Iraq 3.0: Obama Sends "Military Advisors" To Iraq; Kerry Tasked With Making Iraq Sects "Rise Above"

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Moments ago, president Obama announced what was informally known for days but only today was officially disclose to the public: namely that he’s sending up to 300 American troops to Iraq in the wake of escalating chaos in that nation. Actually: correction, make that "military advisors." Please don't call them troops because otherwise the US public may realize that Obama has just become only the third president in as many decades to launch his own private Iraq war.

Specifically, Obama said that "American combat troops are not going to be fighting in Iraq again... We do not have the ability to simply solve this problem by sending in thousands of troops and committing the kind of blood and treasure that has already been expended."

He is right: this time the fighting will be done by "military advisors" soon to be far more numerous than merely "thousands", operating under the watchful, remote controlled eyes of America's drone army.

As Politico succinctly summarizes, "It’s a politically uncomfortable move for a president who won election in large part due to his opposition to the Iraq War and who has touted the withdrawal of U.S. combat forces from Iraq in 2011 as one of the key achievements of his presidency."

Naturally, coming from the president who has made the focus of his second term to rule via Executive Orders, this latest escalation would be just that - another unilateral action. Only this time Nancy Pelosi agreed to abdicate Congressional checks and balances on private presidential wars:

Obama added he would consult with Congress as he goes, but did not indicate he would return for another authorization vote.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that she and the other congressional leaders who met with Obama at the White House Wednesday told him that he does not need any additional authority to act if the action is being taken in the interests of national security, and that no one in the meeting raised an objection. According to Pelosi, Obama said his lawyers were studying that question, but that she hoped another vote wouldn’t be required.

That was just the beginning. Where things got bizarre, is when Obama said that "we are not looking to control their assets and their energy." The stupidity of this comment hardly deserve a comment: so why is Obama going in: as the pro bono mercenary army of an Iraqi president whom as we reported earlier Obama now wants replaced? Or maybe it is just to fight the ISIS rebels that the US has been secretly arming and training across the border in Syria.

But where things got outright surreal is when Obama announced that he’s sending John Kerry to Iraq consultations around a political solution. Kerry's mission? To help resolve 1400 years of infighting, sectarian hatred, violence and animosity and generally assure that, as Obama put it, the next leader will unite the sects and that Iraqi leaders must, wait for it, "rise above their differences."

Just because US Congress, where the left and the right hardly shoot at each other on sight, apparently has been so successful at rising above an ideological divide that has never been wider, it is now Iraq's turn to unite, overcome countless centuries of sectarian hatred, and come in a righteous circle singing Kumbaya. And if they refuse, US "military advisors" on the ground will help them.

That, in a nutshell, is the pretext for the latest US war in Iraq - Obama's own private foray into a conflict that he will no longer be able to blame on "Bush."

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Headbanger's picture

Fuck you Barry


Send something with some real balls in there..

Like a bad ass B-58 Hustler with a few nukes flying at 200 ft off the deck..

Then a pop up maneuver to 6000,  roll inverted and release at the top and a solid pull through the loop for a perfect "bug out" manuever doing Mach 1.5 !!


And BLAMMMM!!  No more bullshit..

NotApplicable's picture

You sound almost as tough as the cock-sucker in chief.

Headbanger's picture

And I was beginning to like you..

Oh well.. C'est la guerre

And you're on.


ParkAveFlasher's picture

Kerry tasked with being the arbitrator?  Never send in a horse to do a camel's work.

john39's picture

Hey, according to the MSM, ISIS just accomplished something that the American military never could...   ISIS found Saddam's Chemical weapons:

file it under, no rational human being could ever believe this shit.

Pinto Currency's picture




Anyone not believe chaos in the MEast was the plan all along?


Chupacabra-322's picture

All done by Design, all done by Agenda at Bilderburg.

ZerOhead's picture

The plan is still in play but has definitely hit a snag as I am almost certain (as one can be) that  Abu Bakr is NOT under their control.

He is working with former Iraqi Ba'athists against not only Al Malaki but also the Americans, Saudis and Israelis. It is a true clusterfuck going on right now.

mjcOH1's picture

"Moments ago, president Obama announced what was informally known for days but only today was officially disclose to the public: namely that he’s sending up to 300 American troops to Iraq in the wake of escalating chaos in that nation. Actually: correction, make that "military advisors." Please don't call them troops"


I know.....let's call them 'operators'.   Because they'll be making calls and operating shit.

Disenchanted's picture

ex-Pentagon official Michael Ledeen:


Ledeen, however, is less frivolous. In The War Against the Terror Masters, he identifies the exact regimes America must destroy:


First and foremost, we must bring down the terror regimes, beginning with the Big Three: Iran, Iraq, and Syria. And then we have to come to grips with Saudi Arabia. … Once the tyrants in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia have been brought down, we will remain engaged. …We have to ensure the fulfillment of the democratic revolution. … Stability is an unworthy American mission, and a misleading concept to boot. We do not want stability in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and even Saudi Arabia; we want things to change. The real issue is not whether, but how to destabilize.


quoted excerpt above from Whose War? in 2003.


Also look up A "Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing The Realm(1996)"  brought to you by the same people who four years later hatched The Project For A New American Century and it's RAD(Rebuilding America's Defenses) document which required a "new New Pearl Harbor" to get the backing and support of the American people. They weren't really concerned with defending America, but more with securing the realm.

Btw "the realm" does not refer to the United States. And here we are today...hell yeah there was a fucking plan, you betcha!

pods's picture

Well shitfuck, I hope these advisors are better than the trainers that retrained the Army that is now being massacred.

Probably the same group.



madmax1965's picture

What a joke!  I actually broke out laughing when I saw that headline.  One would have to be a complete moron to believe this crap.  Sadly, virtually everyone I know will eat this shit up!  They just can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that our .gov would fuck us!  Each day that goes by, this feels more and more like the fn twilight zone.

NoDebt's picture

OK, it's time this needs to be said:

Our President has become mentally unstable and dangerously self-deluded.

This isn't mere incompetence, it isn't some part of his overall evil plan (and, believe me, he DOES have an evil plan), he's actually become mentally unhinged.  He is utterly incapable of grasping the situation with which he now finds himself confronted.  If you yelled "Boo!" near him, he's be hanging from the ceiling tiles by his fingernails.  His psyche has been damaged and he's withdrawn into his own little world inside his head where everything's still just fine.

Headbanger's picture

Nahhh.. He's just some dumb fuck who believes his own bullshit.

john39's picture

his job is to smile and read the teleprompter, the real brain behind the operation.

kchrisc's picture

Unlike previous puppets, this one does not care about his "legacy." He get his orders, implements them, goes golfing, does Reggie, repeats--a CIA manchurian candidate. He is not mentally unstable or self-deluded, however, he is a sociopath of the highest order.

That is why his administration seems so "different."

That is also why he is not bombing or invading; his CIA handlers do not want him bombing their assets in the ME.


Decolat's picture

'Our President has become mentally unstable and dangerously self-deluded.'

Prerequisite for the job. But I'm sure his mental/spiritual stability can only keep getting worse as the realities of being a murderous, fascist/socialist puppet consumes what little is left of his humanity (if ever there was any). The same goes for all presidents since... ? The presidency must be the ultimate experience in cognitive dissonance. The only way out is madness. But I don't feel bad for him, he knows his position only makes him a most vile shitstain. And judging by his actions/inactions, he likes it, and cares not what anybody thinks. 

MarsInScorpio's picture



I wrote, and have posted this, since 3/26/14.Its description of Obama, and the conclusions about his mental illness, have proven cosistent, and true, every day since I wrote it:


It's time to quit lying to ourselves and admit we have a mentally ill president.

He suffers from delusions of grandeur - believing that all he has to do is wave his hand and it is now reality.

This is the result of his pathological lying - he lies about anything and everything - telling the world whatever he wants it to believe regardless of the reality surrounding his pronouncements. He is increasingly disconnected from reality.

He is kept afloat by a tight circle of enablers who cover for him and spin his lies. But that is changing.

I am making this statement not to be mean, but rather because it is time to seriously consider that Barack Obama is not mentally healthy. I am saying this because he is continuing to run farther and farther away from reality in his actions, and believes that whatever he says – becomes the made-over reality that exists only in his mind.

Take his statement that "100-million" people have signed up for ObamaCare - that's nearly 1/3 of the entire 315-million person population of the US. It is a number that prima fascia is irrational.

But Obama stated it as a fact anyway to his Obamabots in Organizing for America. They showed their lack of rational relationship by accepting the number - regardless of its obvious irrational ability to be true. As an aside, it shows that these people are brain-dead, and just accept that whatever Obama says is the truth - with no rational vetting whatsoever.

That's truly scary.

But scarier still is this: NO ONE in the WH dared correct him. No statement came out saying so much as issuing the typical lame excuse that he "misspoke." Nothing. The WH enablers fell silent (as did the Looney Tunes Left MSM).


This is what makes their silence so scary: It means that the WH aides are at a point where they so fear the mad king's wrath that they will abandon reality for his irrational fantasies. They will no longer be a wall of reality constraining his thinking to the Real World.

In short, they are no longer Gatekeepers, but rather like “Alice in Wonderland,” they are the cards painting the roses red for the insane Queen of Hearts.

"She wanted white - then said what a fright, so now she's wants them red instead; we're painting the roses red, we're painting the roses red - we can't say no we won't, because if we don't, she'll want our heads instead! So we're painting the roses red . . ."

I realize that take from Alice in Wonderland goes over the heads - or should I say through the air-heads - of the Obamabots. But what do you expect from people who passively accept 100-million people being signed up for ObamaCare?

That is mental disconnect. That is insanity. That is Barack Obama.

Don't apologize for thinking him ill; he is ill.

And this latest exercise in waving his hand, and thinking that reality magically changes when he does, shows Barack Obama is disconnected from reality, and must be removed from office before his mental illness drives him to even more desperate, irrational thinking - and even more dangerous, irrational actions.

If you agree, please copy this post and circulate it as much as you can. Pull the plug on the psycho sociopath.

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

The president said "Secretary Kerry will be tasked with reconciling the Sunni and Sh'ia sects of Islam", adding "we just don't think there is that much difference between the two". Secretary Kerry will be joined on his mission by National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who added "in my dorm room at Berkeley we resolved many similar disputes, sometimes tempers got very heated but we always resolved it over a nice mug of herbal tea".


Serenity Now's picture

The fact that I have to ask if those quotes are true or just you being sarcastic is disturbing.  LOL.

Poundsand's picture

Nuke the entire site from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure...

Headbanger's picture

Agree..  But c'mon.. lets use some of our more visual effects hardware and nuke em from low altitude.

And where's that nucular artillery piece we had way back when??

Or my favorite from "Fail Safe", the B-58 Hustler??

Better yet..  Make them all eat SPAM so they can't get into heaven with 72 virgins each!!

RafterManFMJ's picture

How disheartening it must be to look at 0blam0 and his clown car brigade, and realize they are your best hope. 

Headbanger's picture

Damn!  And here I was just cleaning my SKS with the grenade launcher thinking it was my best hope against those pesky pepper spray drones..

Better clean the Mauser instead.

Poundsand's picture

Those SKS's shoot a lot straighter than their Russian cousins.  At least in my experience - good weapon.

Headbanger's picture

Whoa..  They are Russian. 

Are you thinking they're Chinese in origin??

The Yugoslavians made them (with grenade launchers) as did the Albanians with some sweet mods.

Norinco in China makes them for the commercial market too but they're way loose compared to Russian but OK.


And I see NotApplicable is trolling me in his predicable passive-aggressive cunt way.

So funny

There he goes again while drinking his herbal tea...

El Vaquero's picture

Just to be clear for future reference, when I write CIC in reference to the president, I do not mean "Commander" In Chief. 


Carry on.

Bill of Rights's picture

Send something with some real balls in there..


His wife?

El Vaquero's picture

Or Yellen.  Yellen could strip their ability to pay for ammo and food in a heartbeat.

Skateboarder's picture

They can afford to send ol' man Yellen: replaceable and forgettable. The real control member at the moment is the joosian vice chair,

AlaricBalth's picture

Definitely send in an entire battalion of economists. The damage they can inflict is mind boggling.

crazybob369's picture

Thanks Bill. Just snorted coffee all over my keyboard.

pelican's picture

B-58?  Aren't those history?


Just fire on from space.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

yes but it was supersonic, bare metal, and called "the hustler"


being a canuck and a subject of the british empire I'd use an avro vulcan and drop a bunch of leaflets saying I'm sorry

Headbanger's picture

This one got duped below.  Fuck me. Over.

Headbanger's picture

No worries dude!  A fine aircraft along with the Avro Arrow which never should have been cancelled:

Also being Canadian, you shirley must appreciate a Yugo SKS shooting Slazzenger (James Bond) golf balls  to smote the pepper spraying drones, no doubt!

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Well. I am in talks with a local air museum.. I stop by when I travel from Calgary to Lethbridge. I am hoping to broker the services of this local AVRO Lancaster


It was out last month and is simply jaw dropping. Note the CF100 on display.


p.s. yeah the cf-105 was something. a shame. I worked in a hobby store as a young man for a number of years and during my tenure there I was able to polish up on much of the who's who of aircraft. The Arrow was always popular but at the time only a compnay called hobbycraft made it.


Near where I work one of the legions has a CF-104 on display. The lawn dart. THe angle is a copy of how it could climb. Interesting.



ZerOhead's picture

Ah yes the CF-104 Widowmaker. All engine no wing.

I had a good friend who crashed one of those suckers back in the 60's somewhere in Alberta if memory serves. It was the second crash he kinda walked away from...

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Ah yes the CF-104 Widowmaker. All engine no wing.

The F-104 Starfighter's propensity for accidents was legendary. It is quite possibly the only aircraft to have inspired a concept rock album, Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters. One of the tracks was The Widowmaker.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

I have always affectionately called it the lockheed lawndart.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Lawn dart? That would get it banned here in the land o' the free. It does look like a lawn dart, though.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Hey Iron Balls McGinchy nuke who? Riyadh? Doha? DC? Tel Aviv? London? Ottawa?


YOu should have described it though as flying a b36 peacemaker full of nukes and marshall amps and shredding a stars and stripes painted flying V electric guitar a la hendrix star spangled banner letting your mullet fly in the wind while nuking whatever it is you are nuking.

Headbanger's picture

Fucking A it sure is! 

And I hadn't thought of it that way..

Yeah... But B-36 are so sloooooow and not nearly as sexy deadly as a B-58 .

And a B-36 simply can't puill a "bug out maneuver"

But you're from Canaduh so wut would you know bout that.. Eh!?