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Congressman Asks NSA To Restore Two Years Of "Lost" Lois Lerner IRS Emails

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Yesterday, the republican campaign to get to the bottom of IRS' targeting of conservative groups was dealt an absolutely idiotic blow when the IRS, in all seriousness, announced that it had lost two years worth of emails to and from the chief subject of the investigation: former agency official Lois Lerner.

As House Ways and Means Commitee chairman Dave Camp said, "The fact that I am just learning about this, over a year into the investigation, is completely unacceptable and now calls into question the credibility of the IRS’s response to congressional inquiries,” he said in a statement. "There needs to be an immediate investigation and forensic audit by Department of Justice as well as the Inspector General."

According to NRO, the agency informed Camp that a computer crash resulted in the loss of e-mails between January 2009 and April 2011 sent between Lerner and outside agencies such as the White House and the Department of Justice. "Those messages are particularly relevant given revelations earlier this week that the agency in 2010 transmitted a database to the FBI containing confidential taxpayer information, potentially in violation of federal law."

The IRS said in a separate statement that it has or will produce 24,000 e-mails from the period between 2009 and 2011 using the files of 82 individuals with whom Lerner corresponded, and that it has produced nearly all of the 67,000 e-mails sent and received by Lerner during her time at the agency.

Apparently lack of document (and email) retention is a crime for everyone, but not for the IRS. And furthermore, only when it comes to the IRS, can a single computer crash destroy the entire email path history, even as it crosses through countless servers across the world, and ultimately lands in somebody else's inbox.

It goes without saying that for the IRS to even assume someone would believe this particular, and quite spectacular, lie is beyond insulting to even the most gullible idiot among the US population.

So we won't say it.

What, however, was simply a bizarre, if idiotic, lie has just been taken to a whole new level of ridiculousness, when moments ago, representative Steve Stockman (R-Texas) announced he would request that the National Security Agency help in the hunt for missing emails to and from the IRS’s Lois Lerner, and recover two years worth of "lost" emails. From the Hill:

In a letter to NSA Director Michael Rogers on Friday, Stockman requested that the NSA turn over information it has about emails between Lerner and outside groups between January 2009 and April 2011.


Stockman’s request for the NSA’s “metadata” on the emails comes as congressional Republicans probe whether the IRS mishandled applications for tax-exempt status from Tea Party and conservative groups.


In a statement, Stockman said the NSA’s information “will establish who Lerner contacted and when, which helps investigators determine the extent of illegal activity by the IRS.”


Your prompt cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated and will help establish how IRS and other personnel violated rights protected by the First Amendment,” Rogers wrote.

Turns out all those jokes about people calling the NSA and asking for backups of lost emails and of course files (because remember, courtesy of complicit megacorporations, the NSA has full backdoor access to everything anyone does) - they weren't jokes at all.

And now the NSA is caught between a rock and a hard place: because if it refuses an officialcongressional demand, it shows once again that the spy agency is entirely separated from any concept of checks and balances and accountability; if it complies, it confirms that all the NSA is, considering it can't even tap into a bunch of Al Qaeda phones and figure out what the jihadists' strategy is in Iraq, is just a massive data repository of all US electronic information, to be abused at will by corrupt, criminal government workers, some of whom will likely have to resort to the "dog ate my emails" excuse in the immediate future.


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Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:16 | 4856496 JohnnyBriefcase
JohnnyBriefcase's picture

NSA: "Uhh we lost them in a computer glitch too."


Because fuck you.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:22 | 4856508 kill switch
kill switch's picture

That was before they got the Utah facility up and solly.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:35 | 4856531 Gaius Frakkin' ...
Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Hey jackass Congressman, they didn't build the super facility in Utah to just collect email headers, no one believes you are "overseeing" the NSA and no one believes the NSA's limited hangouts and sad fucking attempts to cover its ass. You can all stop pretending.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:43 | 4856569 SafelyGraze
SafelyGraze's picture


a year famous for congress learning that it has no power to declare war (aka kinetic support) or enact laws (aka executive orders) or enforce laws (aka doj) or read the text of bills (aka international trade agreements or mandated taxes) because everything belongs to the executive branch (aka lobbyists/handlers)

window sitters


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:53 | 4856589 Xibalba
Xibalba's picture

My computer crashed at least 3 times in the past few years.  I upgraded to a new rig and surprisingly ALL my emails were still there!

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:21 | 4856663 quintago
quintago's picture

The NSA just needs to provide the headers. Then they can subpoena the emails of the people who sent or received the emails and find out those people also lost them in a computer glitch that happened around the same time.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:33 | 4856693 TeamDepends
TeamDepends's picture

>LL deserves death (Treason)

>Just a pawn

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:53 | 4856730 Tao 4 the Show
Tao 4 the Show's picture

Well, it really is more fun when we go full circle to blatant absurdity. Lots of ZH'ers joked about callig NSA to recover their lost files after a computer crash. Now the pols are catching up. Just not sure they get the joke.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 13:50 | 4856852 SWRichmond
SWRichmond's picture

It's unusual for an insider to go out of bounds like this.  One cardinal rule of power is this: genuine infighting is the death of the system.  When those with all the power use it against each other, they destroy each other.  This sort of thing should be encouraged.  Each of us should do what we can to encourage it while avoiding becoming collateral damage.

IOW, the legislature, the executive branch and the judiciary tearing each other apart is a goal worth seeking.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 18:59 | 4857453 mjcOH1
mjcOH1's picture

"In a letter to NSA Director Michael Rogers on Friday, Stockman requested that the NSA turn over information it has about emails between Lerner and outside groups between January 2009 and April 2011.

Stockman’s request for the NSA’s “metadata” on the emails comes as congressional Republicans probe whether the IRS mishandled applications for tax-exempt status from Tea Party and conservative groups.

In a statement, Stockman said the NSA’s information “will establish who Lerner contacted and when, which helps investigators determine the extent of illegal activity by the IRS.”

Your prompt cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated and will help establish how IRS and other personnel violated rights protected by the First Amendment,” Rogers wrote."


The Congressman is confused about the aims of the NSA global surveillance system.   It is not to force accountability on the executive branch.   It is to determine which US general is banging which sweet young thang, which Congressman (hint here Congress-critters) favors what variety of midget porn, and to provide the needed data for a blackmail/PR scandal executive decision.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 22:08 | 4857816 boogerbently
boogerbently's picture

Great move, strategy wise.

If they can't provide them......what good are they, eliminate the multi-billion dollar, redundant "spy" group.

If they CAN provide them, obama/IRS is toast.



Sun, 06/15/2014 - 07:40 | 4858175 SoilMyselfRotten
SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Open up that request time frame and maybe we can find out who killed Kennedy

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 12:22 | 4858617 Chupacabra-322
Chupacabra-322's picture

Or perhaps the real perpetrators of the False Flag of 911.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 15:41 | 4859035 7.62x54r
7.62x54r's picture

NSA my ass.

Give me the hard drives, and I could probably recover the emails.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 20:47 | 4859697 logicalman
logicalman's picture

It was a lone gunman with magic bullets.

Didn't you know that?

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 11:46 | 4858522 Government need...
Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Why not release the tapes of Merkel's phone sex sessions with her favorite lover, too.  We the people need an entertaining diversion, after all.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 14:37 | 4858895 mjcOH1
mjcOH1's picture

Because there is nothing more erotic than phone sex.   In German.   With a 60 yr old woman.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 20:47 | 4859698 logicalman
logicalman's picture

Thanks a lot.

I now need a mind rinse.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 14:37 | 4858896 mjcOH1
mjcOH1's picture


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 14:48 | 4856975 Bananamerican
Bananamerican's picture

If anyone wondered why my handle is "bananamerican", now you know

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:48 | 4857119 max2205
max2205's picture


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:17 | 4857277 TheReplacement
TheReplacement's picture

And here we thought you were just happy to see us.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:42 | 4857341 WonderDawg
WonderDawg's picture

Logged in just to give you an upvote. That's some funny shit.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 08:48 | 4858221 overmedicatedun...
overmedicatedundersexed's picture

this is about the inner circle at the whitehouse- holder will see to it that nothing comes out...nixon's men just could not take the crimes to their logical end - and nixon lost, holder knows congess is a paper tiger.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 16:16 | 4859108 wisefool
wisefool's picture

Correct. The natural remedy for this and other situations is for congress to hold witnesses in contempt. She could have pleaded the 5th and not spoke. But not plead the faith and claim innocence. which is the only words on record.

These emails could be retained under national security but that opens up a can of worms. Same thing with executive privilege.

When they started contempt of congress charges in this and other situations, boehner said : "uhh I don't think we can do that,"

And that is it. Congress is the abject servant of the executive. Your votes for congress people are a waste of time. The Supreme Court achieved this servile status long ago when FDR told them he would pack the court if they did not approve the new deal.

Welcome to mob rule. You should Plan your entire set of life decisions based on which mob is going outnumber the other one at any future point in time.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:50 | 4857358 Pig Circus
Pig Circus's picture

If anyone wondered why my handle is "Pig Circus", now you know

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:42 | 4857101 goldpercent
goldpercent's picture

Seems like Steve Stockman either has a sense of humor or is trying to make a point.  Don't know anything about this guy and given his job I will assume he is a tool (too kind I know), but I love the move.  I look forward to the squirming.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 18:53 | 4859409 Chuck Walla
Chuck Walla's picture

“Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

Eric Hoffer, The Temper of Our Time


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 19:29 | 4857524 puckles
puckles's picture

Haha bullshit. The minute Lerner was officially under investigation (indeed, before it even hit the public fan) all archived data in any way relating to her within that time frame was subject to judicial conservation.  Violating that is a Federal offense.  All Federal agencies, ESPECIALLY the IRS, are aware of this, in the post-Nixon era. I can assure you that the IRS has multiple backup systems--so does every agency, but the IRS? Gimme a break  Those bozos are self-funded.  The dog did not eat this homework. 

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 20:53 | 4857662 MontgomeryScott
MontgomeryScott's picture

@ puckles,

"Violating that is a Federal offense."

Yeah, and whatever.

Judges are appointed by appointees and political cronies. They are given sweet salaries and 'Federal protection', so that when they JUDGE these crimes, it will always be in favor of the criminals. Don't talk this bullshit about 'Since Nixon'. I mean, SERIOUSLY? WHICH JUDGE do you think will actually PROSECUTE these criminal elements?

'Those bozos' are NOT self-funded. They rely on YOU, the TAXPAYER, for that (as well as the FedRes to keep printing money; in return for PROMISORY NOTES on 'the good faith and credit of the United States, Incorporated').

My second ex-wife has a Pug. I never thought she was the type to favor these dogs. They're really short, and they snort a lot, but I guess they're 'cute' when they sneeze and drool. They remind me of the term 'fugly'. In fact, they're 'pugly' (not to be confused with 'Pugsly', on the 'Addams Family'. Have you noticed the similarities between Kerry and 'Lurch'?)

I wonder what the 'JUDICIAL CONVERSATION' entailed.

'Judge Smails, why don't you meet us at Bushwood? I'd like to play a couple of rounds.'

'Oh, yes, Ms. Jarrett! Will His Majesty be there?'

'Yes, Obama needs a photo-op. Perhaps you might consider being in it.'


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 16:13 | 4857165 A Nanny Moose
A Nanny Moose's picture

Yup. They would all still be on the server, unless they are using POP3, which would not surprise me.

These people are fucking lying...again.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:10 | 4856636 MontgomeryScott
MontgomeryScott's picture

Stockman's living in Fantasyland.

Hell, ask Lois Lerner. She'll tell you. There is 'No Such Agency', and there is no record being kept. That big computer complex in Utah; well, they're simply trying to calculate the largest prime number or something just as mundane. Everyone who works there has dogs, as well. There was this incident during 'bring your dog to work' day that they have (they're very pet-friendly over there, you see), when all the dogs ate the data when they weren't looking (they were on the 'net, surfing porn sites or something, so they were pre-occupied). All that data (with the prime number search or whatever) is all gone now.

Stockman oversees No Such Agency. What's the guy's name on First Base. No, Who's the guy's name on First base. That's what I'm asking, what's the guy's name?

The people in the CONUS are a bunch of pussified cowards for even allowing the existence of the IRS, and the NSA (and, the CIA, the DIA, the TIA, and all the other unlawful unconstitutional incursions). The MAFIA in D.C. is holding hearings, trying to decide who is being MORE criminal. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I'm just waiting for that guy Mussolini or Hitler or Stalin or whatever in the Oval Office to pass another Executive Order, so these two criminals will be QUIET about this. Let's ship another few thousand illegal alien orphans in, or make another 'prisoner trade' or something.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 13:55 | 4856870 SWRichmond
SWRichmond's picture

If anyone needed proof that DC doesn't work for us, the arrogance required to publicly give these "my dog ate my homework" excuses is it.  They know it's bullshit, they know you know it's bullshit, and they know there's nothing you can do about it, because they don't work for you and you can't reach them.  Case closed.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:46 | 4857114 Flagit
Flagit's picture

Be done with them. If you continue to file taxes you are part of the problem. They CANNOT keep everyone in jail. Lets make this the Bundy Nation. A nation of armed citizens escorting whats left of government to the border. The fuckers won't be happy until every street corner looks like Fallujah.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 20:16 | 4857596 MontgomeryScott
MontgomeryScott's picture

For the uninitiated, here's a website that has the links you need to comprehend 'Flagit's factual statement that if you continue to file taxes you're part of the problem.

Taxes are due on profits, and from 'federal employees' (and residents of U.S. territories, and from foreigners who earn money in the United States). Labor, on the other hand, is a barter between employer and employee (as ruled upon in several Supreme court cases), and is therefore not considered as 'profit'. It's all clearly spelled out in those volumes of 'tax code'.

Of course, the hardest part is to try to explain this to your employer, who seems to think that he or she or 'it' HAS to WITHOLD taxes from you. if you file the old '1099', of course, and fail to 'report', then YOU might be the target of that private offshore-held Corporation AKA 'the IRS', but if you don't have the guts to take the risk, then keep paying, as your nation and the Constitutional guarantees are RIPPED APART before your eyes.

PAY those taxes, as the 'lawmakers' decide that more surveillance is GOOD, and the militarization of the Police is GOOD, and endless wars against unknown people in order to gain control of the supply of oil for multinational corporations is GOOD.

YOU get the bill, and YOU are buying your own enslavement and impoverishment.

Lois Lerner's 'e-mail trail' has disappeared, but you can bet your ASS that mine hasn't, AND NIETHER HAS YOURS.

"Thank God for Southby." (Sorry, I don't know why I was reminded of a Clive Cussler quote from 'Raise The Titanic!', regarding the fantasy of 'Byzantium' as a way to save the world from perpetual war in the form of a missile shield, a'la 'STAR WARS'. Probably because the 'Millionaire's Special' had a group of European financeers who had heard of the formation of the Federal Reserve System, and were bound to come to America to try to STOP IT, back in 1912. That ship had a discernible list, by the way, even before it hit the iceberg or whatever. How many portholes did it have on the bow? Was it 19, or 18? I forget. Titanic, Olympic, Brittanic.)

An appetite whetter:

The video as decribed (perhaps):

Now, I KNOW that the Illuminated Ones who control everything you watch and everything you eat and everything you spend your money on and the money that you use to live aren't in the habit of mass murders, coverups, and conspiracies.

Do you like my 'avatar' pic?


Sun, 06/15/2014 - 09:32 | 4858256 Greenskeeper_Carl
Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

When did YOU personally stop paying taxes? I'd be willing to bet money that you filed your taxes like a good serf this year, and every other year. I did the same. I am not defending the tax code, or taxes in general, but everyone I've heard of who tries that shit either winds up paying those taxes plus a large fine or ends up in prison. Everyone.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 11:49 | 4858531 Government need...
Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Sometimes one makes mistakes in their tax preparation. One could 'miss a zero' here or there (or add one).

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 16:36 | 4857210 boattrash
boattrash's picture

SWRichmond, Thank You! I can stop reading now. You said it ALL, perfectly! + 1000

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 14:54 | 4858938 Ghostdog
Ghostdog's picture

Please excuse Lois from turing in her emails as her dog ate them. Sign, Epstiens Mother.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 20:51 | 4859710 logicalman
logicalman's picture

You have to wonder how good a BitCoin miner that Utah sucker would be.

Just a thought.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:29 | 4856682 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

OT, but... While banksters and ploticians are busy screwing others, poor Greeks are busy screwing themselves, down below the Equator:

Columbia just scored on the Greek team, although technically the Greek defender (#4) caused the goal with his inept attempt to block the ball, but ended up deflecting it into his own goal.

Poor Greece peaked 2500 years ago, and it's been downhill ever since.

All sarcasm aside, maybe if they accepted the warrior Zionist god over their meek, sheep god, they'd be the Kings of the World, instead of the butt end of its jokes. Just sayin'.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 14:05 | 4856888 TeamDepends
TeamDepends's picture

"Ploticians".  Genius!!!

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 16:40 | 4857217 ebear
ebear's picture

"Columbia just scored on the Greek team"

This is that game where they kick a little ball around on a field, right?

BTW, it's ColOmbia.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:21 | 4857287 TheReplacement
TheReplacement's picture

You mean the kickoff, extrapoint, punt, and field goal in football?

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 14:11 | 4856903 kchrisc
kchrisc's picture

NSA to Stockman:

"Dear fellow criminal,

We know about you too, so you better shut up.

your partners in theft and treason, the NSA."

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:18 | 4857279 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

"What did you know and when did you know it."

This is not some minor squabble. Nor do I see this as a "comical act."

The NSA could very easily be charged with war crimes..."so tell me about the lost records."

If the Congressman is already in possession of said records of "Congressman who are laundering hundreds of millions through casino gambling" and you turn over to him documents you know are false "prepare to be shot by firing squad."

Or worse....

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 00:37 | 4857998 kchrisc
kchrisc's picture

"Gather them all up, the conniving pols, the belligerent crats, the thieving banksters, and let the guillotine sort them out."

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 11:51 | 4858534 Government need...
Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Lerner appears to have a juicy neck.  I wonder if her head, were it hypothetically to roll clear from her shoulders, would make a semi-hollow noise, like a ripe melon.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:29 | 4856539 rubiconsolutions
rubiconsolutions's picture

The digital equivalent of "the dog ate my homework."

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:10 | 4856639 i-dog
i-dog's picture

There's a fucking big dog that has eaten a fucking big pile of homework within the US government over recent years!

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 13:06 | 4856764 Pool Shark
Pool Shark's picture



Sounds like you have inside information?...


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:07 | 4857018 SDShack
SDShack's picture

Actually, its a whole nother level. Because with an email, there is a distribution list. It doesn't just reside in Lerner's computer. It resides on every computer that was on the email distribution list, plus probably some back up servers used by those computers. So the proper response would be to subpena all those emails. Of course, with Holder running his own Mafia Justice League, this is just a big FU to congress, and specifically the TP that was targeted by the IRS by 0zer0. This is infinitely worse than Watergate ever was, and shows that the 0zer0 administration is pure corruption.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:22 | 4857289 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture


The ignorant phucks are leaving an ELECTRONIC trail that not only leads back to them...but does so in real time...while revealing your exact location! In real time!

Counter measures for said "bureau bot" at NSA I imagine are quite good.

To defend that I would recommend turning over...the TRUTH.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 16:20 | 4857184 Flagit
Flagit's picture

I'm curious to know if any of my old classmates are working for the IRS.

True story. In 8th grade i was given an "award" for best excuse for not having my homework done.

My uncles' goat ate it.

They live on a farm, and in certain weather it was not unheard of to milk the goat on the back porch of the house, which is connected to the kitchen. The event did happen, just not to me, but my younger cousin. Goats will absolutely eat paper.

Upon telling the teacher why i didn't have anything to hand in, he calmly took off his glasses and folded them in his front shirt pocket. He slowly walked around the desk put his arm around my shoulder and swung us around to face the class. He then calmly asked me to tell the class what i had just told him. i STILL remember the seething anger coming from the class as they failed/refused to choke down the lie. You could see the brainwaves being emitted from that class, from space. They wanted to know where it happened. What time. The dimensions of the house, porch, kitchen, and farm yard. What breed of goat. Names of all household members, and their exact location at the time of the alleged paper munching. They wanted pictures of the farm, the house, and to bring the goat in for inspection. One bright student even suggested that i should have to collect and analyze the goat shit for traces of paper. These were 8th grade students and smart enough to demand some truth.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 19:03 | 4857474 rabbitusvomitus
rabbitusvomitus's picture

NOPE, not this time! They are far and away truly Phucked this time. 

Any assclown with a GED and sub 70 IQ knows that it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose those emails.  The NSA cannot pretend to not have access to and/or the ability to recreate/resurrect the aforementioned AWOL email headers. 

SO, how long till Mizz Learner wakes up Vince Fostered? anyone, bueller...bueller...bueller..... 


Sun, 06/15/2014 - 07:11 | 4858160 intric8
intric8's picture

Wha? Sorry for drifting off. I was too busy picturing Lerner with her bloody head on a long, sharp stick.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 11:56 | 4858545 Government need...
Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Lois Lerner sleeps with the fishes.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 09:46 | 4858269 Van Halen
Van Halen's picture

Congressman: NSA, you must restore those 'lost' emails.

NSA: Go to hell.

Congressman: Welp, I've done my duty! Off to the golf course!

American People: Screwed.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 13:43 | 4858799 doctor10
doctor10's picture

This little "glitch" basically proves that at least some of those emails originated form the White House.

Mon, 06/16/2014 - 10:09 | 4861055 Common_Cents22
Common_Cents22's picture

every american should file a blank 1040 next year and tell the IRS,  "i lost all my tax data, sorry."

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:18 | 4856500 Rentier88
Rentier88's picture

Got to love it they ( govt. officials ) are now using the NSA against each other...LOL

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:46 | 4856711 xtop23
xtop23's picture

It's all just window dressing to legitimize the ongoing crimes being perpetrated by the N S A.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:25 | 4857301 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

Congress...can hold Court too.

"The Supremes" can just stand aside with their dicks in their hand if that party gets started.

"Mr. Speaker!" ain't just some moniker.

"Beware the Law Giver."

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:20 | 4856504 kill switch
kill switch's picture

As a former engineer with Digital Equipment Corp I can assure you that the I.R.S. uses outside vendors to store all their backups off site.. If not they are breaking all disaster recovery protocols. But we knew that,,right? It was a boating accident..well that explains it....carry on.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:31 | 4856544 rubiconsolutions
rubiconsolutions's picture

@kill switch - Yep, I agree. I'm certain that mail servers are backed up daily if not in real time and personal computers backed up at least weekly. 

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 13:07 | 4856767 Pool Shark
Pool Shark's picture



I wish the IRS would suffer a computer crash and lose all my records...


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 14:46 | 4856971 kill switch
kill switch's picture


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 16:24 | 4857193 Flagit
Flagit's picture

I wish they would suffer a plane crash.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 02:29 | 4858055 One And Only
One And Only's picture

Cool Fact:

If every American paid off all of their debts....there would be no money.

Mon, 06/16/2014 - 10:10 | 4861062 Common_Cents22
Common_Cents22's picture

my company suffered a tornado years ago and many years of tax records stored in an attic area blew away.  seriously  LOL

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:45 | 4856581 BlindMonkey
BlindMonkey's picture

It wasn't a boating accident. They stored the backups right next to the central bank files in Iron Mountain.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:50 | 4856594 kill switch
kill switch's picture

No the MF Global vault...I think Jon has the combo....

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:34 | 4857087 Lost Word
Lost Word's picture

Goldman Sachs?

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:02 | 4856614 CheapBastard
CheapBastard's picture

I suspect most of these relatively important Gubmint agencies have several servers for back-up as well as several back-up storage units. My neighbor is a former clerk for a judge said he would probably  find her in contempt, lock her up with Ms. Bubba and wait until she produces said emails.

I'm not a lawyer but that sounds good to me. In this day and age it's almost unpossible for these things to get 'lost.'

Why not cooperate and simply turn them over?

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:08 | 4856630 conscious being
conscious being's picture

Is this about the tribe closing ranks??

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:13 | 4856649 g speed
g speed's picture

because they implicate Barry---

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 13:26 | 4856807 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Exactly.  Or his minions so Obama has "plausible deniability".

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:27 | 4857306 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

"Money laundering."

Gambling is a baseball.

"And here comes the high cheese."

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:18 | 4856657 you enjoy myself
you enjoy myself's picture

the lie is more brazen than that.  the IRS is claiming the emails are lost because Lerner's personal computer had a hard drive failure.   they even went further and claimed that no data could be recovered after they gave the hard drive to a forensic unit - something that could only be true if you took a sledgehammer and magnet to it.

and they're compounding the lie even further by saying the reason they can produce Lerner emails to/from the 80 or so people in her office, but not to any outside personnel, is because they can search those 80 individual PC's.  they really thought no one would know that email isn't some 1990 peer to peer system. 

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:10 | 4857030 Thought Processor
Thought Processor's picture



Well, next time I lose some incriminating tax evidence on my hard drive I know I at least have a valid excuse.


Thanks IRS!

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:21 | 4857051 Bad Attitude
Bad Attitude's picture

I don't think the regime even cares if anyone believes their lies any more. And, if they get caught in a lie, they just respond with an even more preposterous lie. They believe they are above the law, and with impotent Republicans, they are probably correct.

Forward (over the cliff)!

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 16:10 | 4857155 RichardENixon
RichardENixon's picture

To paraphrase an old witicism from The Soviet Union, They pretend to tell the truth, we pretend to believe them. You saw how that worked out over there.

Mon, 06/16/2014 - 10:12 | 4861069 Common_Cents22
Common_Cents22's picture

brazen lies happen w/ the cover of propaganda media.   it is now at an absurd level.   is this reality or twilight zone???

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:26 | 4856672 you enjoy myself
you enjoy myself's picture

even better, check out this vid where the IRS commissioner tries to pretend that it will take years to collect Lerner's emails, as opposed to 30 minutes.  even if you had to go any tape archives it would be a couple days at best.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:29 | 4857073 machineh
machineh's picture

But the steam engine that powers the tape drive broke.

And the back-up power source (a water wheel) is down due to drought.

We'll get back to you!

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:19 | 4857282 Matt
Matt's picture

Well, he actually said he has no idea how long it takes to find all the messages, but it will take his whole team several months to go through all the messages to redact information. That guy's reaction is priceless. Where does it say in the subpeona that you are supposed to redact anything? 

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:36 | 4856698 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I can assure you that their emails and files are backed up in REAL time, and that keyloggers are installed on most TERMINALS. Yes, Virginia, almost all employees use terminals, not PCs. For all the obvious reasons.

This is clear and blatant CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:29 | 4857310 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture


Sun, 06/15/2014 - 20:58 | 4859735 logicalman
logicalman's picture

I think Congress is so used to contempt, it hardly even notices anymore.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:07 | 4857022 graneros
graneros's picture

Absolutely correct.  This excuse may have flown back in the 80's and early 90's but not now.  All govt agencies have tons of redundancy built in so there is no way a computer crash is gonna fly. The amount of work needed to track and delete all pieces of those emails and delete them is mind boggling and IMO impossible. Just another stall tactic. By the time we see news of LL again the headlines will be loaded with tons of Iraq, Ukraine, Putin, Hillary, illegal immigrant, bad economic, etc stories we'll have to struggle to remember the IRS tales. Sick of it all.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:21 | 4856507 RacerX
RacerX's picture

It is amazing to me that a) the IRS is making this claim and b) nobody is in jail.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:38 | 4856563 XitSam
XitSam's picture

For some time now I have assumed anything the government says is a lie.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:44 | 4856578 kill switch
kill switch's picture

My private contention has now become obvious,,,this goes right back to Barry Soetoro and the WH....Calling DOJ Holder..

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:12 | 4856647 conscious being
conscious being's picture

I'm sure Holder will get right on it.  /not

We no longer have the rule of law.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 16:34 | 4857209 Flagit
Flagit's picture

WE do, THEY don't.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 07:37 | 4858170 Raging Debate
Raging Debate's picture

Conscious Being - Bang on, this is my primary argument why the brand known as Uncle Sam is dead. I think reform is possible in countries but it depends on scale of power. In Soviet brand and USA brand the scale of power and hence complete corruption makes internal reform impossible even if some in government want it.

To me the only speculation is to the semantics of how the people are misled as to why it happened. An EMP false flag is my speculation as then lots of vital data can be claimed to be destroyed, broken window policy could be used for make-work jobs and the loss of revenue would be temporary but the reasoning of draconian cuts would probably work on pensioneers and those promised benefits that cant be met at current rates (without hyperinflation that is).

Plus with highly rationed power those that would attempt a revolution would be doing it in the dark with no energy, ends that potential scenario. Yep, as a reformed sociopath with a high IQ it is exactly what I would do so I hedge for that kind of a scenario.

The three B's (beans, bullion and bullets for looters) cartons of cheap cigs and booze (can be used as anticeptic) bleach for water purification feel free to add to the list. Then for up to a year you become a local warlord and trading location (Google how Russians did this in there collapse) so you trade the luxuries for there jewelry and bullion. Sure, I'll trade this carton of smokes for half ounce of gold.

The people would be more reliant and trusting of a new government for food and you don't have to throw out the baby with the bath water economically during reorganization. Plus default on all debt!

The Soviet method didnt involve a revolution. There currency was massively debased and then one day nearly literally overnight, pensioneers woke up to a new government and that they were going to get half or less of what they expected. They had a police state too before the reorganization. I think the potential response from the populous is what those DHS hollow-points and militarization of the police are for.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 12:06 | 4858568 Government need...
Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Dont be the last sucker following the law.  You'll end up broke and offering BJs on the corner.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 13:43 | 4856838 SF beatnik
SF beatnik's picture

"For some time now I have assumed anything the government says is a lie."



And of course, the MSM.  This is a dangerous situation. 

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:37 | 4857324 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

This is true...however we also have a Uniform Code of Military Justice too.

The UCMJ...which was formed out of the ashes of World War II is FAR stricter than what is found in Civilian law.

That includes enforcement of Rights I might add.

I would imagine...veterans...have preferential status...but I wouldn't no since I have never been a party to UCMJ hearing.

Certainly if "martial law" as a result of some "tumult" is declared their procedures will come as a surprise to Americans.

Their methods are procedural in nature.

"Your attorney will be sworn in too."

Of course...if you have nothing to hide...why have an attorney?

"Just simply tell the truth and be done with the matter."

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:22 | 4856509 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

Bananas for everyone !!! Two for Michelle.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:27 | 4856528 Jumbotron
Jumbotron's picture

Come Mr. Tallyman....tally me bananas !!


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:47 | 4856588 Rakshas
Rakshas's picture

Bananas are the perfect food......... oh wait.... no that's breasts, oh yeah that's right breasts are the perfect food.....

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 14:47 | 4856972 DirkDiggler11
DirkDiggler11's picture

The Wookie prefers Oranges ....

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:22 | 4856511 Meat Hammer
Meat Hammer's picture

A criminal organization asking for help from another criminal organization with investigating yet another criminal organization. What could go wrong?

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:25 | 4856523 Motorhead
Motorhead's picture

Honor among thieves?

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:59 | 4856609 kill switch
kill switch's picture

What could go wrong? 


Nothing,, this will go down as planed,,, net result, we deem this a phony scandal,,,now PLEASE MOVE THE FUCK ON.....MSM will repeat..

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:23 | 4856512 border dog
border dog's picture

What dog ate the emails? much more can we take?

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:31 | 4856538 Meat Hammer
Meat Hammer's picture

Well, border dog, I'm not taking anymore. I'm compiling all of these news articles and will print them out and mail them to the IRS on April 15th in lieu of my 1040 extortion paperwork. I'm done. Mrs. Meat is done. We must not feed the enemy anymore. 

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:48 | 4856582 Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill's picture

Same here.  Aiding, and abetting a criminal organization is a felony.

No  taxes for you.

If its good enough for the goose,its sure good enough for this gander.

Sorry no backups  all three sysems crashed at once.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:03 | 4856619 i-dog
i-dog's picture

An inconvenient fire can be quite fortuitous just before an IRS audit (or missed filing). One can't help bad luck.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:06 | 4856625 Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill's picture

Serendipity is a wonderful thing.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 13:54 | 4856862 americanspirit
americanspirit's picture

i-dog - we had just such a fire a month or so ago. The cabin on our property where we had all of our files except for the current year stored burned to the ground. Nothing was salvagable. All records of all prior years gone. We are devastated.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 12:09 | 4858580 Government need...
Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

How much is your property worth, you know, for the IRS lein?  And what's the IRS vigorish these days, 15% annually?  Yield curve suppression does not apply when felonious Uncle Sam is looking for his annual 'protection money'.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:19 | 4857044 graneros
graneros's picture

I say we should all take our IRS files and PMs out sailing every April.

"Uh yes sir I know that's the 20th year in a row all that stuff went to the bottom.  Guess I just have bad luck."

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 21:08 | 4859767 logicalman
logicalman's picture

What if we just stop keeping records and being careful about the way we live.

Pull cash and use it. Probably the easiest way to send a message.

No track if you don't use loyalty cards.

Take it one step further - use cash for almost everything and choose, as randomly as possible, when you will use your debit card.

Make more noise and the signal is degraded.


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:04 | 4857009 fxrxexexdxoxmx
fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

It is each of our responsibility to follow the law. It is against the law to not pay your taxes. Pay your taxes becuase if you do not they will come and take everything you own, smiling the entire time. Now if you happen to be an IRS employee paying your taxes is a choice and nothing will happen to you if you do not. This may appear to be unfair but it is not. Those who work for the IRS work really hard unlike the civilians they take taxes from so their hard and tireless work ethic should be be rewarded. So if IRS employees do not pay their taxes it is no big deal, they deserve it.

Once you fully understand what I just said you will see why paying your taxes is important and why responsible individuals follow the law.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 16:21 | 4857185 Meat Hammer
Meat Hammer's picture

May your chains rest lightly upon you.

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 01:13 | 4858019 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture


Now THAT was entertainment!

I hope you get a lot more than 7.4 times readers' consuming (reading) what you wrote vs. the time it took you to write it!

"Entertainment: Content and Consumption"

(I even take a quick look at ZH)

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 21:14 | 4857709 NeedtoSecede
NeedtoSecede's picture

Meat, I always like your contributions and you are bringing it strong tonight. I like your approach here and I was going to make a couple suggestions for motivating more people to take this approach, but these miserable douchebag criminals fucksticks are not worth my time. And too many sheeple are still asleep and content with their chains. This system is corrupt and broken beyond repair.

Secession anyone?

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 14:13 | 4856907 ziggy59
ziggy59's picture

EMP to hit NSA's room containing backups of IRS in 3,2,1....

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 16:37 | 4857211 Flagit
Flagit's picture

My DogeCoins ate my email.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:23 | 4856513 roadhazard
roadhazard's picture

good one

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:24 | 4856514 wisefool
wisefool's picture

Why don't they hire a couple of computer people and buy a few servers with big hard drives to run some backups? They could sell some of the 2 million worth of furniture they just bought on eBay. Maybe also have their next convention in Cincinnati instead of expensive places like Anaheim.

So many ways to prevent this from happening again. And remember, if you're a democrat, the republicans will be able to pull this trick too when they get back in the whitehouse .

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:23 | 4856515 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

Even as the wheels come off the bus, things still go 'round and 'round.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:24 | 4856516 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

Save us Snowden !!!

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:25 | 4856521 Motorhead
Motorhead's picture

Not too much shock and outrage from the estatblishment politicians, or so it appears.  I'm shocked, I tell ya, SHOCKED!

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:26 | 4856527 GeezerGeek
GeezerGeek's picture

Asking the NSA for the 'lost' data is wonderful. The NSA needs some good publicity, and it should do more to serve the people rather than surveil them. For instance, why not put them in charge of identity theft? They are aware of everything we do, so why not make certain no one else is pretending to be us? Why should we have to rely on private organizations to protect our credit cards? Let the NSA do it! Why should we have no simple recourse to crank calls. scams, and other phone-based irritations? A simple call to the NSA should allow them to identify the bad guys and send a DHS swat team after them.

Might as well get some benefit from the unknown billions poured into this black hole! Wait till I suggest this to my congresscritter!

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:35 | 4856550 Urban Redneck
Urban Redneck's picture

If the NSA simply offered their data "restoration" and "protection" services commercially on the open market they could generate more revenue then Congress is giving them from its taxation racket, then the NSA could tell the Congressional criminals to shove their "oversight authority" where the sun don't shine. Follow that up with Goldman underwriting non-voting NSA shares in an IPO and the NSA farce would be complete.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:34 | 4857090 machineh
machineh's picture

In all seriousness, chances are the NSA has all those emails ... and yet is completely unable to find them within the petabytes of chitchat, spam and porn they're buried in.

This is what they can't afford to admit under any circumstances.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:41 | 4857100 Lost Word
Lost Word's picture

NSA uses Google for searches?

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 16:43 | 4857222 Flagit
Flagit's picture

Man calles NSA to restore email.


edit: beverage warning!!!

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 21:13 | 4859787 logicalman
logicalman's picture

I'm sure you know where this goes.

Like the law, the information that NSA has will be used selectively by those TRULY running things to hold it all together for as long as possible.

The bastards are riding a tiger.


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:28 | 4856529 Smiley
Smiley's picture

Sorry, those hard drives have been purged so that the NSA can collect everybody's selfies from their iPhones and record phone sex conversations between teenagers; in the interests of national security of course.  The US government as it currently operates is an absurd joke at best.  Anybody who takes a US congressperson or Senator at his/her/its' word is retarded.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:27 | 4856530 ATM
ATM's picture

When a corrupt Justice Dept is tasked with prosecuting something they are involved with can we expect anything else?

Fuck you Eric Holder you commie little bitch. Fuck you Lois Lerner you commie little bitch. 

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:29 | 4856536 kowalli
kowalli's picture

USA democracy in action.

Wait a minute i will go for popcorn

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:29 | 4856537 JJdog
JJdog's picture

Why didn't they just blame it on the weather? Just like everything else. 


Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:30 | 4856540 Chuck Knoblauch
Chuck Knoblauch's picture

Dave Camp is another lone voice crying in the wilderness for justice.

Where are the rest of the Republicans?

Where is Mitch and John?

We all know what happened to little Eric Cantor.

Sorry, I don't see the outrage among Republicans.

Who the hell is Dave Camp.

They are all laughing at you Dave.

Sad, but true.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:54 | 4856597 Everybodys All ...
Everybodys All American's picture

Boehner is so f-ing weak it makes me sick. He has caved on vitually ever subject when it comes to opposing the democrats rule. On this subject of the IRS targeting Tea Party he probably does not see the problem. I can't stand Boehner and the sooner he goes the better we will all be and the same for McConnell but in his defense this issue is not even going anywhere in the Senate with Reid in control.

This government is so morally broken that I now think that only a total collapse can fix it.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:11 | 4856641 Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill's picture

Complicit not weak.

He knew all about the IRS, same as the Bengazhi gun running.

The tea party was just as much a threat to him, as the Dems.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:19 | 4856660 g speed
g speed's picture

Tea Party is a bigger threat to him than the Dems.   fixed it for ya

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:44 | 4857106 Lost Word
Lost Word's picture

As the Tea party threat to the Dems.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 14:15 | 4856911 Gadfly
Gadfly's picture

He's a raging alcoholic.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:12 | 4857035 fxrxexexdxoxmx
fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

He makes alcoholics look bad.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:03 | 4856604 Gaius Frakkin' ...
Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

This rhetoric is just more political theater and you're swallowing it hook, line, and sinker. If any of these Congressmen were really serious they'd summon as many constituents as possible to DC to storm whatever department or agency that wasn't complying with demands.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:32 | 4856545 hairball48
hairball48's picture

The dog ate my homework.

Yeah sure. fucking liars.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:34 | 4856549 nmewn
nmewn's picture

See, its like this Mr.Stockman, we only spy on elected officials, the people, the press and foreign states who are and forever will be, distrusted by us in the Supreme Soviet Apparitchik. We keep an eye on these running dog reactionaries for the benefit of ourselves, not you. 

We do not spy on each other. The IRS is a part of us.

So, go pound sand.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:58 | 4856603 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

"It's a big club and you ain't in it."

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:46 | 4857116 Lost Word
Lost Word's picture

They spy on all the departments of Government,

if only for internal protection and internal blackmail.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:36 | 4856554 Seize Mars
Seize Mars's picture

Anyone who has ever worked at a big company knows emails cannot be lost. They are kept and guarded like the fucking crown jewels.

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 11:58 | 4856605 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

You're not in IT are you...

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