Martin Armstrong Asks "Will Society Ever Wake Up?"

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Via Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics blog,

QUESTION: Does society ever wake up? Are there any such examples from history?

ANSWER: Of course.

If society did not wake up now and then, the outcome would always be the same – a dark age. The late 1700s was a revolution against monarchy – i.e. American Revolution. Then there was the overthrow of the kings and birth of Roman Republic in 509 BC. Each of these two events was followed by a contagion where the first inspired the French Revolution and the latter the Athenian revolution giving birth to Democracy. Then there was the collapse of Communism that began in China and spread to Russia and Eastern Europe as a contagion.


There is hope that we can wake before we go to the Dark Age stage – the Mad Max Event. If there were not, I would be building a bunker on an island someplace. This all depends upon society and where it resides at that moment. We have more danger in places like France where people are so reliant upon government which has laid waste to the private sector exactly as communism did in Russia.

The difference between China and Russia is important. In China, they did not try to change the thinking of society, they merely punished those who disagreed openly. Under Stalin, he persecuted people for having a brain. Therefore, China’s rebound has been spectacular because people were NOT reliant upon government. The more a society relies upon government the greater the damage to its economic potential. It requires a control-alt-delete reboot.

It is similar today where we have smart phones. We now push a button to call a friend. Lose the phone and most of us have no idea what phone number to call any more. We become dependent upon the technology. The same is true with government. In Ukraine, the people simply did not trust government and have had an independent streak to always maintain some self-reliance.

The future depends upon that quality. It will vary from region to region even within the same nation. For example, stop the flow of food into NYC and they begin to starve after 10 days. You would see a mass exodus raiding the homes in the suburbs. The city people rely upon someone producing the food 100% and have no land to even grow a tomato. At least in the suburb, they can plant something assuming it is not robbed by another.

This is the problem with all analysis. Only a fool cannot see that there is something beyond a one-dimensional view of the world. Everything they look at they twist into their own view and fail to understand that this is a multi-dimensional world where the same fundamental does NOT produce the same result perpetually. This is a combination of trends, which merge together to create a dynamic future that leaves opinion always trying to justify its errors.

Society will wake up, but not necessarily as a whole on a universal basis. There will always be differences of opinions and culture for everyone’s history dictates their future. Germany demands austerity because of the 1920s hyperinflation after the communist revolution of 1918, and the USA stimulates because of the 1930s deflation. There is NEVER a one size fits all outcome for everyone. They simply fight the last war over and over again blind to the changes because of their prejudice.

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@ Say What Aagin

Read then respond!

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They will NOT wake up unless one or more of the following conditions occur in order of importance/magnitude:

1. Obama tells them to.

2. Apple stops selling iPhones.

3. The Kardashian show is pulled.

4. Milk stops coming from the grocery store.

5. Nike pulls its shoes.

6. The welfare checks stop coming in.

7. The phones stop working.

8. The internet stops working.

9. The power goes out.

10. The water goes out.


Yes, it's that bad... 

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We can wakeup as a whole if one of 'them' has a change of heart and provides us with the unedited verision of the truth and knowledge on what is going on, on this planet.


Somebody knows something significant. Knowledge is the ultimate power...the more us commoners can obtain, the powerless they become.


We are not dying apes...


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So is it still too early to bust out my assless chaps? 


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Come to SanFran....everyday is a good day for them here!!

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Armstrong is a DOUCHE! China SLAUGHTERED their upper classes and their professionals JUST as Stalin and just as all totalitarian govs do........they dominate by FEAR!!!!! get ready you fochin' proles they're gonna do the same here and Armstrong is whistling past the graveyard

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All that are awake now are all that will ever be awake.  Stop waiting (hoping) for reinforcements.  They ain't coming.  This is what you got to work with.  Make the most of it.

I'm already wearing my assless chaps.  But I always wear them over top of my 'mom jeans'.  Just like Obama does for Reggie.

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Society won't wake up until the bread and circuses stop. I have friends that get pissed when I try to tell them things are falling apart and point them to real data such as the Labor Force Participation Rate. From their perspective, everything is rainbows and unicorns.

Forward (over the cliff)!

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Martin Armstr0ng is neocon pet. He was the butt-boy for Brit Neocon Sir Alan Walters. Armstr0ng's mentor was a card carrying member of the NWO. Armstr0ng's writings show he is trying to keep that NOW flame alive, doing his part by pushing one side of their Hegelian dialectic, order out of chaos game plan.

Walters is dead now but when he was alive this is how Walters spent his time:

> Monetarist econ advisor to Margaret Thatcher
> Adviser to the World Bank
> Vice Chairman of AIG Trading Group
> American Enterprise Institute

AEI, you may have heard, is the HQ for the NeoCon NWO Goat Worshipers who are responsible for damn near every bad thing happening in the world right now. And Armstr0ng is one their pets.

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Wrong. Fabians and Alinskyites are destroying everything.

Crawdaddy's picture

Fabians, Alinkyites, Keynesians, Fruedians, Brezinkis, Kissengers, Bushes, Obamas, Clintons, Romneys, McCains, et al, are all on the SAME team. They are team NWO. What you see in conventional MSM media is exactly what they want you to think. They want us to think there are differences. It is a lie. They are all working together. Case in point: who does MSM push as front-runners for the next potus? Hillary and Jeb? They are both hated by the base of their respective parties yet somehow these fuckknobs are viable?

MoneyThimbles's picture

Ah the authentic argument of one who is trying to divert attention from the truly culpable: "they are all as bad as each other". Clearly, the parent post got you spooked.

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Yes, guess Armstrong never heard of the millions killed by Mao. He does know that it was western (traitors) who transported factories to China, doesn't he ?  Before that, around the time of Nixon/Kissinger - China had a tough time feeding their population.

Is this an example of this guy's writing style ?  Its awkward & disjointed and makes you want to pull your hair out while reading it.

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I think he is comparing cultural ethics - the Chinese people have long been "Confucian by Day, Taoist by Night"  - they expect that China is the center of the universe, so they aren't surprised when outsiders want to rule it..  but in China the conquerors have a history of becoming Chinese over time, because the Chinese protect the culture - Confucius says we will follow this rule? Sure.  But it does not change who we are or what we believe, and eventually, the rulers' children will become like us  not the other way around. Socialism fundamentally relies on trying to change culture in hopes that by doing so they will  change the fundamental nature of  people. Of course, that won't work- because much of human failings are inbred, not learned behaviors, but of course leftists don't care about consequences or adapting to their mistakes, so they simply repeat them over and over, thinking fear and coercion will be sufficient.  It isn't and never will be. 

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Here in Toronto its currently Pride Celebration -this year the city is hosting World Pride...If you really came down here and were on Church Street in your assless chaps, no one would notice.


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Toronto its currently Pride Celebration

once the great american reset comes the wealth TEET that flows to canada will run dry.  butter tart, pea meal and loads of azz-phucking and fun will be all yours to profit from.

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If you guys can just hold it together until we can export our oil to China, we would greatly appreciate it.

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There ia no society just the FSA.

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I know something significant.  Government is a trust, and those in it owe a fiduciary duty to the people.  The duty of loyalty, the duty of care, the duty of obedience and the duty of disclosure.  They are fiduciaries.  Look up these words, then grind them down and back in their place. 

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Hélas, knowledge is not the ultimate power, dear Blotto. Knowledge is important, and perhaps necessary, but certainly not the sufficient condition. The ultimate power is conscious acting, that is, the ability to transform and materialize ideas into measurable acts in real situations that change something. It is more than just accumulating information, knowledge or feeding imagination. however coherent and brilliant they could be. It requires a bit different qualities such as courage, dauntlessness, strong conviction that you have to do something otherwise you're just wasting time, and also something what I call passion for results. If you do something you obviously achieve visible results. But, regardless of they are right or wrong, intended or accidental, you're not discouraged but, exact the opposite, you feel comfortable because of sole capability to act and interfere the reality. Such a stand requires sense of improvisation and passion for risking in unpredictable situations, which is usually in contradiction to premeditated ideas or polished mental constructions. For instance, you know exactly what to say, what to do, how to react in certain situations but once facing a real challenge you feel like being totally paralysed. Apparently, there is something missing, there is a gap in the knowledge that prevents from acting accordingly.

Instead of knowledge, I'd prefer the term gnosis, a Greek word for deep understanding collecting both logical and emotional qualities into one coherent unit that allows for thinking and acting hand by hand with each other to achieve (mostly) desired practical results. While knowledge can be learnt, gnosis must be intimately personally experienced, while knowledge can give you brilliant thoughts or deep connections, gnosis gives you personal strength and power to act being in accord with those thoughts.

The English word 'knowledge' is, I think, ambiguous as regards the two meanings, so if you use the word with gnosis in your mind I can fully agree with you.

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or 11. The Weathermen add DMT to all Prozac presriptions....

armageddon addahere's picture


They will NOT wake up unless one or more of the following conditions occur in order of importance/magnitude:

1. Obama tells them to.

2. Apple stops selling iPhones.

3. The Kardashian show is pulled.

4. Milk stops coming from the grocery store.

5. Nike pulls its shoes.

6. The welfare checks stop coming in.

7. The phones stop working.

8. The internet stops working.

9. The power goes out.

10. The water goes out.


Yes, it's that bad... "


You forgot "and millions of millenials found dead of starvation in a La - Z - Boy with a remote in one hand and an X box in the other"

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re read Lenin and then vote

Mr. Pickles's picture

Voting got us in this mess. Top-down isn't a long-term answer. Stop voting, and encourage everyone you know to withdraw consent. When voter turnout drops below 50% (we're very close), riot like the world is on fire. Unfortunately, that's the only law that power understands. Just ask Scalia, he knows.

Crawdaddy's picture

Voting? What is it good for when the box is rigged?

Unrig the box and I might come back. Until then - I abstain and bitch with no end.

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Exactly. I am already working on the bunker on the island part.

Oldwood's picture

I can't afford an island so I'm just digging a mote around my house.

Dugald's picture


Dig it, christ man you can't even spell it!!!!!

Crawdaddy's picture

Never spell check a man diggin a mote around his house. If you do, don't be surprised if you get whacked with a shuvel.

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The first and most current "wake-up call" to a major event is the 9/11 fraud, Martin.

The evidence is overwhelming (2,207 a & e's), but people are too afraid to face the realpolitik.

Those of us who know see it come back at us with a near instantaneous, incredulous wave of the hand that says they're immune from evidence.

Incredulity is not an argument.  Evidence makes arguments.

NotApplicable's picture

I don't understand how anyone can trust him, let alone value his opinion at this point.

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“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Heinz (Henry) Kissinger

Metalredneck's picture

Water, the next commodity.

graneros's picture

Your are correct that it is coming.  The price of water is going up and will continue to do so. Still a couple generations away for things to get super serious. That is IMO. Plus there is most likely going to be another large depopulating war in our near future. World population in 1939 was estimated at 2.1 billion. The amount of dead caused by WWII is 70 million.  I figure this time around we should be able to take out a billion. Give or take a few hundred million. That ought to save a gallon or two before we repopulate.

Luckhasit's picture

For a drunk, he sure had his moments of lucidity. 

Crazy Or Not's picture

H.K. now there's a war criminal if ever there was one....

"if it moves, bomb it" HK

Monty Burns's picture

That's exactly what I find too.  The narrative to explain the most important event of the 21st century to date is totally wrong. Yet people do not want to know.

SuperRay's picture

These evil bastards read their Hitler:

"…in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.

—Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X[1]"


Remember, Half the population in below average in intelligence.


I said that...

Why did they kill the intellectuals? to reduce the number of people who gave a shit.  

Here's some sage advice.  Find a few people in your local community who are leaders.  Sit down with them and talk about A&E truth, show them some videos from the website (David Chandler's is excellent).  Convince them of the truth, then open their eyes to the fact that if the community doesn't pull together, they're going to collapse with the economy.  Fuck this moron and his propaganda.  You won't survive alone - you have to build a community of people who are aware...

newworldorder's picture

Not in the concrete jungle. Most urban areas will be gone within months if not weeks. Local urban communities no matter high "tight' will not have a chance.

Mr. Pickles's picture

Overwhelming evidence is only valid to a reasonable person. The average American is a Grand Master at rationalizing away the stench of the shit they have buried us in. To them it smells like roses, and tastes like God cooked it up special order. You couldn't penetrate their thick skulls with a diamond drill bit. I think bullets would ricochet right off their dense noggins, but I don't have the balls to test that theory, self defense or not.

Monty Burns's picture

That's exactly what I find too.  The narrative to explain the most important event of the 21st century to date is totally wrong. Yet people do not want to know.

just-my-opinion's picture

Well....I would have to say...YES.....You see many examples just in these times

Mad do know that we live in the best times...sark/just a little bit....humans never learn

drendebe10's picture

FFC - fat frackin chance the sheeple will wake up.... FFC

just-my-opinion's picture

The most well armed population....well....



just-my-opinion's picture

Oh...Shit....I forgot about the Nooo....kuza

newworldorder's picture

Only in certain places and not within the Liberal establishment. They hire their guns and think those guns will be at their disposal when needed.

just-my-opinion's picture

Sometimes.....It takes time to get pissed off