Here We Go Again: Chemical Weapons Used (Again) In Syria, According To "Watchdog"

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It was only a month ago when, desperate to get out of the humiliating foreign relations fiasco that was the US involvement in Ukraine, which left Putin holding Crimea, Europe begging for Russian gas and left Ukraine split in two, saddled by a deadly civil war, we got headlines such as this:


* * *

Fast forward a month later when, somehow, Obama has inexplicably found himself embroiled a bevy of new scandals, including the Berghdal Snafu and the Iraq collapse, which had the US first not sending troops on the ground to Iraq, until troops were sent over the weekend.

So what is the great US distraction machine to do? Why Rinse, Repeat of course. Moments ago from Reuters:


Next up: unfalsifiable evidence of evil Assad using Chlorine gas (because the fact that the US nearly invaded Syria last year over the same false flag merely strenghtened his resolve to use even more chemical weapons) in the form of YouTube clips, and even more arming of Al Qaeda, pardon Syrian rebels by the CIA.

Because apparently in the eyes of the administration, ordinary Americans are not only idiots who can't put one and one together (forget two), but have the memory of a gnat and the attention span of a Virtu algo.

Sadly, for the most part, it is right.

And now back to today's manipulated market melt up, because moments after this headline hit, stocks printed their intraday highs.

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TeamDepends's picture

Are they using the same fake video as before?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

They tested Assad's swimming pool.  Chlorine too high!!

TeamDepends's picture

You'd think after that movie starring George Looney nobody would be foolish enough to take a dip in a Syrian pool...

RevRex's picture

Kerry is a filthy lying pile of dogshit

StacksOnStacks's picture

We should give the "Rebels" MOAR WEAPONS and MOAR MONEY so that they can "help us".

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

What a fucking coincidence. Just yesterday, SyrianPerspective reported that Syrian infantrymen uncovered a huge arms cache near Kasab which belonged to the foreign terrorists (or, in Psaki-speak, the Syrian Freedom Fighters®).

Among the items found were gas masks and tanks of chlorine gas.

So yeah, horse faced Herman Munster Secretariat of State Kerry is probably correct regarding "raw data" indicating the use of chlorine gas. Of course, he'll neglect to mention that it was used by the American-supported "good" Al Qaeda.

NoWayJose's picture

Bravo -- something you won't see on MSM TV news...

AlaricBalth's picture

Excuse me Bashar. Could you please pass the Cyclosarin?

(This pic never gets old!! The Kerrys and Assads dining together)

ebworthen's picture

Bet Bashar noticed how we knocked off Qadafi after making nice with him.

Kerry adds a new dimension to "two-faced".

ZerOhead's picture

Two-faced? You want two-faced?

Here's a pic of Obama and his boy Qadafi in happier times...

knukles's picture

If it's on YouTube, it's real.

Overfed's picture

Just goes to prove that anyone who trusts an American (especially) politician is a fool. Men of honor do not rise very high in US politics. The best they can do is become marginalized Congressmen or vilified Senators.

NotApplicable's picture

It's interesting how the instant CIA culpability is reported, the same thing is reported about "the other side" in an effort to confuse the issue.

Just like when it became public knowledge that the State Dept. was supporting the neo-Nazis in Kiev, suddenly the article came out about Nazi leaflets being distributed in Eastern Ukraine by "Russian separatists." (which is pure absurdity, for those who have any knowledge of history)

It's nothing but rebuttal fuel for those too ignorant to understand what is really going on.

"Oh, yeah! I see your Nazis and raise with these Nazis!"

Now, are you going to have a chance to explain the difference, or does it matter, as they're "morally equivalent" in the eyes of the tool? It's really hard to make a persuasive argument when you're busy unwinding pure BS. Especially when every statement has a built-in rebuttal provided by the MSM.

Infinite Regression, FTMFW!

ZerOhead's picture

MSM commercial advertising revenue is way down due to "the weather" so they had to hit up the State Department/CIA to fill the hole and pad their earnings.

All MSM News should heretofore come with a disclaimer.

NotApplicable's picture

LOL, I got a down-vote for this?

My day is now complete.

"Langely, we've got a problem."

NidStyles's picture

Then people scoff when I say that everything they stated or is "leaked" is likely a psyop. Like their intelligence capabilities. 

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Great post man, I detailed it below. Seeing the gap between the truth and what is excreted out of this demon's heavily distorted maw is stunning. Stunning. What is even more apalling is that the average joe would not have any clue.


p.s. on syrper my friends call me dudley fukkin doright.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


p.s. on syrper my friends call me dudley fukkin doright.

Well, then, a belated happy birthday!

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Thanks and thank you for getting the word out.

jo6pac's picture

Thanks for post that if you hadn't I would have and yes you won't be seeig this on the so-called libeal press cor. owned evening news or any rags.

Calmyourself's picture

Kerry is also a tax cheat like most of the Administration..

earleflorida's picture

the only guy i know of, that can cast two shadows in a mirror...

ChiangMai's picture

I always refer to him in writing as:

John Kerry aka Jon Carry aka A Haircut in Search of a Brain

TeamDepends's picture

They deserve him!  (apologies to all decent Californians)

NotApplicable's picture

And his beard of a fiancee, British human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin.

Now, I finally understand why he is getting married after all of these years.

TeamDepends's picture

Well, when checking your link we couldn't help but notice he has dated a WWE wrestler (female) so a beard- why not!  You know those Holliberals, they'll try anything and not just once.

NotApplicable's picture

Allegedly, he and Sandra bullock both "dated" people that the other one liked, then they all hang out together. There are literally hundreds of photos of them together on double dates.

Disclaimer: Not that I care who any of them have sex with. But for him to enter politics with these "skeletons" only means that he will be controllable.

Urban Redneck's picture


In simple English means some cleaning lady or small scale home grown terrorist was mixing BLEACH and AMMONIA.

What happened to the comparatively sophisticated terrorist chemists they had a few months ago?

ZerOhead's picture

"What happened to the comparatively sophisticated terrorist chemists they had a few months ago?"

They were just "loaners" from the CIA...

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

These guys?


who knows, hopefully they died from aids contracted on their last sex jihad.


At this stage of the game it is my sense that it is cheaper and easier to use chlorine gas, and under international supervision Syria has destoyed their stockpiles.


There are multiple videos out there with savages walking around open areas littered with dead SAA soldiers who have no apparent wounds and look fucked up.. truly heart breaking.


Foreign people showing up with a head full of poison trying to force sharia law on syrians.


ergo... who is going to use this shit. The guys who have direct cover from NATO or the country who is winning handily and were they to use chemical weapons would guarantee an invasion?


Let's not mince words, they never had a chemical department. They had a separate sovereign nation's intelligence community doing it for them.


sushi's picture

who is going to use this shit.


Maybe the same dudes who happily boast of offing 1,700 POWs?

Just a guess.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

This makes me think that Halliburton must have recently purchased the Oxy-Clean license.  It's rough to profit from war, when there ain't no war!

Winston Churchill's picture


All they needed was a little phosphoric acid too that mix,

and then you would have some real mustard gas.

ZerOhead's picture

Wait!!! There's no MUSTARD in mustard gas?

Crap... I've never heard anyone ask  "Who cut the phosphoric acid..."

swmnguy's picture

They're busy in Iraq this week.  Not that borders make any difference.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

John Kerry and his ilk are more satanically evil than most can possibly understand. NOte line 2 below. Assad never needed to use chemical weapons before, and now that the rebels are in free fall collapse he surely doesn't.


The Armenian Border town of KAsab which was stormed from Turkey by the terrorists was liberated in the last couple of days and a warehouse bearing the following items was seized:


  • 20,000 CAPTAGON capsules along with hundred of syringes and vials of antibiotics and pain killers
  • Gas masks and canisters of chlorine gas
  • Propane canisters
  • P-10 Rockets
  • 107 IEDs loaded with C-4
  • French Anti-armor mines
  • French Anti-personnel mines
  • Hellfire Cannons
  • Kornet anti-tank launchers and rockets
  • Konkurs 9M113 anti-tank launchers and rockets manufactured in Russia but bought by the Arabians
  • French-provided and manufactured Milan anti-armor Rockets and Launchers
  • 14 Doschka anti-aircraft cannons
  • 100+ light assault weapons
  • 6 night vision goggles
  • 65 advanced satellite communication equipment with Zionist markings
  • 2 Turk ambulances complete with resuscitation equipment
  • 13 Grad rockets and launchers
  • Nusra banners
  • Saudi Arabian military rations (really awful tasting – flavored with bananas)
  • American field mattresses and sleeping bags

    ZerOhead's picture

    The rebels aren't in free fall collapse...

    They're on vacation in Iraq.


    • Saudi Arabian military rations (really awful tasting – flavored with bananas)

    And exactly how do we know what this stuff tastes like?

    Canadian Dirtlump's picture

    re the rations: that is a joke. The running joke is that virulent islamist savages look like monkeys.


    As for the rebels, they are basically collapsing. THey tried a push in Kasab, and they got fucking owned. Sure they took some land to start but the areas is tough to defend and tough to retreat from. WOrd is the turks let them all across but only non arabs back. Homs is no longer home for their bases. The battle in the qalamoon mountains is ongoing but the SAA won. Many areas of aleppo are back in SAA hands. Ghouta is being cleansed.


    Short of Raqqa and Deir el zor the rebels don't have too much of a home any more unless you count a swath of desert the mainstream media equates to the same thing as an urban areas LOL. And this year the Inter savage fighting ( ISIS versus Islamic front inter alia ) has bee horrific(ally wonderful). You would not be over stating it if you said that 4 thousand inter savage casualties have taken place since baby new year came on the scene.


    Finally, there is a comprehensive reconciliation program in Syria where former domestic low IQ retardates can get rolled back into civil society and many have taken up arms with the national defense force. Now Dr. Assad announced a sweeping amnesty which resulted in lowering and commuting sentences for thousands of people.


    These fuckers stared down the war on terror and thus far have done more good for the world than the vast majority of people know. The folks in Syria desrve to walk on rose petals and anyone with the brains and stones to report the real news should get a pat on the back.



    RealityCheque's picture

    no its all new, and the actors have been rehearsing for weeks this time. Under the direction of non-union Mexican director, Steven Spielbergo.

    They're going to fucking nail that third act this time.

    Canadian Dirtlump's picture

    Esteban Spielbergissimo? THat guy is a genius? LOL

    MFL8240's picture



    Whatever it takes to start a war these bastards will do it because the dollar is on the ropes!  I dont trust anything that comes out of Swiftboats mouth!

    RealityCheque's picture

    Unless its some oat or carrot crumbs. :/

    magpie's picture

    Seems the completely unaffiliated Caliphate restoration in Iraq is facing far heavier problems than expected...

    NotApplicable's picture

    Give it time. Have to let it smoulder a while in order for it to be plausible enough to blame the entire collapse on.

    (a.k.a. "a no-brainer... cuz we have to do SOMETHING!!!!")

    Canadian Dirtlump's picture

    I said from day one, these guys were going to run into a buzz saw and the news was blowing this way harder than they should have. ISIS with say even charitably 20k men can't fight a 1 front war for a long time ( syria ) but they are now fighting iraq, syria, and every other islamist group which they've disavowed.

    NotApplicable's picture

    The last thing that will happen is for them to attempt to maintain a front. Asymmetric warfare has nothing to gain from such an abstraction. Instead, they will blend in everywhere they exist, striking only when and where it is to their advantage.