Son Of Former Chase Manhattan CEO David Rockefeller Dies In Private Jet Crash

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65 year old Richard Gilder Rockefeller, 65, son of former Chase Manhattan CEO David Rockefeller, and great grandson of John D. Rockefeller Sr. has been identified as the deceased in a small plane crash just outside of Westchester Country Airport.  The aircraft, owned and operated by Mr. Rockefeller, was a single-engined Piper PA-46-500TP (registered N5335R). As NYC Aviation reports, though the cause for the incident is unknown, visibility at HPN for the last several hours this morning has been poor, at 1/4 mile or less; and the Airport Manager reports that the aircraft struck some trees just after departure.

"It's a terrible tragedy," said family spokesman Fraser Seitel, who confirmed the death. "The family is in shock. Richard was a wonderful and cherished member of the family. He was an experienced pilot. He was a medical doctor, and it's horribly sad.

Multiple police vehicles and a fire truck surround cottage Avenue in Purchase after a small plane appeared to have crashed near Westchester County Airport. Video by Thane Grauel .


According to Lohud, Seitel said the 64-year-old Rockefeller, grandson of John D.
Rockefeller, ate dinner with his father Thursday night to celebrate David Rockefeller's 99th birthday.

The Piper plane (similar to the one Rockefeller was flying)


The plane's registration to Rockefeller

More from Lohud:

Airport operations administrator Peter Scherrer said the plane, a Piper Meridian single-engine turbo prop, took off from Runway 16 at the airport and went down at 8:08 a.m., crashing into trees off Cottage Avenue in Purchase. The weather was foggy and rainy at the time. The flight had been expected to last an hour and 14 minutes.


Richard Rockefeller lives in Falmouth, Maine. According to FlightAware flight tracking service, the plane left Portland International Jetport in Maine at 2:22 p.m. Thursday and landed at Westchester Airport at 3:41 p.m.


Dr. Rockefeller practiced as a family physician in Falmouth, Maine, until 2000 and has worked on global health causes. He served as president of the Health Commons Institute, a nonprofit organization, and chairman of the U.S. Advisory Board of Doctors Without Borders, according to the Rockefeller Brothers Trust Fund website. He is married and has two grown children.


Scherrer said the pilot flew out of the airport regularly. There were no reports of any other injuries. No one else was on the plane.


Officials confirmed that the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are en route to the scene and will head the crash investigation. A press conference is expected to be held around noon.


The Rev. Christopher Monturo of St. Anthony of Padua Parish in West Harrison said he heard about the accident on a scanner and arrived at the scene about 9:30 a.m. to offer his services as one of the town's chaplains.


"We just pray for everybody, that everything will go well," he said.


The airport closed for flights after the crash but flights resumed at 9:45 a.m., Scherrer said.

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camaro68ss's picture

Awww, died in his privet plane...

No golden parachute?

Four chan's picture

grandson, of shill, of rothshchild dies. no fucks are given.

SoberOne's picture

Faked his death so he won't be hunted down en el futuro?

Headbanger's picture

I bet it was caused by icing

Stuck on Zero's picture

Can't be icing.  The Rockefeller Foundation has been pushing a global warming agenda for years.


zaphod's picture

And I should care why?

Seriously Tyler is this feudal England where papers track the social nonsense of the upper class daily, as if it were real news? My family left that a long time ago. 

zerozulu's picture

Where was the Nail gun?

12ToothAssassin's picture

Classic fuel line sabotage. Happened to my uncle when he crossed Vicente Fox.

Stackers's picture

single pilot flying into solid instrument conditions aint easy. He had best of best plane, probably lost power

SamAdams's picture

Friday the 13th really is bad for the Templars/Masons....

And - New Material for Ben Fulford....

COSMOS's picture

Goes to prove two engines are better than one lol

No but a serious portrayal of how the Bankers have CRASHED our Economy.  I guess he believed in Symbolism...

0b1knob's picture

No nail guns available?

Didn't the senior Rockefeller die from a blow job induced heart attack from Megan Marshack?

Pinto Currency's picture


In August 1974 Mrs. Boyer who was Nelson Rockefeller's secretary of 30 years told The Tattler magazine that the US gold in Ft Knox had been stolen by a group of international bankers.  On September 1 1974 she fell out of her window in NY and died.

Perhaps intelligence agencies are striking at the offspring of oligarchs until the US gets its gold back. 

This one could be a simple plane crash given conditions but expecting factions within the US Gov to start getting active now as the gold end-game is clear as an essential form of money in the years ahead.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Paraphrased:  Humanity advances, one funeral at a time.

gold-is-not-dead's picture

friday the 13th bitzhez, beware of the neo iluminata... da hood and shit ya...

SMG's picture

Fulford is not a reliable source.

NotApplicable's picture


I kind of enjoyed his stories about the group in Japan that was going to force Shrub (or Obummer, can't recall which) to step down in order to save the world from Western destruction. It hit absolute absurdity though, when he claimed they wanted Gore as the replacement.

Many LOLs were had.

Lost Word's picture

About 700 years ago,

Friday October 13, 1307, Templars under arrest in France,

Templars went underground,

later became Freemasons,

foundation of the NWO.

Citxmech's picture

The Meridian is powered by a PT-6.  One of the most reliable engines in existance - so I put this low on the list.  If it was engine failure, he certianly would've been able to have made a radio call to ATC.  

Of course why this joker wouldn't just fly a King Air or CJ is beyond me.  He certainly could afford it.  Why rich folks insist on flying single-pilot IFR in crap weather is beyond me.   

Andre's picture

As long as you keep up the multi training with engine out, OK. Otherwise, you have just enough power to get to the scene of the crash.

It could have been software-assisted crash, too. Software engineers are almost never pilots, so the programmed response to loss of altitude is often to pull the stick back for you - airspeed notwithstanding.

No carbs on a turboprop, so that's not it. Fuel line icing - very doubtful. Water in the gas tanks - there's a thought, especially given the weather. Timing for the failure is about right, especially if he had flown the plane recently and neglected the runup prior to takeoff. One guy I know survived his crash because his tank was low and the scavenger could not get to what was there at his angle of climb.

Complacency kills. You can't just pull off to the side of the road.

Citxmech's picture

A past problem with these aircraft (turboprops modeled on piston powered airframes) is the 22y/o idiot fueling the thing putting AvGas into it instead of Jet A.  The fillers are supposed to prevent this kind of thing now though.

Single engine ops in a decent twin (ie not an Apache) not loaded to the gills and in hot weather should be no big deal on takeoff - you're already at full power - you just need to work the rudder a bit.  Hell, single engine work in a twin in IFR may even be easier than VFR - at least from my experience. 

Andre's picture


The tales, oh the tales.

Headbanger's picture

Stackers:  Could be but not turning on anti-ice cause it's "warm outside" while flying through mist is an often overlooked mistake especially for pilots from dry and/or very warm climates.

As for loss of power,  the engine is a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A:

Don't know but it has me wondering if this aircraft was re-fueled with avgas instead of jet-b as a possible cause of lost power.

RafterManFMJ's picture

single pilot flying into solid instrument conditions aint easy. He had best of best plane, probably lost power


Same thing happened to me last year; fortunately I was able to react quickly, find a field that was long enough ... I checked my six, put on my emergency blinkers, and rolled off the highway into the field. 

Then I called AAA. Moral of the story - stay out of small planes...especially if you're a banker.

Oracle 911's picture

Yes it is.

I think karma acted by hands of the Rotschields. And I think a famous and important Rotschield will die to in horrible "accident", because there will be a retailation and the whole thing will turn in to a vendetta.

fightthepower's picture

His Family owns the Federal Reserve and has pushed the USA into a Globalist Agenda to the detrement of the country for over 100 years.  Anything bad that happens to them is good, that is why you should care. 

zerozulu's picture

Probably he could not find any other way to escape.

max2205's picture

Missed it by that much.....

vmromk's picture

Good riddance, ASSHOLE !

Say hi to the Devil for me.

nuclearsquid's picture

Why this guy?  I wonder what piece of evidence he had.


sleigher's picture

I was gonna say something similar.  Maybe it really was an accident though.  My first thought is always who didn't he play ball with?

NotApplicable's picture

Bad weather, hits trees, Occam says accident.

I can't imagine a Rockefeller being taken out for non-compliance. Especially David's son.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Nitpick.  That's a turboprop, not a private jet.

Dark Space's picture

Agreed. It's like comparing a semi truck to an pickup truck.

Citxmech's picture

The nice thing about the buisness jets is that you can get above the shit quickly.  Of course if the weather is that bad - just call NetJets and you can sit in the back and drink a cocktail while two pros get you to where you need to be with a minimum of fuss.  

zerozulu's picture

Probably he said I know the gold vault is empty.

simplejack's picture



was he a good Rockefeller or a bad Rockefeller?


how many Rockefeller's are doctors?


what happens when Rockefeller's disagree with each other?

Urban Redneck's picture

There is no such thing as a good Rockefeller.

There are only competent and incompetent enemies of free people.

(fortunately they seem to get more and more incompetent with each generation).

john39's picture

if he was a "good" man, he probably should have blown the whistle on his satanic family a long time ago...  not judging here though, perhaps this was on his to do list, perhaps not.   we will never know.

zerozulu's picture

I read somewhere, a good Rockefeller is a dead Rockefeller or some thing like this

Payne's picture

This was a hit.  There are too many plane crashes like this that are convenient.  I propose that there is an agent that can be added to fuel that time releases.  It would go unnoticed on pre-flight checks of fuel.  We only look at water in the fuel from the low point drains.  We also get a sample of fuel from the truck looking for water and particles.  So if some company that knows a bunch about fuel chemistry and combustion added an agent to fuel that went undectable on fuel checks but would reduce power on takeoff.  Asassanination du jour.  Just start adding up all the plane crashes not just the Financial industry nail gun accidents.

seek's picture

Ordinarily I'd agree, but this has a lot of hallmarks of a typical plane accident (take-off in low visibility, single engine.) It'll be interesting to see if we get any history on the pilot's hours and plane's maintenance records.

Like when Kennedy off'd himself, lots of conspiracy stories there, but a low-time pilot in IMC at night made it pretty clear he died from being retarded.