed in the right direction.

(So do you get paid by the post or by the word?, can you work from home?  I'd like to know)

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Symbol of the Red Shields & their blue & green accomplices.  


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Money comes easy when you own the bank.

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If Moooochelles girls don't get $800K per year, then that's racism and discrimination.


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Daughter of Webster Hubbell ?

Hillary's partner at Rose Law firm in Little Rock?

There are Internet pages with evidence.

Chelsea has had plastic surgery to hide/improve her appearance.

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if the media is controlled, who tells it what to say?

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um, editors, owners, prior experience with inside access when barking in an approved fashion, and denial of access as punitive measure when you last barked the wrong way.   Pavlovian training takes time, but it is very, very effective.

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Owners=banks. See Board of Directors.

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By numerous accounts, she was swapped partially into a different crib; Bill's not her dad.  Webb Hubbell is. She's had some plastic surgery recently to minimize the resemblance, which was outrageous at an earlier age.  Must have been rather hard growing up.


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What is Fascism for $100...

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how can i find a job like this too?

Here, I'll interview you:

Are you the child of Hillary and Vince Foster? No? Then fuck off

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even if ya shaved it's butt & made it walk backwards

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And that's a no-kidder!  Sheesh...

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Something about this story doesn't sound Kosher.  But maybe it is.

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Actually kind of cute...Monika Lewinski eyes

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NBC= Nepotism Because she's a Clinton

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You'd think $600K would be enough to pay for a face transplant.

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Should help defray the cost of her plastic surgeries. But when Webb Hubbel is your biological father, and Hitlery is your mother,  I guess you need all the help you can get in the looks department.

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The prospect of face transplants has made herculian strides in the last few years but agreed. Either way these pieces of shit with eyes look forward to an infernal fate that can't come soon enough.


This generational satanic witch and the demonic ham wallet from whence she was spawned need to be seen on pay per view in a town square, in stocks, with a hooded guy following the malleus maleficarum on them.



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christ that was beautiful, kudos.

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Webb Hubbel?

I was thinking Vince Foster.

"The newspaper reports that Mr Clinton persuaded Mrs Broaddrick to have coffee with him in her hotel room during a conference of nursing home administrators in 1978. She alleges that he then forced her on to the bed, where he held her down, bit her lips and raped her.

When it was over, Mrs Broaddrick claims, Mr Clinton told her that she should not worry because he was sterile due to a bout of childhood mumps."


Must be hard being a lesbian, faking a marriage, and trying to figure out what sperm donor would provide the best ROI... A well, to get far in politics you must ape the common dynamics, so a child was needed...sacrifices must be made...

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Hey, quit picking on her. She had to help her parents with their house(s) payments because they were broke when they left the White House. It's hard to make it without a staff of hundreds and an entire air force at your disposal to get around.