Caption Contest: Germany Uber Alles Edition

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With Germany taking a commanding (and somewhat shocking) 3-0 lead at half-time over European partners Portugal in the FIFA World Cup, the following image of the 'elites' enjoying the game could well be the analogy of the last few years...



Of course, adjusted for the weather.. and the looming re-bailout, Portugal are leading 4-3...


h/t @AFP

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CrashisOptimistic's picture

Argentina will have to call its team home.  No way to pay for their food.

Manthong's picture

Germany should pound Portugal into the ground and Argentina should just give up and default.

NoDebt's picture

You're talking militarily?

BaBaBouy's picture

NEXT, I Will Towel-Whip Their Asses ...

agNau's picture

We whip "Weimar Style"!

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Just becaue i celebrate like a dweeb......

SafelyGraze's picture

now that those people are all in a little box, this would be a good time to begin their questioning

starting with: are you comfortable? would you like a glass of water? a cigarette? very good. let us begin.


SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Wasn't that the same reaction she had when W gave her a backrub???

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Wasn't there a ZH article in the last world cup, saying whether the team won or lost (I think portugal or Spain), they would still need a bailout from the team they were playing against (Germany)?  I tried looking it up, oh well

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Yeah it was a Spain/Germany game and Spain won it. The bet was if Spain won Germany would have to buy enough Spanish bonds to get their 10yr below the 10yr UST. The irony was if Germany had won they would still have to get the Spanish 10yr below the 1oyr UST so it was sort of a riskless bet. 

Tsunami Wave's picture

Ahh that's right! For a sec I thought I was losing my mind there and making stuff up.  Funny stuff.

walküre's picture

and see what happened ... Spanish 10 yr below US 10 yr

Spain can't afford to pay more. The money to buy the debt is fake, faker, fakest than ever.

ECB is in full blown Weimar mode but nobody's paying attention - yet

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But, hey, the Malvinas belong to them, right?

Tsunami Wave's picture

As they like to scream:


Sooooooommmmooooossssssss... Arrrrgeennnnnntinooooosssssss!

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It's cool. They will defect like the USSR team did after their gov's defaulted.

Excellent news for domestic reform and the energy industry in Argentina. Which in turn should further improve local governance & wage standards. One of my Kingdoms for honest Argentina inflation & employment statistics, or at least real currency markets.

Speaking of Germans, anyone else find it odd that out of all the deals Germany does with Russia on a daily basis, they want to take down L1 and the RWE transaction ? Not sure what they intend to get out of that one, DEA is still going to zero due to the stupidly skewed carbon credit fraud going on in France/German power sector right now. Not like yelling at Mikhail is going to suddenly change Putina's tune on arms sales or rhetoric, esp. given how much money he is promising to Pork into Paris starting in September.



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Caption: "Squeal like a  PIIG ! "

(w/ apologies to Ned Beattie....)

Escrava Isaura's picture


They [Argentineans] will just have to go to the 'favelas'. Favelados [people that live in Favelas] knows how to find food.

madbraz's picture

Anyone who stands next to Blatter is corrupt by association...

Monty Burns's picture

Trying to see if Blatter's hand is in Platini's pocket...

Carl Spackler's picture

Nope.  Blatter's hand is actually in the pocket of the Qatari sheikh to Platini's right (just outside of the picture).

Blatter has a "global" reach !

Motorhead's picture

Good old Sepp.  Utter vermin .

NotApplicable's picture

Wait, three goals? In a single match?


syntaxterror's picture

In NFL terms, the current score is 21-0. Feel better? Less challenged now?

NotApplicable's picture

The word you're looking for is "entertained."

Which could be achieved by replacing the ball with the red dot of a laser-pointer (without affecting 99% of any match).

Oh, and I did not junk you (as I find your smugness entertaining). Besides, you use Obummer as an avatar, which is far beyond any damage I could do to your reputation.

syntaxterror's picture

I could replace 95% of a NFL game with porn since there's only 12 minutes of action in a 200 minute contest.

Don't even get me started on baseball.

syntaxterror's picture

4-0 now. Or 28-0 in NFL terms or 32-0 with 2 point conversions.

Joe Davola's picture

That's more scoring (on screen) than in the entire Twilight series - so I've heard.

Conflict of Interest's picture

Merkel (holding hands *this much" apart), "Es ist mir Wurst!"  Applies to her opinion of Portugal's economy as well.

Motorhead's picture

Toi, toi, toi and "pressing her thumbs" to wish good luck on the economy and Gerhard Schroeder's continued employment by Gazprom.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

fuck that hound faced banker owned ho...

caption that.

101 years and counting's picture

Merkel: we didnt give all that money to portugal for nothing.  or greece, or france or spain or ........

Watts_D_Matter's picture

Just try cuffing me you fools!

pragmatic hobo's picture

portugal and italy have the germans by the balls.

Reaper's picture

Danke von Mutti

syntaxterror's picture

3-0 is shocking? Germany missed a wide open shot on goal. Should be 4-0.

Germany has 11 of the top 100 players in the world. 6-0 would be shocking. 3-0, not so much.

4-0 now. Lol. And Germany has mainly been playing keep away in the second half.

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So I'll be bigger than Hitler!

JuliaS's picture

The empress has no handcuffs.

smacker's picture

Ronaldo just about to stamp his feet in anger...

smacker's picture

"Ja ja, zat'll taken ze smirk off ze face of Ronaldo".

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Holy Shit: Merkel has a raging hard on!


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Ja. Ostdeutsche can be that way.

Jano's picture

If IMF would have a team there, IMF would win double digit every one game; IMF gave bribes to every government all over the world.

novictim's picture

Historical Question (not related to fotball):

When was the first large alliance in war between German leadership and Russia?

(Hint: Way way before WWII)

Ludwig Von's picture

Saint-Helena... . :-)


Stinko da Munk's picture

Eating cheese, drinking beer and making natural gas for Germany!

Z_End's picture

Germany wins 4-0!