"What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

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While Janet Yellen yesterday explained that low levels of realized and expected volatility in financials were not a signal of complacency; we suspect, like The Fed's Bill Dudley, some are concerned she is talking out of her academic ass... As JPMorgan warned, volatility currently is entirely dislocated from fundamentals, and the day of realization is approaching...



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"As JPMorgan warned, volatility currently is entirely disclocated from fundamentals, and the day of realization is approaching..."

This morning, I had a day of realization approach as the volatility dislocated from my fundamentals.  I'm really glad nobody put a fan in the toilet, because I don't have a shower in the office.   As I flushed, I saw the Vix go down to zero, except for the Vix stain on the bowl.

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Are you using that Vix according the directions on the jar?

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Yes.  It said rinse, and repeat.

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I hear it makes a great douche

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   I see the chart was provided by "Deutsche Bank". UBS has provided some charts over the last few days.

  Paging ; Art Cash-In-Cash-In-Cash-In?

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The market is riskless.  As long as Ben and now Janet are in charge there is  0% chance the market will go down.

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Market holding and rising at all costs, I agree. Even if every american is starving in the streets, the banksters will get their share of the cake. Which is all of it if they have their way. The real question of when this all fails isnt dependent on the market, it will be determined by how many people get pissed off enough to revolt. Bread and circus tricks do not last forever, but they're good enough to ease the pain of both the stupid and complacent. An abundance of these can be found and traced throughout human history, so hang on and enjoy the chaos that devolops around you in slow motion.

I don't write here often, but I'll say this; Most of you have a handle on what's going to happen, but you're a little overzealous in seeing it unfold. It won't be like you think it will.

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And you know because you've been there.

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Didn't Yellen just say in effect, get out of bonds?

Made me remember Barry's Stocks to the moon comment back in  ~ 09.

Chicken Little kind of shouted it down, but it turned out to be true.

Are Peak Equities still a long way off?


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Just another day watching the three ring circus. 

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Perhaps, it’s the most significant statement ever made in the 100-year history of the Federal Reserve. As stated by Tyler Durden earlier today:

Sergey “Glazyev's set of countermeasures specifically targets the core strength of the US war machine, i.e. the Fed's printing press.

“Putin's advisor proposes the creation of a ‘broad anti-dollar alliance’ of countries willing and able to drop the dollar from their international trade…” a coalition of German, French, Italian and Austrian business leaders.

In a New York second, businessmen and savers’ funds would likely flow to this reservoir from all over the world, signifying the vast contrast between a currency that represents a true medium of exchange vs. a counterfeit currency that's made entirely out of thin air.


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Glazyev's sentiment is similar, though not identical, to Jim Willie's postings over the past year that the BRICS nations are quietly planning to introduce some form of gold-backed currency to bypass having to trade in what Willie refers to as the "toxic, Langley-corrupted dollar."

If Glazyev, a politician, is being allowed to say this publicly in the press, the logical question is why?

Is it a trial balloon, to see how the "global public" reacts?

Is it a threat, to somehow tell the CIA to back off the hornet's nest that it has stirred up in the Ukraine?

Is it just meaningless noise that will have to be quietly retracted later?  Let's not forget that politicians of all shapes, colors, and sizes consist of 95% hot air.

Many nations have been inking bilateral trade agreements over the years that bypass the dollar.  But in isolation, and even in aggregate, none of these agreements have been enough to dethrone the MIC petrodollar complex.  So we are all still left waiting for an event with ramifications comparable to "Nixon-shock": when the US single-handedly dismantled Bretton-Woods.

If Saudi Arabia announced tomorrow that it would also accept euros, rubles, and yuan for oil, would that be enough?

If Russia and Germany announced tomorrow that they would conduct trade in rubles and euros, would that be enough?

If Germany announced that the Federal Reserve had stolen all of its gold and replaced it with tungsten, would that be enough?

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But it may not be a black swan event....they may play the "slow burn" model it has worked quite well for 30+ years.  The NWO types seem to have patience.  No one of significance complains and when they do they disappear in the 'night'.  After all the fuel is gone from the US$, they'll try another.

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I've been tracking coverage of Glazyev's statement - as reported in Voice of Russia and ZeroHedge - using Google Search and Google News Search.  (And once on Yahoo News Search for good luck.)

The story spread through the blogosphere but not overwhelmingly.  The biggest name blog I saw: one late night mention on the CNN blog.

The complete list of other "News" sources that have reportedly picked up on this statement:




    <end of list>



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there is no spoon

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They've got models that predict this stuff.   They are very complicated.    Lots of math and equations, and stuff.  

What else do you need to know?   

It's all Fracking good, relax.

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I prefer to stay intoxicated and fuck'em all

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They probably won't reverse split the VIX.  They'll just get rid of it lol.

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so let me guess. EURUSD runs down to 1.15 and Gold at 1000?

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What could go wrong? Everything.

What will go wrong? Something.

Will it matter? No, they're going to print more shit to pump it up. So, have some ice cream and whiskey

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To quote Al Pacino from Heat..."And that's a BIG ass...."

Remember Janet Yellin, claimed to never look at the price of gold at her confirmation...bet she looked today

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You have to wonder if malware will become a contagious component for Federal Reserve. 

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The Fed simply cannot speak the truth or the entire house of cards comes down now rather than later.

Ultimately it is not about the lie told but the willingness of the people lie too to accept the lie as truth. This is often why the lie can be absurd and still be accepted. How desperate are the people being lied to? How bought into the situation are they. This is the basis of all cons.

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"Funfdamentals" are soooo last century.

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Nothing can go wrong, we have liberaltards in charge...