Polish PM Slams "Organized Criminal Eavesdropping" For "Destabilizing EU" Amid Ukraine Crisis

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First it was US' Victoria Nuland's "fuck Europe" leaked recording; then Turkey's Erdogan faced embarrassing details of a false-flag war with Syria from leaked recordings; then last week's Polish central bank was exposed (by leaked recordings) as offering support for the government in return for favors (crashing any faith in central bank independence); and then this weekend, Poland's foreign minister had some rather colorful language and perspective exposed (by leaked recordings). The Polish Zloty has been hammered lower in the last few days since the events broke (though clear CB intervention has rescued it today) and the Polish Prime Minister is fuming: the "criminal group" that taped public officials has the sole aim of destabilizing Poland during “key moment” as EU reshapes itself amid Ukraine crisis, Tusk blasted, adding (rather pointedly), "people who have organized criminal eavesdropping will not dictate to Poland who governs the country and which ministers are to be dismissed." One wonders who he is talking about; who has the technical know-how and organization to arrange such mass eavesdropping?


The Zloty has been significantly affected... (weakening on the leaked recordings and strengthening notably gap-like today after Tusk vowed consequences).


As Bloomberg reports,



“Criminal group” that taped public officials has sole aim of destablizing Poland during “key moment” as EU reshapes itself amid Ukraine crisis, Prime Minister Donald Tusk says today in Gdansk.


“It appears the sequence of events is planned, not spontaneous, with the prupose of paralyzing the entire govt and not just one minister”


Effect of tape scandal is “destabilizing government at crucial moment in terms of what’s happening in the East and in Brussels”


“I want to emphasize that people who have organized criminal eavesdropping will not dictate to Poland who governs the country and which ministers are to be dimissed”


“I won’t punish politicians whose one mistake was to use crude language in private conversations”


There’s a distinction between “aesthetics or even embarassing behavior and breaking the law”


Vows to take steps to make sure all recordings come to light


Those who applaud these events are “shortsighted” because “there’s no doubt the organizers of this surveillance have materials on every side” of political spectrum


Poland’s “common interest” is to identify this group

Who would benefit the most from instability among NATO's members?

One wonders which FX pair the KGB will go after next?

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Payne's picture

If you don't lie there is nothing to hide.  If you lie be careful who you speak to very careful.

Rubicon's picture

Im on the ground in Poland. I see no tanks...

TerminalDebt's picture

how dare those bastards record and publish illegal activities, google and apple need to hurry up and put in that kill switch on all their cell phones so that the people can't talk to each other and spread discontent.

Bastards just can't accept their lot as slaves in peace.

Latina Lover's picture

Hey Tusk, how you like being  one of America's bitches?

  BTW, do you think you are magically exempt from the NSA eavesdropping?

  In fact, I wonder what the NSA has on you?

Bananamerican's picture

My 1st thought was...it's the "Rooskies".
If it is, it's clever...you embarrass the west's sage, humanitarian leaders and expose them as the petty, narcissistic, Machiavellian punks they universally are (Who else rises to "the top" in the West these days?) in front of their own citizens and "allies"
Using intel like a flashlight...in the dark roach infested globalist kitchen

svayambhu108's picture

Anyone noticed that since Snowden is in Russia a lot of eavesdropping on the west... all those backdoors... stuffed with russian...

Ghordius's picture

anyone noticed all the Russian government trolls? quite a lot of articles popping up about them. btw, AKAK, come back

NotApplicable's picture

Gee, they've got dirt on "all sides?"

Well, color me intrigued. Do go on...

fockewulf190's picture

Bullish on a revival of the Navajo Code Talkers.

StychoKiller's picture

Ya-ta hey!  The only Navajo I know.

IndyPat's picture

Sounds like a cake gig to me. New York is already disarmed and demobilized.
They do this crap via blue helmets and you will see shit go so fucking nuts there aren't even words for it.
I literally convulse and cry laughing thinking of a bunch of French or Paki soldiers in blue helmets going into WV, TN or KY to round up guns. Might as well send them to hell to collect pitchforks. It would be the most balls-out insane bloodbath history has ever known. There are so many people in those areas armed to the teeth with exactly zero to lose. Hell, give us all a year and we will all feel the same way.

tonyw's picture

you know politicians lie when they are speaking.

"when it gets serious you have to lie"

typical reaction of a politician is to blame the messenger and threaten reprisals, same for whistle blowers.

Poland seems to have becomw another lapdog for the US.

NoDebt's picture

You make it sound as if that's a recent thing.

One World Mafia's picture

"If you don't lie there is nothing to hide."

For them not us.  They use those same as excuse to watch us 24/7.

Tao 4 the Show's picture

History will record the construction (and overwhelming success) of the voluntary system for being spied upon, euphemistically known as the Internet.

PartysOver's picture

Technology is a back stabbing bitch

NoDebt's picture

The Internet ruined everything.

Which shouldn't be too surprising considering where it came from.  It came from the US DOD/military (read: government).  If it came from Al Gore, we would have nothing to fear since it never would have worked.

Seasmoke's picture

When I talk on the phone, I always talk like there are 3 parties on the line....sometimes, it's gets confusing , speaking pig latin, but it's the smart thing to do. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

What a great idea. That would certainly spice up my phone sex.

Bananamerican's picture

In NSA Amerika, you QUESTION the phone....

potato's picture

If your government can be destabilized by an idea or a soundbite, there shouldn't be much faith in it in the first place.

Ghordius's picture

I vastly prefer governments that can fall/fail because of a scandal to those who can shrug them away

which, incidentally, is why I prefer Parliamentarism to directly elected executives

potato's picture

You know what, that's right. Obummer shrugs off one scandal after another and there's no change for the better.

what's that smell's picture

is that you victoria nuland?.....One wonders which FX pair the KGB will go after next?

....what a stinker. zhedge is starting to read like a NeoCon missive.

"the KGB queered my euro-frack"

"the KGB attacks polish money changers"


who stands to benefit? soros, soros, soros, soros, soros, soros, central bankers, soros, soros, currency speculators, and the state dept.

smacker's picture

Parliamentarism has not been successful at doing that in the UK.

Ghordius's picture

the Westminster Parliament is still a beacon. not shining that brightly as it did when it was practically the only one, yet it still shines, imho

You often point at the unwritten constitution, or lack of a written one. I often point at the "winner takes all" voting system, which imo generates a "winner takes all" culture in politics, which is confrontational instead of consensus-seeking

tony wilson's picture

the Westminster Parliament is still a beacon.

yes for toilet traders and child rapists.

elm guest house ever heard of it you fucking tool.

it is a place where kids where filmed being raped by mi5 the rapists those satanists in the house of commons and lords.

fuck you you sick masonic cunt

Ghordius's picture

oh, and who elected the "toilet traders and child rapists"? not me, I don't have a British citizenship

and this goes back to the voting system, and "there can be only one", and "winner takes all". suit yourself

IndyPat's picture

Flush your headgear, Euro boy.

There is absolutely no such thing as British Citizenship.

The word you seek is SUBJECT as in PROPERTY of some wrinkled old witch.

God save her, though.

Ghordius's picture

a Briton is both a subject of Her Majesty and a British Citizen. and the first "title" is more of a tradition, nowadays. a case of shared sovereignty

tony wilson's picture

take a shovel down to the sandrigham estate and start digging chump.

you should start finding the body parts of kids soon enough from all those eyes wide shut paties what what.

Ghordius's picture

something for which you blame a majority in the Commons? seriously?

IndyPat's picture

Shared slavery and serfdom

Ghordius's picture

have you ever seen a slave? there are still millions of them on this planet

have you ever seen a serf? we have them again, thanks to the practice of certain countries to take the guest worker's passports away, and imposing restrictions to their return to the countries where they come from

you have no idea of this stuff, do you? go on bleating

WillyGroper's picture

It would appear Guy Fawkes had it right all those years ago.


smacker's picture

You are sorely misinformed about our Parliament.

There was or may have been a time when Parliament held the Executive to account and that's what Cromwell intended. Nowadays, it is little more than a rubber stamp for Executive legislation. Much of the legislation that gets voted thru these days is "enabling" legislation where the relevant Minister *only* fleshes it out after the Bill's been passed. But it is in the fleshing out where all the draconian powers reside.

The Immigration Bill from Theresa May last November was a good example which caused me to submit input to the Parliamentary Committee demanding that they insist she fleshes out the Bill *before* it was tabled in the HoC, otherwise they should go home and stop wasting their time and taxpayers' money.

Add to that the wide range of patronage available to MPs who do as they're told and you have a chamber full of obedient yes-men.

The system of Parliamentary control over the Executive in Britain died a long time ago.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Come to Canada and witness how the Parliamentary system allows scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal to be shurgged off.

And scandals here are more than the IRS deleting emails too.  We're speaking of lying to Parliament itself, spending scandal after spending scandal, and so on.  It's just non-stop and yet Harper trundles along.

Ghordius's picture

and what voting system has Canada? First Past The Post. which increases the government's ability to shrug off scandals. that's btw a fact

meanwhile remember that some countries have scandals emerging... and others... where they don't even emerge

but hey, you guys have the version 1.0 and would not even think about looking at version 1.1

IndyPat's picture

You did read that this is Poland we are discussing, right?

Ghordius's picture

I agree with Polish PM Donald Tusk on most of his comments. and I suspect some Russian "fieldwork" behind all this. No, the current Polish government is not beyond all suspicion, they do have a few bad attitudes among them. And I disliked their trying to get them back from a Polish newspaper

yet this release of those tapes is clearly mired to shake up the current political nexus that Poland is trying to build. which all in all is sound, particularly in how Tusk wants to approach the Russian gas issue

ThirdWorldDude's picture

"...particularly in how Tusk wants to approach the Russian gas issue."

Does Poland's plans concerning Russian LNG include nationalization of another domestic private pension fund?

Ghordius's picture

that's a bit of an older story, isn't it? no, his approach to Gazprom. he says that if Russia insists in having a single seller (Gazprom & the Russian gov together), then we in the EU should set up a single buyer. not the best solution, but a solution nevertheless, and one with some chances of being both equitable and with some degree of sustainability

and this is probably the main reason for this Russian flak (the other one being revenge because of Ukraine). in a moment where it looks like it would be Poland to get the EU "foreign ministry" commissioner seat

btw, nothing on ZH about the current EU Commission debates?

crazzziecanuck's picture

Wouldn't a single buyer be tantamount to a subsidy for those who are paying more for Russian gas now at the expense of those who have to pay more?

Ghordius's picture

correct, +1. I did not say it's perfect, but again, Russia is outside the EU, isn't it? and not that easy to convince about not using monopolies

crazzziecanuck's picture

Ugh, I can't edit my post.  It should be "at the expense of those that currently pay less."

I can see how those who are effected react in the way they are.

Ghordius's picture

I understood it the way you meant it. and yes, it's politically and economically quite heavy stuff

ThirdWorldDude's picture

I hadn't heard of Tusk's Gazprom proposal, but it looks like an idiotic plan for internal consumption & aimed at European unification, a.k.a. EU countries handing over their sovereignty to unelected Maoists in Brussels.

Why the plan is idiotic - of course Russia & Gazprom are a single seller in their gas business ventures (Russian Federation holds 50,01% of total Gazprom shares). To make an international gas delivery contract formally correct you only need a signature of an authorized representative of the Russian state. Besides, good luck with convincing Bulgaria et al.  (especially countries that have their own pipelines, such as Germany) that they have to pay Gazprom the price that UK and France have agreed, unless, of course, the single buyer contract doesn't provide much lower gas prices...