The Fed's Laughable 2014 GDP Forecast Over Time

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What is there to add here: clearly the central-planning academics at the Marriner Eccles building are doing a great job at pushing the Russell 2000 to, well, 2000. Oh wait, this was an article about the Fed's GDP "forecast." Lol.

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Free money is all that matters.

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Free isn't good enough any more.  Pretty soon they're have to pay banks to take it.

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already done that. it's called interest on borrowed reserves.

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she gonna bitch slap all ya with that intellectual property'll see.

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Are you referring to outcome of the Alice court case?

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And we are supposed to take seriously their "Hawkish" increased forecasts for 2015 and 2016? What a Shit Show this has all become...

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Well she did say that Fed was concerned about capital formation aka: people building new companies and hiring 

eh, nothing much else to say today.


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Confidence is all that matters...spin a story of unicorns and rainbows so the Fed can sneak out the back door with their bond purchase exit.

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All hail the dart throwing monkeys!

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What's more - when they first started putting out the forecasts it was was before 'QE4eva'.


So they added another trillion to QE and still they couldn't even get the line to go flat, let alone slope upward!?!

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why the downward revision?  do they expect winter to last until sept and then el nino to kick in during Q4?  what's changed?  im so confused by the monkeys.

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Its weird how the preditions for 2014 drop so dramatically once we're actually in 2014.

It's almost like a..... like a pattern or something.

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Next you're gonna tell me the deficit isn't really going to shrink over the next decade! Blasphemy!!!!

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It really is a religion, isn't it.

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It's just like when I visit a new girl I met.

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i seem to remember they were going to raise rates in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014...

i seem to remember we were going to pull out of afghanistan in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014...

you mean like that?

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Yeah, pretty much exactly like that.

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There's the hockey stick!  It just needed to be upside down.


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Not to worry though, they can always recycle those 4% figures when they are doing 2015.

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...we're gonna need a higher estimate...(like in the Jaws movie...OK it wasn't that funny)

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FED's closed door meeting content:

Incomes are down. Inflation is up.  The middle class is doing all it can to survive.  They're taking out loans at a record rate.  We've achieved our goal of 99% enslavement.  It's time to throttle this down and move in to phase II of the take over.  We haven't achieved our full goal of owning the world, yet.  Don't lose focus now.  OK, high fives all around.  Starting tomorrow, we move into operation Shake Down.

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it's like you were there

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"and subprime mortgage loans in default will not affect overall economic conditions"....

Now about those modification resets. Remember the FED is terrible at calling these markets if they're saying all is well, run for cover.

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And so nothing until earnings/buyback season.


big POMO day tomorrow - should add more beating to any bears out there


GDP for Q2 will be negative, but that doesn't matter - we are going higher

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WTF?!  What for fed news that is bullish?

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Tell you what, I cant handle this heat wave us poor northern English fuckers are putting up with this week.

I am sick and tired, of feeling ill and fatigued.


GDP?  Fuck off and talk sense.  These fucking 'Forecasters', what the fuck they produce?  Forecastulisms?

#Fucking talk sense cunts.


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There is absolutely nothing bullish in their statements and yet the markets continue higher on hope and change I suppose. The change I see is the loss of free markets and the hope must be that no one notices.

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Q1 was negative, Q2 is negative. The numbers were discussed here last month.


Fed is lying. What else is new?

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WTF.  DOW up almost 100 points - I wonder what kind of trading volume the day will close with.