Consumer Confidence Surges To Highest Since Jan 08; Under-35s At Lowest In 2014

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The American consumer has not been as confident as this since January 2008... can you feel the confidence? The reaching for credit, the spending beyond your means; what could go wrong? Oddly, despite the exuberance, fewer people expect an increase in income (borrow or charge we assume?). The biggest driver of this confidence appears to be the spike from 79.7 to 99.5 in the Pacific region's confidence... but plunged in the Mountain and Central regions. Only 26.7% believe stocks can fall from here - near the lowest since 2009. Furthermore, those aged under-35 saw confidence plunge to 2014 lows.




It is clear where the confidence is...


As the number who believe stocks can fall is at post-2009 lows...


Charts: Bloomberg

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madcows's picture

Who are they asking? 

I'm crushed at the stores.  I've got no spare cash.  Hell, it's only June and I'm guaranteed to go backwards financially this year.

JRobby's picture

Pretty soon you will need to bring a notarized PFS to the gasoline brokerage facility................

madcows's picture

Is that like a hall pass?

JRobby's picture

Travel papers will not be required until 2016 or 17. 

THX 1178's picture

Am I supposed to believe these statistics? Seriously.

CH1's picture

Am I supposed to believe these statistics?

Of course! They come from the state, and the state is the agent of good!


Cattender's picture

i think TPTB are scared right now.. Seriously. Gas was just $3.99 here a few days ago and it has dropped Quickly to $3.69.... People are NOT SPENDING!

Oldwood's picture

Lowered expectations

alien-IQ's picture

What question were these "consumers" asked?; How confident are you that we are collectively fucked? That's the only way I could see this as being accurate.

101 years and counting's picture

remember, 85 is a horrible number.  under 90 used to signal a coming recession.  


and besides, dont "markets" peak when confidence peaks and consumers become trapped in their debt?

CH1's picture

Moar made up stats by Barry

No, not by Barry, silly, he's busy playing golf!

The state has millions of trained liars in their employ.

Osmium's picture

Obama didn't give her dumb ass a phone.  I paid for the fkn thing with the "Fair Access Policy Charge" on my cell phone bill.  Well, I want my fkn phones back.

BeetleBailey's picture

True. It's fucking idiots and parasites like that cunt in the video that "elected" the piece of SHIT that is Barry Soetero Fuckbama

hangemhigh77's picture

How confident are you that the government is shitting in your cereal every morning?

MountainsRoam's picture

The stock market just turned in two of the slowest trading days in the past 20 years. Friday and Monday made up half of the top four least-volatile sessions over that entire span, according to Ryan Detrick.

"Put it this way, there were 1,787 days (or over seven years) where we didn't see one day with less than or equal to a 0.25% intraday range," he wrote on his Tumblr. "We just had two the past two days!" He added that exclamation point to spice things up.

Those are just some of the numbers capturing the malaise. To hammer it home: It's been 46 days since the S&P has moved 1%, longest streak since 2006. The 20-day moving average on the Vix is stuck at levels not seen in eight years.

Looks like the CBs are not even buying anymore, and the whole world is sitting in stocks long waiting to get rich.. This could be a problem??

USAIIA's picture

99.5% are CONFIDENT in California, etc. ? What that means is that only 1 in 20 people feel Paranoid !  Are they all being Drugged in the water NOW ? 

Agent P's picture

Don't worry, math was a hard subject for me too. 

madcows's picture

1 in 200, dude.  1 in 20 is 5%.

Wait What's picture

nothing like one of the worst droughts in California's history to make everyone confident about the future. we haven't seen anything but sunshine, rainbows and unicorns since that brutal 69-75 degree winter we suffered through this year.

"are you confident about the economy?"

"hell yeah I'm confident! confident it's in Fed induced bubble!"

JRobby's picture

I am confident that my disposable income will decline. That's a positive!

Kaiser Sousa's picture

will they just give up on this "consumer confidence" fucking bullshit benchmark already...

look, how much gas can a mother fucker purchase with "confidence" instead of mother fucking debt coupon dollars???



ps: r u guys watching the batttle for $21 per oz Silver??????

valley chick's picture

Sure am!  Paging Sudden Debt....paging Sudden Debt.  Where is that cookie!  He was wanting a wake up call when silver reached 21.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

like Moe used to say to Curly..

He needs to "wake up and go to sleep again" if he's hating on Silver...

cheers and enjoy the ride...

Harbanger's picture

$1320 is the resistance #,  Winning!

Dr. Engali's picture

Consume bitchez! It's your patriotic duty for the greater glory of the empire! Sally Forth this fourth of July and celebrate your 'independence' with elephant ears and domestic piss beer. Do it for king and country, our debt laden society desperately needs you to recklessly spend.

Quinvarius's picture

Must be the Free Shit Army in Detroit confident that the UN will come in and turn their water back on after they stopped paying their bill.  How quickly they went from welfare queens to treason. 

The last thing I would take seriously is a poll.

Yen Cross's picture

    The Pacific region? They must be polling all the illegals pouring across our borders in search of free handouts and Obunga phones.

Kreditanstalt's picture

They won't be so confident of their new stock market wealth when the free money eventually dries up and the first players start sidling away towards the exits, will they?

madcows's picture

Why no eastern region on the map?

intric8's picture

Sometimes things are bad for so long that people think their luck will turn for no reason at all.

Lets hold judgement on consumer sentiment till oil hits 130

kowalli's picture

confident that they can pay more for less....

KansasCrude's picture

The Pacific Coast interviews were done entirely at a Washington State Bong-a-Thong with unlimited free munchies.....these reports with the rediculous outliers having soaring expectations whether the NAR, the PMI, the Fed Regions are just hilarious.  They have  credibility  ZERO!  Increasingly they are seen as pure DESPERATION and verification that the whole system is a JOKE filled with complicit liars or hopium addicts.

insanelysane's picture

The ADHD culture is completely and willfully ignorant at the moment.  .gov and .msm keep wanting them to care about something because it is good for business but nothing is sticking.  Just this month there was an effort by .gov and .msm to care about gun violence, care about the climate, care about kidnapped girls in Africa, care about a POW, care about young "orphaned" illegals, care about Ukraine, care about Iraq...  Shit hits fan when sheeple stop caring about duck dynasty and kardashians.

crazybob369's picture

Not likely to happen while the gov milk cow keeps sending out checks to the ignorant masses.

moneybots's picture

I don't know what there is to be confident about.

Cattender's picture

i am CONFIDENT that the u.s. Dollar is Losing Value!

crazybob369's picture

About 95% since 1913; 75%+ since 1971. 100% by 2020.

max2205's picture

And new AT highs brought to you by TPTB......

Armed Resistance's picture

Maybe the confidence comes from knowing that every day we are one step closer to an implosion, a collapse or a reset of a fraudulently bullshit crony capitalist state-aided fiat fascist fucked up world.

I feel more confident today knowing that the amount of PM's standing for delivery cannot be covered by the inventories of those required to deliver. Break the COMEX in two! Dirty manipulative bastards!

GrinandBearit's picture


All of this shit is such a fucking joke.

walküre's picture

At what point does a "consumer" just throw in the towel and says

Look all these Wall Street motherfuckers are somehow richer than ever and there's a Maserati on every corner in my CA town where home sales are cratering. Nobody cares about anything. I want some of that feel-good confidence for myself. Just fuck it. Charge up the cards to the max and live ONE LAST TIME because tomorrow it all COLLAPSES anyway!

That is what makes up the improvement in "consumer confidence"


Spend it, charge it, live it, be happy for the moment and default tomorrow!

Yeah, baby! USA, USA, USA!!


Got gold!????!!!!!

Shizzmoney's picture


Only 26.7% believe stocks can fall from here - near the lowest since 2009. Furthermore, those aged under-35 saw confidence plunge to 2014 lows.

The young folks like me are the ones who know what's really going on.....because we are actually LIVING it.

90% of us don't own stocks, our pay has dipped 5% since 2007, most are in debt (they can't discharge) and 33% of us still live with our parents.  We also read the internet, and our media sources are NOT MSM, who likes to sugar coat everything as "Recovering" and give off an almost fascist propaganda line of, "STFU things are fine" meme.

In a sense, the "happy" song by Pharell is a chilling reminder of the cognitive dissonance going on today between the two economies: the stagnating one for working people, and the booming one for asset holders.

skidsmango1's picture

Where the fuck did he get that chart/number?  In 2009 ~75% thought stocks were going up? 

walküre's picture

Sorry, I wish I could give you some encouragement. My younger years were defined by living under the threat of "imminent" Soviet nuclear attacks or nuclear reactor apocalypse. At least our "enemies" were somewhat tangible and it was easier to get people engaged and get behind the action.

Good luck finding peers willing to go after the elite and the bankers today. They're too busy getting stoned and partying at "Electric Daisy" or "Coachella" and being mindlessly entertained. Please say I'm wrong.

So many of that age group <35 are just dumb tools. You're reading here which means, you're not one of them. Try and fight the establishment on your own is a fruitless effort.

Look after yourself FIRST

Let the others try and survive on chemical drugs, techno beats, cool tatoos and hair styles when the crash comes.

Few of your generation GET IT. Most are lost and if history is any judge, they'll be the first to perish.

Shizzmoney's picture


So many of that age group <35 just dumb tools.

While I agree, there aren't as many as you'd think.  It's just the gap between the "enlightened" and the "asleep" is wider now than ever for my generation.  

The people I work with, for example, I'd say 1-2 folks "get it", while the rest walk around with happy faces thinking everything is just great, continually accepting more work for less pay while passive aggressively enforicing the "rule of unlaw" that the corporate class is deposing onto us.  

The only way out is setting everything on fire.  People won't respond otherwsie because humans have become lazy creatures.

Harbanger's picture

To be honest, under 35 confidence is high, Hope is low.

crazybob369's picture

Who the hell do they poll for these confidence numbers? I don't personally know anyone who has any confidence about the near term future (or long term for that matter). Probably mental patients on skid row, their future looks pretty good.