The March of Technology

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By: Chris Tell at:

My recent post "It's over!" stirred up a lot of emotions. I received many thoughtful replies commending me on it, and quite a few others threatening me and wishing me bodily harm, disease, death or a job at the TSA. I'm not sure which would be worse...?

In that piece I discussed how angry people become when they are faced with facts which are disruptive to their lifestyle. Boy, was I right! It's completely understandable, actually.

Here is just one of the comments I received on the website:

“…Do I care if Joey, a “local” in some developed world country loses his job to Jacindra in Manila? No…”

F^#k you. Piece of sh*t globalist.

My response to this gentleman:

You suffer from the misguided view that by sheer accident of birth you’re somehow entitled to a better life than some other human being on the other side of the world, who is prepared to work harder, longer and for less money than you in order to feed his/her family.

I treat all people with equal respect and dignity. It is the transfer of resources, capital and know how that has made the world a far wealthier place, not the hindrance of such. You are one of those unfortunate people who believes that stifling this process somehow makes for a good case. That belief can only be a result of you being in a privileged position that is under threat. As I said, I’m not giving advice, I’m simply stating the facts. You can choose to do with them what you will.

Let me be clear, I wrote that post with sympathy to those who have already faced redundancies, struggled with mounting bills, a lack of education, and many of the other challenges facing individuals the world over in both developed and emerging economies.

First and foremost, the colour of ones skin, their "nationality" and their current status in life are not criteria one should use to consider a person's worth. The world is incredibly unequal, but that should be no reason to follow our political leaders down the collectivist path.

Unfortunately, it is too easy to gull the pack; it just takes a little bit of theater, flags flapping in the wind, a brass band and a "strong" leader. Wow, what a sense of collectivist power. "We" the politicians favoured "inclusive" word, assures there exists a "them". This is how trade barriers are erected, this is how troops go to war. Thump, thump to the steady drum and soldiers boots. What an intoxicating thing. Always the herd. It's a very dangerous thing.

When a steam roller is coming down the road you are best to step aside before getting squashed, because squashed you will be. Technology is such a steam-roller. It always has been and it likely always will be.

Being pro-active rather than re-active is a far smarter strategy, because no amount of declaring that the "steam roller" should not be allowed to roll down the road is ultimately likely to help you. Legislating against "steam rollers" simply destroys the competitiveness of the jurisdiction passing such legislation.

Heavily subsidized industries have proven to be incrementally larger burdens on society. They will ultimately ensure the destruction of that society if left to run rampant. There is a reason that the United States was once leading the world in economic terms, and it is the flip side of the very same reason that the USSR did not. That reason is economic freedom. The freedom for capital, goods, skills (which means people) and services to move across borders freely.

If you need any evidence I ask you to look to Europe, the poster child of socialist dogma, where everyone is "protected" from not only themselves, but also those "nasty foreigners" who are "stealing our jobs". How's that turning out for them?

What I find interesting is that the vitriol, together with the compliments sent to my inbox and posted on forums, is only able to occur via technology; technology which without the globalization so decried, would simply not be at the finger tips of all... myself included.

Instead of screaming at the steam roller, Mark and I believe in acknowledging it and being pro-active rather than reactive to its presence. Both my recent articles "I want my children to go cold and hungry" as well as "Self sufficiency - Lessons from a Mother" drive into the heart of this matter.

Molly coddled adults are one thing, but it's our job to ensure our kids have a fighting chance, because I promise you that mothers and fathers in many of the countries we operate in are leaving nothing to chance.

We may think that the world we live in today is vastly different than that which our ancestors enjoyed, and while that's factually true, many of the issues we grapple with today have in some shape or form been present in the past.

Consider the following short list:

  • The replacement of the equestrian industry with railroads;
  • The replacement of stokers on steam locomotives in favour of diesel engines;
  • The replacement of the bank clerk with the ATM, and now mobile/online banking;
  • The replacement of farm hands manually ploughing fields in favour of tractors and harvesters;
  • Print media has largely been replaced by digital media;
  • Encyclopedias (which were horrendously expensive to print and massively wasteful) and associated publishers and salesman have been replaced by Wikipedia and search engines at an absolute fraction of the cost.

The list is endless, but hopefully you get the picture.

We don't believe in sitting around pontificating and whining about the world. For those who care to step out and take a look it is brimming with opportunity. Below is a sampling of some of the most interesting disruptive technologies shaping the world right now. As private equity investors we've been positioning ourselves to capitalise on disruptive technologies within Seraph, our private investor syndicate.

In no particular order:


  • Reinventing finance. What can I say, this is an industry screaming out for monumental change. Yes, there will be job losses for "Joey", and Wall Street's traditional chop shops won't like it one bit. Crowdfunding is highly disruptive. We have no idea how much this is going to revolutionize personal finance and investing for the little guy. It WILL be huge. We're already invested in two companies that are shaping this space, and we're looking closely at a third as I punch out this post.


  • Robots will replace much of human labour at some point, it's inevitable. We are early investors in a company which solves a simple problem, namely logistics in the food industry. They are set to ramp from essentially zero, to $66m in sales in just 3 years if they get it right. We think they have a very good chance! It's quite simply a massive industry and opportunity.

Media and Entertainment

  • The music industry has been disrupted by peer-to-peer file sharing technology. Katy Perry, for example, gets millions of YouTube views when she releases a new single, yet she may only sell a hundred thousand actual "albums". We seeded a company that has created a platform to allow artists to monetize their work in a completely different fashion, by embracing this change as opposed to challenging it.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

  • Oculus Rift proved that the "big guys" are embracing this technology and so are we. The big brother of virtual reality, augmented reality is going to be a part of our everyday life, so much so that within 20 years most people won't understand how we did without it. Think about having the ability to conduct surgery remotely, pick inventory off a shelf in a warehouse on another continent using your Google Glass headset, or walking to an appointment in a city you've never been and being guided by a "virtual" guide walking alongside you.

Alternative Energy

  • We participated in a private placement in an innovative startup company that has built a hybrid wind and solar system for end-users. Being connected to a "grid" will eventually be unnecessary. The inefficiency and waste, not to mention environmental degradation that occurs is just unnecessary. Massive disruption in this industry can't happen soon enough!

Secure File Storage and Sharing

  • We were cornerstone investors in a secure, client side, encrypted file storage provider. NSA, KGB, MI5, hackers, Microsoft, Diane Feinstein, spammers... These guys are helping to solve the problem of having to trust any of the aforementioned!


  • Intelligent, wearable fabrics that can monitor your vital signs, improve athletic performance and even keep your infant safe. One of our portfolio investments is a company that is creating ridiculously robust fabrics, and the only company in the world that binds nano-particles to composites using a protein.

That's a mere sampling of some of the things we find interesting and disruptive enough to put our money where our mouths are. Other areas which we believe interesting, but have yet to find suitable investment opportunities are: 3D printing, remote education, agricultural sciences and bio-medicine.

If you are an accredited investor interested in private investment opportunities, we're hosting a special event in Aspen in August that may be of interest. Many of the companies mentioned above will be presenting to our Seraph syndicate members, our network of colleagues and a few very special guests.

It is going to be a small, exclusive event where guests will interact one-on-one with thought leaders in these disruptive industries.

For those that would like more information, you can download the agenda/program here:

Password for the page is: snowmass

The event is almost full, as registration is limited. This is not only a chance to hear some great speakers... guys like Paul Rosenberg, Louis Petrossi, Doug Casey, Jason Best and David Weild IV (Father of the JOBS Act), but most appealing I think is the chance to connect with like-minded, sophisticated high net worth investors from well over a dozen countries.

Keep in mind, this event is for accredited investors only. Please contact us with any questions.

- Chris


"By seizing the opportunities that disruption presents and leveraging hard times into greater success through outworking/outinnovating/outthinking and outworking everyone around you, this just might be the richest time of your life so far." - Robin S. Sharma

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sgt_doom's picture

This sounds remarkably like those douchetard arguments and incredibly ignorant predictions (which, of course, never turned out) by former Harvard criminal class dood, Robert Reich, one of the most idiotic clowns in econ -- besides the penultimate bank lobbyst douchetard, Paul Krugman, and it was Paul, among his most godawful ignorant utterances, who claims that banks do not create credit, and ONLY loan from savings --- geez, paulie waulie, you still haven't heard of credit derivatives, naked swaps, securitizations, rehypothecations, etc., etc., etc!) made in that pile of crapt Reich wrote some years back, The Work of Nations.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Triffin's Dilemma....know explains the forces that sent American jobs overseas. It demonstrates why those jobs cannot come back until the USA gives up reserve currency status. That'll be a tough one because it has given the USA great advantages (free stuff especially for the government). It has cost the USA it's industrial base. Unless the reserve nation is a net importing country it's currency cannot circulate as the reserve.

Technology cannot be stopped. The dynamic of the reserve currency can and will change. When it does it will be far more disruptive than any technology.

sgt_doom's picture

"Triffin's Dilemma"????

What a jackhole!  No, that's the excuse for taking the US off the gold standard, you are confused and bewildered, as usual . . .

sgt_doom's picture

If Zerohedge continues to run these blogs of drivel from Chris Tell and his predatory capitalist exploits column it is incumbent upon zerohedge to issue a disclaimer that:


Thank you.

Capitalist Exploits's picture

Actually buddy if you come on my site and use the most foul gutter language you can think of then I will absolutely ban you from the site. I will always accept disagreement if you can provide it without turning to schoolyard antics where it generates intelligent discourse.

If you don't like it go read some other site. You're under no obligation to interact with me and quite frankly I think that's better for all.

sgt_doom's picture

If Zerohedge continues to run these blogs of drivel from Chris Tell and his predatory capitalist exploits column it is incumbent upon zerohedge to issue a disclaimer that:


Thank you.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Unfortunately technological developments require a huge input of captial, resources, and energy (calories).


Now, you tell me, has the world been careful not to mis-allocate or mal-invest such things over the last 10-15 years?


Good luck to all the useless paper-pushers going forward.

Orwell was right's picture

Unfortunately, this author..(like many others)....writes himself in circles and misses all the points he thnks he is making.   He starts out talking about job loss to "more productive labor overseas"...but THEN tries to prove his point by listing jobs lost to technology.    TWO SEPARATE ISSUES.....

Job loss overseas is often NOT about "working harder" as much as it is using nearly slave labor and avoiding all the costs of producing goods in a responsible and sustainable manner....(manufacturers who throw up  plants, abuse people, dump chemicals, then move on).   

Job loss to technology is a bit more complicated in that early technology (think Industrial revolution)...truly did free labor for more useful purposes.    However, the last half of the 20th Century saw technology replacing more jobs than it added...AND...lowered the wage possibilities for far more people than it helped.    Over time, this results in a very lopsided economy with only a few high paying jobs and a TON of minimum wage jobs.    Eventually this has to collapse on itself, as fewer and fewer people can afford to buy what the "robots" turn out.....because the costs of essential goods (food, medicine, energy, clothes, housing) have skyrocketed far past the average person's ability to purchase. 

Granted....the average US citizen is spoiled and has a sense of entitlement that far outstrips rationale thinking.....but even if this were corrected overnight with the wave of a magic wand.....the next day would find many of the same  problems.    Until the US figures out how to create MEANINGFUL employment that creates USEFUL products at wages that allow people to live a reasonable existence....this downward spiral will continue.  





Comte d'herblay's picture

That barn door closed in the early 80s.  The  Tipping Point of jobs created thru the 70s was breeched and since then the global pop has increased to beyond human endurance.

The superfluous human beans number in the billions now, and without a global pandemic to reset the clock, there is no hope that the number of well paying jobs required will ever resume.  

That part of culture, society, of trying to remain sane is over.  Work as we know it will have to move to the very back of the bus, if not be attached to a cart behind it.

New pair o dimes will see that man's free time will increase exponentially over the next millennia, and eventually only a dozen or so men and women will make everything (actually, they will only be needed to run the machines and 3-d mfg processes, and services for a flourishing world population.

So.  What to 7-8-9 billion people do all day if they do not need to work?

That is the new growth industry. Figuring out how to get out of the Labor-for-survival and prosperity model and into a new system that employs people's time and energy so that they don't wind up killing one another for sport.

Work was invented to prevent people from murdering one another, and to refrain from going nuts with all those 100 yrs time exchanging Oxygen to Co2,, and pooping. 

Without work a new use for men's time on earth must be found either individually or nationally. 

That sense of entitlement may actually be the foreward to the evolutionary change we will need to throw off the production model in a world where everything under the sun will have to be gotten for next to nothing. 

The post industrial nations will hopefully figure this out long before it's too late.

New transformative Ideas are more than welcome.

What next?




Matt's picture

Perhaps The Matrix is the end game, human beings in tubes being fed intravenously, leading brain power to assist with data storage and processing alongside quantum computers, while people's consiousness resides in virtual worlds.

That, or The Jetsons, with houses on periscopes above the smog, commuting in sealed vehicles to sit all day in an automous factory while your family spends the day at the mall consuming.

Or we run out of energy and 90% of the population spends 40 hours a week subsistance farming.

sgt_doom's picture

The author also censors comments (all negative, of course) to an extraordinary degree at his site.  When several were censored awhile back, we began monitoring it to observe his behavior.

Complete and totally dishonest douchetard who cannot tolerate criticism nor dissent!

PeeramidIdeologies's picture

"Wow, what a sense of collectivist power. "We" the politicians favoured "inclusive" word, assures there exists a "them". This is how trade barriers are erected, this is how troops go to war. Thump, thump to the steady drum and soldiers boots"

"Keep in mind, this event is for accredited investors only. Please contact us with any questions."


So ah what about technologies being used for theft? Manipulation? I mean the last thing you want working for you is something with a mind of it's own. Just program in your specific commands and watch the dollar bills start to flow. The ultimate oligarch wet dream.

Wait till they invent robots to build/fix the other robots. Then we can all just kick back and get rich!! Rich I say!!! Opp, never mind that's already happening.... Are you getting rich?

But switching to pro-activity now, I would like to get me one of those 3D printers, with a 3D scanner and multi-compostition capabilities. A fella could build a solid localized business with one of those babies! Wouldn't TPB love everyone to have one of those in their tool sheds!!

Bemused Observer's picture

The problem I have with this view, and with the whole disruptive technology thing in general, is that one man's "disruptive technology" ends up becoming someone else's "disrupted life".
You agonize over 'Jacinda', and ask why she shouldn't be able to take a job from someone here, as she is "prepared to work harder, longer and for less money" almost sounds as if you are doing her a favor...
But your theory ignores the fact that she really HASN'T chosen to do that...she has been forced, by the same dynamics that sent the job over there in the first place! "Jacinda" is not some forward-leaning entrepreneur, she's a wage-slave being exploited by people with means, so folks like you can get an IPhone for 30 dollars less. And over here, you'll complain about fast food workers getting paid more, because that might add 50 cents to the price of your Happy Meal.
Do you ever wonder why the "Jacinda's" of the world never seem to appreciate all of the 'good' that America exports to everyone else? Why they don't see things the way you do? That "disruptive technology" you are so tickled about only benefits you...YOU are the one who gets access to its bounty, YOU are the one who can make like God and interact with the Brave New World on your little hand-held device..."Jacinda" on the other hand, gets to spend 16-hour days bend over a tiny workdesk, putting all the tiny parts together for 2 dollars an hour...she probably doesn't even have internet access back in the mud-hut fishing village she calls home.

If you are harboring some idea that "Jacinda" is over there, glowing warmly with gratitude, I'd suggest you go and visit her. See if she thanks you...I'm betting it is more likely that she and her friends will corner you and beat you senseless with socks full of nickels as they scream "Google THIS, asshole!"

sgt_doom's picture

Virtually everything this jackhole (and extreme censor) Tell says is assumption, of course.  His assumption that Jacinda is pulling herself out of poverty, and not simply an individual from a rich family assured of a job due to her family's connections, must be verified at all costs, first of all.

Next, this idiot is completely ignorant both of economics, finance and simple arithmetic.

With every job offshored, so goes a piece of the GDP, as economist Paul Craig Roberts so wisely and logically asserts!

Without the necessary jobs in manufacturing and tech, progress and patents dribble down, as we have witnessed in America to the present.

Offshoring all the jobs, technology and investment to China means little to zero amortization within America --- and companies, and societies, which do not amortize do not hang around for very long.  This is sooooo obvious it should not bear repeating, but douchetards (and extreme censors of comments) like Tell never get it, it involves arithmetic and arithmetical relationships, and that's soooo haaaaarrd for the doucheys.

Tell, no doubt on behalf of the Business Roundtable, ITAA, or US Chamber of Commerce, is resuscitating a long-dead argument only a skank like the pay-to-play pseduo economist, Catherine Mann, spews forth.


Canoe in the Desert's picture

Technology is only good until the next best thing comes along....then run for the exit.

Matt's picture

I suspect rapid technological change is problematic, as it creates an effect similar to Regime Uncertainty; call it Technological Uncertainty. How you can invest CapEx into something if you don't know how many years before it is obsolete?

If things change every 50 years or so, then investing with a 25-year payoff is fine. If things are turning over every six months, you have no idea what is a good investment or not. 

This is the problem I had with bitcoin mining, and why I didn't continue with it; it is not that it is speculative, its just that your investment horizon is in months instead of years or decades, because the rate of innovation is so much faster.

3rd Pig's picture


  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

What a fucking con trick. The 1%’s were going to starve our assess right from the first bright idea...

“What’s that?  A wheel you say... oh in that case... you can get me 10 X more... now back to work..!”


sgt_doom's picture

Well said, 3rd, and I believe it is sooo obvious whose payroll this maggot  Chris Tell is on?

Citxmech's picture

There are two main problems I see with the tech sector today:

1. Much of it is oriencted toward "gee wiz" fulff.  That's fine, but it's only viable if your consumer base actually has disposible income, which is waning on a national, if not global scale; and

2. The focus is all on new development while the infrastructure that supports its implementation crumbles.

Reminds me of the folks who put $2k spinny alloy wheels on their $1,200.00 POS Dodge K car.  

It may not be glamorous, but if we can't afford to at least keep our current supporting infrastructure maintained (let alone upgrade it), and we can't afford to effectively implement the best new tech, its not going to live up to its promise.


zerocash's picture

There are plenty of opportunities for rich capital owners (like these "accredited investors"), not for Joe Schmoe who lost his job at age 55 because his job got robotized or outsourced, who can't afford to learn a new skill and who wouldn't be hired if he did because he's considered too old and risky when there are countless younger models in the offering.

crazytechnician's picture

No mention of Bitcoin ?

Radical Marijuana's picture


"Get out of the way of the steam roller."

I regard that "steam roller" as a runaway fascist plutocracy juggernaut.

My objections to this article are the same now as I posted regarding the previous article, namely, the advancing technology is primarily being employed to enable human beings in social pyramid systems to become even more dishonest, and back those lies up with more violence.

When are we going to get design science applied to understand the death controls that back up the debt controls? When are advances in science and technology going to become more self-aware of the social systems that they are in service to? When do we make enough of a radical transformation to change the direction that the "steam roller" is headed?

This article typically talks about "wealth" without recognizing that was all based on being able to use new technologies to strip-mine the natural resources of a fresh planet. It gets away with its self-satisfied deliberate ignorance towards that the whole economic system is based on turning natural resources into garbage and pollution as fast as possible, which feels great for those who are able to indulge in doing that, without thinking about it.

The deeper problems are that the established systems of death controls dominating a human ecology operated through the maximum possible deceits, and debt controls dominating an industrial ecology operated through the maximum possible frauds, are that those do not allow nor admit any more radical truths about what they are actually doing, so that those recognitions would allow adapting to the limits of exponential growth on a finite planet. Instead, we are still on the path towards severe overshooting, while everything in this article appears to extoll the virtues of greasing that path, so that we will end up overshooting even farther, and faster ...

Of course, I believe that there are some POSSIBLE Alternative Energies & Society Adapted to Them. However, this kind of PollyAnnish article continues to deliberately ignore the runaway down sides, and the even more significant downslope to the industrial revolution. This kind of superficial article continues to appreciate the upslope of the industrial revolution, as if that may continue, as always. There is no apparent sense of the need for radical transformations in the social pyramid structures, rather, merely self-evident advice that standing in the way of the "stream roller," to get run over, is not a good strategy.

I guess I WISH that I could still be as delusionally optimistic and superficial in my view of the holy spirit of evolutionary progress as the author of this article appears to still be able to be. However, so far, I have never seen anything which makes me doubt that the basic trajectory of civilization is exponential growth, headed towards overshooting in ways that will result in collapse into chaos. The "steam roller" was made and maintained by a criminally insane system of legalized, backed by legalized violence, which has become out-of-control. While I would NOT recommend standing in its way, only to get run over and squashed flat, still this article provides not the slightest hint of meta-awareness or meta-commuication about the flip side to the Luddites, which is the equally irrational optimism that progress in technology actually will serve human interests, in humane ways.

sgt_doom's picture

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank Radical Marijuana for his (assuming "his") brilliant comment the other day, I've been passing it around every since.

And to repeat it:


As usual, I thought that was a relatively good article, which understatedthe situation:


"In closing, the world is morally and fiscally BANKRUPT. A man made disaster. Nothing will stop the unfolding calamity." 


The ruling classes are more aware of the problems of exponential growth based on strip-mining the Earth's natural resources than are those they rule over. Since the vast majority of the people being ruled over have been deliberately reduced to being incompetent political idiots by those who rule over them, there appear no other politically possible "solutions" to the problems than the only ones which have actually been prepared, which are to mass murder the majority of world's population.


It would take a series of technological and political miracles to prevent the exponential growth overshooting from resulting into a collapse into chaos that kills off the majority of the world's human population. Indeed, if the worst of the possible ranges of predictions end up being correct, then the consequences will be even worse than most of the ruling classes themselves could survive either.


This kind of article is still looking at the relatively short-term to medium term nature of the problems, and possible responses to those. Good enough as that goes. However, the bigger problems in the longer term make pretty well all of those attitudes appear like just more evil deliberate ignorance. It is NOT possible to exaggerate the degree to which civilization has been controlled by lies, backed by violence, which technologies have amplified trillions of times.


There is nothing within the established frames of reference that can cope with the basic social facts that civilization is almost totally dominated by systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which have become stark raving MAD! The fundamental mechanisms of enforced frauds continue to control civilization, in ways which always result in that behaving in more criminally insane ways.


The industrial revolution has taken the potential of science and channeled that through applications of technology to enable lies and violence to be magnified by many orders of magnitude. Since the short-term successes of backing up lies with violence constantly worked, and continues to work now, and for each individual increment in the foreseeable future, civilization will continue to automatically become more criminally insane, as it becomes even more controlled by lies backed by violence.


There is nothing which can practically prevent the runaway systems from continuing to develop their enforced frauds, whereby "money" is made out of nothing to "pay" for strip-mining the planet. Actually, those fraudulent financial accounting systems are NOT "paying" for anything, but are only the runaway triumph of backing up lies with violence, controlling civilization to behave in ways which automatically become more insane every day!


Furthermore, there are no good reasons to doubt that that series of short-term expediences of controlling civilization through enforced frauds will not continue to get worse, faster, since there continues to be nothing which can actually stop systems of lies backed up with violence from prevailing. The longer term consequences will continue to be deliberately ignored, discounted and disregarded, due to the endless series of emergencies caused the the accumulating consequences of actually controlling the world with lies backed by violence.


The future of the human species is primarily going to be the result of science and technology pumping up the established systems of enforced frauds to even more astronomical sizes, so that they will be thereby set up to collapse into chaos even more spectacularly. All around the world we are starting to see the signs that the strip-mining of the planet's natural resources are reaching the real limits of diminishing returns. Since all of that economic activity was done through fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, there was never anything remotely close to a realistic accounting.


It is also way too late to try to go back to any accounting systems that were slightly less dishonest, because they were backed by commodities which could not be created out of nothing, like the fiat money-as-debt was. Although I agree that "the American Empire is on fire," the overall situation is way worse than merely that, because it is practically impossible to imagine how any other system could be built that did not continue to be based on lies, backed by violence, as human nature continues to flow along its own paths of least moralities.


It would take a prodigious series of technological and political miracles, in which the political miracles were even more important than the technological miracles, for civilization to overcome being controlled by huge lies, which have driven it to behave in criminally insane ways towards its own longer term future. While I sympathize with those who continue to do their best within the currently established systems to attempt to find personal short-term and medium term solutions to these runaway problems caused by living inside of a civilization so totally dominated by enforced frauds that it has become quite criminally insane, there is nothing really there which is sufficient.


The ruling classes are the most criminally insane of all, and the only plans which they have actually prepared for those real problems are for more genocidal wars, along with imposing democidal martial law. Given that those ruling classes have already mostly succeeding in turning the majority of the human population into Zombie Sheeple, who do not want to understand their real problems, there are no other practically possible and predictable resolutions to the problems of exponential growth overshooting in catastrophic ways than for the majority of the human population to be murdered in one way or another, as those essential problems will automatically get worse faster in the foreseeable future.


Even IF there were some series of more basic science breakthroughs, and corresponding technological achievements, without matching political miracles regarding the basic understanding of human civilizations as energy systems inside of the natural world, then any other technological miracles would still only end up making things get still worse. The basic political miracles would require enough people understanding how and why they ended up living in a civilization that was controlled by governments becoming the biggest forms of organized crime, dominated by the best organized gangs of criminals, and responding to that in more scientific ways, based upon intellectual scientific revolutoins throughout the whole of that set of interrelated perceptions of those those problems, guiding radically different behaviours based on those radically different perceptions.


The basic problems which the human species faces are that technologies have become trillions of times more powerful, while that has been channeled through social pyramid systems which were based on backing up lies with violence, during which recent times the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire became the greatest single manifestation of those legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, dominating a globalized civilization able to operate electronic frauds, backed by the force of atomic bombs.Everything that civilization is doing is based on the series of short-term successes of enforced frauds. Everyone who is living inside of that system tends to take that for granted, and therefore, to seek personalsuccess within those established systems. However, as a whole, those systems have become criminally insane, but since they dominate the civilization, everyone who seeks for personal solutions to those problems ends up still having to operate inside of that overall criminally insane frame of reference.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Thanks, sgt_doom!

(& yes, I am male.)

Bemused Observer's picture

The problem with all this technology is that its creators make the exact same mistake that the folks with great wealth make. They assume, mistakenly, that their 'toys' or money exists somehow separate from the greater society that helped spawn them. Once they have the thing in their hands, be it tech or money, they forget that they NEED that framework in order to KEEP it.

So their decision-making begins with a faulty premise. They advocate for policies that undermine the foundations of the very system that they NEED...The techies who cheerlead innovations with religious fervor don't stop to ask themselves how their new toys will WORK in a world where no one can afford them. These new technologies depend on a world of growing wealth for everyone. But the technologies themselves create a world where fewer and fewer folks have access to that wealth.

A smart 'techy' would take a few minutes to think about that, and apply some of that creative energy to finding a solution. Because a smart techy would realize that the logical outcome of the status quo is a world where high-tech becomes increasingly irrelevant to the majority, who are spending most of their time scratching a living out of the dirt. A smart techy would recognize the fact that MANY technologies of the past ended up buried beneath societies that didn't value them because they were too busy trying to survive. Within a few generations those societies forgot all about them, and they became artifacts to be dug up by future archaeologists. Or they were deemed witchcraft, and those playing with them were tied to the stakes awaiting the flames.

But instead we get 'ideas' out of that crowd like 'drone delivery of Amazon goods', or 'self-driving cars'...and somewhere out there some geek in a garage is building and tested the first robot burger-flipper...with no consideration for what those developments will actually MEAN for society.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Excellent summary of the essential problem, Bemused Observer:

"These new technologies depend on a world of growing wealth for everyone. But the technologies themselves create a world where fewer and fewer folks have access to that wealth."

In my opinion, that is exactly the kind of overview that the author of this article above deliberately ignores!

As always, I would say that your correct point applies even more to the environmental than the social, because the runaway social polarization is compounded even worse by the diminishing returns from having strip-mined the planet's natural resources in order to have produced that "wealth."

Bemused Observer's picture

Thank you Rad...I find a lot of positions taken are ignoring major factors these days...The position is taken but NOBODY mentions the obvious problem that will have to be solved for their ideas to even have a CHANCE to when some people suggest that we should just cut all the 'entitlements', take the 'harsh medicine', but never explain what will happen to those folks when you leave them unemployed and without Social Security or any government support. You wonder if they have some unspoken expectation that these folk will just disappear.
Or the ones who will come out with shit like "We should bomb or send our troops to(insert name of country here)..." and then allow you to use your imagination for the rest. What does something like "bomb Iran" even MEAN anyway? Don't they understand that these things require some thought and planning for the potential fallout of the decision?
I guess we aren't supposed to talk about the tiresome details. We should stop being such nay-saying poopy-heads and just admire the beauty of the plan. But this type of thinking really scares me, because a lot of it is coming from folks who are in positions to do real damage. This is the kind of thing that toddlers do, which is why we don't give them our car keys. If we are becoming a nation that acts on our first impulses with no thought to the consequences, then we are becoming a real menace to the world.

Anusocracy's picture

Nobody guards the guardians.

And most people can't conceive of getting rid of the middleman and hiring the guardians directly, thereby allowing them to fire the guardians directly.

Nexus789's picture

Not sure why you got a negative - thoughtful response to fan waving piece for a system that will ultimately collapse in on itself. There is a totally different perspective to be had and we ignore the consequences at our peril.

William McNeill talked about “the conservation of catastrophe” and McNeill, who applied his “law” to environmental crisis in particular and commented that, “catastrophe is the underside of the human condition—a price we pay for being able to alter natural balances and to transform the face of the earth through collective effort and the use of tools.” The better we become at altering and supposedly controlling nature, he wrote, the more vulnerable human society becomes to catastrophes that “recur perpetually on an ever-increasing scale as our skills and knowledge grow.” The potential for catastrophe is thus not only conserved, but it can be said to be cumulative, and reappears in an ever more colossal form in response to our growing transformation of the world around us.

Radical Marijuana's picture

"potential for catastrophe is thus not only conserved, but it can be said to be cumulative"


In the economic realm it is "kicking the can down the road, or upstairs" to accumulate more systemic risks in larger units, as numerous Zero Hedge articles have previously discussed in detail. However, in the ecological realm it appears that is even worse, because it operates on an even larger scale!

Since human societies are actually controlled by their biggest bullies, through lies backed with violence, both the social polarization and the environmental destruction seem unstoppable, because there is no sane way to beat the bullies at their own game, without becoming an even worse bully, which defeats the original purpose.

It was bad enough when the bullies were merely beating up other human beings, however, after the technological advances in the industrial revolution, a society dominated by its biggest bullies is more and more beating up the natural world. However, just like there is no way to stop the bullies, other than by being a bigger bully, there appears to be no practical way to stop the human species, as dominated by its biggest bullies, who specialize in dishonesty and destruction, from destroying the natural world, while being able to do so through attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards the fact that they are doing that. The ability of the biggest bullies to ignore the suffering they are causing to other people extends towards their ability to ignore the suffering of other species, and the ecology as a whole.

While, abstractly, I love science, and admire technology, the repeating PROBLEM is that those are dominated and directed to be developed and applied by the biggest bullies, to advance the agenda of a social pyramid system based on being able to deliberately ignore they ways that the privatization of profits is simultaneously accumulating even greater socialization of the losses, and even more so accumulating destruction of the natural world. All of the "wealth" from wonderful technologies (serving the interests of monopolists, who use lies backed by violence to dominate the real economy) ARE cumulative catastrophes, when looked at outside of the narrow world view promoted by the biggest bullies' bullshit notions of privatization.

"The March of Technology" is NOT value neutral, but rather almost totally skewed to be developed and directed by the ability of the biggest bullies, who currently are the banksters, to capture control over the political processes, in order to legalize lies, and have those backed up with legalized violence. Instead of governments serving the public interests over the longer term, governments have become the greatest enablers of runaway social polarization and destruction of the natural world, in order to serve private interests, which are necessarily short-term, and operated without compassion or comprehension of the longer term consequences to everyone.

The fundamental mechanism that is accumulating consequences towards catastrophe is the short-term ability of lies to be backed by violence, so that attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance become triumphant.

In the economic realm, that manifests as the success of the debt slavery system generating numbers which become debt insanities, while in the ecological realm, the ways that civilization is dominated by enforced frauds drives it to behave in criminally insane ways. However, due to the nature of those mechanisms, there are no politically practical ways to prevent that from happening that I have ever been able to figure out.

The entrenched and established systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, do NOT care about anything but being able to continue to be sufficiently violent to continue to back up their lies. They do NOT care about any rational evidence nor logical arguments about the consequences of social polarization or environmental destruction, and there is NO way to make them care, other than by being even more dishonest and destructive than they are, which method of actually stopping them would only make things even get worse, faster.

Of course, Zero Hedge articles are more focused upon the economic, than the ecological. However, this Web site demonstrates that PROBLEM that intelligent criticism of systems of enforced frauds does practically nothing to stop their runaway trajectory towards tragedy, while every time that is postponed tends to only accumulate even greater overall systemic risks, which means that we are then headed towards even greater catastrophic potentials.

The March of Technology is directed by the biggest bullies, towards insane self-destruction. That is NOT inherent in science and technology itself, but rather, is the result of living in social pyramid systems based on backing up lies with violence, in which context better technologies primarily serve the interests of being better at dishonesty and violence, because society serves the agenda of the biggest bullies, or the pyramidion people at the top of the social pyramid systems, while everyone else has been conditioned for many generations to adapt to live inside of those social systems, by also sharing in the basic attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards all the longer term consequences of their actions.

Prisoners_dilemna's picture

Funny the article talks about disruptive technology but then goes on to say

"According to a very centralized law written in 1933, many of you readers will not be able to participate based on our central dictators policy of investor accreditation."


Here's what I read;

So crowdfunding is cool. And its good for be pro-active about the "steam-roller". We don't pontificate about the world but we love our soapbox from which we will tell you how to not get steamrolled by new fangled techs, but we are shackled to the old ways and so we will only talk to you if you are;

  1. a bank, insurance company, registered investment company, business development company, or small business investment company;
  2. an employee benefit plan, within the meaning of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, if a bank, insurance company, or registered investment adviser makes the investment decisions, or if the plan has total assets in excess of $5 million;
  3. a charitable organization, corporation, or partnership with assets exceeding $5 million;
  4. a director, executive officer, or general partner of the company selling the securities;
  5. a business in which all the equity owners are accredited investors;
  6. a natural person who has individual net worth, or joint net worth with the person’s spouse, that exceeds $1 million at the time of the purchase, excluding the value of the primary residence of such person;
  7. a natural person with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year; or
  8. a trust with assets in excess of $5 million, not formed to acquire the securities offered, whose purchases a sophisticated person makes.

Lol.  On these very pages Reggie Middleton is offering us his disruptive technology that makes your talks obsolete; Wooden wagon wheel-esque,

GL to you at your talk with the wooden wheel types, the accredited investor. It's not an opportunity for me.

Capitalist Exploits's picture


We don't make these asinine rules and would abolish them in a heartbeat if we could. Equity crowdfunding by the way is something which allows anyone to be involved in private equity..not just accredited investors. Unfortunately most of the deals we participate in are for accredited investors..again..not our rules.

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Urinating robot

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I'm waiting for age reversal, weight loss for disruptive technologies. I am still waiting, no secret club has it, because George Soros still old and fat.

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The only young George Soros I want to see is one in a wax museum.

I do contribute to SENS, though.

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...where people are given turns with Bic lighters...