What's Wrong With These Two Headlines

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From Friday:

And from moments ago:

Yes, it may be ironic, but is hardly surprising, that while house hunting and playing golf in Palm Springs over the weekend, the president once again "changed his mind"

Moments ago NBC announced that the U.S. has sent (note the past tense) 170 military personnel to Iraq "to shore up security for Americans and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, defense officials said Monday — and a hundred more could be on the way." Surely those would be shoring up even more security and what not.

Accoring to NBC, Obama formally notified Congress of the assignment in a letter under the War Powers Act on Monday, which said "up to approximately 275" personnel were being reassigned, noting specifically that they are "equipped for combat."

Defense officials confirmed Monday that 170 military personnel were already in place, having moved into the country sometime over the weekend. They said Obama pegged the number at 275 to give himself a "little extra headroom" in case he needs to send reinforcements.

Ironically even the largely pro-Obama network pointed out the obvious contraciction: "Obama said last week that "I don't rule anything out" as Iraq has spiraled out of control amid Sunni-Shiite sectarian violence in recent days. At the same time, he insisted that the U.S. wouldn't send ground troops."

Of course, since no spin would make the president into a liar, there was a prepared narrative:

And while the 170 personnel are equipped for combat, the White House said they're in Iraq only to "provide support and security for U.S. personnel and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad," and to help the State Department move some embassy staff to U.S. consulates elsewhere in the country.


Security and protection are the same reasons U.S. officials have given for sending several naval ships to the Arabian Gulf, although a senior defense official told NBC News: "If the president orders airstrikes, we have plenty of firepower in the Gulf."

And now, if Iraqi troops need US military support, they have that too. For "embassy support purposes of course."

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knukles's picture

.One if by land
.Two if by sea


And a bright blinding flash that vaporizes the entire Middle East if by current global leadership
This shit is gonna get really ugly, fast.

Current behavior only invites more aggressive adventurism, worldwide.
It's a clusterfuck of societal disarray and global reach, like co-joined Yetis kidnapping small animals, women and children for black masses of imperial debauchery and murder.

BTW, is this the same type of security and protection that O and Hill gave to the folks at Benghazi?

flacon's picture

He needs two microphones because he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. 

knukles's picture

No wonder so may folks are coming to believe that we are in the end times as foretold in the bible and other folklore.
People swarming over borders, wars, bizarre diseases, drought, financial repression, rigged markets ....

remain calm's picture

He has no fucking idea what he is doing. He is clueless

If you spotted him his two hands, gave him a map with directions and a flashlight he could not find his ass hole.

12ToothAssassin's picture

Theres nothing wrong, its exactly as expected. Down is up, good is bad, right is wrong. Hegelian dialectic for teh win!

svayambhu108's picture

Change you can believe in, he starts with himself as Gandhi said, by changing his mind as often as possible.

RevRex's picture

So ZH is just figuring out Obama is a serial liar?


What's wrong is the Socialist Semite Media always gives Democrats a free pass when it comes to lying......It never does that with Republicans, yet "both parties are the same".......Someone has just not informed the Press of that.....


LMAO@LiberTARDian voters....... aka Socialist democrat Enablers....

Headbanger's picture

Fuck you again Barry you liar!

We supported and allowed the ISIS to murder thousands of innocent Iraqi people all for the sake of getting a pipeline from Saudi and Qatar through to Turkey and onto Europe.

And what a disgrace to all the U.S. troops who died and suffered through that shit pile only to see it come to this.


N2OJoe's picture

I'm surprised more people haven't figured out how to read Zero like a book yet. Just listen to what he says!

He just says the opposite of whatever he is doing, it is as simple as that.

The guy has all the intelligence and tact of a 3rd grader.

If he says "no boots on the ground" it means there will be boots on the ground.

If he says "you can keep your healthcare" it means you will lose your healthcare.

If he says "we don't want to take away your guns" it means they are actively trying to take away your guns.

If he says he wants to "tax the rich"(aka somebody else) it means he's going to tax YOU, the middle class guy struggling to get by.

12ToothAssassin's picture

Add Barry to the "Goldman" trade. Do the opposite of what they are saying.

OMG's picture

Your right puppets can be complete fucking dummies! Follow the strings to who controls this puppet (or any other world leder pupet) if you follow all of the strings connected to the various puppets where do you think it will lead?


The rest is all just fucking noise!

Nick Jihad's picture

Follow the strings, to a puppetmaster who is dumb as a bag of hammers?

KarlBR's picture

A "fucking dumb puppet"? Of course! JFK can tell you what happens to smart puppets!

RevRex's picture

Uner Bush it was his fault because"it happened during his watch"


Under Obama it's NOT his fault because it happened on his watch...."he's just a puppet"



Repeating stupid Socialist Semite Media propaganda makes you look stupid.....but there is a lot of that aound here....

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Choom boy couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel.

napper's picture

If Obama was smart enough to know what he's doing, he would never have been selected and funded to run for the White House in the first place.


The kingmakers will not take a chance to let a candidate with superior intellect, independent mind and a strong backbone to get into the  final round.

RevRex's picture

Obama is President because the Racist Socialist Semite Media can play the race card every time Obama screws over the populace for the Semite Banksters.


Hitlery will be along the same lines, but you'll be a misogynist for disagreeing with her.

KarlBR's picture

To the contrary, He knows exactly what he's doing. He follows orders from above, reads the telepromter as directed, tells an occasional joke. A very convincing sock puppet indeed!

ACP's picture

Especially the rigged markets...thou shalt not print unlimited shekels...

Anyway...there's nothing wrong with these headlines, they make perfect sense. 0bombya always says one thing and does another.

Buck Johnson's picture

It seems that everything is coming together all at once.



DaddyO's picture

That means it will come undone all at once too.

Are you prepared?


DeadFred's picture

This is just the beginning. Wait until it really comes together all at once.

NoDebt's picture

Why do I keep seeing a scene in my head of staff being helicoptered out off the roof of our embassy?

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Just replace the helicopters with the V-22 Osprey. Hilarity ensues.

svayambhu108's picture

|«Why do I keep seeing a scene in my head of staff being helicoptered out off the roof of our embassy?»

Because it rhymes.

youngman's picture

Because Obama has put a price on a prisioner of war...you get 5 released for one prisioner...trust me ..that is a good deal for a terrorist...and they will take more....our Embassy is definatly a target....just think what they could do with 100 prisioners...

beegle's picture

he needs two micrphones the second right behind him at the height of hiss butt 

Osmium's picture

I think he is talking out of his mouth and his ass.

DeadFred's picture

He doesn't need two orifices, he's perfectly able to lie with just one. The troops went in already. When he was telling us 'no ground troops' they were already on the way. Count on it.


Nick Jihad's picture

The President wishes you to know that he has two and half years to go, of talking out his ass, and wonders when you are going to get tired of calling him on his bullshit.

palmereldritch's picture

The troops are probably drone operators.

The true Turing test was when Skynet became self-aware and hijacked the TOTUS' teleprompter.

Expect the software to be now directly downloaded to the Narciss-bot-in-Chief with a beta roll out of extensive drone wars in Iraq with ISIS being a casus belli for drone attacks into Syria (think early 70s Cambodia) towards an eventual refinement of tactics and targeting of insurgents for armed DHS security in the CONUS.

(Not sure if Obama could pass the Turing test on his own....)

JJdog's picture

Just another "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" BS talk! At this point, I don't think he cares nor know what is true! He will just say whatever the F he wants to say and do whatever he wants.  

OldPhart's picture

I bet those 50 mph desert winds in Palm Springs made him 50 over-par...now he's a bit pissy about it.

KarlBR's picture

flacon, you're right. Better said; He needs two microphones because speaks out his mouth and his ass simultaniously.

hobopants's picture

275? Wow we're a tad bit over confident eh?

nmewn's picture

Well, we are only talking about (at first count) 7,000 ISIS(L) Sunni fighters, in columns, moving into Shia territory, so, yeah.

Re-supply could be a problem, all they have to do is keep conquering territory...and holding it with...uh ohhh ;-)

Wait What's picture

he has to make it cinematic, like 300.

"this is madness!" "No, this is Sparta!"

if it costs America a token group of soldiers to get behind another invasion, that's what's got to happen.

unfortunately for him, he doesn't realize that we all know someone who was 'over there' at some point in the last decade who told us of the idiocy and pointlessness of the endeavor.

he's going to find himself alone when he makes his call to arms. fucking puppet.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

There is nothing "wrong" with these conflicting statements. The goal is to completly obliterate any rational thought in the general populace by suchs things as completely conflicting statements from the Commander in Chief. Barry's Step Daddy was a CIA General in Indonesia, how many people know that? Almost none, nor do they care, cause they are masters of having their heads fucked with, 

Da Yooper's picture

And a bright blinding flash that vaporizes the entire Middle East if by current global leadership
This shit is gonna get really ugly, fast.


I would call that badly needed

urban renewal

OldPhart's picture

Microsoft chat circa 2005 with son in Afghanistan field...

Me:  "We should drop a nuke every ten miles, starting in Syria and march them east to the Russian Border."


NSAGUY:  "You should really watch your language when communicating over an open channel."

Me:  "Fuck you.  I'm right here in the United States and I can say any God-Damned thing I want."

yrbmegr's picture

To Benghazi, or not to Benghazi?  That is the question.

bpj's picture

He lies so much he had to hire someone to call his dog.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

LOL Someone explained that $5 gasoline will bring this lovely recovery to a screeching halt and probably bring about roaming crowds looking for some payback. For once Obama shit in his own hat and may have to eat it.


fonzannoon's picture

I saw $4.19 by me today. Tick tock.

sodbuster's picture

What part of the country, fonz? I called my fuel guy, had the barrels filled with farm diesel, just in case. Price hadn't gone up, yet.

fonzannoon's picture

i'm outside of NYC. $4.19 was about 25 cents higher than I have seen lately. not sure if it was the exception or if i was staring at the near future.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Damn fonz, if it goes higher, would it be worth it to go to Jersey for gas?

Still holding around $3.55 for regular in this part of the People's Republic of Maryland.