Ukraine Peace D.O.A: Russian Border Guard 'Severely Injured' As Kremlin Calls Plan An "Ultimatum"

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Petro Poroshenko's 14-point peace-plan is not going well (before it's even unleashed). First, Russia blasted back that they were "surprised" by comments on their support and that "this does not represent reality," and is more an ultimatum than a peace-plan:


Then things escalated further as Interfax reports, the 'severe injury' of a Russian border guard and ITAR-TASS reports "Moscow awaits explanations from the authorities in Kiev for the shelling of the Russian territory, which took place on the background of President Petro Proroshenko’s claims about a ceasefire."


Poroshenko explained: "This is done for terrorists to be able to lay down arms, and those who fail to do so will be eliminated."

He said during the ceasefire, “combat operations will only be carried out for retaliation.”

But Russia is not amused...

Moscow is surprised at the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s comment on the phone conversation of the heads of the Russian and Ukrainian foreign policy departments, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Friday.


We were surprised to familiarize ourselves with the comment on this conversation made by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry that says that the ministers support the Ukrainian president’s plan “with emphasis on effective control of the Ukrainian border. This does not correspond to reality,” the ministry said.

And as ITAR-TASS reports, the cease fire is not going well...

Moscow awaits explanations from the authorities in Kiev for the shelling of the Russian territory, which took place on the background of President Petro Proroshenko’s claims about a ceasefire, a spokesman for the Kremlin said Friday.


Customs officer severely wounded in incident at Novoshakhtinsk today, Russian Foreign Ministry says on website.


Russia condemns “aggressive act,” demands investigation

Who could have known that a peace plan that offered nothing to Russia would not work?

Russia demands an apology... (via reuters)

Russia said a ceasefire announced by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Friday was not a peace offer but an ultimatum to pro-Russian separatists, Russian news agencies cited the Kremlin press service as saying.


"This is not an invitation to peace and negotiations but an ultimatum to militias in the southeast of Ukraine to lay down their arms," the Kremlin was quoted as saying in a statement.


It also said a Russian checkpoint on the border with Ukraine had come under fire and demanded "an explanation and an apology" from Kiev.

So to summarize:

1) Russia does not agree with Peace plan terms

2) Russia sees it as an ultimatum (threat)

3) The cease-fire has allegedly already been broken

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Can you say Gleiwitz incident?

McMolotov's picture

At this point, I'm almost certain Kiev is trying to provoke Russia in the hopes that the US will come riding to the rescue. This will backfire spectacularly.

Headbanger's picture

Could be but I'm not so sure about any of it at this point with those people getting sick of staring each other down


And there's an old Russian saying:

    A good war is better than a bad peace.


Although Yanukovych will have you believe the opposite:


Take it from there

TahoeBilly2012's picture

I hope Russia invades New York City, gawd I would love to see that. I'd even offer up Mick Jagger as a prize to get the deal done. 

Headbanger's picture

And I'll throw in Lady Gaga to sweeten the pot..

Too bad Justin Bieber is Canadian cause they can have him too

BlindMonkey's picture

They will make Justin Bieber a member of Pussy Riot.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Haha, Bieber's gonna be Pussy Riot's mascot and they're gonna stuff him with chickens in churches. 

Jack Burton's picture

Ha! Ha! Victoria Nuland's famous punk rock band "Pussy Riot". All their songs written by State Department Hacks, and their road trips funded by US cultural NGO's based in Moscow and funded by State Department hacks. This whores are famous in the west, funded by the west and useless sluts of no value to anyone but Washington's pathetic claim to cultural superiority, Lada Gaga and Pussy Riot, America's gift to world culture.

Aussiekiwi's picture

lol, bit of a sensitive point there I see.

Abi Normal's picture

Ya, you Putin lovers are real smart...ya'll amaze me with the stupidity you put forth on this site.  Move to mother Russia if you like him that much peckerwoods, oh sorry, most of you on hedge are communist wannabes anyway...or anarchists...fuck the lot of you.


Or you could get off your duffs and go to DC to make a change in our communist govt..


take your pick

Mr_Vladimir_Putin's picture

No worries my friend. We have plans for Bieber too. He will be used in enhanced interregation of US war criminals.

litemine's picture

Justin Bieber may have been a be Canadian but he has been Conditioned to become "American"........Its what happens when you get Unlimited Cash Thrown at You......Bieber's reaction......Throw eggs (at neighbours house ?)....As a Canadian............You Bought him.........You keep him.

EndOfDayExit's picture

JFYI, that Russian saying is exactly the opposite: A lousy peace is better than a good quarrel.

BlindMonkey's picture

My fiance says there is a Russian saying that Russians saddle the horse slow but ride fast.


Stand the fuck by when Russia gets on the horse and... don't blink.

Mr_Vladimir_Putin's picture

Your fiance is correct. Just remind yourself of the WW2. We saddled until Moscow. Than we rode their asses back to Berlin.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

At this point all parties know how fucking much money it will cost to take over Ukraine.

No one wants to do it.  Russia wants the EU to pay GAZPROM.

Simply that.  They'll take action to keep their people in the east from being massacred, but they aren't going to rope them into Russia unless they bring a lot of farmland with them.

Russia's optimal strategy is to continue to drain $500 billion/year from its enemies, who pay for things they burn immediately and have to buy more.  Russia wants that to go on for longer, weakening them inexorably.

kowalli's picture

Ukraine will collapse yourself even without gas and uranium for nuclear plants in 4-5 months because they actually do nothing except of war.

SmittyinLA's picture

if Russia moves it will move with an EMP, that will be their warning shot, if that doesn't deter the broke looting EU expedition he'll nuke, Russia aint gonna be a body donor again. 

No wars of attrition, the war will end the day Russia jumps in, they wont trade losses with EU muslim conscripts. 

They dont "play" war like America, this isn't geopolitical, this is their fredom and livelyhood.

And in the words of the immortal Guido from Risky Business "in a depressed economy never mess with another mans livelyhood"

COSMOS's picture

I am surprised the Russians have not declared sanctions against the USA

Abi Normal's picture

Fuck you Putin lovers!

Why not move to Russia?  You'd be welcome there, and then to Siberia, bwaaahahahahahha..


dumb asses who like Putin...I hate Obama too...I hate all politicians who move their lips and lie....fuck them and fuck you for supporting ANY of these murderers.

COSMOS's picture

Why not go to Crimea instead lol its one of the most beautiful places in the world.  There are tons of illegal immigrants in Russia just like the USA so I wouldn't laugh too hard.  I love Australia also can I move there, not so easy as you make it seem.

lincolnsteffens's picture

Not a good idea to start poking a bear that is not caged.

CPL's picture

Keyword to the entire situation.  Oil.

centerline's picture

Cheap energy grab playing out.  Ugly going to turn into fugly.

Grande Tetons's picture

Yep, 150 or 200 dollar oil will fuck up the Fed's dots.  That, and the soccer mom's willl have to lease out their asses to fill up the tank during half time. 

Headbanger's picture

LMAO!   "Lease out their asses"

And they probably will to keep driving their Lexus and Beemer to soccer practice to get away from the fat slob they're married to!

Goldenballz's picture

rather be a fat slob with money than a broke skinny pimpled

Grande Tetons's picture

The fat slob is always paranoid that his wife is fucking Pepe the gardner in the back of her SUV. Life is easier as the broke skinny pimpled. Life is the best if you are Pepe. 

Headbanger's picture

You forgot to mention Pepe is 70 years old with a dozen or more grandchildren from four women and still kicks ass teaching the soccer mom's kids a few thing about the game between doing some "gardening" on her "flower bed"

Viva Pepe!

Grande Tetons's picture

With 12 or more grandchildren, Pepe has street cred. His juice works. 

tonyw's picture

"flower bed" = lady garden, unless well trimmed of course :-)

CPL's picture

Those skinny people are the ones that ride in buses and drive in cars to work to keep asses fat.  Without them, fat bouyz get skinny really quickly.

Old Man River's picture

Huh? While I'll be the first one to tell you that I have to sit down in shifts from time to time, but my wife? Well, you could shoot craps with her over the phone! Heck she totes them littluns around in a Datsun anyhow.

Bill of Rights's picture

Backlash Against George Will's Offensive Rape Column Grows As Paper Drops Him | Blog | Media Matters for America


Will the Post-Dispatch also condemn Hillary Clinton for laughing about getting a child rapist released, even though she knew he was guilty?

pods's picture

Wow, I was surprised there actually still were newspapers.


Grande Tetons's picture

How else are you going to clean your lawn darts? 

BandGap's picture

"This does not correspond to reality".

Quote of the week, brought to you by Friday. Feel free to use this quote throughout your weekend as it is versitile enough to describe the economy, world affairs, the stock market and anything to do with Hollywood.

WhyWait's picture

And so the US-Ukraine drive to force or sucker Russia into a war in Ukraine and use that to herd the EU back into line escalates again.  While the Russian view of the situation, as expressed with great clarity by top Putin advisor Glazyev and reported in Voice of Russia and ZeroHedge, is resoundingly ignored by the media.

The story spread through the blogosphere but not overwhelmingly.  The biggest name blog I saw (other than ZH): one late night mention on the CNN blog.

The complete list of other "News" sources that have reportedly picked up on this statement:



    <end of list>


So here is a clear, bold statement from the center of the Putin Cabinet about how the Kremlin sees the world situation, how they see the crisis in Ukraine in context and what the US is up to, and what their strategy is to deal with it.  

A year ago this was the stuff of "gold bugs" and ZH-reading clue-hunters. Now here it is, bold, plain and in your face, from a key team in a confrontation that has the potential of dramatically reshaping global geopolitics - or of escalating out of control into a war that could destroy our civilization and perhaps our species.

Is this important news?

Is it news that large numbers of readers would find interesting?

Would it sell newspapers and build ratings? 

Would it be important and interesting even if it's a bunch of lies and disinformation?   (And I have seen no reason to doubt this is how Putin's team really sees the world. Have you?) 

Or could we perhaps take the breathtaking silence with which this was greeted by the English-language media as a kind of confirmation of its importance?   

If there's someone in an office in Langley that calls up the editors of the NYT, CNN, NPR, the Guardian and the Times of India and warns then not to cover a story, I would think someone would have blown the whistle on them by now.  Yet we keep seeing this kind of broad spectrum and often highly effective shunning of explosive and critically important stories by the "Media". 

The only question is was this silence deliberate.  But this shit happens far too regularly to doubt that. There has to be some kind of an intelligent hand guiding it, and either involves some kind of rapid decision-making process or some very effective system of getting a broad spectrum of media decision makers to internalize its limits and rules.  Or both. 

So how is it organized?  How is it enforced?  Admittedly we're down to 6 corporations controlling 90% of the US news outlets, but how do they control the other 10% - and the English-language press around the world?

This is a good question for Tyler.

So Brother Durden, who is putting what kind of pressure on you to shut up, and where is the pressure originating from?  How does it work?


Winston of Oceania's picture

Or it could just be Russian propaganda.

WhyWait's picture

It would still be important news, if only becuase they are key players and it's what they are saying!

We were conditioned during the Cold War to give anything coming out of the Kremlin the silent treatment or at best just talk about what they "really" meant.  But of course they were lying, cunning, manipulating Communists out to destroy our civilization and conquor the world so why should we have done them the favor of ever letting anyone ever hear what they actually ever said? 

The same pattern has continued since the fall of Communism, thus supporting the suspicion that it was never about that in the first place.



luckylogger's picture

My thoughts exactly.

I do not think the USA has a monopoly on false flag incidents.

No doubt Russia is just as guilty......

Aussiekiwi's picture

It is interesting how the majority of the population now accepts that the US is just as capable as the current crop of Baddies of creating false flags, this is now simply accepted fact. It was not long ago that only the current baddies created false flags.

I see Iran is moving from a bad guy to a bestest buddy status as long as it helps out in Iraq as the US wants.

Nehweh Gahnin's picture

You only need 6 (or fewer) buttons on your conferencing phone to reach out to the directors of the vast majority of western media outlets.  Easy.

SmittyinLA's picture

Six? LOL no way more like 1 button

HOw much time did "the media" spend on Neel Kashkaris' treasury gift of hundreds of billions of USA tax dollars to Deutche bank in exchange for their voluntarily accumulated book of immigrant and alien loan fraud?

That's right, NONE 

BTW he's the Republican nomineee for CA governor. 

Media independence means they bring their own condoms & lube to state propaganda events er press conferences.

NotApplicable's picture

"Nice website you got there. Pity if something happened to it."

tonyw's picture

"the other 10%" still need advertising money from the MIC and only have enough resources to parrot the lines they are fed by the government.

Ukraine is kicking out all reporters from the areas with fighting, they don't want any real reporting of what's happening such as indiscriminate shelling of residential areas.

soontobeblocked's picture

"Ukraine is kicking out all reporters from the areas with fighting, they don't want any real reporting of what's happening such as indiscriminate shelling of residential areas."

Considering the distinctly kosher nature of both the new UKR puppets and their string pullers, would you expect anything less?  It's not a cohencidence.

When they start shelling: ambulances, kids walking to school, schools, and reporters vehicles, then we'll know for certain.

Tip of the day: don't wear a fluorescent orange vest and shout into a bullhorn when UKR bulldozers raze the homes of refugees in order to make room for the new kibbutz swimming pool.  The bulldozer will crush your bones and plant you under the rubble, and the driver will claim he never saw you despite that you'd been standing in the same place for 2 days and that he was staring at your hours and minutes before crushing you.  Then the UKR Court will exonerate the driver and UKR will reneg on their settlement agreement.  Oh, and your own country wil tell you to go fuck yourself and will arrest peaceful protesters outside the UKR embassy. 

To any USA citizen who has no clue what that was about: 1) shame on you, 2) shame on the silent western press, and 3) educate yourself on the brutal cold blooded murder of Rachel Corrie and the lies of the ISR govt and the duplicity of your own ZOG.