Iraq Update: Kerry Arrives In Baghdad

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Following our comprehensive update yesterday, there is not as much to report, but for all those following the Iraq situation closer than the surgeon general recommends, here are the latest updates.

ISIL Controls Western Borders; Kerry in Bagdad: Oil extends gain as conflict in Iraq escalates with ISIL-led militants capturing border crossings with Syria and Jordan and gaining territory.

From Reuters: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met Iraq's prime minister in Baghdad on Monday to push for a more inclusive government, even as Baghdad's forces abandoned the border with Jordan, leaving the entire Western frontier outside government control.

Sunni tribes took the Turaibil border crossing, the only legal crossing point between Iraq and Jordan, after Iraqi security forces fled, Iraqi and Jordanian security sources said.

The tribes were negotiating to hand the post over to insurgents from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant who took control of two main crossings with Syria over the weekend.

Kurdish forces control a third border post with Syria in the north, leaving central government troops with no presence along the entire Western frontier which includes some of the most important east-west trade routes in the Middle East.


  • Militants control all border crossings to Syria and Jordan
  • Capture Rutba along the road to Baghdad and Qaim, Rawa and Anah along the Euphrates River
  • ISIL take over Tal Afar airport
  • Iraqi govt troops retain control of 310k b/d Baiji refinery, but facility surrounded by territory held by militants


  • U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visits Baghdad, presses leaders to “rise above sectarian motivations” and form a united govt
  • U.S. to send 300 military advisers to Baghdad; lack sufficient intelligence for imminent air strikes: Gen. Dempsey
  • Iran opposes US intervention in Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia warns against outside intervention in Iraq, blames “exclusionary policies” of Iraqi cabinet: Saudi ambassador writes in Telegraph



  • Obama declines to endorse Maliki, stops short of calling for him to step down
  • Maliki faces revolt from Shiite backers


  • Current output from Iraq’s northern fields cut to 30k b/d; supplying Kirkuk refinery
  • Northern fields were producing ~650-700k b/d before March 2 closure of export pipeline to Turkey



  • Exports from Iraq’s northern fields cut since March 2 when the Iraq-Turkey pipeline was bombed
  • Link repair impossible as ISIL controls territory
  • Exports of Kirkuk crude from Turkish port of Ceyhan fell to 24k b/d in March, zero in April: Oil Ministry
  • Iraq still exports crude from southern fields via Persian Gulf

Source: Bloomberg

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AdvancingTime's picture

And the crowd goes wild?

Joe Davola's picture

The weapon of mass destruction has arrived.

General Decline's picture

I really hope John gets a couple lung fulls of depleted uraniaum while he's there. Enjoy!

IndyPat's picture

True dat.

Take a big fuckin' whiff, Johnny!

Deeper....deeper still.

Oracle 911's picture

Poor Iraqis. 1st ISIS and now Kerry. :(

Four chan's picture

they are going to hang that schlub maliki, right after horse face leaves. 

kchrisc's picture

Any one still doubt that Obama takes his orders from the CIA?

Four chan's picture

like reagan bush clinton and bush?

pods's picture

So is Mr. Ed saying that they need to include the terrorists in the government? I am kinda confused.

Funny how on one side of the Syrian border they are freedome fighters (abeit with a twist of liver eating) while on the other they are terrorists.

If the foreign policy of the USA could get any more fucked up please someone tell me.


pods's picture

Next on tap is Jordan.  It will be started when Zero breaks out his arabic to address the Sultan's wife and he will try and say you are "beautiful like an exotic car" but in reality will say "you ride a camel backwards" which is a huge insult over there.

That will get the next car of the fuckup train moving.


IndyPat's picture

Al-Maliki could always rig and blow up the refinery.

That would be fun....and since we are replaying all the oldies but goodies....

shovelhead's picture

You have to be a special kind of shithouse rat to get tossed out of al qaida.

Lets face it. These guys don't set a high bar.

IndyPat's picture

Kerry is there to draw a big red line around the Green ISIS knows exactly where to cross....

Remington IV's picture

Kerry is doing a bit of sailing on his 76-foot yacht while he's there ... "Jibe-Ho"

pods's picture

If Kerry ate a Goliath Grouper would it be cannibalism?

IndyPat's picture

If he ate a sea horse, it would...cause I guess that's what you'd have to call John Kerry-Kohn on a sail boat in the first place.

A sea horse, of course....

eurogold's picture

ISIS, please take Kerry out while you have the chance !

gatorengineer's picture

Why would they, he is their best friend next to McCain......

IndyPat's picture

....ISIS, please take Kerry out while you have the chance!...

-Take him out where? Take him out for Couscous, Kabobs and a full on goat fuckin'? You don't kill the messenger when he comes with a big duffle bag of money and the latest recon flight vids we just took of Iraqi Army positions...

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In which horse race has he been entered? Might be worth a bet that he'll pull up lame....

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

If the picture hadn't been cropped at the bottom, you could see the road apples that Kerry left as his customary calling card.

ParkAveFlasher's picture



*note cast on leg, rendering him useless, and the typical ass-first exit.

GetZeeGold's picture



Oh good....we sent Iraq a hippie from the 60's.....that should fix everything.


He wanted Baghdad Bob's autograph....but was promptly informed the cat was not around anymore but they could still get him one from Jay Carney.

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"Fuck you and the Horse you rode in on." 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Haaaha...nice. Only in this case, the hoss and the rider are one!

Anyways, looks like the neighs have it....

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Kerry: "WTF" (whinnies through feedbag)

jubber's picture

they may have well sent Stan Laurel, Kerry is a fucking laughing stock worldwide

CuttingEdge's picture

Lots of horse-trading about to ensue.

intric8's picture

That is one big head on him. Hope he doesnt get it caught in some tripwire

TideFighter's picture

In a combat zone now....he and nick are looking for Purple Heart #5. 

Oldwood's picture

Imagine how many Gitmo terrorists we could trade to get Kerry back!

intric8's picture

Kerry is actually a setback for the foreign relations efforts of the DoS. Why trade when the bad guys like him right where he is?

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

arrived via jet boat up the tigris, flares lighting the night sky, tracers like fire flys impacted his crew, but on he went deep into the heart of darkness

disabledvet's picture


Eyeroller's picture

Anyone ever notice how every time he speaks, he sticks his tongue out as if his dentures are falling out?

RobD's picture

He is tasting the air like all the other snakes.

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Remember Anita Dunn?


Just a tad freaky....

tarsubil's picture

I have to admit I kinda miss the guy that literally thought these people were reptilian aliens. That video and the weird licking, not to mention what was said, is a tad disturbing.

buzzsaw99's picture

he is a mutant alien lizard

IndyPat's picture

He is the son of incestuous union....aka "Nimrods Son".

Pixies had it down way before this shit show ever started.

magpie's picture

Don't know why Maliki even bothers...US only recognizes the government in Mosul and Tikrit.

Paveway IV's picture

Oh, magpie... 

You're going to leave out the Kurd capital of Irbin? You're as bad as the Bloomberg article used above that details how much oil Iraq is NOT able to export north due to terrorists. But fails to mention the 130K bbl/day that the Kurds ARE able to export through their bypass pipeline, apparently for illegal half-price sale to Israel.

You seem to favor some kind of 'final solution' for all Sunnis. That's not working for Maliki. Any other ideas?