The Iraq PM Is Finished, Long Live The New PM - The Choices: A Politico, A Cleanser, Or A Torturer

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While President Obama proclaimed "it is not the place for the United States to choose Iraq’s leaders," it appears that Iraq's current prime minister Maliki's days are numbered. At least three people, who like Mr. Maliki are all members of the Shiite majority, have emerged as possible candidates to take over, but as NY Times makes clear, they face an uphill battle as any prospective successor must convince Iraq’s Sunni Muslims and its ethnic Kurds that he can hold Iraq together, as well as vanquish a Sunni-led insurgency. The Sunnis are adamant that change is needed, "we will not allow a third term for the prime minister; they must change him if they want things to calm down," but it is the statement from the top Shiite cleric that it is time for a new government that likely put the final nail in Maliki's coffin. The only problem... his replacements are far from angelic reformers.

As NY Times explains, everyone has demands and no one is happy...

...a new leader must find a way to assuage the many demands of the Sunnis and Kurds, who have long complained of being unequal partners in the country and view the negotiations to pick a new prime minister and other central figures as a rare moment when they have the leverage to enhance their political power and right what they perceive as past injustices.


The Kurds want the Iraqi central government to recognize the contested city of Kirkuk, endowed with oil, as part of the autonomous Kurdish territory they have carved out in the north. The Kurds also want assurances that they can sell the oil from Kurdistan without oversight from the central government.


The Sunnis want to lead at least one security ministry, such as defense or interior, and control some of the other powerful ministries such as education or higher education, both rich in patronage and jobs.

And since the US got invloved, things have become ever more segregated...

Baghdad became highly segregated in the years after the American-led invasion of Iraq. The city’s many mixed neighborhoods hardened into enclaves along religious and ethnic divisions.


It is far from clear, however, whether any of the suggested successors could gather enough votes.

The names floated so far — Adel Abdul Mahdi, Ahmed Chalabi and Bayan Jaber — are from the Shiite blocs, which have the largest share of the total seats in the Parliament.

So here they are...

Mr. Mahdi came within a vote of winning the prime minister’s job in 2006 and previously served as one of Iraq’s vice presidents. He is viewed as a moderate who has long worked well with the Kurds.


Mr. Chalabi is a complex figure who has alternately charmed and infuriated the Americans but has ties both to them and to Iran. His biggest liability could be his uncompromising support for the systematic purge of many Sunnis from government jobs after the American-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein and his Baath Party a decade ago. Mr. Chalabi now says he supports terminating the basis for that purge, the so-called de-Baathification law.


Mr. Jaber, a minister of interior in the transitional Iraqi government and later finance minister, could also face problems. He is alleged to have allowed abuse and torture of prisoners when he was in the Interior Ministry, and it is unclear whether he has much widespread support.

As Obama added, "right now is the moment where the state of Iraq hangs in the balance," and we suspect that a change of leaders will do little to assuage the ISIS surge.

Ironically, Maliki has recently sought to bolster support for himself by falling back on an Obama trick...

His most recent play for support was to offer salaries to the volunteers who are signing up to fight in government-sanctioned militias that are partly under the auspices of the army. With hundreds of thousands of men offering to join the fight, he is effectively reaching out to the Shiite street and potentially making it harder for Shiite politicians to work against him.


On Thursday, the Iraqi government announced that it would start paying those volunteers what amounts to a living wage, about $730, roughly half what an Iraqi soldier is paid.

Let's see how that works out...

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Where is the choice of a Community-Organizer? He has worked so well for the land of the free.

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"However, it is the place for big business and their corporate media to choose the United States' leaders."

disabledvet's picture

I might need to print that one out with the header: "The real red line."

john39's picture

what, no ex-goldmanite for Iraqi PM??? wtf is wrong with these savages?

hedgeless_horseman's picture



President Obama proclaimed "it is not the place for the United States to choose Iraq’s leaders,"

But it is the place to choose Syria's democratically elected leaders? 

President Obama on Thursday for the first time explicitly called on
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down...“For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for President Assad to step aside.”

john39's picture

the lies are wearing pretty damn thin...   if this keeps up, even the sheeple might figure it out.

max2205's picture

Rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic Again!

hedgeless_horseman's picture



If the sheep like their democratically elected leader, then they can keep their democratically elected leader...unless their democratically elected leader doesn't want to allow the Arab States of America to run a gas pipeline through the country and screw up the democratically elected leader's best ally's gas monopoly.

teslaberry's picture

either way, once that pipeline is up and pumping , that's one less reason to worry about what happens to hormuz when you attack iran. 


go ahead and shut the whore-mooz, we'll keep bombing you because it doesn't matter! bitches!

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Here is a simplified analysis of the "choices" that have been presented (and preety much the only choices that will ever be presented):

You get to "choose" between "Sycophant A" or "Sycophant B," period.

Every offiicial allowed to be effective in public office is, by design, a "yes man" to the interests with the deep power.

Paveway IV's picture

The Gulf States all want a boot on the necks of Iraq and Syria to guarantee the transit of their oil and gas, but they're in no hurry. They can sell all they want right now.

The map is interesting, but ignores the main driver for control of Iraq: the Blood for Oil pipeline. That's the new Mosel/Kirkuk to Haifa, Israel pipeline. There's an existing secret pipeline buried well underground basically built along the old, abandoned 8" TAP route, but it's small (I think). It was operational a few years back despite the Wiki claims. US Special Forces were stationed near each pumping station and used as pipeline guards during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Kurds supposedly stopped pumping oil through it in 2012. Maliki was pissed when he found out about it so that had to have some effect on shutting it down. I'm pretty sure U.S. taxpayers paid to build it in the mid 2000's (Thanks, AIPAC!). The U.S. has an eternally-renewed agreement to protect Israel oil supplies no matter what.

The pipeline is now being upgraded to a twin pipeline - 56" oil and 36" gas. Since Americans would surely riot if they knew a 250K Iraqis and 10K U.S. soldiers died to 'secure' a Kurdish-Israeli pipeline, it was rebranded as a Basra (South Iraq) to Aquaba (Jordan's Red Sea port) project. It's basically the Haditha to Amman leg. They just changed the pumping station initial from H (Haditha) to PS (pumping station). Clever. Kirkuk pipelines already connect to Haditha. The south Iraqi Basra-Haditha leg was planned years ago, so they just 'added' the Kirkuk-Haifa part. It makes no sense to pump oil or gas from Basra to the Red Sea via Jordan. Iraqi citizens were just conned into paying for Israel's pipeline.

The Kurds seemed OK and deserve a break, but this is wholly immoral. This whole scheme was known to them a long time ago. The Iraqi commanders in Kirkuk and Mosul ordered their soldiers to abandon their posts the night of the fake 'invasion'. The Kurds didn't fight anybody - they just drove into town and set up shop. A Kurdistan build by deception and blood for oil money is just wrong. They will own 40% of Iraq's oil reserves when the U.S. finally carves up Iraq. 

Monty Burns's picture

if this keeps up, even the sheeple might figure it out....


Steady on, there.  Don't hold your breath.

NotApplicable's picture

Chalabi 2.0?

Sure fits in with the meme of Iran taking over the Shiite areas.

thamnosma's picture

That's one death announcement that will require opening one of my best wines....

greatbeard's picture

>> for the land of the free.

That's no who he works for.  I'm sure his masters would give him high marks.



Jack Sheet's picture

Looks like the Shiite is hitting the fan.

chinoslims's picture

What is the point of democracy again?  It just a system for the rich and powerful to install a  puppet and to convince everyone else that this puppet is looking out for their best interest.  It doesn't matter if it is in Iraq, the US or any other country.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Sunnis made a point of sitting out elections because they knew they could never win.  

They took their ball and went home.  Unfortunately, all the other kids said okay, we'll do our own sh*t.

Sunnis can cry me a river.  Now the West wants this PM to be "Yanukovitched."  I wonder how much NED money ISIS got?  "Maidan with a Machine Gun." Should I be surprised?

disabledvet's picture

How can one say no to "Mr. Torture Guy"?


Chalabi? That guy is "Mr. Survivor."

Clearly of course..."the answer is America."

We're becoming the British. "We just never go away."

buzzsaw99's picture

He is alleged to have allowed abuse and torture of prisoners when he was in the Interior Ministry...

why oh why the fuck did he let the usa abuse and torture prisoners anyway?

Squid Viscous's picture

Is Chalabi still available? He is way up there on my "draft board"  - the most naturally gifted lying scumbag, according to most of the pro scouts

Charles Wilson's picture

There's this guy Sol Birnbaum who's had some experience.  Jin Chang comes to mind as well.

I mean...Hope and Change, ya'know?

Squid Viscous's picture

i don't get it, but i like your picture, I miss football season ... Gators fan?

PS - Sol Birnbaum, he is most likely a fine USA "patriot", but will have to google him

chinoslims's picture

"Squid Viscous"  Great name btw.

Charles Wilson's picture


The very Bitter Joke is centered on the people who are going to their Personal Trainers to work out the kinks and joint pain they got from patting themselves on the back for hours on end.  "We've all urged Maliki to be more...INCLUSIVE and DIVERSE!  Aren't we Forward Thinking!!!"

"OK...Since we have a say in naming Maliki's Toady Successor, how about...a JOOO?  Or some Chinese guy?  Why choose another Brutal Murderer who's gonna mutilate more women and kill as many Shias/Sunnis as any other Goon?"

"Well, when we mentioned "Inclusive", we really didn't know...INCLUSIVE.  What we meant was we wanted a different set of Murderers than the ones we got in there now.  Ya' know?"



PS:  Thank you for the complement on my pitchur.  It's from Emory Bellard's last season at Mississippi State. MS is running the Wingbone (Actually, this was called the Diamondbone...).   You got good eyes to see that the fifty front on the left is populated by Gatorites.  Loved the genius that was Bellard.  Enjoyed the Gators for being the Gators.

buzzsaw99's picture

If Mr. Jaber likes to abuse and torture people he could be president of the usa.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Hey, at least they have a real choice...

JRobby's picture

Send in the contractors, mercs etc.. We ain't done extracting cash from this bitch yet!

LawsofPhysics's picture

"We ain't done extracting oil from this bitch yet!" - fixed.


JRobby's picture

Indeed Sir! But they knew from the beginning this would collapse into civil war when USA "went home".

CrimsonAvenger's picture

I thought we were sending Horseface over there to create unity? Why does the new PM need to do that when John's going to do the heavy lifting?

thamnosma's picture

Biden is heading over there "soon" according to reports.   Not sure where they are shipping horseface off to right now.  Probably some international LGBT conference.

Bawneee Fwank's picture

You know, I could see horseface tucking his junk back between his legs, pinching a nipple while looking in a mirror saying "would you fuck me, I'd fuck me" with goodbye horses playing in the background.

kaiten's picture

How about sending over the Community Leader to become the new iraqi PM? Win-win.

tony wilson's picture

assad was finished 3 years ago according dried up prune  hitlery cunton.

how is that goin?

it seems to me maliki needs to call hezbollah to help purge his iraqi lands of the mossad,mi6  and cia filth who are running amok yes no.

thamnosma's picture

Hezbollah is busy in Syria.  Can't spread guys too thinly.  Revolutionary Guard should be able to accomplish that unless Iran has made a deal with Israel, which is always a possibility.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Hezbollah didn't exactly work out too well in Syria.  They provided bodies but were not particularly effective.

I have doubts the Revolutionary Guard would fare much better and I suspect this is why Iran has sort of been pushing the idea they'd not venture outside of Karabala and Najaf...

Colonel Klink's picture
A Politico, A Cleanser, AND A Torturer, good morning Mr. President.
SDRII's picture

commute the death sentence and appoint  Tariq al-Hashemi a uniter. One problem: not a french exile


Yen Cross's picture

  The King is dead... long live the King.

Save_America1st's picture

so by obama's reasoning he puts himself and his legitimacy in serious jeopardy, right?  we should be able to oust his worthless ass outta office easily since he should just give up power once we rise up in full force against him.  He's already calling everyone a terrorist if we abide by the Constiution, right?  And he sure likes to side with the terrorists elsewhere, right?

But being the wanna-be dictator (or dick-taster) that he is, instead he's building up a domestic army to use against any of us who would oppose him.  Other elected world leaders have to capitulate to obama's privately funded Al Quaide terror army, but he sure doesn't want to abide by the will of the people in America.

I'd say just short of being a mass murderer like Mao, Stalin, Hitler, etc., obama has become one of the most corrupt, unlawful, treasonous, sociopathic maniacs the world has ever seen. 

NOTaREALmerican's picture

You make it sound like one guy and the State Department doesn't exist.  

Atomizer's picture

Fuck John Kerry. He has a bit in his mouth to control his movement and travels around the world wearing blinders.

John Kerry speaking to the Global Community regarding US Foreign Policy.



NOTaREALmerican's picture

Have we won their hearts and minds yet?

franzpick's picture

Attention Viceroy Victoria Nudelman, please answer the secure Iraq courtesy phone, your country-destroying sectarian inflammation skills are required immediately. And no matter what transpires, take no shiite.

rwe2late's picture

It's time for the naive adherents of the "war on terror" to be confused.

The US, Israel, and the Saudis have no real interest in maintaining a stable Iraq.

Nor is a "terror-free" Mideast their real objective.

Chaos is regarded as the pathway to balkanize and then completely dominate the Mideast and its resources.


Time for the Empire to maybe throw Maliki under the bus, and escalate against Iran,

whose allies now will be a ruined Syria, and a rump Shiite Iraq.


The "Clean Break" & PNAC plans continue apace.