Immigration Control? Hundreds Of Bodies Found In Mass Grave In Texas

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The bodies of hundreds of undocumented immigrants who died (usually from exposure in the 100-degree-plus heat) while crossing the Texas-Mexico border over the last few years have been discovered in mass graves in a South Texas cemetery, with remains found in trash bags, shopping bags, body bags, or no containers at all, according to The Corpus Christi Caller Times. The bodies are believed to have been buried by a local funeral home since 2005 in the Sacred Heart Burial Park in Brooks County. County officials said they paid the local funeral home $450 per body to handle the bodies (after officials discovered them in brush country) and County Judge Raul Ramirez said that was the practice for at least 16 years. "To me it’s just as shocking as the mass grave that you would picture in your head, and it’s just as disrespectful," exclaimed one of the discoverers, and Democratic state Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa called for the district’s attorney general to open a criminal investigation as "this is too serious of a wrongdoing."



The Corpus Christi Caller Times (CCCT) reports,

unidentified migrants who died entering the United States were buried in mass graves in a South Texas cemetery, with remains found in trash bags, shopping bags, body bags, or no containers at all, researchers discovered.



“To me it’s just as shocking as the mass grave that you would picture in your head, and it’s just as disrespectful,” said Krista Latham, a forensic anthropologist at the University of Indianapolis.


Bodies that were not already skeletonized before burial were found in varying states of decomposition, Baker said.


The bodies are believed to have been buried by a local funeral home since 2005 in the Sacred Heart Burial Park in Brooks County.

It appears this was policy...

County officials said they paid the local funeral home, Funeraria del Angel Howard-Williams to handle the bodies after sheriff’s officials recovered them from the brush country.


County Judge Raul Ramirez said that was the practice for at least 16 years.


The funeral home currently charges $450 to handle each body, Brooks County Chief Deputy Benny Martinez said.

But the circumstances are horrific,

A kitchen garbage bag containing bones was tucked inside a gift bag emblazoned with a logo featuring the word “Dignity,”



In one burial, bones of three bodies were inside one body bag. In another instance, at least five people in body bags and smaller plastic bags were piled on top of each other, Baylor University anthropologist Lori Baker said.


Skulls were found in biohazard bags — like the red plastic bags in receptacles at doctors’ offices — placed between coffins.


A funeral home official declined to comment, instead referring questions to McDunn.

As CCCT concludes,

The mass graves are yet another sign of U.S. immigration systems and policies overwhelmed by sheer numbers, and of their difficulty coping with the humanitarian aspects of illegal migration. Since October, the nation has struggled to house and process record numbers of minors fleeing civil and political unrest in Central America, many traveling alone. Migrants from Central America travel north along freight train lines in Mexico, leading to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and on to Brooks County.

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TeamDepends's picture

A)  Collateral Damage

B) Tools of the trade

C)  Anecdotal

Thomas's picture

Sounds more like an old fashioned potters field to me.

TeamDepends's picture

A kitchen garbage bag containing bones was tucked inside a gift bag emblazoned with a logo featuring the word “Dignity,”

Ma'am, we're not sure what "potters field" means to you, but we're going with "Tools of the trade".

max2205's picture

Biden should have to go there and help un dig these poor folks


What an ass

brockhardman's picture

WTF are we supposed to do?  Plan a funeral and pay homage to these people?  Maybe get them all some nice expensive caskets and build them a state park?  (oh f*ck, don't let Obama read this.  It was not a suggestion)

MagicHandPuppet's picture

I oppose ANY LAW which prevents volunteers and charities from helping pay for a more "respectful" burial for any human on the earth!

Handful of Dust's picture

When they entice them up here with Free Food, Free Housing, Free education (with Free School lunches), Jobs, "Safe Zones" and so on what do you expect?

TeamDepends's picture

cBS Border Correspondent:  Damn, he's got his hand all up in there and shit.

0b1knob's picture

The author seem to be angry about the situration.   But really, what is the government supposed to do with unclaimed bodies found in the desert?

Make them into soylent green?

MeMadMax's picture

Why would you WANT to come here anyways?

BlindMonkey's picture

There is money to be made here. Not a better life mind you, just money. You can't start cutting grass in a new truck and new equipment on a loan in El Salvador.

N2OJoe's picture

Fuck you wetbacks!

How about you stop leaving your shithole countries, sneaking into our shithole country and trying to turn it into even more of a shithole than yours!

NuckingFuts's picture

WTF. With no disrespect meant. The dead don't fucking care. They are fucking dead. We the living could do better no doubt, but come on the dead don't care where their corpse rots.

0b1knob's picture

Build a tomb of the unknown illegal?

We aren't even into the really hot part of the summer.   Obama will kill thousand of children with his absurd publicity stunt.

economics9698's picture

Turn the bodies over to charity to sort out.

gh0atrider's picture

Bitcoin is looking nice at $596.00!!



jeff montanye's picture

speaking of an amount around $500, that funeral home either didn't deliver per spec or needs better supervision, probably both.  cremation may be cheaper and doesn't involve real estate.

any extra money would be better spent on the living, imo.

RafterManFMJ's picture


"...hundreds of undocumented immigrants..."

Oho! Undocumented immigrants, how deliciously PC of you. Fuck you.

economics9698's picture

How much does cremation cost?

WillyGroper's picture

In Tibet they are placed for the buzzards to feast.

SF beatnik's picture

It's the green thing to do.

BlindMonkey's picture

I don't want those birds getting the wrong idea here. Those birds are crafty.

ebworthen's picture

And churches and Big Ag. and the 10% are eager to have them come up and work like slaves for cheap and fill the pews.

Even the cities and counties hire them and put them on road crews even though it is illegal as shit.

No rule of law, no concern for them or the legal citizens here.

It's all about cheap and fast, and the lust for mammon.

These people are the collateral damage.

A war crime by any other name.

A war on families.

WillyGroper's picture

I suppose the decent thing to do would be to photo the dead, forward it to whatever Mexican official may have the capacity to try to identify & at the very least give their family a chance to claim the body.

True story. Don't die in Mexico.

A friend's mother died there while on vaca. Trying to get the body back across the border was difficult due to the red tape. In the mean time at the funeral home, they just decided to prepare the body as according to custom. They dyed her white hair JET BLACK & put her in one of those colorful peasant dresses. Of course when the body did arrive back in the states, can you imagine the horror when they viewed the body only to be followed by gales of laughter?

usednabused's picture

Exactly Brockman, They're dead and gone. But I would think for $450 they could have been sent back to Mexico City, maybe even with first class airfare. I'd say why isn't anyone assett stripping the cocksuckers who own the funeral home and obviously have been ripping the public off? Or better yet, why were the sherriff or county officials paying $450 a crack for someone to dig a hole and throw someones bones in it? Hell, maybe $2250 a hole iif they put 5 bags in one. The real fucking crooks always have a way of deflecting attention it seems.

RafterManFMJ's picture

This story is awesome!

450 a body isn't enough for cremation? And some of the bodies are small, so you use less fuel.

What's this? " Funeraria del Angel Howard-Williams" was contracted to dispose of the bodies? Say, that COULD be part of the problem right there, Si?

And the dumbass politico says it's disrespectful? To whom? Oh that's right, Mexicans traditionally bury their dead at sea or hang them from freeway over passes.

The only solution is a taxpayer funded aqueduct all the way to the border and beyond and an eventual high speed monorail.

BlindMonkey's picture

We could contract out the work to ISIS. I have seen some videos where they are doing amazing work with trebuchets. We could go Monty Python with sending them back to Mexico over the fence.

TruthHunter's picture

Did this county get a federal grant to bury these poor guys to luxury standards?

So now its a "crime" to give a simple burial? Half the world is criminal then...

XenoFrog's picture

I'm still at a loss here when it comes to the lefties (and traitor republicans) who want to use this stuff as a reason for amnesty. Won't an amnesty just guarantee the rush of immigrants continues and gets worse?


I can't get a response from anyone because in all honesty, what they want is an open border and to choke the US with new voters who will destroy the country and make it more like the shithole countries they are fleeing from.

Stoploss's picture


They are the Barbarians we will be killing in the streets, they are not here to assimilate.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture


+ 1


The last thing we need is more MS-13.

Renewable Life's picture

Yep this liberal/globalist bullshit is more baffling by the day!!
Hundreds of dead men, women, and children, who died horrible, terrorizing deaths, because some bullshit corporate cocksucker/corrupt politicians on both sides of the border want there fucking cheap labor and paid for votes, and not a word about it from these "liberals"!!!

But now that there dead, let's make some political hay off it, and us it as a way to condemn the evil Tea Party types, who are trying to stop the deaths from happening in the first place, by getting this immigration madness under control!!

The whole thing is so fucking upside down, it's hard to believe its real! Mass graves now!!

economics9698's picture

The 138 IQ sociopaths don’t care about any life but tribe life.

headhunt's picture

I doubt there are any 138 IQ's in this government, maybe idiot savants - at best.

headhunt's picture

It is not about the cheap labor but maintaining their position of power.

It is the addition of voters who will vote for free shit aka the democrat communist party.

The cheap labor is a side effect - and will not last once the communist unions get their hooks in them.

migra's picture

You are correct. As a border patrol agent I've been dealing with this shit for years and it gets worse every fucking year. But in the past, with bush and clinton they at least paid for overtime and would send us to areas that needed additional staffing. But not with obozo. This guy is the worst I've ever seen by far. My fellow PAs are overwhelmed in the Rio Grande and we hear crickets at work. I arrest Guatemalan kids all the time and our tax dollars buy them airline tickets so they can be reunited with their parents here in the U.S who are also illegal aliens.  We are ordered to drive them to the airport and give them their notice to appear, knowing damn well they never will. The kids always have the exact same bullshit story. They know amnesty is being given. They might be poor but they are not stupid. Instead of putting them on a C130 and sending them back, yours and my tax dollars will be supporting them here for probably the rest of their days.


And the band played on..

JLee2027's picture

At $450 a body that about covers making a hole in the ground. It's the damn gravediggers union.

NoPension's picture

I'm voting for they guy, or gal.... Of any skin color, that promises to put the military on the border. From San Diego to Corpus Christi. Every 20 ft. With live ammo and standing orders to shoot anything moving from south to north.
I interact with enough of these people to say, with authority, they have NO DESIRE to assimilate or become "Americans". They are here to make,earn,steal,grift,whatever..... Money. They typically send 50% " home". They then aspire to someday return, and live like kings. Meanwhile , lowering standards,pay scales, etc for natural born residents.
English came to stay. Chinese came to stay. Irish,Polish,Germans . All intended to stay. Africans, raw deal, I'll admit. If any slaves still alive, I apologize for my white ancestors. But in the long run, you are probably better here than there. The homeland doesn't seem very inviting.

soontobeblocked's picture

"I'm voting for they guy, or gal.... Of any skin color, that promises to put the military on the border. From San Diego to Corpus Christi. Every 20 ft."

Protecting our borders instead of everyone else's.  Been saying that for decades. 

Let's do some math:

At least 1 trillion dollars spent in Iraq in the last 10 years.  US : MEX

border = 2905 km = 9,530,840 ft.

$100,000,000,000/yr destroying Iraq. 

$100,000,000,000 / 9,530,840 = $10,492/yr/ft or $209,845/20ft/yr that we could shift to defending the southern border.

3 shifts x 8 hrs = $69,948 per shift to guard each 20 ft.  That's PLENTY to pay and arm each soldier.

Bringing it back to more realistic (but still overkill) and call it every 200 ft and we'd have $699,484 to spend on each shift.  Anyone think that's not possible?  Include supervision and management and we'd still be well under budget.

Anyone who wants to claim that they'll take a cue from the Maginot line and simply cross a different border needs to rethink that.

Slightly OT, but when the late (thank God) Edward Kennedy and other fucking liars said that mass deportation of 20MM would be too expensive I sent him a letter: jail anyone who employs them, and the problem will solvge itself as they go home (or elsewhere) the same fucking way they got here.  You walked here?  Walk back.


TBT or not TBT's picture

Agreed, but let's also recognize we could have destroyed Iraq for .050 trillion and spent 0.950 trillion on border security.   Or just a couple hundred billion on, shall we say, far less touchy feely border security, then put the rest to NOT building up debt.    There is some symmetry in how we fucked up both. By being humanitarian and guilt ridden beyond reason in both cases.   Our military IS good at breaking things and killing.  Not nation building and friendly police work, though we make them try.  Our border patrol agents do know how to protect our borders and send illegals back.   We just prevent them.  Our state department, is just bad.   I mean they are not on our side for the most part, or hamstrung by the rules of international bodies we've been instrumental in tying ourselves up in, as if Gulliver tied himself up for the benefit of so many lilliputians the better to become like them.   

combatsnoopy's picture

They have oil in Mexico, which is why Mexican cartels have been antagonizing Texas oil.  Mexican cartels are useful idiots with undeserved and unnecessary gun rights.   :) 

Mexico also has silver-hmmm.... I wonder if JP Morgan Chase is the connection between the Cartels and whatever agenda some lobbyists on K&J Streets have been using them to cause trouble to exploit innocents.  Raising silver prices would hurt JP Morgan.  Mexico mines for silver.

Would beaner trash think well enough to stop mining and let us hedge oil with silver?  

The stupid TRASH south of the border don't care enough about human life which is the problem. 

combatsnoopy's picture

You can't write to the politicians.  You need to strip away their subsidized and privatized protection then carpet bomb K&J Streets with the bombs made by their subsidiaries.  Then waterboard the survivors at Gitmo and at the hands of their lobbyists for big pharma and corrupt healthcare system.

This is what happens when putting their heads on a pike and chasing the speaker of the house around with it isn't going to get enough done. 



Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

Brilliant use of tax payer money. Moar military spending. So, rather than simply end the welfare state that intices these people with free EVERYTHING once they get here, since that's why most of them come, we keep on having a welfare state enticing them to come up here so that we can pay a few hundred thousand soldiers to shoot them, plus buy all those guns/ammo/etc. plus a few years later, half those soldiers go on disability and get PTSD, so we also get to pay for that. That's a nice 'broken window type fallacy' right there. Also a lot of taxing/printing/inflating to pay for all that. Keynes and krugman would be proud.

SF beatnik's picture

Well stated. 


The heads of many of the Mexicans are filled with Reconquista horseshit.


We should nip it in the bud.


BlindMonkey's picture

It is hard to imagine that the reconquista thing ISN'T going to happen. The people that want cheap labor here are playing with fire. When they have the votes to make California part of Mexico the Bay Area execs will be singing a different tune.

Stumpy4516's picture

Reconquista is well on it's way and has progressed further than most realize due to their shorter time frame vision of where we once were.  I visit parts of south Texas and Arizona and see incredible changes from 30 yrs ago.  The influx started 40 yrs ago and there will be no stopping the conversion at this point.  Just look at the ethnic make up of the high schools, the amount of business being conducted in spanish, the number of sheriffs and govt officials who are hispanic.  My guess is you can draw a line from Houston to San Antonio and then to El Paso and everything below it is certain to become dominated by Mexican culture if it is not already. 

Nobody Important's picture

Good! Needs to be more!

lakecity55's picture

"It takes many smashed eggs to make up the perfect soviet joint (reefer)."

_b soetero

WillyGroper's picture

Ah yes, Dignity. AKA ticker SCI.

Even though they bought up all mom & pop funeral homes, crematories & graveyards...

It's still not enuf.

As a Rottenfellar once said when asked how much more do you need?

"Just a little more"

Indeed, indeed.


On another note, with various body parts, do ya think any were recycled into that "pink slime"?

TeamDepends's picture

New item in the McDollar menu:  The McFeller......  only 89 cents!