"End The Fed" Rallies Are Exploding Throughout Germany

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

This is a fascinating development and one that I had no idea was happening until today. It seems that rallies are spreading throughout Germany protesting the corrupt and dying global status quo. One of the key targets of these groups is the U.S. Federal Reserve system, which as I and many others have maintained, is the core cancer infecting the entire planet.

As I tweeted earlier today:



According to the organizer of these rallies, they have now spread to up to 100 cities and have a combined attendee base of around 20,000. What is also interesting, is that the mainstream media in Germany is calling them Nazis. In Germany, if you don’t support Central Banking, this apparently means you are a Nazi. What a joke. Just more proof mainstream media everywhere is complete and total propaganda. It is also a good sign, since it shows the desperate lengths to which the power structure will go to keep their criminal ponzi alive.

Do these folks seem like Nazis to you?


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I saw that video a week ago !!!#

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@Seasmoke: Good for youuuuuuu!

Shall Americans protest BUBA?

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Reminds me when Pelosi called those Seniors at the Town Hall Meetings "Nazis" for objecting to Obamacare.

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Don't like being robbed?  Are you a fucking anti-semite?

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You like ze juice? No? Wait right here.

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I didn't know about this but not surprised.  The Germans have long been known for there vocal and often rowdy show of support to a couple jillion political causes.

But then you should see the crowds at closing time for Oktober Fest. Subways crowded with happy singing people. Ole ole ole ole...Ole...Ole

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During the World Cup no less.

The Germans have living memory of hyperinflation and know the terror.

As some one else posted on ZH "fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again." Dubya

Wait till the cigar chompng sheep in the US figure out the Fed.

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German for "the" is "die".

End, die, fed. DIE federal reserve.

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Don't vorry about it ..........You've got over 3000tons of gold....stored by the Fed.......BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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OK, wait a minute.  How can the Fed be the problem with the growth in bank "assets" in China is VASTLY larger than in the US.  Sure, it's pretty impressive in the US.  But in China it's through the freaking roof.

Yeah, yeah, I know, China is a "closed" economy and what they do doesn't matter to ther larger world.  Except for their collpasing rehypothecation chain based on Cu, Fe, Al and other industrial metals.  Oh, and their buying of MASSIVE amounts of physical gold while suppressing the spot price with offestting paper derivatives.  And, by the way, slamming the value of the RMB into the floor the last few months.  Other than that, yeah, no effects whatsoever.

Sttick that knife in the proper ribcage, would be my advice.


knukles's picture

Vos est loss?
Ich been eine bankersheiskopf
Ya.  Und grossen raunchen
Das est eine schwartzer?
Nach.  Der schwartzer est der puppetteren
Der Herr President Puppetteren?
Yah, schwartzer.
Est tot
Ya kaput.

graneros's picture

Well Knucks my German isn't all that good but then again neither is yours.  I'll attempt a translation for ZH purposes.  Lord knows what google would come up with. So here goes:

What's happening?

I am a banker shithead. Shit yea and a big smoker.

That is a negro? Night. The negro is a puppeteer.

Ach! The Mister President Puppeteer. Yea Negro. Is dead. Yea finished.

night night smoking.

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I love those








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When Jews start getting called Nazis, by Germans, then we'll know the system is about to come unhinged.

Anyway, off to watch my weekly dose of Hilter documentary.

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Anyway, off to watch my weekly dose of Hilter documentary.


You'll be blessed for choice. At least one on every channel every day.  Never forget, never forgive!

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PBOC is just another cog in the machine - it is part of the system.  The system began with the Fed.  Every central bank that is part of the system cooperates with or takes cues from the Fed in one way or another.  The Fed is the head, the poster child, the thing people can rally against.

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Actually, modern central banking started with the Bank of England, but the (not really) Federal (with no) Reserve became the largest and most successful parasitic franchise, since its host was the largest and most prosperous economy.

"The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing." William Paterson, founder of the Bank of England in 1694


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"OK, wait a minute.  How can the Fed be the problem with the growth in bank "assets" in China is VASTLY larger than in the US.  Sure, it's pretty impressive in the US.  But in China it's through the freaking roof."

with a name like NoDebt i cant beleve you cant make the connection!

Are you a paid Troll, is that you MBD?

The anser is a simple one.

The Fed controls the world reserve curency and prints like hell to bail out its owners "the Banks".

All world curencys follow sute so the FX arbitroge remains low as the tide rises for all toghter.

Without the fed printing, no one can print, But hte fed does print and if the other countries in the world dont print they will have deflation in relation to the dollar.

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The Fed is the proper ribcage.  I don't live in China.

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Maybe instead of just making snide and snarky comments, then looking for something else to entertain us, WE should organize a protest in lower Manhattan. I was at the 9/11 memorial yesterday showing videos of builiding 7 collapsing, trying to get people to look at the AE911 website.  It was like living in the Matrix, as usual.  But even 20 people standing together might spark something.  Who's willing to come with me?

Hugh G Rection's picture

If I lived on the East Coast...

Keep fighting the good fight brother.

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We must continue the 9/11 fight but it can be hard. I've lost count of the number of well educated people in responsible positions who, while admitting that the evidence I adduced showed the official narrative was a total fraud, just shrugged their shoulders and moved on to the latest bread and circuses.. 

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90 year olds maybe 'know' the terror. realistically , we are now at a point in history where the reigning core of the western empire is far enough separated from its last tragedies that no one wielding any significant power , let alone the mobs, are of the age that would have allowed them a living memory of any of those tragedies. 


you could argue the west berliners remember the fall of the berlin wall  and don't want to go back to sovietized split germany. but of what fucking value's are those memories to the current political dynamic?


they have nothing to do with hyperinflation. they have nothing to do with deflation. younger germans under 30 really don't remember the berlin wall either as they were too young to have remembered 1989. a 30 year old would have been 5 at the time . 


the time is ripe for history to rip the west a new asshole.  better get stocked up on preparation H. 

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the funny thing is how most people just take for granred that hitler simply was bad to the bone. Never considered that germany was shitpoor with hyperinflation before hitler? never thought about that it only took him 5 yrs to create the maybe most powerful nation on the planet by simply dumping the fractional reserve banking system? while sanctions from the banks helped as little as sanctions against putin half the world had to fight together to stop this new currency from hell

Confused's picture

Most people also never considered the amount of support he got from the west before all hell broke loose. And after as well. 

Bioscale's picture

Hitler had been financed from abroad, from the US banks and Wall Street. Germany would have had no chance to build the industry from within its borders, they had to import a LOT of stuff and they needed to pay for them. German companies cooperated with american onces (GE, Ford), Bank of Settlements in Basel was the main place where money transfers between USA and Germany took place.

All wars are banksters wars and WWII was no different. And it is no different now, look at Ukraine, IMF is now in place to finance the war. What concidence! War Street!

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler shows how the bloodiest, most destructive war in history was financed and promoted.


Confused's picture

I am not disagreeing with you. But I believe you might be a bit off about people under 30. They quite clearly remember what it was like in the DDR. Things did not change over night, and in many cases, the 'west' didn't come to the east. They were left to fend for themselves. Oh, and the Russians didn't leave many parts of Germany (including Berlin) until '94-'95. They kept military guards near the Russian monument at Brandenburger Tor well after the wall fell.  

BuddyEffed's picture

Germans are on top of the peak cheap oil analysis too. Their leaked report was interesting, but tullet and prebon covered it better in their white paper. Maybe the Germans can leak a report on the FED now? Or a disgruntled billionaire NBA owner could leak it. Or some janetor in the Eccles

Bearwagon's picture

Right, the report is interesting. In case one understands german language, it can be downloaded directly from Bundeswehr: http://peak-oil.com/download/Peak%20Oil.%20Sicherheitspolitische%20Impli...

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Possibly their report is based on fact, but if so, why does the gov piss away energy like its water? Aren't they in position to see whats on the horizon better than these reports authors? Every fuckingmilitary jet ride dumps how many gallons of fuel into the ocean before landing? How many military jet rides are there per day? Why is commercial airline traffic even allowed anymore? The amount of fuel those fuckers use is simply astounding. Thousands of gallons per hour. All told Ive read somewhere that the gov including military uses more energy than the rest of the population and industry combined. If oil is at the end, why hasn;t rationing taken place? There's no reallife evidence to support that report you cite. More like a big fucking game of you quit using energy so we can put the screws tp you... Energy truly does equate to financial power.

jbvtme's picture

the central bank of the new world order will be located in belgium.  this protest looks like theirs. isis euro

AllWorkedUp's picture

No doubt the Tribe will quickly be labeling these people Nazi anti semites. Don't EVER protest their monetary monopoly or their criminal banking system.

Grumbleduke's picture

Happened already, and fast. Just after the first "Montagsdemo" the shills came out, decrying the movement (which it wasn't at the time) as anti-semite, anti-american and paid for by - drrrrrumrolllll - Putin!

Still waiting for the cheque from the Kremlin, though...

Confused's picture

Yes. It was pretty obvious here what the plan was. Discredit them from the start.  And since the majority of the youth has that old monkey on their backs, many of them dismiss these movements as right-wing. But after seeing it first hand, it was really similar to the OS protests of NY. The age groups (here at least) are really quite varied, and they are really organized and non-disruptive. 



Edit: To be fair, the discussions were largely centered around American corporations and the affect they have on the world. So, it could be viewed as anti-American. But anyone with a brain knows you can't lump coporations/state action in with the actions of a population. 

Confused's picture

This video is a bit misleading. This is not where the protests are in Berlin. At least not normally. They are usually at the Brandenburg Gate. On mondays. But this particular day they were moved to this location because of the German world cup game was being show at the Gate. 


Unless someone knows better, the movement here has been confined to mostly to one location. Though the turnout is fairly impressive. 


And as mentioned in another article, I have seen pro Ron Paul signs. Which made me smile. 

snodgrass's picture

Calling people Nazi is a control word just like calling someone an anti-semite, hater, racist, homophobe etc. They are commands like "sit" "stay"or "lay down" to dogs.

AlaricBalth's picture

The use of the terms "extremist", "terrorist" and "nazi" is becoming more commonplace by the status quo to label any persons in opposition to their agenda. It's interesting that in Ukraine the pro-Russian forces have been called terrorists ever since CIA Director Brennan clandestinely visited the country. The US gov has mastered the labeling of the "enemy" to control the desired narrative.

layman_please's picture

gee, which government was it now who calls everybody else nazi?! 

Colonel Klink's picture

Don't forget the hijacked word of anti-semite to try to discredit and disparage.

TheReplacement's picture

The more they abuse the word the less potent it becomes.

Hugh G Rection's picture

You'd think the Ziopaths understand diminishing marginal returns... But what else do they have besides ad hominem attacks?

0b1knob's picture

Isn't all that German gold held at the New York Fed?  Pig will fly on gossamer butterfly wings over the frozen wasteland of hell before Germany gets that gold back. 

Perhaps the realization of that fact is what is getting the German's panties in a twist.

Da Yooper's picture

Reminds me when Pelosi called those Seniors at the Town Hall Meetings "Nazis" for objecting to Obamacare.


Takes one


know one

stoneworker's picture

They are all nazis take them away to the gas chambers. Yes this is sarcasm.

HardAssets's picture

The average young German is far more informed and intelligent than the average young American.

Glad to see this is going on over there. We'll never see it mentioned in 'the news'. The spirit of Nazi propaganda minister Goebels lives on in America today.