Senior NSA Executive: NSA Started Spying On Journalists in 2002 … In Order to Make Sure They Didn’t Report On Mass Surveillance

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EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Senior NSA Executive: NSA Started Spying On Journalists in 2002 … In Order to Make Sure They Didn’t Report On Mass Surveillance

The Story of NSA’s “First Fruits” Program Has Never Been Told

You may have heard about the government’s spying on the Associated Press. And high-level NSA whistleblower Bill Binney told Washington’s Blog that the government also spied on Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter James Risen, and chief Fox News Washington correspondent James Rosen.

But Senior NSA executive Thomas Drake tells Washington’s Blog that the spying on reporters started 12 years ago – in 2002 – and has been fairly systematic.

By way of background, Drake had championed the “ThinThread” program, which automatically encrypted Americans’ data (data could only be decrypted after a court found there was probable cause that the American was a bad guy).

But after 9/11, NSA instead adopted the competing “Stellar Wind” system, which didn’t protect Americans’ privacy, and was less effective and more expensive.

THOMAS DRAKE: Part of what I discovered is that part of the surveillance system, part of the Stellar Wind system – and that’s an umbrella term in itself – there were offshoots of that.

It metastasized. It grew like a cancer on the body politic.

One of the things that was done was [along the lines of]: “You know what? We’ve got to make sure” (because they were paranoid) “we’ve got to make sure that this stuff doesn’t get out … oh yeah, the press. Let’s violate the Fourth Amendment and just monitor the press.”

The whole story of that has not come out.

There was a program called “First Fruits”. They’ve no doubt changed the name of the program [since then.]

And that First Fruits program was a cutout which was designed from all of the domestic surveillance take. “Let’s just pipe off from all” that is involving designated [reporters] … or in some cases whole groups of reporters and journalists.

So you’re targeting actual newspapers. You’re targeting media outlets.

And you’re monitoring – on a persistent basis – their communications.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: How early did that start?

THOMAS DRAKE: The preliminary version of that – as far as an active program – was in 2002.

Postscript: Sadly, journalists are treated like the like enemy in modern America.

Senior NSA Executive DEMOLISHES Intelligence Agencies’ Excuse for 9/11

9/11 Should Have Been Stopped

The U.S. government pretended that 9/11 was unforeseeable.

But overwhelming evidence shows that 9/11 was foreseeable. Indeed, Al Qaeda crashing planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was itself foreseeable.

The fallback government position is that the problem was that intelligence agencies were prohibited by law from sharing intelligence, because there was a "Chinese Wall" put up between agencies focusing on foreign and domestic threats.

Washington’s Blog spoke with senior NSA executive Thomas Drake about this claim.

9/11 was Drake’s first day on the job at the NSA. Drake was tasked with investigating what intelligence NSA had on the 9/11 plot, in order to document that 9/11 wasn’t NSA’s fault. However, Drake discovered that NSA had a lot of information on the hijackers, and could have stopped 9/11 had it shared its data with other intelligence agencies.

Drake’s NSA bosses didn’t like that answer, so they removed Drake from his task of being the NSA’s investigator and spokesman regarding 9/11.

Here’s what Drake told us.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: A lot of people blame a “Chinese Wall” between foreign intelligence activities and domestic intelligence activities for not sharing the pre-9/11 data.

THOMAS DRAKE: That is a completely false “wall.” It was essentially to protect the status quo, or what they call “equities.”

It’s not true at all.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: Was it a turf war?

THOMAS DRAKE: Yes, it’s partly that. People have this idea that the government is all powerful, all-knowing, and everybody is in league with each other.

That’s not true. In fact – in this space – you more often than not find agencies at war with each other, effectively. Such that NSA is at war with Congress to keep them in the dark about what they’re really doing.

“I have knowledge, you don’t.” Information is power. “If I give it to you, then I’m giving away my power, and I’m not going to do it!”

Information is a currency. “Why would I give you my money. And I don’t know what you’re going to do with it. I don’t know how you’re going to spend it. I don’t know how you’re going to invest it. You may convert it, because money is fungible.”

Information is far more fungible even than traditional definitions of money.

I’ve never accepted the premise or the arguments. I’m aware that [9/11 Commissioner] Jamie Gorelick [who has potential conflicts of interest in the subject matter], for example, is well-known defender who kept saying that the “wall” was there when, in fact, there wasn’t a wall.

And we had special procedures where you had known ways to go through the wall when it was necessary.

Here’s the hypocrisy … It is true that in terms of separation between [domestic] law enforcement and normal causal chain of evidence, and information that was collected for intelligence purposes. But that’s not a wall as much as it’s due process.

Remember, what’s now used is parallel construction. [Background.] So, what was the wall again?

Intelligence is always carefully vetted for that reason. But if you’re talking U.S. domestic law, U.S. judicial process, due process, you couldn’t just take [raw] intelligence.

But here’s the kicker … If you believed that the intelligence rose to the level someone who has a U.S. person was involved in acts or planning to harm the United States, then the wall disappears, and there are actual procedures for that.

When you’re dealing with U.S. persons, then you had these procedures in which you could actually present [evidence for the need to target terrorists or other actual bad guys.] That was the whole thing with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: If they’re actual bad guys, then you can go after them.

THOMAS DRAKE: Yes! And you had mechanisms where you actually end up putting them on trial. You have mechanisms where you can introduce that as evidence.

It wasn’t like, “Oh, we can’t tell anybody.” That’s the reason they didn’t want to tell anybody … because they’re actually abusing the system.

There isn’t a “wall” … it’s because there’s due process. With foreign intelligence, we had standing procedures.

We’ve tried bad people … in Article III courts. You didn’t have to do the rendition stuff. And you don’t have to be a U.S. citizen to be put on trial.

For a short, must-watch interview with Drake and other high-level intelligence officials on agency turf wars, check this out:


Senior NSA Executive: OF COURSE They’re Collecting Everyone’s Content, As Well As Metadata

The Government’s “Limited Hangout” In Mass Surveillance

The NSA claims that it only collects our “metadata”, and not our content.

Washington’s Blog called senior NSA executive Thomas Drake and asked him whether it’s only metadata we have to worry about, or whether the government is collecting our content as well.

Initially, Drake explained that admitting to metadata collection is simply a “limited hangout” by the NSA: admission of one small piece of the puzzle which Snowden’s documents already reveal, in order to hide the bigger picture of mass spying on all Americans.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: NSA apologists claim that the agency is just collecting metadata and not content.

NSA whistleblowers Bill Binney and Russ Tice – and Tim Clemente from the FBI and a lot of other people – say that they’re recording all content, and that’s why they’re building the massive data storage facility at Bluffdale, Utah. [Background See here, here and here.]

What do you think?

THOMAS DRAKE: Simple response. I’ve been by Bluffdale [and it's huge.] I call it the “dark cloud on the ground.” It’s the dark digital cloud that’s sited on the ground.

And you don’t build a facility of that size if it’s all about metadata.

I could put the metadata of the world – with current technology – in less than the space of an average size house.

In fact, I could essentially put the metadata of the world in a couple of rooms. But we’ll be fair … with infrastructure and racks and all of that, the size of a house. A regular house, maybe 2,500 to 3,000 square feet.

That type of facility [a giant data storage facility like Bluffdale] was in the planning stages many, many years ago, while I was at NSA … in 2002.

It’s far beyond metadata. The technology gave them the ability to store everything that they collected.


Senior NSA Executive: Spy Agencies Seduced by Power to “Collect It All”

The “Dataddiction” of America’s Spies: “No Detox at the Data Center … You’re High All the Time”

While Edward Snowden’s revelations have made Americans aware of mass spying by the NSA, there has been very little discussion of the psychology behind mass surveillance.

Senior NSA executive Thomas Drake explained to Washington’s Blog the little-known psychology of workers at NSA who conduct mass surveillance.

THOMAS DRAKE: Information is power, and the government is addicted to data. They have to have their daily “data fix”, and they’re “mainlining” who we are.

I know it’s seductive psychologically: “I have all of this evidence. It doesn’t matter what the source is, and whether it’s sourced from intelligence. Because I’m going to use it for other purposes.”

Not only can you not get enough of it, but you have to keep what you have. You just “never” get rid of it.

And here’s the other dynamic which I’m intimately familiar with, given my technical background. The cost for processing and storing information is – for all practical purposes – essentially approaching zero.

I understand the seductive psychology behind surveillance. You’re a nameless face behind a screen somewhere (or you don’t even need a screen anymore). And all this stuff keeps pouring in about just about everything and everybody.

[I know from the cold war spying days,] It’s hard to separate yourself from that type of habit.

In the digital space, you’re “data drug” habit goes exponential, because there’s just so much. You can mainline this all day long.

To me, there’s a psychology that’s not often written about: What happens when you have this much reach and power, and constraints of law and even policy simply fade into the woodwork.

Because you’re already in a secret world, and “let’s just do a little query…”

Which is made worse by the fact that you can’t get enough, there’s never enough, and there’s more coming. It’s never like it ends one day and you get to go on a fast …

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: We won, it’s over …

THOMAS DRAKE: There’s no detox at the data center …. You’re high all the time. Because you’re plugged in. It’s now 24/7. There’s no relief from the addiction.

I call it the “Dataddiction”.


Senior NSA Executive: We’re In a Police State

“We Have a Significant Element of Our Government In League With Corporations and Other Unelected Officials Who’ve Decided That The Constitution Is Essentially Null And Void”

Thomas Drake is a decorated Air Force and Navy veteran, who has been awarded numerous medals including:

  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Air Medal
  • Air Force Commendation Medal
  • Ridenhour prize
  • Sam Adams Award

Drake was a member of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service.

With a strong technical background in surveillance and computers, Drake was also one of the top NSA executives, and was Senior Change Leader within the NSA.

To get a sense of who Drake is, watch this recent PBS interview.

Washington’s Blog asked Drake if America is drifting towards tyranny.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: Senator Frank Church – who chaired the famous “Church Committee” on the unlawful FBI Cointel program, and who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – said in 1975:

“Th[e National Security Agency's] capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything: telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn’t matter. There would be no place to hide. [If a dictator ever took over, the N.S.A.] could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back.

Is the NSA turning its capability around on the American people, as Senator Church warned?

THOMAS DRAKE: I believe they are. Those words are words that have been ringing from inside Pandora’s box … the one that I opened and looked into right after 9/11.

I grew up in the early 70′s as a very young teenager, and I remember those hearings in 1975. And it was rather a dramatic warning that he [Senator Church] actually issued to the nation.

I never imagined in ’75 that in a short 26 years later that I would become confronted by the stark reality that my own government would jettison the Constitution.

And doing so in the deepest of secrecy under the mantle, the excuse, the label of “national security”. I shudder every time I hear national security invoked. Somehow it’s some “special dispension” when you use it in any sentence, that “justifies” anything when it’s done for (ostensibly) national security purposes.

It’s not rule of law. This secret law, secret rule, executive authoritarianism has saddled up again. [Indeed, the government now uses secret evidence, secret evidence, secret witnesses, and even secret laws.]

In many respects, the most virulent form [of tyranny] is when it’s least obvious.

There’s already a digital fence all around us. Extraordinary reach by the government, often in direct partnership with certain corporations, usually very large corporations.

It’s actually replacing the body politic with an alien substance. And it’s certainly not the form of government – or substance of government – that I took an oath to support and defend four times.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: Do you think we already have tyranny in the U.S.? Or how close do you think we are?

THOMAS DRAKE: We’re not an actual fascist surveillance state in the traditionally defined sense of the word.

Even the Stasi – who were the dreaded secret police in East Germany, a country upon which I became an expert during my RC-135 crypto-linguist and electronic warfare days, during the latter days of the cold war, even going into the ’70s, when they would use rather harsh techniques on their own population, or dissidents, or those who were considered enemies of the state – they actually went to psychological techniques.

The term they used was “zersetzlich” – the German translation is “to decompose”, really to fragment you, to isolate you. That’s psychological … and that has far greater greater impact.

So what you would do is selectively go after certain people to send the message. So you don’t have to be taking people off the street each and every day. Because that’s an obvious thing, and you’re going to resist it.

Remember, this is ultimately about social control. This is about social tracking. [He's right.] It goes far beyond any stated purpose of providing for common defense ….

This upends it, because now you’re using the very instruments of power to track and control your own population. And it’s better [from the perspective of those in power] to do it behind the scenes and without the population knowing fully how you’re doing it, as opposed to being on the street with tanks on the corners.

We have episodes [of tyranny]. With the Boston Marathon bomber, we effectively had martial law for short periods of time in certain neighborhoods. People who’ve seen the videos … there was no law. [See for yourself.] “The law is what we say it is, because we’re in charge.”

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: High-level NSA whistleblower Bill Binney says that we already have a police state, because government agencies are using information gathered through mass NSA surveillance – laundering it in order to hide its origin – and using “parallel construction” to create the evidence to use against people. [Former Top NSA Official: “We Are Now In A Police State”] What do you think?

THOMAS DRAKE: Yes. Remember, this is behind the scenes. Secret evidence collected for national intelligence purposes gets “repurposed”.

The cover of collecting for intelligence purposes gives me wide purview, because I also have enabling act legislation that’s allowed me to do that – and then some – plus the secret interpretations. [See this for an explanation of the "secret interpretations".]

And I can take that evidence – which completely flips our system of justice – and then I can use it for other purposes.

In this case, they can use it to go after people with evidence that was actually gained by other means and then use that as the hidden cover … and then assert a standard judicial mechanisms when you go after somebody as if it was traditional law enforcement.

When in fact, you are actually corrupting the justice system, you’ve actually flipped the whole notion of innocent until proven guilty and the whole notion of – and this is crucial – under fifth and sixth amendment, never mind the fourth (as to how it was acquired) you have the right to face your accusers … you have a right to face witnesses.

How do you face your accusers when – and I saw this, unfortunately – in my own criminal case – that whole process is completely subverted? [See below for Drake's Kafkaesque treatment in his criminal case.]

That raises the ugly specter of a police state mentality. We’re just going to go after anybody and how convenient is it to have mass surveillance data and “evidence”. If we already have it, then it’s not probable cause … but we’re going to assert it, because we have it. And it’s secret evidence. It’s literally secret evidence gained by other means.

And then you hide behind “state secrets” and executive privilege. And you have no “standing” [explanation] because you don’t know if you were harmed.

I think the most stark examples for me as far as what has transpired since the Snowden disclosures, is the claim by Keith Alexander about the “54 terrorist plots” that were somehow stopped, mitigated or blunted. But – in fact – what it turns out is that they weren’t. [Mass spying by the NSA has never stopped a single terrorist attack.]

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: $8,500 bucks sent abroad … [The one possible time that NSA mass surveillance might arguably have even contributed to stopping terrorism involved guys who sent $8,500 to their tribesmen in Somalia.]

THOMAS DRAKE: Right … and even that [could have been caught through] traditional law enforcement! So by saying that, [they're showing this is not really focused on stopping terrorism.]

The parallel construction is a means to an end. And what is the end? Complete dismantlement of due process. We choose to go after who we decide is a threat.

There is no bar … Any of the rights which are enumerated, in the Bill of Rights in particular, which are created for people … just forget it; it doesn’t apply. [Sadly, he's right.]

To me, the behavior – in terms of how they go about the abuse of the system – speaks volumes as to how far we’ve departed not just from the rule of law but from the Grand Experiment called the Constitution. Nothing was supposed to be above it … no president, no congress, no government agency.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: Even in times of war?

THOMAS DRAKE: I’ve heard it said that “the Constitution is not a suicide pact.” But that’s a hyperbolic response.

In fact, I believe our system of government is strongest when it is under the greatest pressures and the greatest threats. That’s when you actually exercise who we are.

And it’s not this either/or … that it’s only national security and all else pales.

And so – when in doubt – we always err on the side of national security … when in fact, we’re losing both. We’re losing the very essence of who we are – in terms of the Great Experiment – and we’re actually making ourselves even more insecure as a result.

But then, [mass surveillance is really geared towards] protecting power. There is the whole thing about “yeah, it’s okay, except when it involves those in power.”

The Stasi ultimately violated [their people's rights] – over many decades, they were the prime example of violating the privacy of people – to protect the sovereignty of the state. The sovereignty of the state reigns supreme.

Well, if the sovereignty of the state reigns supreme, what does that make us? That means we’re no longer citizens with rights … we’re simply turned into subjects of the state. And subject to the state.

“Collect it all, know it all” [the NSA's model] is actually the Stasi model. It’s not just know everything; we have to be able to keep everything that we want to know, even if we don’t know it yet.

It’s a collect it all first mentality … and then we’ll get to know it all. I call it “feeding the beast”.

I keep shuddering because I’m intimately familiar with the East German surveillance state mentality.

[If you think Drake is exaggeration, please note that a lieutenant colonel for the Stasi East German’s – based upon his experience – agrees. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel - who grew up in Stasi Germany - says the NSA is exactly the same. Top American constitutional experts also say that the Obama and Bush administration are worse than the Stasi East Germans. They also say that NSA spying is exactly the type of oppression that the Founding Fathers launched the Revolutionary War to stop. And see this.]

We have a significant element of our government in league with corporations and other unelected officials who’ve decided that the Constitution is essentially null and void and national security reigns supreme. National security is the new state religion.

And they love the power. They love the secrecy. And they want to protect it. They’ve got a lot at stake.

Frederick Douglass was right – and I’m paragraphing him – “Power does not yield willingly”. That kind of power, in particular, does not yield willingly.

Lord Acton was right that power does tend to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So what if you combine that with absolute secrecy? Or enough secrecy … or an expanding secrecy?

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: What about “pre-crime” surveillance?

[Snowden has said that the NSA is engaging in pre-crime surveillance. Drake himself was the victim of the use of mass NSA surveillance to go after people it doesn't like ... and to use false "evidence" to frame someone. Specifically, the government indicted Drake on numerous counts of "espionage" ... claiming - after he blew the whistle on NSA corruption and lawlessness - that unclassified documents which he took were classified. Stunningly, the government classified some of the documents after-the-fact in an attempt to frame Drake.]

THOMAS DRAKE: This whole pre-crime thing was played out with me and [NSA whistleblower Bill Binney] and others.

Because – once you target, you will find what you’re [looking for]. Because some have argued, “Give me 7 pieces of evidence on anybody and I’ll find a charge.” [Here's what he means.]

It’s a pre-crime mentality …

Everybody’s suspicious. And if I decide you’re suspicious enough, or that you’ve turned into a threat … then guess what? I’ve got more than enough evidence to frame you. It doesn’t even matter if the evidence is true. It’s just evidence.

It’s obvious that Snowden really focused on what happened to me and Bill [Binney; and so Snowden went into hiding after blowing the whistle].

I was “data framed”.

WASHINGTON’S BLOG: And when the NSA framed you, it wasn’t just that they claimed you took classified documents – that actually were never classified – did they frame you in other ways?

THOMAS DRAKE: Yes. They went to the ends of the earth. It’s the ultimate prosecutorial technique: When all else fails, it’s character assassination.

And that can take many forms. You shoot the messenger to avoid the message.

They charged me in a way that I would not have any public interest defense or First Amendment defense.

One of the things they had in the secret indictment I was charged with conspiracy with others against the United States of America. Pretty serious charge. That goes beyond espionage.

They alleged that I met – in conspiracy – and they alleged that it was “proved”.

It was President’s Day in February 2007. It was my day off, and we met at lunch. And we were meeting to talk as to whether it was possible to use technology to detect medicare fraud. And there were several other people there.

And the government conveniently [omitted important facts]. You know those old Soviet pictures where they just conveniently airbrush people out they don’t want anymore? That’s what they did here. They just conveniently left out the fact of who else was at this meeting. And simply said that it was a conspiracy.

And they removed the evidence from my home, after we got raided. How convenient is that?

When the first 9/11 investigation was launched – in early 2002 – the Saxby Chambliss inquiry (and I also testified to the Congressional Inquiry on 9/11) – NSA in response to that Saxby Chambliss subcommittee meeting, set aside the Leadership Room at NSA (basically our briefing room for the Signals Intelligence Director). And they had a bunch of computers set up, and they air gapped it [i.e. disconnected computers from the Internet in order to make sure know one could see what they were doing], and they called it the “War Room”.

I was faced with evidence by the FBI claiming, “you were in a conspiracy with others against the United States and you set up a war room.”

That was completely false! There was a war room. But I didn’t set it up. [It has now been conclusively proven that the "War Room" was set up by NSA chief Hayden - not Drake - to contest claims that NSA dropped the ball on 9/11. Moreover, Drake has explained that Hayden believed he was at "war" with Congress ... and the press. In other words, it was the NSA chief - and not Drake - who was in a conspiracy against the Constitution and American values.]

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Nsa collecting information from everyone sure helps the albility for those who can trade on the stock market.Insider trading.........way more than that........with mercinary  army , the CIA, UN, IMF, CFR its time for a push back.   Seems the Government organizations don't want to report to anyone. At least not those who's taxes pay for their BS. It makes the world unsafe to travel. well at least we get a full body scan at the airport or have  our hemorroids checked...... Too bad they couldn't work together offering a complete physical  to save costs for Obama care?

All things Governmental are too big to investigate, fail, close .........yet......soon we will weed out these Traitors.

As a side note,  anything or anyone that is against the corrupt American classed as a Terrorist. Now I know America has it's own History Books but do they also have their own Dictionary? Because the CIA is the biggest Terrorist organization in the World.... so is it that the CIA doesn't want any competition? And the American's Millitary are not defensive but aggressors . 

As well I blame every blinded American person that wraps the Stars and Stripes (FLAG) around all the miss- deeds because the are doing it for profit not for the benefit of mankind.  If I was religious I would pray that more "ACTS OF GOD" rain much distruction on those that Deserve it. Some of the wrath is already happening.......EAT your GMO foods, have your health deteriorate..........and DIE PAINFULLY.  



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My goodness...

Aren't we grumpy this morning.

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Ms. Washington Blog:

you are one sassy smart chick/dude...... thank you for your contributions. 

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Was it for this?
Posted on June 12, 2014 by Dublin Eileen

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thank you for that blindman.... i started out hating it and ended up loving it.!  what a surprise.

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Me I just fix things its what I do. From where I sit this thing is under intellegent control. It has dirrection and is constantly making corrections.

VWAndy's picture

Sure it may look like a hiarball but its very well organized. Its so well organized the people inside at lower levels are clueless. But at the top this is not the case.

 There is a grand con. It is run by some very smart entities. It is not this way by chance. These fuckers keep building monopolies in partnerships with governments all over the world. Right now their focus is on building a monopoly on the means of trade. Centralized control of everything is thier ultimate goal.

 The main mission of the nsa is to keep the truth well hidden. Buy any means nessasary. Control of technologies and weaponizing them to gain more control has been key to the centralized control.

 For example all this servelance could be used to wipe out corruption. Instead it is used to shield the corrupt. Thus it is weaponized. Technologies are not good or evil its all in how they are used.

Radical Marijuana's picture

That is how I see it too, VWAndy: "... used to shield the corrupt. Thus it is weaponized."

However, my view is that, no matter how smart the ruling classes may well be, they still can NOT possibly understand the full meaning of making technologies become trillions of times more powerful. Merely because they used to be the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, in previous eras of human history does NOT mean that they fully understand post-modernizing weapons of mass destruction and mass surveillance. Rather, I think that history has selected them to become far too criminally insane to be able to sufficiently comprehend what they are doing, in order to still control the outcomes.

Although I partially agree with you, my basic view is that human beings have lost control over the systems that they originally made and maintained. Nobody knows what is going to happen! Nobody can control that!

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I can tell whats gonna happen...

Stick your neck out too far and they shoot you in the face.

You call it crazy. They call it business.

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I particularly liked this line:

"National security is the new state religion."

There is a combined money/murder system, based on enforced frauds, within which context BOTH the monetary system AND the military systems have become "state religions."

Meanwhile, none of the labels work well any more to describe this system of privatized governmental powers. As I understand it, the majority of the psychotic "national security" business has been privatized, which corresponds to the ways that the monetary system was also almost totally privatized. I am not aware of any appropriate social science labels to refer to the current systems, through which weapons of mass destruction and mass surveillance back up systems of privatized public powers.

In my opinion there is no longer anybody who is coherently in control. There is no longer a sane and stable set of pyramidion people at the top of the social pyramid systems that were built through the long, long history of backing up lies with violence, through the maximum possible deceits and frauds. The current "state religions" of national security backing up the money system have become so completely crazy that there is no longer anybody who actually knows what is going on anymore. It is impossible to exaggerate the degree to which civilization has become criminally insane! There is NO coherent plan possibly behind the development of weapons of mass destruction and mass surveillance. There are only various runaway versions of out of control MADNESSES!

The PURPOSE is supposed to make the use of the tools meaningful. However, after the purposes fragment into a Bizarro Mirror World Fun House of privatized public powers, which fractally reproduce the methods of organized crime throughout the compartmentalized layers of the social pyramid systems, there is no longer enough coherent PURPOSE anywhere left to guide the use of the tools.

Weapons of mass surveillance and mass destruction have become trillions of times bigger than anything else that previously existed in human history. Those capabilities and powers were primarily channeled through the enforced frauds of the combined murder/money systems, so that the debt controls could be backed up by the death controls. However, the history of those being developed to be operated through the maximum possible frauds and deceits has now spun them all out of control, to become runaway forms of criminal insanities, with no end in sight of how bad the future psychotic breakdowns of those hyper-complicated systems are going to become.

From a sublime point view, militarism is the supreme ideology, and it deserves to be. The most important things that human beings do is operate their death controls, or the human murder systems. Those death controls are then what control everything else, with the resulting situation that the political economy debt controls operate inside of the human ecology death controls. The paradoxes of successful warfare based on deceits has been magnified many orders of magnitude by the murder systems developing weapons of mass destruction, while the weapons of mass surveillance added another layer on top of that.

Combined those "state religions," money/murder systems, endeavour (albeit through fragmented privatizations of the methods of organized crime), to channel through the rationalizations and justifications of the history of the constitution, and the rule of law, and their checks and balances, (the greatest of which was supposed to be fair and free elections to determine the representatives that would operate the public powers of the republic) the ways that the "state religion" money/murder systems were supposed to operate. However, there was a vicious spiral of successful brainwashing of the vast majority of the people, or certainly enough that could be fooled enough of the time, through their conditioning by their schooling and mass media, to become incompetent political idiots, or Zombie Sheeple, who would not understand, and NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND, the chronic political problems inherent in the nature of life, which required that their must necessarily be some kinds of money/murder systems. That level of ignorance, for generation after generation, facilitated the runaway privatization of the public powers, first over the money system, and then, more and more over the military system. Thus, the "money" supply in the USA has already been about 99% privatized, although those frauds are still enforced by the government, through the IRS, etc., while the privatization of the military system is now rapidly catching up. The privatization the murder system has become roughly about 50%, and is increasing quickly.

In those ways, there have been developed combined money/murder systems, which originally were theoretically supposed to be public powers, constrained by the rule of law operating in a democratic republic, to become "state religions" which enabled almost total privatization of the public power over the money system, and that is now being caught up to by the privatization of the public murder system powers.

The central characteristics of both of those trends are the core absurdities found in the nature of "state religions." It is impossible to exaggerate the degree to which those have become criminally insane, and therefore, are headed towards a series of severe social storms and psychotic breakdowns. Those "state religions" are already out of control, and that is automatically going to get worse faster.

The ruling classes and those ruled over are matching bookends of the same systems. There must necessarily be some death controls backing up some debt controls. However, after those have developed to become like they are now, i.e., based on the maximum possible deceits and frauds, it is important to recognize that the controlled opposition groups, or reactionary revolutionaries, are just as insane as those who are operating inside of the established systems.

The existence of weapons of mass surveillance and mass destruction is never going away, as long as enough civilization survives which can sustain those. The issues are the PURPOSES to which those tools are put to use. At the present time, the "state religions" have two matching parenthetical brackets, in the form of the rulers, and those they rule over. Both are totally wrapped up in the world view of false fundamental dichotomies and the related impossible ideals. Neither will admit that the death/debt control systems both exist and must exist, since the standard responds in the goofy dialectics regarding the established "state religions" are do deny or deliberately ignore that the murder/money systems exist as enforced frauds, and/or, to assert that those systems should not exist.

Meanwhile, there is no better "state religion" regarding those topics which is politically possible, because the basic necessities of there being death controls, to control everything else, are buried under bullshit, not only by those actually doing that, but also by those who are opposed to that being done. Basically, all of the old political problems which were inherent in the nature of life, and chronic throughout human evolution, still exist, except magnified trillions of times by advances in science and technology.

So far, developing a better, more scientific, set of "state religions" is practically impossible, due to the degree that the established ones have become psychotically privatized exercises of public powers, by those who deny or deliberately ignore that, while they are mostly only opposed by groups which continue to share in their beliefs in the same sets of increasingly absurd "state religions" too.

By and large, these kinds of "whistle blowers" tend to be Black Sheeple, interviewed by other journalists who are similarly Black Sheeple, who present some of the real facts regarding the ways that the "state religion" forms of the money/murder systems have actually developed, and have become psychotically insane. However, those Black Sheeple tend to then never address themselves to the issues about how we might develop better "state religions," which resolved the chronic political problems that created the enforced frauds found in the social pyramid systems in the first place.

In my opinion, the few people who somewhat wake up to the degree to which the government has become the biggest form of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, as demonstrated in social phenomena such as the war on drugs, or the war on terror, being enforced frauds, which were started by the ruling classes in ways which were deliberately designed to advance the agenda of the social pyramid systems' social controls, to achieve frauds and robberies, continue to be to naively optimistic that there is still some level of coherent conspiracy theories that are operating to control things, behind the scenes. However, my current opinion is that the ruling classes, the pyramidion people at the top of the social pyramid systems, are NO LONGER SANE.

The development of science and technologies which are trillions of times more powerful than anything that previously existed in human history has meant that the social pyramid systems are now drastically out of control. There is nobody at the top of the pyramids left who actually can comprehend, much less control, what is happening anymore. The enforced frauds manifesting through the current "state religions" such as "national security," or the "money" system, are out of control social insanities, which show no possible ways of ever coming back into human control in the foreseeable future.

Of course, I would repeat my plaintiff refrain that we should be going through intellectual scientific revolutions in politics, in order to cope with the ways that previous progress in science has transformed our political problems. However, I recognize recommending that is practically a waste of time, even though it is theoretically the only way we MIGHT cope with things like weapons of mass destruction and mass surveillance having become actually possible.

Clearly, we are never going backwards to restore the impossible ideals of the past as somehow being realized. However, we MIGHT be able to understand the PURPOSES better, so that the tools which were developed to operate the combined money/murder systems could be used better? What we are witnessing NOW is the runaway psychotic nature of the enforced frauds found in the established death/debt control systems, as expressed by how those have become "state religions." At the present time it continues to be practically impossible to imagine how civilization will ever adapt to having things like weapons of mass surveillance and mass destruction, since, so far, the only things those have done is drive the established systems to become increasingly insane.

Since the established systems are run by lying hypocrites, who are opposed by people who are also lying hypocrites, but only with relatively less power, any kind of breakthroughs towards using those powerful tools to serve better purposes seems like recommendations listed on the dark side of the moon. Both the established systems, and their classically controlled opposition groups, have become criminally insane in matching ways. Better money/murder systems, which work through globalized electronic frauds, backed by the force of atomic bombs, are the actual tasks that we should address ourselves to resolving better. However, that understanding actually exists to such an infinitesimal degree that it seems like merely more silly absurdities to even raise that point of view.

We are still living in the first generation ever to have a ring side seat to watch things like atomic energy and electronics be pumped in weapons of mass destruction and mass surveillance, in order to serve the interests of the social pyramid systems of enforced frauds. Therefore, we still do not have a clue whether or not civilization will ever be able to adapt sufficiently to be able to survive having done that. Right now, the only things that are obvious as that the "state religions" in the combined murder/money systems, have become psychotically insane, without any reasonable grounds to believe that will be ameliorated, since it appears that almost nobody understands those problems. Neither the ruling classes, nor those they rule over, appear to have any adequate comprehension of what it means to have technologies which are trillions of times more powerful and capable. Instead, the only things that get done is that mostly people want to continue to use those special effects tools to continue to tell their own favourite, yet still stupid, old-fashioned social stories.

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today this article just intensifies my need to hide my head, computer, phone etc. in the dirt of a garden behind a shack too pitifully small to worry about whether or not it is in an undisclosed location

kurt's picture

Listen to the music, sound effects, the tempo, fast cuts, tonal qualities to the individuals. There is a very careful attention to the color tone of the clips. This is nice work. Propaganda and Lies, but, nice work. The emotional music is the best, key changes, swells, organic, electronic drones, sound effects, the building of the tempo. My only question is who paid for this quality work? I'd love to think that my taxes paid for it, I mean, at least somebody with talent is in a positition to use it. That I appreciate as a created being. Potential, that is what we'd all like to realise.

What I don't appreciate is the fact that we are being told lies, a massive data dump in the most palatable form and it only preserves the pustulant evil. The worst monsters make monsters out of you.

honestann's picture

One thing they don't say is this.  Ultimately, none of this information matters in any legal sense once they coin and enforce the fictional notions of "secret evidence" and "secret sources".  Why?  Because at that point, anyone in government can simply invent endless blatantly fictional assertions, call those lies "secret evidence from secret sources" and convict anyone they want of anything they want.  All judges today simply nod their heads and convict without evidence.

Therefore, the NSA and apologists have already eliminated any need for the information they claim to need, because there is no need for real information to do anything they wish, to anyone they wish.

HOWEVER, on the commercial side, the information they steal can be very valuable to sell to competitors (or run a "protection racket" in which they collect payments to NOT reveal to competitors).  And so, that is the more likely purpose of mass data collection by NSA.

The NSA doesn't need information to stop terrorists, because they and their fellow predators-DBA-government are the terrorists.  They have no intention to stop their own terrorism (for obvious reasons), and have absolutely no incentive to stop any other terrorism that might take place from time to time, because all terrorism simply gives them more excuses and cover to run their rackets.

failsafe's picture

exactly...although  might add that making sure everyone knows they engage in wasting resources and dont care boosts their ability to scare people...and I definitely believe in the addiction factor too...they dont actually need information to threaten or extort money...but they can USE the information in a variety of ways, if that makes sense

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Our government is ethically and legally corrupt and growing more so every day. Our people are morally corrupt and growing more so every day. Our nation is pushing the homosexual agenda even in Israel, where our Ambassador flew the gay rainbow flag at the US Embassy in TelAviv.

At some point, God will decide that the US is no longer worthy of protection and blessing. It may have already started with President anti-Midas, where instead of everything he touches turning to gold, everything he touches turns to crap.

shovelhead's picture

If this is God's protection and blessing, I'd have to say he's been napping for a while.

Ol' Beezelbub got the jump on him and is running things from DC.

SonoftheAR's picture

1st post.

At least I once had the "ILLUSION" of freedumb.

I miss those more innocent daze.


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Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow - Funkadelic

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While we are trying to get any idea of how much they collected. We should be digging up what they do with all of this data.

blindman's picture

Kevin Ryan ANOTHER 19 Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects Guns Butter Radio

blindman's picture

it is 10 o'clock. do you know where your rogue, international,
unaccountable, terrorist, bankster, "intelligence", goon
squad are-is, or what they are up to? their shadow project for
the new-next century did 9/11. it would be an inside job but they
aren't really on the inside, they are in the shadow and outside
so when the cat gets out the bag you will have to cross plenty
of borders to get to them, masters of corruption, counting on
no one ever proving anything as the evidence was controlled or
destroyed. their the signature of the master criminals. more
control, total control of the aspects of intelligence that would
be able to provide a proof; no level playing fields here.
and still, the truth comes out!
Needle of Death - Neil Young
ohio- neil young
one thing about that PNAC title. it is not to be the
American century unless they were naming the new century
based on the idea that the nation/region was the one to
be consumed and sold to the world for pennies on the,
get this, "dollar". (attempt at humor alert) .
thanks for listening.
you know you can't trust any group that names its pet
project "project for a new American century" and demands
or facilitates the destruction of the constitution as
its first order of business.
"just a piece of paper" is what they say, its all on
paper ....... you see they never got it or believed in
anything they say in public, it is all for the ....
one for the money, two for the show, three .....

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Thread backwards?

Why all this nonsense about NSA spying could have/should have prevented the Al Qaida hijackers actions?

NSA spying presumably knew about the entire 9/11 Inside Job orchestrated and conducted by the Executive Branch of the US Government and their Israeli allies.

NSA spying on news media presumably to prevent reporting the truth about 9/11 that it was an Inside Job orchestrated and conducted by the US Government and Israeli allies.

DollarMenu's picture

Thanks GW, I really am grateful for the work you so freely share.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, that is an Excellent Article!

novictim's picture

Don't let any liberal shill for Obama say "Figures that it started under the Bush Administration".

Cause that is CRAP.  Obambam is now the WORST President on Civil Liberties we have EVER had as a country.  

Unfortunately for us, Obama coincides with the very worst Supreme Court on issues of Civil Liberties.  

This is the "Perfect Storm" for the abuse of the citizenry by the police state.  So now we are left with the Congress to protect us...LOL...their approval rating is at NINE PERCENT!

Remember to ask this question of your elected officials:  

"When you were in a position to protect our privacy, DID YOU!?"

AdvancingTime's picture

One of my biggest concerns about the NSA spying on Americans centered on how much was being spent, because if we are spending a lot of money on this consider it a big red flag. It recently came out thanks to information leaked by  Edward Snowden that the "black budget" last year was a massive 52 billion dollars.

This is the money used in "secret" spy operations, and it is enough to send shivers down the back of those that have read about the totalitarian society of Oceania described in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. In Orwell's novel, all citizens of Oceania are monitored by cameras and are fed fabricated news stories by the government. More on this subject in the article below.


disabledvet's picture

It's not the collection but how he data is used.

If this is being used to conduct a "war of terror" on the American people...and I believe strongly it is...then clearly these are war crimes and they need to be prosecuted at the highest moral level possible.

The USA has done this send a message that while given "exigencies of war" things happen...ON THE BATTLEFIELD.

But since this is clearly not "National Socialism versus Bolshevism in a fight to death" (or is it?) AND is happening where the well spring of the war effort is is simply illogical, self defeating and indeed TRULY criminal what is going on here.

I find the refrain "no boots in the ground" very enlightening for as anyone who's been in a Unit knows...through time..."the commissars are there for only one reason" and it's not to fight.

To my knowledge no ideological basis for a "war of annihilation" has ever been laid out vis a vis "Islam."

Certainly I hear about...especially here now...all the time.

It's really quite laughable quickly the human rabble descends into their natural barbaric state "especially when married to the intolerance of religion."

I've been all alone surrounded by thousands of "evil Muslims" (ironically so has this President) and to tell the was a DAMN GOOD TIME.

shovelhead's picture

Nothing like beaches, brewskis and burka babes.

Reaper's picture

Information is power, only if you trust it. But information is not necessarily true. Information can be altered, falsely created, or mistakenly attributed. When the source is secret, it cannot be cross-examined in a court of law. The great heresy of the American experiment is that the government, its police/FBI, its courts, its spy agencies, the records/data they produce, the workers therein, or anything they produce as information is truth.

Trust is the feel-good vice of a sheeple.

joego1's picture

With a government like ours who needs conspiracies?

FeralSerf's picture

Government, by its very nature, is a conspiracy.  That's not a theory.  If it's on your side, it might not appear to be an evil consipracy.  If it's not on your side though . . .

Spastica Rex's picture

I could essentially put the metadata of the world in... a regular house, maybe 2,500 to 3,000 square feet.

Only half the world's metadata could fit in my irregular house, then.

I wonder how big the Brady Bunch house was? Those Brady kids were stacked three to a bedroom, so who knows. Alice did have an attached apartment, though, too.

FeralSerf's picture

Disk storage is still rapidly getting bigger while getting physically smaller.  Have you checked the capacities of the 2.5" ones lately?

yellowsub's picture

De-duplication shrinks it down to the size of a hobo shack.

DaveyJones's picture

mass surveilance on mass surveilance

Orwell is taking notes

bg6666's picture

Wow, with all this spying somehow the morons in Washington were "surprised" by the the speed and force of the destruction of Iraq.. Too many assets are being deployed on and against American citizens instead of the real threats to our country. What a nightmare these elitist psychopaths have created.

SMC's picture

"Information is Power" ROFL.

A system that collects, stores, processes, verifies?, and analyzes everything the NSA can vacuum up, yet when the US Government can not find real data to "support" objectives - data is fabricated anyway.

Then when a reasonable taxpayer would expect such a system to work "as advertised", such as prior to 9/11 or the ISIS/ISIL vs. the current Iraqi government fiasco, etc... the "system" fails miserably.

FeralSerf's picture

Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Total information is total absolute power, the likes of which Lord Acton had no concept of.

When you have the goods on everyone (and are believed by everyone to have the goods on everyone so you can make up information if you don't like the real stuff you have), you have absolute power to ruin anyone, friends and enemies alike.  You are then Ruler of Everything, the reason great wars of conquest have been waged many times in the past.  The difference is that this time success is within your grasp.

The NSA may have let Snowden do his whistle-blowing to let the world believe that the NSA has already conquered all.  Snowden does not need, perhaps must not need, to be consciously complicit with their plan to let the world know who's The Emperor now.  Snowden may be just cannon fodder.

11b40's picture

ROFL all you want to, but the system is not designed to work as advertised.  It is designed to work for the benfit of the power structure, and to make sure they maintain control.  It's not about defending us from terror.  It is about imposing terror upon us, and monitoring groups or individuals who may become a problem for them.

nodoctor's picture

Within five months of 9/11 a few things happened.  Anthrax from US military labs was mailed to journalists - mainstream and especially tabloid, and senators of the "opposition party".  These groups, especially democrat senators and tabloid journalists were in a unique position to investigate 9/11, especially alternate thoeries of the crime.  The Patriot Act was passed to legally close all gaps that remained in the goverment's power to gather and use as evidence electronic files and communications, even of its own citizens.  It is worthy to note that these legal avenues and other more sinister powers have since been enhanced thru NDAA.  The DC snipers were on the loose which helped to keep the fear factor ratcheted high in the metro DC area - anthrax in the mail, bullets flying thru the grocery store parking lot, the craters in Manhattan still smoldering from the plane crashes...


11b40's picture

Yes, the perfect storm, and it had it's beginning in the FL election fraud controlled by Jeb Bush, with the winner selected by the Supreme Court.  In a controversial 5-4 deciaion, 5 Republican appointed Justices (hahaha) forever changed the way we view the courts, and changed the course of America by handing the reins to Bush/Cheney.

Welcome to the new American Century.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

I had the opportuity to watch the recounts which were being broadcast on C-SPAn at the time in Florida. Remember the "chad" counting. It was corrupt from the onset. These "hanging chad" ballots can and were altered. If Gores team had not engaged in voter fraud by creating votes there would never had been a need for the Supreme Court.

11b40's picture

Did you also watch the goons jamming the hallways and creating the impression of a voter revolt in favor of the Republicans.  Some were professional operatives from D.C. urging on protests and controversy.

Who designed the ballots to be so confusing in the first place?  Who fought the re-count tooth & nail in the sourts.  Who controlled all the levers of power in the state?

Jeb Bush saw to it that FL was handed to his brother....period, end of story....but nice try anyway.  Is that you, Kathleen Harris?

FeralSerf's picture

Good to know that the (likely tax supported) sock-puppets are on the job protecting the criminal Bush family image.  At least we know where some of them are.  It's too bad we can't see who junked you.

shovelhead's picture

Check with NSA...

They know.