US Releases Redacted "Due Process Need Not Blink" Memo Justifying Drone Strikes On US Citizens

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With the number of drone failures rising domestically and the likelihood of an exponential rise in drone strikes in Iraq imminent; the US federal court has decided now is the time to release the redacted memo justifying the use of unmanned drone strikes on US citizens. ...also recognized that "the realities of combat" render certain uses of force "necessary and appropriate," including against U.S. citizens who have become part of enemy forces-and that "due process analysis need not blink at those realities."


As WaPo reports,

Accident investigation documents show that 47 military drones crashed in the United States between 2001 and 2013 in what the military categorized as Class A accidents — the most severe category.



The Pentagon is planning to expand drone operations to at least 110 bases in 39 states by 2017.


The number of accidents has jumped as the military has brought back drones from overseas and operated them more frequently in airspace shared with civilian planes. The military has almost tripled the number of hours its drones have flown annually in shared U.S. airspace since 2011, according to federal data.

The US federal court releases the excuses for droning Us citizens...

Although in the "circumstances of war," as the Hamdi plurality observed, "the risk of erroneous deprivation of a citizen's liberty in the absence of sufficient process ... is very real,"


...also recognized that "the realities of combat" render certain uses of force "necessary and appropriate," including against U.S. citizens who have become part of enemy forces-and that "due process analysis need not blink at those realities."


Full modestly redacted 'excuse for drone use' memo below:

Drone Memo

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Zirpedge's picture

"Due process" is too cumbersome for the modern world. The founding fathers would support drone justice.

wallstreetaposteriori's picture

Moving to Montana is looking better and better.

CPL's picture

They are going to send electronic toys that are remote controlled and are armed to the teeth in a nation full of unemployed basement hackers and video game pros?

Yeah this will turn out well.  lol.

Stoploss's picture

Their "best" experts hold the equivilant of an 8th grade computer skills.


Bring it indeed..

Pinto Currency's picture



Funny memo.

Who determines who are 'enemy forces'?

Are TEA party members enemy forces?

XitSam's picture

Definately the Bundy Ranch and supporters.  Harry Reid declared them domistic terrorists! Their names and addresses are known because of automated license plate readers at the event. It would just be too dangerous to send patriotic DHS/HSI SWAT teams to raid the supporters houses, the terrorists have already shown what arsenals they posess.  Too bad about their kids that get caught in the Hellfire missle attack, some collateral damage must be expected.


Chupacabra-322's picture

False Flags of 911, Sandy Hook, & The Boston Bombings.

Old Poor Richard's picture

Look out for a cyber false flag.  To somehow cock up an industry or corporation disfavored by Emperor Obama, and at the same time set up Russia or China as the patsy.

boattrash's picture

Never forget the laws of "Unintended Consequences".

One day John Q. Public might realize that it's far easier to range a drone pilot, while driving a daily commute, than it is to range an F-16 pilot with traditional arms.

NidStyles's picture

Probably easier to just burn him up in his house while he sleeps actually...

boattrash's picture

You may be on to something. It might help with the gene pool and that overpopulation problem I keep hearing about.

NidStyles's picture

Hey whoa now. I'm not looking to make my fame for creating a new practice of murdering people here. If I were I would advocate propane tanks and simple timers planted near their cars. Cheap simple and buildable from any local Wal-Mart :-) 

I think the pros call it a fuel air explosive, what would I know though, I'm just a peasant.


I think it's funny how these tin pot dictators behave when the means to kill them all are so readily available already. In order for there to be a real dictatorship you need to make sure the populace can not think or figure out a way to defend itself. So you need something like a common standardized educational system so you can control the flow of information and knowledge. Then you just convince them of some completely magical nonsense, so they keep searching for the answer but never can find it because it's bullshit. 


obvious wannabe's are obvious. 


It doesn't work if people can see through the BS though, no matter how small the group is it will always grow the closer you get to taking over. 

boattrash's picture

Nid, I agree. I'm not promoting/conducting murder. Just pointing out thr obvious hubris of ground based remote jockeys.

I enjoyed your comment, these days though, it seems that we're near the point of thought police. Hell, the chemistry sets we had as kids would likely be a felony to have today. All they were used for then was to get children interested.

Did you here about thr ass-clown setting off soda/vinegar pop bottles in thr theatres? Facing 21 felony charges up to 25yr.

mtl4's picture

Clash of Clans sounds like it might be a fun game now......

rubiconsolutions's picture

"Moving to Montana is looking better and better."

I guess that's why it's called Big Sky country. 

Badabing's picture

"Moving to Montana is looking better and better."

they can home in on you'r cell phone it will not help.

omniversling's picture

Long dentalfloss...yippyaiokaieheheh..

LuciusGermanicus's picture

Are you going to park yourself next to one of those Minuteman silos or just breathe deep downwind.

RevRex's picture

"Busch new about 9-11, an both party's hour the same"

oddball's picture

Patriot Act...  You really seem like a stupid fuck.  Just sayin'.

yogibear's picture

Joseph Stalin would have approved that message.

Zirpedge's picture

I am proud to live in a time when our politicians have the courage to give judge jury and executioner power to a remote control and just not kick the terrorism can down the road for someone else to deal with.

insanelysane's picture

Apparently people's sarc filter was turned off over the weekend.

JRobby's picture

Perhaps William will put together a neat picture of a drone with Zirpedge neatly lettered on the side?

tony wilson's picture


zirpedge you look like a skullking low fi alleyway digenerate rapist.

clean yourself up fella.

jughead's picture

and I am proud to live in a time where even morons like you can attempt to form words into sentences, no matter how stupid they sound.

luckylogger's picture

You must be a sarcastic red arrow lover.
I got you beat by calling the Putin lovers "Putin's Pussies".
So, sorry I got you beat.
On a more serious note, it is great they actually have the balls to do something, Like save turtles, wonder how many would get missled to save a turtle or some squawfish.
They just setting up for the next Bundy stand-off.....
Everybody please join my new non-profit organization-- Save a turtle.
Bet I could get government contracts to identify potentially destructive people, cows, jeeps, 4-wheelers, horse back riders....
Anybody trespassing on Harry Reid's land....
Just think of the action packed video on the evening news all in the name of environmentalism and climate change.....
Pssssst- That loud-mouthed bitch doesn't believe people caused climate change and watch the bitches house explode.... All we gotta do is a facebook post and the rest is history......
Nothing better than politicians with balls......

SilverIsKing's picture

"...also recognized that "the realities of combat" render certain uses of force "necessary and appropriate," including against U.S. citizens who have become part of enemy forces"


Does "enemy forces" include domestic terrorists such as Tea Party members, preppers, and whistleblowers?

rwe2late's picture

 It includes everyone

who directly or indirectly supports

the "enemy forces" against the US or against US allied "partners" or US "core interests".

All determined in secret of course, as the sources and methods of identifying enemies

are matters of "national security".


Welcome to full-spectrum "security".

(of course, there may occasionally have to be some "collateral damage" as well ... to "keep the troops & police safe")


TheReplacement's picture

Of course it does.  Any enemy can be called a terrorist and killed outright.  Remember this as it will be a good thing when the tables turn.

jay28elle's picture

"...when the tables turn."??

IMO the fight has not yet begun, but will shortly, especially if it looks like a Dem will not remain in the WH.  I don't think they care about the House and Senate... Its been proven that these 2 entities do not have any power or control.  Nothing as powerful as Exec Orders, controlling the IRS, DOJ, EPA, etc., and as we have seen through precendential law, an awful lot of bad things seem now to be ok.

If it looks like they will lose the WH, watch for the onslaught of EOs, and other things to undo our system of laws, elections and checks n balances in order for them to somehow 'keep' the executive branch.

They will not relinguish the WH.


SameAsItEverWas's picture

Does "enemy forces" include domestic terrorists such as Tea Party members, preppers, and whistleblowers?

Don't forget journalists like Michael Hastings and his Roman Candle Mercedes.

But you gotta be high profile to go like that.  Several of my friends who worked for the government have been "suicided" after they expressed disgust with what the Obama regime was doing to suppress truth. 

jughead's picture

Thus proving that you not only do not understand those that founded this country, but you also don't undrstand the principles that it was founded upon.  Statist morons, meet em everywhere.

doctor10's picture

amazing. 12 "failures" per year; How does one get FAA approval for such defective devices i nthe first place? It would seem they are a danger in and of themselves!!!

whirling tword freedom's picture

you forgot the, "/sarc"... lol

Well, for our betters to think it's ok to just spy on us... they should remember that we're spying back.... We see what they do and we have a long memory.

There may be a time in this once great country when folks have had enough of this shit.... we're not there yet but, there will probably come a day.

yogibear's picture

Eric Holder is one bad and corrupt guy. The downfall of the US and it's freedom  is due to people like him.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Eric Holder, current attorney general of the United States, managed an FBI operation that provided explosives to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols just prior to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, according to official documents released during the ongoing investigation into government foreknowledge of the supposed terrorist attack.

According to the documentation provided in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit brought against the Department of Justice by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue, the Oklahoma City bombing had aspects of being an FBI sting operation that went out of control. Holder had authorized the FBI to provide explosives to Nichols and McVeigh, then lost track of both the explosives and their targets. McVeigh went on to detonate some of the explosives outside the federal building, an act that was designed to help anti-terrorism legislation pass Congress. But an additional case of explosives was unaccounted for.

After the bombing, when the FBI learned the location of the explosives, Holder reportedly sent emails to FBI agents ordering them to recover the explosives before they could be found by some other branch of the government. FBI agents failed to spot the additional, unexploded explosives during an initial search of Nichols’s home and offered to spare him the death penalty if he would help them recover them.

The case of explosives was, however, recovered by another law enforcement agency and was later determined to have the incriminating fingerprints of two FBI agents, as well as fingerprints of McVeigh and Nichols.

Shortly after the bombing, Kenneth Trentadue, a government informant, was murdered in his prison cell. His family has been pursuing legal action against the federal government ever since.

In 2001, in a bid to avoid a full release of documents, the Federal Bureau of Prisons paid a settlement of $1.1M to several members of Trentadue’s family, but his brother refused to drop the investigation and filed a FOIA lawsuit for the missing documents. That suit has been ongoing in the Salt Lake City federal courthouse.

- See more at:

Sages wife's picture

This whole drone thing just goes on and on.

sondernauch's picture

Ha. I see what you did there.

papaswamp's picture

Such remote guided humor....