ISIS Jihadists Release Shocking Photos Documenting Slaying Of 1700 Iraqi Soldiers

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Several days ago we showed "gruesome" footage of the ISIS jihadists as they engage all opposing forces with unspeakable brutality, clearly designed to demoralize any resistance in their remarkable blitzkrieg which has so far allowed them to steamroll virtually unopposed from northern Iraq all the way to towns located some 50 miles from Baghdad.

Just what ISIS/ISIL's Baghdad strategy is remains unclear. According to Reuters, "in Baghdad on Sunday, a suicide attacker detonated explosives in a vest he was wearing, killing at least nine people and wounding 20 in a crowded street in the centre of the capital, police and medical sources said. At least six people were killed, including three soldiers and three volunteers, when four mortars landed at a recruiting centre in Khlais, 50 km (30 miles) north of Baghdad."

For now, the southern offensive appears to have been halted with Reuters reporting that "the rapid advance south towards Baghdad appeared to slow over the weekend", however this has been offset by "fierce fighting in the town of Tal Afar 60 km (40 miles) west of Mosul near the Syrian border."

Sunday's fighting in Tal Afar, a majority Turkomen town which is home to both Shi'ites and Sunnis, showed how volatile the deepening sectarian divisions have become.


Residents in Sunni districts accused Shi'ite police and army forces of launching mortar fire at their neighbourhoods, prompting ISIL forces stationed outside the town to move in.


"The situation is disastrous in Tal Afar. There is crazy fighting and most families are trapped inside houses, they can’t leave town," a local official said. "If the fighting continues, a mass killing among civilians could result."

More importantly, Iraq's resistance movements appears to be gathering steam as "volunteers were gathered by army to join fighting to regain control of the northern town of Udhaim from ISIL militants." As reported last week, the country's most influential Shi'ite cleric urged his countrymen to take up arms and defend the country against the hardline insurgents, many of whom consider Shi'ites as heretics, resulting in thousands of volunteers.

Which is perhaps why, in order to further demorallize the local population, ISIS militants boasted on Twitter that they had executed 1,700 Iraqi government soldiers, posting gruesome photos to support their claim, the NYT reported.

The authenticity of the photographs and the insurgents’ claim could not be verified, and Iraqi government officials initially cast doubt on whether such a mass execution took place. There were also no reports of large numbers of funerals in the Salahuddin Province area, where the executions were said to have been conducted.

If the claim is true, it would be the worst mass atrocity in either Syria or Iraq in recent years, surpassing even the chemical weapons attacks in the Syrian suburbs of Damascus last year, which killed 1,400 people and were attributed to the Syrian government. Remember that particular attack nearly culminated in a US land invasion of Syria,and led to a US vs Russia standoff in the military with dozens of warships prepared to fire at each other at a moment's notice.

As the NYT adds, "the latest attack, if proved, would also raise the specter of the war in Iraq turning genocidal, particularly because the insurgents boasted that their victims were all Shiites. There were also fears that it could usher in a series of reprisal killings of Shiites and Sunnis, like those seen in the Iraq war in 2005-7."

Authentic or not, the disturbing pictures appear to have had an effect with the office of the Shiites’ supreme spiritual leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Saturday night issued what amounted to a revision of the ayatollah’s call to arms on Friday, apparently out of concern that it was misinterpreted by many as a call for sectarian warfare. The statement, billed as “clarifying the position on taking up arms,” implored Iraqis, “especially those living in mixed areas, to exert the highest level of self-restraint during this tumultuous period.”

The claim of the mass execution appeared on a Twitter feed previously used for ISIS announcements, so whether or not the executions were genuine, the organization certainly intended to boast of them.

“We’re trying to verify the pics, and I am not convinced they are authentic,” said Erin Evers, the Human Rights Watch researcher in Iraq. “As far as ISIS claiming it has killed 1,700 people and publishing horrific photos to support that claim, it is unfortunately in keeping with their pattern of commission of atrocities, and obviously intended to further fuel sectarian war.”

We find it somewhat ironic that when photos of gruesome execuctions in the middle-east do not support "developed world" interests in the region, they are to be doubted. However, when a YouTube clip appears of a "mass execution" by an "insane dictator", the US Secretary of State promptly takes it as gospel and is used as a justification for invasion... almost worth a case study in hypocrisy.

So back to the ISIS picture dump:

The still photographs uploaded on the ISIS Twitter feed were bloody and gruesome, showing the insurgents, many wearing black masks, lining up at the edges of what looked like hastily dug mass graves and apparently firing their weapons into groups of young men who were bound and packed closely together in large groups.


The photographs showed at least five massacre sites, with the victims lying in shallow mass graves with their hands tied behind their backs. The number of victims that could be seen in any of the pictures numbered between 20 and 60 in each of the sites, although it was not clear whether the photographs showed the entire graves. Some appeared to be long ditches.


The photographs showed the executioners flying the ISIS black flag, with captions such as “the filthy Shiites are killed in the hundreds,” “The liquidation of the Shiites who ran away from their military bases,” and “This is the destiny of Maliki’s Shiites,” referring to Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki.


Many of the captions were viciously mocking toward the purported victims. In one photograph, showing 25 young men walking toward an apparent execution site, where armed, masked men awaited, the caption read, “Look at them walking to death on their own feet.”


And another showed a couple hundred prisoners, all of whom had been made to stand, bent over from the waist with their hands clasped behind their backs, as armed men guarded them. All were in civilian clothes, and the caption claimed they had jettisoned their uniforms. “They were lions in uniform, and now they are just ostriches,” it read.


Other photographs showed prisoners, mostly young men, stuffed in large numbers in dump trucks and pickup trucks. They appeared extremely frightened.


A senior Iraqi government official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to make press statements, said news of the executions was slow to circulate because Twitter had been blocked. “I don’t doubt they are real, but 1,700 is a big number,” he said. “We are trying to control the reaction. They are trying to bring back the 2005 to 2006 days.” Sunni and Shiite militias engaged in a wave of tit-for-tat killings of civilians during that period, killing tens of thousands.

As a reminder, using social media outlets to display fabricated propaganda in the form of video clips and pictures is nothing new, and the only variable is who benefits. First there was Syria of course, where fake YouTube clips of a chemical attack were used to nearly launch a false flag war. Then it was Egypt, when as we showed before, the Muslim Bortherhood staged a protest crackdown by the military regime in order to shore up popular upport in "The Muslim Brotherhood: The Best Straight-To-YouTube Actors Money Can Buy?"

So is the ISIL al-Qaeda spin off merely the latest entity to use social media propaganda in order to achieve strategic goals, or is the picture dump truly an archive of the gruesome actions the extremist group has conducted in its Iraqi blitzkrieg? We will let readers decide.

Below are some of the images released by ISIS overnight, courtesy of Long War Journal.

WARNING: Many of the images below are graphic and show the execution of Iraqi soldiers. The images are a selection of more than 60 published by the ISIS' Salahaddin Division. You can view the all of the photographs here.

ISIS fighters move in a convoy in Salahaddin province:

ISIS fighters open fire from a pickup truck as dismounted troops assault a base:

ISIS fighters travel in a captured Iraqi police pickup truck:

A captured American-made Iraqi Army Humvee:

Two ISIS fighters pose with captured military vehicles:

Two ISIS fighters pose over the body of a dead Iraqi soldier:

Iraqi soldiers are herded to a truck to be transported to their execution:

Iraqi soldiers are transported to the execution site:

ISIS fighter opens fire on Iraqi prisoners as they lie in a shallow ditch:

An ISIS fighter holds a US M-16 rifle as captured Iraqi soldiers lie face down on the ground:

An Iraqi soldier wore civilian clothes over his uniform in an attempt to disguise himself:

ISIS fighters form a line and execute the captured Iraqi soldiers:

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Collaborators would receive the same treatment under the same circumstances in America. Those collaborating with the Nazi occupation came to the same end, but this is often left out of the history books.

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Yeah - the treatment of the collaborators of Nazi Germany and the Islamic fanatics treatment of anyone they run across are so much alike.

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I'd have to say not a very good father's day.


If you want this to stop, you have to start impeachments and referendums to recall elected officials here.


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Meanwhile some sick fucks sip their tea and smile about the millions they made from their oil bets.

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So Sunni Muslim Obama releases the Sunni Muslim Terrorist Commander in 2009. and the Sunni Muslim kills thousands of people?


REALLY?   Whooda thunkit?

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only right wing republitards can read this article and link it to Obama. 

There's a big picture out there. Open your eyes. 

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Loony is right. Quit picking on Obama.

We're not even sure if he is Sunni or Shiite but I'm betting on the former based on his visits to Riyadh.

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This are the same people in that video marching behind those trucks, marching behind and in front or behind of people with guns never ends well.

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What a load of horseshit in the NY Times OP


If the claim is true, it would be the worst mass atrocity in either Syria or Iraq in recent years, surpassing even the chemical weapons attacks in the Syrian suburbs of Damascus last year, which killed 1,400 people and were attributed to the Syrian government.


They mix it wit Iraq theme and spew it that Syrian army did it when in fact:

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BAGDaddy, Here They Come ...

Congrats GWB Et AL And Your Iracki WMD's Farce...

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Don't get ditched like these soldiers did!



BaBaBouy's picture

Quickly Quickly... Parachute In Mckain And GHWB And They Will Clean Up This "SITUATION" ...

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Don't forget the cases of Merlot.

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If they're going to kill you anyway...

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Haven't heard much from McShitstain lately. I wonder what he thinks should be done???

Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran! And oldie but goldie!!!

Motherfucking Planet of the Motherfucking Apes

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ISIS are the 'freedom fighters' over the border from Syria who received weapons from Libya and $ support provided by the US and NATO.

An ongoing NATO policy of fianancing terrorists and creating mass havoc in the Middle East.

Suprisingly little comment about this even on ZH pages.


Slave's picture

ISIS actions are murder. I can sympathize with them wanting new Middle East borders, after all, why do I have to deal with the communism that the East and West Coasts of the U.S. desire? But ISIS is executing all Iraqi military and police they find. This is not war.

And as usual, you can thank your tax dollars for making this murder possible.

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ISIS, funny how these Osiris cult obsessed banking cunts make it obvious who's behind the group. All seeing eye of Horus, ISIS. Getting too fucking obvious that the 'elite' fucktards are trying to start wars everywhere. Ukraine, Iraq, Syria etc etc

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It will be interesting to see whether US Ambassador Stevens was participating in or threatening to reveal the transfer of weapons from Libya.

Hillary sure got out of there quickly when the program was revealed and Stevens was killed.

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I really don’t think these ISIS mother fuckers understand payback is a bitch.  

economics9698's picture

"Collaborators would receive the same treatment under the same circumstances in America. Those collaborating with the Nazi occupation came to the same end, but this is often left out of the history books."


Nazi collaborators were brought before a military judge then executed. 

This is mass murder.  How many boys, innocents were murdered?

Isis is on the worlds shit list and I guaran fucking tee you they will pay.  Shit like this does not go unnoticed by those that can make them pay. 


Highway to hell mother fuckers.

JLee2027's picture

Nazi collaborators were brought before a military judge then executed. 

If still alive, yes. American troops who liberated concentration camps and seeing the horror in some cases simply executed the Germans on the spot. Can't blame them. Only thing to do when you encounter pure evil. 

MeMadMax's picture

No, ochooma was gathering intel about ISIS long before they attacked and knew they were gathering in large numbers but did not warn the iraqi government. If our military was allowed to warn the Iraqis then this would never have happened. 

In conclusion, all the evidence that has come to light in the past week has shown(politically, economically, and militarily) that ochooma wants Iraq to fall for a number of reasons: 1. To screw over putin(he is drilling oil there) 2. To open the door to iran for saudi arabia. 3. To open the door for US to drill there(we don't but we buy at outrageous prices) 4. A backdoor way of rearming ISIS because they are pretty much defeated in Syria. 5. To further the saudi arabian agenda of taking over the entire middle east. 6. Iraq is an alternate path for the pipeline that was supposed to go thru syria into turkey. 7. Saudi arabia is getting nervous. Syria has proven to be a tougher nut to crack than they thought and Iraq was also banging on ISIS at the Syrian border. Take out Iraq to relieve pressure.

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In other words, the Middle East cluster fuck rolls on.....

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allah snakbar the less the better.

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Maybe the Shit-ites overreached a bit and this is how their beloved Islamic society equalizes things.

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Their victims will make them pay.

Executing POWs is stupid. When you execute POWs, you cause every enemy soldier to make his position the next Alamo.

Why stop shooting when the stupid fuckers are just going to execute you?

weburke's picture

well said and true. a gift to their opposition.

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"Executing POWs is stupid. When you execute POWs, you cause every enemy soldier to make his position the next Alamo.

Why stop shooting when the stupid fuckers are just going to execute you?"

Their thinking seems to be that when government troops hear of this, they will desert rather than engage.

Judging by the progress they're making, they may know the psychology of their countrymen (and the level of discipline in the Iraqi army) better than you in this case.   This is how they roll there.   It's a successful tactic.   They are not looking for a permanent state of war, either.   They are looking to win....and looking like they will win.

7.62x54r's picture

We'll see.

They've just given the Shiites strong motivation to pick up a rifle.

Tompooz's picture

"Executing POWs is stupid. When you execute POWs, you cause every enemy soldier to make his position the next Alamo."

Correct. The reason for these public picture releases is not to terrify the Shia's, but to guarantee a permanent state of war and revenge between Sunni and Shia in Iraq.

Cui bono???

Think about the heavy infiltration of al Qaeda by Yemeni and Egyptian-born Mossad operatives. What do we know about ISIS leadership?


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

"Isis is on the worlds shit list and I guaran fucking tee you they will pay."

Keep dreaming, Captain America.

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I really don't think you understand that some of these guys can take it just as well as they can dish it out.

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MUSLIMS FIGHTING MUSLIMS is a highly desirable objective and successful - even celebratory - result of many, many years of preparation and pot-stirring by agents of the Globalist.Neocon.FabianSocio-Fascist.NeoNazist.DollarHegemon Pathocracy.  Remember "PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL PEACE?"  The individuals and their proxies who presently direct American foreign policy carefully raised up this divide-and-conquer Frankenstein known as "Al CIADA" for the express purpose of FRAGMENTATION, DESTABILIZATION AND DESTRUCTION OF NATION STATES. 

Watch closely as this thing escalates, because exactly the same tactics will eventually be turned on the American people.

THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS AND PERPETUAL WAR (Dr. John Trumpboer, c/o YouTube) <-- Jump esp. to 4min 44sec

JLee2027's picture

Can't agree. This is a Shite Sunni conflict based on who was allowed to smuck Mohammeds sister or something like that, it has nothing to do with the Globalist.Neocon.FabianSocio-Fascist.NeoNazist.DollarHegemon Pathocracy. 

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Yes, I've been breathing since Ike, thanks for asking.

You do understand the Islamic secular wars right?

Lore's picture

Of course, sheeple at ground level have their own sets of reasons, most downloaded to them without critical analysis and introspection. It wouldn't occur to most devout radical sectarian pawns that they serve an agenda for currency hegemony. Similarly, most ardent supporters of the "green" movement are motivated by the contrived "threat of global warming" (environmental Al-Qaeda) and know nothing of Agenda 21 or the Club of Rome.  "There are the reasons given, and then there are the real reasons." Mass manipulation is old.

The Prince

JLee2027's picture

Ever heard of Occams Razor? Rather than a vast secret conspiracy that continues funded by oil, fuel, and secret invisible people somehow making other people do unspeakable evil things w/o evidence except some website says so, maybe you should consider it's just a simple internal religious war that has waged for over a thousand years.

Lore's picture

What I'm talking about is actually quite simple, reducible to the idea that some people are more cunning than others. All else follows. 

Did you watch the segment above with Dr. Trumpboer?  The bit about "Denial Industry" is particularly pertinent RIGHT NOW.  Psychopaths are rationalizers, never taking responsibility for their colossal fuck-ups. 

You seem on the verge of breaking out of the acculturated "Shit Just Happens" box.  Good for you!  Keep it up. 

JLee2027's picture

No thanks, I don't need to watch hours of conspiracy video when I actually understand the root cause.


Lore's picture

14 minutes wouldn't kill you. Go on. It won't bite.

"Don’t bother me with facts, son. I’ve already made up my mind." - Foghorn Leghorn

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No interest at all. This conversation is over.

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Check out the hubris on this guy. I'll be seeing you in hell ;)

disabledvet's picture

Be mindful of "shock value" as it may be just that. I saw no uniforms...that looks an awful lot like killing civilians.

That would definitely be an atrocity and would bring all of Baghdad's wrath into play. The point of all this could be a massive counterstrike and what in fact is a very small group...thus precipitating "the real purpose" (get Iraq and the USA back in the war.)

In other words the point is to make people respond emotionally..."without thinking." First reports are just that..."first reports."

For Iraq to do this right they need to move their intelligence units in there first. "If you've got Iran behind you" it's the ISIS that has the problem, not Baghdad." This has the feel of a "weak Tet" to me but we'll see.

7.62x54r's picture

The Iraqi army and military ditched their uniforms.

So ISIS just started killing every shiite that could pick up a rifle.