The Obama Administration Is Forcing Local Cops To Stay Silent On Surveillance

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of Libertyblitzkrieg

The Obama Administration is Forcing Local Cops to Stay Silent on Surveillance

The criminality of the Obama Administration is at this point almost beyond description. Earlier this week I highlighted a shocking discovery in my post titled: The Obama Administration is Trying to Cover up the VA Scandal by Issuing Subpoenas to Whistle-Blower Sites. In that piece, it was noted that:

Instead, it’s lawyers from the President Barack Obama administration employing the power of the administrative subpoena in a bid to siphon data from POGO’s encrypted submission portal. POGO’s site encourages whistleblowers to use Tor as the gateway and has garnered more than 700 tips about abuse and mismanagement at the US Veterans Administration after less than a month of operation.

 The administrative subpoena, which does not require the Fourth Amendment standard of probable cause, comes as the number of so-called drop boxes from media organizations and other whistleblower groups is on the rise in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations. The Washington Post and the Guardian were among the latest to deploy drop boxes on June 5. But no matter how securely encrypted the boxes might be, the subpoena is an old-school cracking tool that doesn’t require any electronic decryption methods.

Basically, the feds are so concerned that more truth about the VA scandal will get out there they have resorted to subpoenas to cover up as much as possible. Of course, considering that the entire Administration, and indeed the entire status quo in America, appears to be essentially a criminal syndicate, there is a naturally an endless stream of abuses that must be concealed from the plebs.

One thing that has become entirely clear since the Snowden revelations is the fact that the status quo in both political parties has absolutely zero intent on rolling back unconstitutional surveillance whatsoever. This became completely obvious recently when: Congress Gutted Anti-NSA Spying Bill Beyond Recognition; Original Cosponsor Justin Amash Voted No. Fortunately for those of us interested in transparency, some additional information is starting to come out regarding just how far these crooks are willing to go in order to spy on your every move and conversation.

From the AP, via Yahoo:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration has been quietly advising local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology they are using to sweep up basic cellphone data from entire neighborhoods, The Associated Press has learned.

Citing security reasons, the U.S. has intervened in routine state public records cases and criminal trials regarding use of the technology. This has resulted in police departments withholding materials or heavily censoring documents in rare instances when they disclose any about the purchase and use of such powerful surveillance equipment.

Yep, there’s that catch-all term again to justify anything, “security.”

Federal involvement in local open records proceedings is unusual. It comes at a time when President Barack Obama has said he welcomes a debate on government surveillance and called for more transparency about spying in the wake of disclosures about classified federal surveillance programs.

I’ve never, ever, in my life encountered a person who enjoys lying as much as Barack Obama.

One well-known type of this surveillance equipment is known as a Stingray, an innovative way for law enforcement to track cellphones used by suspects and gather evidence. The equipment tricks cellphones into identifying some of their owners’ account information, like a unique subscriber number, and transmitting data to police as if it were a phone company’s tower. That allows police to obtain cellphone information without having to ask for help from service providers, such as Verizon or AT&T, and can locate a phone without the user even making a call or sending a text message.

This is how they will bypass the telecom companies. Pure criminality.

Interviews, court records and public-records requests show the Obama administration is asking agencies to withhold common information about the equipment, such as how the technology is used and how to turn it on. That pushback has come in the form of FBI affidavits and consultation in local criminal cases.

“These extreme secrecy efforts are in relation to very controversial, local government surveillance practices using highly invasive technology,” said Nathan Freed Wessler, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, which has fought for the release of these types of records. “If public participation means anything, people should have the facts about what the government is doing to them.”

“It’s troubling to think the FBI can just trump the state’s open records law,” said Ginger McCall, director of the open government project at the Electronic Privacy Information Center. McCall suspects the surveillance would not pass constitutional muster.

In Sarasota, Florida, the U.S. Marshals Service confiscated local records on the use of the surveillance equipment, removing the documents from the reach of Florida’s expansive open-records law after the ACLU asked under Florida law to see the documents. The ACLU has asked a judge to intervene. The Marshals Service said it deputized the officer as a federal agent and therefore the records weren’t accessible under Florida law.

Most. Transparent. Ever.

Full article here.

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Is it only just...Obama?....really?



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They're all liars and thieves.

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June 14, 2014 - API
During an unprecedented system wide computer crash, every law enforcement agency in the United State has reported that all emails and data related to surveillance technology has been inexplicably lost. The unfortunate accident occurred shortly after a speech by President Obama, in which he reiterated his commitment to being "the most transparent Administration in US history". A spokesperson for the Justice Department has said, "We are certain the data can be retrieved with the help of our friends at the National Security Agency. We ask the press corp. to be patient as further updates will be forthcoming".

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Hey, one big solar is all it would take. Fry all the electronics back to the Stone Age for 6 months.

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"If you want to keep your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance."


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Don't trust anyone in a suit

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For those of you sick and tired of that self-righteous son of a bitch in DC (aren't they all) and the police state, I present to you a video for your viewing pleasure:


Los Angeles Kings Fans Demonstrate Proper Techniqe to Shoot Down a Police State Drone (VIDEO)
sushi's picture

NSA so totally predicted Putin's grab of Crimea and they were so on top of the ISIS move on Bagdad.

NSA wants another couple of trillion added to their budget, I say give six. Or even more!. NSA are the best value for dollar spent in the entire USSA government so much that they make the teleprompter in chief look like a complete bozo.



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Posted Elsewhere:


1) The taxes are not worth the value being returned.

I don't have a problem paying taxes, so long as they go to something worthwhile. I will end up paying around 33% - an entire 1/3rd of my income - in my 2013 tax return. Yes, I am getting a refund, but when I am paying tens of thousands of dollars and not getting the services I should receive for that investment in my country, celebrating the return of a few hundred dollars seems absurd.

Where is my benefit from my government for all of this? Do I have free healthcare? No. Do I have a world class education for my child? No. Do I have any kind of guaranteed income should I lose my job? No.

No, instead, I have a country which is the only one in the world to tax its overseas citizens. A country that bails out banks who prey on those who just want a home to raise a family when they become insolvent - but when it happens to me, and I short sell my home, the IRS is there, ready to tax me on "phantom income" - forgiven debt.

I have a country that spends billions on fighting wars for political gain, but does nothing when there actually is evidence of WMD use against others. A country that hemorrhages so much money on military spending, it must turn around and take loans against my child's future - her income - in order to continue to pay for programs we don't need.

2) I'm tired of people being surprised that I'm American because I have manners, common courtesy, and the ability to see the other side of issues.

Seriously, the number of people I meet who think Americans are rascal-riding land whales (like in the movie Wall-E) with handle-bar mounted machine guns, a sack of Big Macs in the front basket, a clinical addiction to NASCAR, and a passion for the modern day artist that is Jerry Springer - it's just too much. I've been introducing myself as Canadian because apparently I'm so polite, that's where they mostly assume I'm from.

3) The fact that none of this is ever going to change, regardless of what party is in charge, and the fact that the American government continues to shred the constitution a little more each year, until it doesn't even matter anymore.

You may not think of America as a police state, but it is. Nobody's going to come grab you in the middle of the night, unless you're reported as a terrorist of some kind. At that point, just forget about "police work" and get ready for the SWAT team.

Nobody is going to take your children way from you, unless Child Protective Services is called, and someone decides - for whatever reason - that it's "in the child's best interest" to be removed.

Nobody is ever going to interfere with your access to medicine, unless you're trying to get something that isn't ridiculously expensive from another country; in that case, get ready for being charged as a drug trafficker.

Nobody is going to freeze your bank accounts, passport, and other means of movement, unless the IRS believes you haven't given them enough money. Suddenly you have debt to prove isn't there, and it will all get "sorted out" at the blistering fast speed of government efficiency. Or you could just pay the amount they say and it all ends quickly.

4) The fact that the future for my child in the US is so dark.

All this debt, and it's going to fall on her and her children. She's broke, and she doesn't even know it yet. Disgusting.

Well, I count myself fortunate that I don't own a home in the US - it affords me the ability to even consider leaving it all behind. There's so much propaganda about how wonderful America is but, when you look at it without those rosy lenses on, what you really see is horrifying.



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You got a tax refund? You loaned the government money at 0% interest. Less considering inflation, ie. you paid fedgov to keep your money.

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I guess this would be the Minerva Obligations revision to the old Miranda Warning ....

You have the obligation to remain silent; should you choose not to remain silent, anything you say will be used against you in whatever venue we deem appropriate.

You have no right to an attorney.

Do you understand these obligations?  Doesn't matter, as strict liability applies.



boogerbently's picture

They did the same thing with the law (STOCK), supposedly limiting Congress's ability to "inside trade".


goldpercent's picture

Maybe you should consider having a problem with paying taxes.  I sure as hell do.

goldpercent's picture

What about sport coats?   I really like all of the pockets.  Never trust anyone with too many pockets?  Often I will wear a suit when I fly.  I never get hassled and I get to seed discontent in the minds of a few of the TSA. (Terrorizing Stupid Americans) Suits can be a useful tool. I realize I am supporting your point.

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Remember the "don't trust anyone over thirty" crowd?  They are all way over thirty now and saying, "trust us".

SF beatnik's picture

For six months? How about for a thousand years?

I wonder how our elites will fare as hunter gattherers

sessinpo's picture

SF beatnik      For six months? How about for a thousand years?  I wonder how our elites will fare as hunter gattherers


Now take yourself back thousands of years. Wouldn't you say the more successful hunter gatherers were the elites of their tribe? The wealth of the time was food and protection.

Now bring yourself back to modern times. And the elite are the most successful hunters and gatherers of today's environment. They have the most economic freedom. Get the picture.

They adjust. Can we?

cynicalskeptic's picture

You can bet NSA facilities are well shielded.

Citxmech's picture

And they'll have nothing to surveil.

skidsmango1's picture

...just spit beer on my monitor reading that.  Thanks for the laugh, errr...

Xanadu_doo's picture

Every. Single. One.

Blue or Red, it matters not.

We all know that by  now, yes?

booboo's picture

So you voted for him twice and feeling a big queasy about it are ya? Yea that's a spot even Ajax won't remove but have you learned anything?

djsmps's picture

I didn't vote for him either time. The last time I voted for a major party
candidate was Clinton. And I regret that now.

NoDebt's picture

Back when the original Patriot Act was passed under GWB my very first throught was "30 years from now, they're going to be abusing the hell outta this law to track, surveil and prosecute US citizens."

I was wrong.  It took less than 10 and the abuse is already beyond my wildest nightmares.

AmCockerSpaniel's picture

If you don't know why the government will never stop the NSA, my I point the way.... J Edger Hoover did it first.

SF beatnik's picture

But they're probably not so clever as J. Edgar.

NoDebt's picture

J Edgar would have given his left nut for tools like we have now.  If had this kind of technology at his disposal back then he would have been America's first "Il Presidente for Life".

cynicalskeptic's picture

BTW - ALL the data collected by the license plate readers you see on your local cop cars is kept FOREVER and passed upwards.  You may have THOUGHT they were used to scan for plate numbers on alerts or with outstanding warrants but NO..... EVERYTHING is read and kept.  And if they rea your plate and confise it with something there's an alert on you can be stopped and arrested - or worse.   Has already happened to people.

You can build a good model of travel habits between those and EZPass and such.  The equipment is already in place to use toll passes for writing speeding tickets and more - just awaitng legal justification.  Orwell grossly underestimated what would happen.

Grouchy Marx's picture

It's almost certainly the reason behind Justice Roberts voting in favor of the ACA. 

alexcojones's picture

Here in AZ, Joe Arpaio ain't staying silent.



CH1's picture

Joe Arpaio is a sadist.

economics9698's picture

And how would you handle your city overrun by violent drug goons and wetbacks?  We are all smart until it is time for action.

SilverIsKing's picture

I guess I would call the police.

Officer Smith and Officer Wesson.

rubiconsolutions's picture

Joe Arpaio is a narcissist dick. If he gave a shit about the constitution he'd boot TSA out of Sky Harbor Airport but like every other sheriff in this country is a statist power hungry prick. 

XitSam's picture

Maricopa County has paid out over $45 million in judgements because Joe cannot keep his detention officers and deputies from killing people.

He is the worst sort of good old boy southern sheriff.  People outside AZ that only know about him from Fox News and similar sources are being deceived.

Frankie Carbone's picture

Remember Rubicon, we have pricks here that are every bit as bad as the statists in that they don't give a flying fuck about the Constitution, or personal liberty, but will pay lip service here because they fear that they will get smoked in the next civil war if it happens (and they should be afraid, they're not fooling anyone, ALL totalitarians are going to run in fear, Red, Blue, camophlaged, whatever, if you oppose liberty and due process then YOU are the problem. That was an AND in the last statement, not an OR) but they're too clever by half. 

They speak of liberty and then praise a douchefuck like Joe Arpaio. 

Frankie Carbone's picture

I wonder which Arpaio choadchugger neg-repped me? 


seek's picture

Yeah, he is. I've seen some pretty compelling evidence they're using a stingray for Project Rose, and there's no way that could happen without him knowing.

DirkDiggler11's picture

Obumma will be judged in the end.

Andre's picture

I thought his end was being judged a lot already.

nmewn's picture

"Nobody is listening to your telephone calls,..."Barack Hussein Obama June 2013.

The consummate liar.

NoDebt's picture

Old phrase my Grandfather used to use seems appropriate for Obama:  "That guy would lie even if telling the truth served a better purpose."

About the only thing I think he's ever told the truth about is when he said he would "fundamentally transform America."  He sure as shit didn't lie about that.  I don't recognize the place any more. 

nmewn's picture

Yeah, he didn't divulge much about once they got beyond the terminus of Cloward–Piven and I (as his opponent standing aside and watching with am not going to say what mine is just yet either.

But its not the same as his ;-)

alexcojones's picture

I'm old enough to remember when Nixon had an Enemies List.

Barry will need an encyclopedia by the time he is done.


Peter Pan's picture

You mean he will need the national telephone directory or better still the electoral roll. LOL. Even bogus voters will be against him by then.

SF beatnik's picture

Richard Nixon:  Now more than ever.

Peter Pan's picture

There is perhaps one way for the little people to make their anger felt. And that is to eliminate every unnecessay use of the telephone, mobile phone, computer etc. The dramatic fall off in revenue to telcos will cause great hurt. It is these sort of messages that get our point across.

ZH will not be affected by my decision to reduce usage as accessing this site is deemed a necessity.

AlaricBalth's picture

The only way those in power will experience anger from the "little people" is when the free shit stops flowing. Otherwise, they are too busy posting selfies in FB, watching the idiot box or shopping for useless crap, attempting fill an empty hole in what is left of their souls. The anger being expressed here in ZH is like preaching to the choir. Many of us are trying to inform and educate our friends and families, yet we are considered alarmists and conspiracy theorists by those we are trying to help. It is quite exasperating at times.

10mm's picture

And it's time to stop trying to educate and inform. They will hang you and I out to dry. Not everyone is on board. You been warned.

fonzannoon's picture

i passed alarmist about 2 years ago. now i am the guy that is "just fun to have around". There could not be a worse or more accurate insult.