Mapping Africa's "Totally Out Of Control" Ebola Epidemic

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"The epidemic is totally out of control," warns medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières of the deadly Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. "There is a real risk of it spreading to other areas...Ebola is no longer a public health issue limited to Guinea: it is affecting the whole of West Africa." As of Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the number of cases at 362 — more than any other outbreak on record. Here's everything you need to know about Ebola...


Ebola has a fatality rate of up to 90 percent and there is no vaccine and no known cure. The virus initially causes raging fever, headaches, muscle pain, conjunctivitis and weakness, before moving into more severe phases with vomiting, diarrhoea and haemorrhages.

As Reuters notes,

"The epidemic is totally out of control," said Bart Janssens, MSF director of operations. "With the appearance of new sites in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, there is a real risk of it spreading to other areas."


"Ebola is no longer a public health issue limited to Guinea: it is affecting the whole of West Africa," said Janssens, urging WHO, affected countries and their neighbours to deploy more resources especially trained medical staff.


MSF has treated some 470 patients, 215 of them confirmed cases, in specialised centres in the region but the organisation said it had reached the limit of its capacity.


Patients have been identified in more than 60 locations across the three countries making it harder to curb the outbreak.

But locals remain apparently ignorant of the risks...

The disease has not previously occurred in the region and local people remain frightened of it and view health facilities with suspicion. This makes it harder to bring it under control, MSF said in a statement.


At the same time, MSF said, a lack of understanding has meant people continue to prepare corpses and attend funerals of Ebola victims, leaving them vulnerable to the disease, transmitted by touching victims or through bodily fluids.


Civil society groups, governments and religious authorities have also failed to acknowledge the scale of the epidemic and as a result few prominent figures are promoting the fight against the disease, the statement said.


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percyklein's picture

Been wondering when you'd get around to this. We stlil let planes from Africa in here, don't we?

SpanishGoop's picture

We pick them up from sea and put them ashore in Lampadusa Italy.

All in the name of humanity.



BigJim's picture

If a disease is 'totally out of control', and has a 90% mortality rate... why are there only 362 deaths?

C'mon Tyler, quit with the hyperbole please... even if it is just quoting another source.

Bad Attitude's picture

When will Dear Leader start mass importation of potentially infected "children" from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone?

Forward (over the cliff)!

Four chan's picture

hemorrhagic organ liquefaction. gods will.

hobopants's picture

Who says Africa doesn't produce anything? Seems like they are leading manufacturer and exporter of exiciting and novel diseases.

NoDebt's picture

Another super-fantastic disease brought to you by everyone's favorite dark continent.

Is it standard operating procedure when demanding attention to something in Africa that the threat "this could spread quickly to other areas" is always used?


Rusty Shorts's picture

The Ebola Virus is an endangered species, much like the endangered Guinea Worm, why is this being repressed???


Save the Guinea Worm Foundation


"The rare Guinea Worm faces extinction. Yet despite growing public support for environmentalism and preservation of endangered species, few people will speak out on the Guinea Worm's behalf. In fact, the United Nations and several prominent U.S. agencies are leading a quiet campaign to eradicate this dwindling species forever from the planet. Is the Guinea Worm the world's most endangered species?


The Foundation: Who Speaks for the Guinea Worms?

As you read this, a cartel of powerful organizations is conspiring to exterminate a living endangered species from the planet. And almost no one is doing anything about it.

The Guinea Worm has few defenders. Guinea Worms are neither cute nor fluffy. An animated Guinea Worm with a humorous voice has never appeared in a Disney movie. Yet the Guinea Worm is as endangered as any species today. When the last one has been killed, the earth's biodiversity will have been irrevocably harmed.

Unlike elephants, tigers, and other charismatic megafauna, the Guinea Worm has few advocates. While more photogenic species benefit from worldwide attention and seemingly-inexhaustible efforts to preserve their small numbers, the Guinea Worm struggles in silence against an organized worldwide effort of supposed "health" experts who have little or no awareness of the damage they pose to worldwide biodiversity. Ironically, as a parasite the Guinea Worm is dependent on humanity to complete its life cycle. The species' very survival depends on us.

The Save the Guinea Worm Foundation was founded to speak out where the environmental movement has remained silent, and stop the United Nations and the rest of its international Cartel from destroying the world's most endangered species forever.

We tirelessly campaign campaign to see world leaders respond to the simple question: Why are we willingly destroying an endangered species?


The Crisis: Who is Behind the Extermination?

At the heart of the Guinea Worm crisis is the United Nations, along with several powerful global agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In May 2000, these powerful institutions were joined by a new funding crusade to bring about the eradication of the Guinea Worm... by none other than Bill Gates and his "Gates Foundation." It is hard to believe that these respected organizations, which spend untold billions of dollars toward the alledged improvement of life on earth, would embark upon such a reckless and destructive campaign. Yet the potential environmental ramifications of Guinea Worm eradication have gone virtually ignored for years as the number of surviving Guinea Worms continued to plummet.

As of July 2000, the Guinea Worm had been completely eradicated in Europe. The species clings to life in a handful of African nations, where efforts to destroy it continue.

The Guinea Worm Destruction Cartel claims to have the best interests of humankind at their heart. Like all members of a functioning ecosystem, the Guinea Worm interacts with other members of the ecosystem to complete its life-cycle. Yet because the Guinea Worm is unlucky enough to rely upon humanity for its self preservation, it is branded a "parasite" and targeted for destruction.

At first, this approach seems to make sense from a health standpoint. Interaction with Guinea Worms is linked with painful health complaints among many people in the developing world. Certainly those people deserve a better life. Yet armed with this justification, "health" officials in the Cartel hatched a plan to bring about the most short-sighted option possible -- the complete elimination of a living species from the planet.

The Guinea Worm eradication cannot be compared to campaigns against small pox or polio for one simple reason: the Guinea Worm is not a disease microbe, but a living animal. It has a nervous system. Its hearts pump blood through its small body. It experiences pain. And for thousands, perhaps millions of years, it has inhabited the earth unmolested. Until human hubris threatened its very future.

Fortunately, you don't have to stand idly by while the Guinea Worm is forciby removed from planet earth! You can take action to help save the Guinea Worm!

ZerOhead's picture

If they have big dark eyes like baby seals you have a winner...

Rusty Shorts's picture
Jimmy Carter and BASF eradicate Guinea worm


 - It just makes me sick as how these fuckers portray rural Africa, dipping water out of mudholes and shit...pure propaganda.

aVileRat's picture


Very little of that is propaganda. It's pretty hard to fudge the stillborn or youth mortality rates. It really is a shithole, still.

Only need to worry if the Ebola spreads overseas, and finds a way to get past water filter tech. Chances of that going down ? internet pundit says 5%. The long incubation time means isolating the patents is easier. The stool (main vector) spread is limited by 50% approx when you return to a modern carry-away system. Only danger I can see is if somehow it gets a taste for antibiotic resistant coatings. Certain one of the CDC's or Microbiolgist can do a lecture post on this.


Rusty Shorts's picture

umm, whatever blithering idiot. 

aVileRat's picture

Ok, pick a country in Africa which has a mortality rate equal to France. This is a pretty easy, well studied comp. esp. vs. the old French colonies. 

Go ahead, I can wait while you google. I normally do not reply to bad posts, but your opinion that Africa's problems is somehow a propaganda smokeshow deserves some followup and a call out. Stop being stupid, it hurts everyone.

If you really want to be stupid, just respond with how everyone but you is an agent of ZOG and dream of all the Bitchez you will fuck in exchange for your Silver stack. Idiot.



Rusty Shorts's picture

What mortality rate do you speak of? 


On a long enough time line...I shall taunt you again.

Anusocracy's picture

The US already has the Ebonics Virus.

prains's picture

....and the Chubbola Virus


mmmmm, chubby

UselessEater's picture

charismatic megafauna

wait, be patient, will eventually describe the endangered white man

a zoo for who?


tony wilson's picture

i can see it now michelle the  man obarme with a card saying free are monsanto virus bring them home to america.

stacking12321's picture

not sure if this was meant in jest or not.

so i typed Guinea Worm into google images..."not photogenic" is an understatement!

thanks, rusty!

gonna go get some eye bleach now...

COSMOS's picture

All I know is that Africa needs some diseases that kill a lot more people and faster.  That continent will be overrun by 2 legged critters in a few generations.  At that stage they will start killing each other for food and water before any disease kills them

UselessEater's picture

I hope I misunderstood your comment, its seemed contemptuous bordering on spiteful. The majority of Afircans are good and decent but Anglo-American etc interests bring drugs, guns and horror to steal the mineral wealth and farmers of every nation in Africa are the first to be terrorised and find their kids are tools for even more horror. The continent has been over run by 2 legged critters for long time you may know the name Rhodes?

BTW the diseases and horror are coming your way, so show some decency.

For the twits that think nations fell apart in Africa without major intervention by outside competing-powers setting up dictators so they could freely exploit resources and repeatedly gang-rape the nations using NGOs, take a look at the slow burn in your home nation and grow some fucking compassion.

UselessEater's picture

downvoter - turn up in a village and watch them try to feed you a free meal they do not normally enjoy. Arrive in a western nations town and look for the same kindness and self sacrifice.

Mad_max's picture

Would you rather have lived in pre Rhodes zimbabwe, rhodes zimbabwe or zimbabwe?


if you answer anything other the Rhodesia, you are so dumb it hurts.


sub saharan africans have an average iq of 66. For comparison, Forest Gump's was 75.

putaipan's picture

Remember that Richard Rockefeller who died on June 13th was head of Medicines Sans Frontieres.....

sushi's picture

Apparently this strain of Ebola has a longer incubation time than the prior outbreaks. In the past the incubation period, the time from data of infection until obvious signs of the disease developed, was a week or so. With this current strain it is closer to a month. This means that individuals may be infected, may be unaware of that fact, will travel within the region and communicate the disease to others.

If this is correct then watch for a sharp jump in the number of cases a month from now. At that time every one will panic but in the interval between now and then the infected will be spreading the disease through thier communities.


NidStyles's picture

Incubation time determines general contagiousness. If the host dies too fast it will not be able to transmit itself to other victims. 

vie's picture

If ISIS is "smart" enough to get Isreal to do their air-support for them by launching rockets into Isreal from Syria wherever they need some bombs dropped... They're certanly smart enough to get some poor schmuck infected with Ebola and send them to the US.

Just saying.

Me thinks TPTB will get their way... if 90% population reduction to 500 million people is what they want, 90% population reduction is what they'll get... with the added bonus of consolidating power under the UN "to fight this global threat"...  (along with every other global threat they've been busy creating/exaserbating... from central banking driven inflation, to fukushima).

ZerOhead's picture

I was thinking along the same lines... namely that a wealthy individual or even a small cohesive nation run by psychopaths would create a deadly virulent pathogen and use it to "inherit the earth"so to speak.

It's been in so many Hollywood movies I'm amazed that "Al Qaeda" and friends haven't thought of it yet.

NoDebt's picture

Already been done.  It's called the United States.  Invented by the Fed, implemented by the CIA.  It's called the "Fiat Currency Virus" and we've infected almost the whole world with it.

Matt's picture

Viruses don't just go away. They stay dormant for long periods. If you vaccinate, they can still mutate. I doubt anybody would be crazy enough to use a really successful bio-weapon, since eventually they or their descendants would likely get wiped out by it.

UselessEater's picture

Appreciate the optimism but we also know there are many mechanisms to chip away at health whilst making a fortune in vaccines, health care etc Economic depressions are also handy at increasing suicide and poverty reduces life span, add fuki-radiation and XXXXXX.... lets not assume the Gates and the creepy others use the "medicines" available to the uselesseaters. I know for a fact that my doctor doesn't know the clinics the Roths, Rocks, Turners and Queenies use, no profit in sharing that info whilst advocating de-population.

mkkby's picture

Thanks goodness we have Obamacare to save us.

stacking12321's picture

-1 for repeating the tired meme of "PTB want to kill off everyone except 500 million, because the georgia guidestones say so".

i heard someone recently use the term "hedgetard", i think it applies here, as well as to all infowars, natural news, michael snyder readers.

there's plenty enough wrong with the world without exaggerating, speculating, twisting the facts, and outright making shit up in order to sell doom porn.

vie's picture

Who said anything about the Georgia Guidstones? (j/k)  For the record, I'm no fan of Alex Jones.

Seriously though, there's a whole lot more than just the Georgia Guidestones to suggest this is the direction things are headed.  TPTB believe Earth running out of resources to support everyone, which by all means it appears we are... though I would argue it's mostly due to consumption driven by debt based fiat currency...  They even state population reduction as one of the goals of agenda 21, though they would probably say the intention is through a reduction of birth rates.  Unfortunately it would seem fixing problems like the Ebola virus and Fukushima that just happen to get out of control would seem contrary to that agenda... you think?

Call me a hegetard, but you look at the narrative surrounding the Denver "New World" Airport, or fundamentally at the Luceferian Gnostic philosophy that appears to be behind a lot of what we're seeing... from the high level Freemasons, Jesuits, Golden Dawn, Skull and Bones, neo-Nazi'sCons, etc.  They generally think a virus is exactly what the world needs right now.  Especially one that might wipe out dogmatic thinking Abrahamic religions like Jews, Muslims, and Christians.  (You'll note Ebola seems to affect people who prepare their dead for burial more so than the people who cremate them by default.)

Even if you reject all of that, just looking at the direction things are heading with our debt driven economics... we're headed for a massive die-off one way or another.

Can't help it if some people haven't gotten past the cognative dissonance that keeps you from seeing the world for what it is...  I also can't help it if people respond with fear, rather than looking into it for themselves and taking the appropriate measures to insure you're not in the set of people being weeded out of the gene pool.

If you care to dig deeper, part of this goes all the way back to Plato and his vision of a Republic ruled by Philosopher Kings.   Part of the formula for the ideal Republic was for hidden eugenic methods to insure the most fit people according to natural law.  Plato suggested a lottery where men and women appeared to be "randomly" paired, and of course killing any defficient children at birth and chalking it up to natural infant mortality to the parents --considering it a "nobel lie".  


stacking12321's picture

for one thing, the georgia guidestones say nothing evil or malevolent, they say nothing about killing off people down to 500M - that's a doom porn interpretation made by the kooks at natural news, sgt report, etc.

if you actually read the guidestones, they seem more to suggest that 500m is something to be targeted by a falling birth rate, not by killing people off.

secondly, what is the connection between the guidestones and the 0.01% ruling elite ?

i don't claim to know who made the guidestones, but the message they posted their, although naive, seems to be reasonable and well-intentioned:


now, as far as this comment:

"Even if you reject all of that, just looking at the direction things are heading with our debt driven economics... we're headed for a massive die-off one way or another."

we're headed for a collapse of the financial system, sure, but please explain how you came to the conclusion a massive die-off is inevitable?

"Can't help it if some people haven't gotten past the cognative dissonance that keeps you from seeing the world for what it is."

what cognitive dissonance? what am i not seeing? i keep an open mind, and i know there's plenty wrong with the world and the people in it. but i reject wild-eyed hysterians who claim they know something for a fact when they are speculating.


UselessEater's picture

and who will govern... erm... "guide" this process??? ever consider its a rather convenient replacement of the 10 commandments to suit powerful forces? Forget the religious aspect of the 10 commandments and focus on what they say compared to the "thou shall NOT do" focus, unlike the guide stones which justify what fuck faces like Turner, His Royals Virus etc WANT to do, and by various foundations, monopolies and printing presses they have power to do just what they want.

Stop speculating follow the money, the conflicted "good-doer" interests, the debt you and I have thay they do not, the FATCA, GATCA and other B.S. we have that they do not. The travel check points we have that they do not have, the....jees just pay attention to the TPP and other so called free trade agreements designed to close your local business hollow out your local towns bring in drugs and lost life quality and expectancy matched by drugged and poisoned agriculture, soldiers and serfs on EBT......

stacking12321's picture

as far as who will govern, no one needs to. a guide can be interpreted as a suggestion, not a demand to be imposed by force.

i find your reply to be mostly an incoherent rant.

and i don't claim to know the intentions of the author of the guidestones, because, i don't know them! and neither do you! the sooner you admit that, the better.

UselessEater's picture

no rant just alarm at the growing global regulation arising around me without my informed consent, fear when my niece goes into seizures after a multiple vaccine doses and she's too young to walk!!!, my mother suffers until she is wifi free and my bank account is marked for bail ins, TiSA, my supermarket obsessed with GMO and anti-free trade goods and my doctor is entirely ignorant of all this plus some; I feel so safe in my stupidity cause its really a conspiracy.

Yes my family is now protected from wifi which made them sick, very sick; go Blueshield :)

vie's picture

You're getting hung up on the specific number and to the reference to the Guidestones.  

That said, if your stated objective is to reduce the Earth's population from it's current highs, are you really going to try very hard to stop war, famine, and pestilence from achieving the objective for you?  From that point, all it takes is one small group to take it a step further if it doesn't happen on it's own, while everyone else sits back and more or less cheers it on... (you should take note of how many people happily shout "overpopulation" whenever certain issues come up... thinking for some reason the gun wont be pointed at their head at some point.)

The Guidestones, nor the Denver International "New World" Airport would not exist without some very powerful and intelligent backers.  Agenda 21 type objectives only reaffirms it.

Debt driven economics drives overconsumption by pulling future consomption forward to the present.  And, like Easter Islanders chopping down trees, until one day... no more trees.  Except in our case it's fuel, clean water, food, etc that's all going to get dramatically more expensive, and much like the great depression, or the collapse of the soviet union, people, especially the old and unfit, will die off in significant numbers, generally from malnutrition, or other stress related diseases that the rest of us will hardly notice or even associate with the state of the economy.  

Cognative dissonance, group think, normalcy bias, using hyperbole to undermine the truth, etc... is how the controlled opposition keep you controlled.  Anyone on ZH is probably better off than most in this regard, but it's still hard to grasp objective reality when you've never lived through anything like massive genocide, or the great depression, or any of the horrors of war we visit on other countries.  This stuff does happen, as sure as the sun sets in the evening, and it can happen to you.

You can call it speculation, but as I laid out in the post above, there's plenty of evidence to indicate it's not.  I've done enough research into the Freemasons, the Nazi's, Jesuits, Death's Head/Skull and Bones, etc. and the Luceferian Gnostic philosophy in general, that it unfortunately makes total sense using that framework of thinking.  It's also not hard to see how groups like this can infiltrate goverments (as JFK and numerous other high level officials have tried to warned us), including intelligence agencies like the CIA and KGB, high level military technology projects, and the media.  It's also not hard to see how these people can rationalize things like 9/11 and disappearing MA-370 and convince everyone there was no "conspiracy", even though basic logic tells you otherwise.. meanwhile they use usury and every other measure they can to bring down goverments around the world and consolidate power under the UN.

You realize Alex Jones exists preciesely to associate any discussion around these types of things with "crazy conspiracy theory", right?  This is why I'm not a fan.  Without people like him obfuscating the truth and associating certain topics with fear mongering, more people might be able to find the truth for themselves.  It's there for people willing to look for it and not follow any one particular set of sources.   I suspect "they" don't believe more than 10% of people have the ability to find it and act on it (demonstrating to them that your soul contains the creative spark of the divine will, according to the New Age/Gnostics) ... if that.

What I can tell you, is that viewed through this lense, you can more accurately predict the future... In fact over two years ago, I wrote an email to my family to expect over the next few years an escalation in gun violence, as well as biological and nuclear events until something so horrific happens, especially across borders, anyone who opposes any effort to consolidate power under the UN to police or manage these things would have no support.

vie's picture

Speaking of: 

Agenda 21! Detroit Families Beg UN for Help After City Cuts Off Water


Thousands of families in Detroit, mostly black, have had their water cut off because they can't afford to pay water rates that are nearly double the average in the rest of the country.
In March, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department announced that it would shut off water service for 1,500 to 3,000 customers every week if their water bills were not paid. Clearly not understanding the root of the problem, the City Council just last week approved an 8.7-percent water rate increase.
According to the Detroit Free Press, the average water bill is $75, nearly double the average of $40 nationwide.

stacking12321's picture

lol. water customers don't pay their bills, get water shut off.

news at 11.

vie's picture

The point is their water bill is twice the National Average and they are appealing to the UN for help.  If they do actually get help, that will set a precedent for other areas of the country to follow.  It's also highly unlikely they just randomly came up with the idea of appealing to the UN on their own.

stacking12321's picture

ok, so you say alex jones is meant to sow confusion and to discredit - but, who is out there researching and providing news along similar lines that is RATIONAL? not hype, not speculation?

i think you do too much speculation about what TPTB (if they can even be said to be one unified front, which i doubt!) have planned, as if you know for certain. and that's what i object to most, trying to pass off speculation as fact. can you really say what's in someone else's head, or what motivates them? i don't believe that you can.

i fully agree with you that overconsumption of resources and borrowing from the future is a despicable and irresponsible thing for leaders (and consumers!) to have done, and continue doing, but i don't see that mass die-off of people is the inevitable result, only a possibility at this point.

vie's picture

It's best to assume everyone is some form of controlled opposition.  Reality is no one is perfect and can be fed incorrect data, bribed or threatened.

That said, I like the Corbett Report and the people he generally associates with, including Sibel Edmonds at BoilingFrogPost, and the guy at Media Monarchy.  I also generally like Stefan Molyneux's "The Truth About" series... but can't stand his actual radio show.  Dahboo7 at is interesting for recent events.  Greg Hunter usually has interesting guests.  Zerohege of course.

Again, they all have their biases and short-comings, but they're all also have generally useful information and perspectives you wont get elsewhere and are generally good starting points for looking into things deeper to sort out the hyperbole and agenda based biases from the truth.  For the most part, I assume these people wouldn't be allowed to have a platform at all if they weren't serving the interests of the people running the show as controlled opposition in some way  (presumably they would either be harassed to the point they give up, or coerced somehow).  

Some of the more interesting sources have odd references in their names or the symbols they use that suggest some sort of masonic code... the X22 report for instance... or AJ's "Prison Planet" which would seem to be a Gnostic reference to the belief that Earth is actually hell, a prison planet controlled by the demuirge of the physical universe.  If you can sort out the hyperbole from the truth, even AJ can be a good source.. much like Noam Chomsky or other gatekeepers... they all have to feed you useful information along the way to gain your trust and a following.

Then of course, you can actually read seminal source material like "Mein Kampf" (which translates as "My Struggle"), "Morals and Dogma", "Externalization of the Hierarchy", as well as any Kabbalist texts.  Based on the common theme of philosophy, I'd also recommend looking into books that cover the most commonly referenced ideas in philosophy, including Plato's Republic.

You can take it with a grain of salt, but I also came across an interesting serries of books on Amazon by "Adam Weishupt" and "Mike Hockney", as well as the (fictional) "Illuminatus!" trillogy which all opened my eyes to certain lines of thinking I wouldn't have considered otherwise through my own cognative dissonance.

As they say, "Listen to all.  Follow none."  and "Even a fool is capable of speaking profound truths."

stacking12321's picture

great suggestions, i do watch corbett, and greg hunter, and molyneux

and i did read illuminatus! trilogy many times in the 80s...a past favorite.



vie's picture

By the way, if you're looking for a "unified front".  The CFR is probably the closest you'll get to anything publicly facing.  Made up of heads of intelligence, military, high level media figures, and of course politicians.  People like David Rockefeller, Dick Cheny, and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Raging Debate's picture

Stacking12321 - Don't know if a goal of those that run the earth want to reduce the population to 500M or not. I think it is a fear tactic. If i ruled the earth I don't want dead slaves. But suppose I did.

What happens when 500M is reached? Within a generation those people would be waging war against one another, I don't believe it.

stacking12321's picture

speculating on what "those who run the earth" want, as if they are some unified gang, is foolish - they each have their own plans and wishes, just like every other person. if anything, it is less likely that the sociopaths who reach highest levels of power will cooperate with each other for very long.